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TROTSKY…..Our Little Pony Prances to Denmark….Or: Obama Fiddles While Afghanistan Waits?

September 30, 2009

If Barack Obama was in the military he’d be AWOL and guilty of negligence as well. He couldn’t get out of town fast enough once something that required real leadership and just a tiny bit of courage came around.
Instead he’s off to tiny Denmark where his BIG bullroar may impress somebody ’cause the Poser in Chief ain’t doin’ so hot around here. Political payoff anyone? Got to bring them Olympics to Chi-town… It’ll mean plenty of graft for everyone…. after all, the Olympics are SO very important to the overwhelming majority of the people in America today… This matter of great urgency to the republic certainly required the personal attention of the President of the United States… This matter was so ultra important it couldn’t have been handled by say… a representative of the chamber of commerce… America has the finest men and women under arms of any nation in the history of the planet. That’s not even in dispute. We have a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan due largely to the mismanagement of this theater of the conflict from the beginning. The whole thing was started and then sort of kicked back to the rear burner… militarily not such a good idea… President Bush sure as heck made his share of mistakes but dereliction of duty wasn’t one of them. For those who believe in Karma, Barry Hussein is surely stacking up his share of bad stuff. The community organizer is not just out of his depth… he’s seriously deficient in just about any category you’d care to pick.
From his seriously lackluster performance at the UN where he essentially rehashed everything he had been doing to denigrate this country and it’s people in front of every third rate dictator he could find, to his Machiavellian schemes for enslaving the American people through his thinly disguised Marxist policies. A Congress and Senate that he should have had in his pocket stymied by the mouse that woke up and roared… the American people. They are still roaring and behaving more like a grizzly with a sore tooth. We were certainly willing to listen and give his historic Presidency the benefit of the doubt…. Unfortunately for him the whole thing just didn’t sit right with the VALUES of the American people… Everything from his extremely dubious appointments to the debt burden he is saddling our children and their children with. All of this has contributed… Stuff just didn’t add up and doesn’t ring true.
Now he is seriously putting the country and our military at risk… His foreign policy is worse than inept. The Military Commander HE picked has given him a studied assessment he didn’t like because it doesn’t sit right with the extreme left wing nutcakes that are pulling his strings and to whose financial interests he is beholden.
His answer predictably is to leave town. Seems he does a lot of that…Whoops…did I already say that?
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

HEALTHCARE…ILLEGAL BY ANY ALIEN: Mike Honda and the other left loons

September 29, 2009

It just never quits…… It’s the Circus Maximus….. The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot… It’s such a target rich environment one scarcely knows where to begin…. The Glorious Leader’s programs keep getting shot down as quickly as he can try to force them down our throats…. Darned American people just keep getting in the way… Something must be wrong… he has the senate, he has the house, he has it all…yet nothing works… his numbers are lower than ever….congress has a less than 16% approval rate. 66% of those pesky Americans REALLY dislike the governments policies…. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get up…. WAKE up call Mr President sir… the American people… those you take so lightly?, have had plenty of those lately. ObaKenBauc care is rapidly becoming the feared third rail of politics… Now the never to be unheard  Uberliberal wing of the party led by the intrepid Mike Honda is welding the other every day American’s super hot button…. Illegal (read criminal ) Immigration to the issue. Rep Honda and 29 other ultra whack jobs have taken a stand to insist that coverage for illegals be included in the  proposed shredding of America’s freedom. How perverse and warped does  thinking have to be to somehow rationalize that these (potential voters goodie goodie!) illegals be considered to have RIGHTS under the Constitution of this country? I must have missed something. I have read the founding documents… several times, carefully… Damned if I can find a thing in there that would authorize the Congress, the Senate or the President to do virtually any of what they are trying to force the American electorate to do. Now politicians of all stripes… are facing an aroused American people… we won’t  go away…. you can’t hide or outwait us this time. Mike Honda has his lips firmly attached to the posterior of La Raza, whose greatest desire is to see America emulate that great third-world cess pool Mexico. The Democrats are in real trouble though; in their Marxian arrogance they will decide that the millions of Americans who have taken their own time and their own money to protest, organize to effectively stop the takeover of our society…(it ain’t over until it’s over and the fight is just beginning), will forget, be distracted or just go away. The left is afraid. And they should be. The surest measure of that is Billy Jeff Clinton claiming ‘it’s just the right wing conspiracy again’. The right  wing conspiracy is something the left dredges up when they have no argument… like the race issue. We spend some 10.7 BILLION dollars in hospital emergency room care in this nation every year… much if not most of it on illegals….. To claim that illegals would happily participate in some government health care program is to ignore the truth and the facts in a grand manner… but then the liberals ( and some republicans ) never saw a fact they couldn’t lie about distort or ignore. The American people don’t want the government in our healthcare.  58% of the electorate say NO! 58% of independents say NO! 59% of seniors say NO! The American people do not want Illegals in this country… It’s an insult to us as citizens…. We don’t want a short track long track or any other track for illegals to become citizens of this sovereign nation of free people. Don’t tell us we can’t close the border and don’t tell us we can’t deport these people because we know better. John McCain would have lost the election over this issue alone… he certainly lost my support over it… The left has been put on notice as has the ‘moderate’ wing of the republican party. The American people are coming… we are coming and we’re really peed off… unlike you, we’ve read your legislation and we don’t like it!…We won’t be denied…. the 2010 elections are but a harbinger of what’s coming down the pike…. CAN YOU HEAR US?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

AFGHANISTAN…Maobama’s Waterloo: Our troops and the Afghani people deserve better.

September 28, 2009

With all the usual liberal caterwauling… ooh! the sky is falling… US Commander In Afghanistan General Stanley McCrystal made  his troop requirements known to the Pentagon. Predictably, President Obama ran the other way… he’s finished dumping on Israel for the time being. His grandiose verbiage in front of a singularly unimpressed audience at the UN over…. he has returned to destroying our economy and those pesky American values he so despises. As he pranced back to the capitol reality slapped him in the face again,  Gen McCrystal’s PROFESSIONAL ( something Maobama wouldn’t know anything about) appraisal of the Theater situation called for 30,000 to 40,000 additional troops. Apparently ‘forgetting’ what he had spouted so loudly and often during his presidential campaign against the feckless John McCain that  “Afghanistan was the real war we had neglected too long.  Al Qaeda was the real enemy”.
Ok  Mr President… you’ve got your real war…. with real live bad guys who do very bad things to people… people you have pledged to protect until they could do so themselves….. But it’s become a terrible inconvenience hasn’t it Mr President? A real war with real casualties that you have no one to blame on. YOU Mr President… these are your casualties. This is your commander. These are your troops. The Afghani people are depending on you for protection from one of the most vicious, murdering groups of a murderous vicious philosophy. These Taliban make Pol Pot look like a Rose Bowl Queen. And you sir…. are ready to throw them all to the wolves because you have no core value, no moral conviction and NO COURAGE. Thank the Good Lord above I never had to serve under someone like you. The nutcases you have picked to serve around you and some of the politically expedient “experts” around Washville, (you know the type… the ones who get up every morning and sniff to see which way the political winds are blowing?) are suggesting that ‘maybe we don’t need all those troops over there after all…. unmanned drones and special forces raids along the Pakistani border will do the job’… HUH?…. The Pakistani frontier with Afghanistan is 1600 miles. One of the factors that gives the Pakistanis heart, whether they admit it or not, is the presence of US troops killing insurgents that would otherwise eventually overwhelm them… every Islamic terrorist in the world salivates all over himself at the prospect of getting his hands on the Paki Nukes. The bad guys they and we kill over there are bad guys that won’t get over here. You have a Commander who knows what he’s doing… he knows what it’s going to take to win over there… You won’t even control our 1950 mile border with Mexico… ICE has only 697 something miles of our southern border under control. And now your cutting the Border Patrol by another 384  agents along  the Mexican border…. GOOD WORK.
From a military stand point the war is winnable… the Afhgani political situation is incomprehensible at best and should be left to the Afghanis as long as fundamentalist Islam is not in the mix. You are putting our troops in unnecessary peril… you are giving aid and comfort to our enemy by your weak vacillation.
The rest of the world sees you in that light.  History will judge you in that light…. But the voters in this country will judge you much sooner ….. Stand tall or stand down Mr President……
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

IYATOLDYOUSO….. Or The Silence after the Speech….?

September 27, 2009

Dan Gillerman, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations,  came about as close to saying anything about anything as you will get an Israeli to do when it comes to their intentions for the Mad Mullahs… ‘look, we just wanna make a little peaceful mushroom cloud over Tel-Aviv’ program in an interview on Fox News on  Saturday.
When confronted with the statements of the Perennial Yammerers around the networks and  the Strategic Geniuses around Washville that Israel can’t possibly make a difference, doesn’t have the power  or the equipment and can’t possibly expect to buy more than say… three years at best…, he said quite succinctly  ( are you listening lame stream? ) that Israel has the equipment, the skill, the technology and the will to take out the Iranian threat and make it PERMANENT. Uh….. lets see…. at last I checked the Israelis are not into idle statements…unlike the brainless among our own government….
The Israelis are masters of understatement… they are also very, very good at something we seem to be unable to do, keep a secret.
If you want something kept secret…. keep it out of our Capitol… and most particularly keep it out of our Congress.
The Jewish people have had the secrecy thing burned into their psyche… throughout countless pogroms during the Diaspora in dozens of countries they have learned that the wrong word in the wrong ear brings death and destruction. Refined at the point of a sword or the muzzle of a gun they learned their lessons well.

Nile Gardiner, who is the director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation,  said that our El Presidente (my term) is on weak ground as the revelation over the nuclear site makes an Israeli strike more likely….I’ll go him one better… an Israeli strike has been a lead-pipe cinch for a couple of years. I said that there was nothing threatening in Binyamin Netanyuhu’s brilliant speech at the UN. Fair enough. Dan Gillerman also said Israel is prepared to act alone. Also fair enough… in the final analysis Israel has always been alone. Ambassador Gillerman also would not have said a single word that had not been discussed and approved before hand. That’s not the Israeli way. Safe to say the Mossad has been worlds and years ahead of the CIA on the Iranian nuclear gig….. The question remains how soon the Russians’ much vaunted new air-defense system will become operational. While our increasingly ineffectual President spends most of his time swiveling his head between teleprompters and organizing union thuggery meetings in order to attempt to steal the birthright of the American people…… that soft swishing sound you hear is the Israeli whetstone…..

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

HUMPTY & DUMPTY : Cracked and Scrambled, Jimmy Carter and the Other Idiot Savant.

September 26, 2009

Jimmy Carter’s presidency was… unfortunate. He just couldn’t get it right… the only thing more frightening than contemplating what he’s done is contemplating what might have happened when he was an engineering officer aboard a nuclear submarine had we actually had to pull the trigger. You see… Jimmy was and is an ardent appeaser.
The similarities between what went on then and what  His Majesty the Supplicant in Chief, the Illusory Hussein Obama, is doing now show striking similarities…. Jimmy has been running off at the mouth all over the world. He has finally found a talent… that of saying and being in the worst possible place at the perfectly worst possible time. But then he had what was just possibly one of the worst possible presidencies also.
One of his presidential acolytes…the ‘Hawkish’ Zbigniew Brezinski has gone into competition with his erstwhile boss for the championship of spectacularly stupid and vapid statements.
This is the guy who helped Jimmy bring us the Mullahs… (with sequels coming to your neighborhood soon) and the equally stupid if less spectacular Panama Canal Treaty… among other national security blunders.
Now good ole Ziggy wants us to shoot down a few Israeli Aircraft  ‘just to teach those Jews who’s boss’.
You see Good old Jimma’ and good old Zig have something else in common, they’re both rabid anti semites as is, I  have reason to believe, our Glorious Leader.
Israel is the one democracy in the region. They are also the one proven ally we have in the middle east though G-d only knows why after we have betrayed them to the phony Palestinian statehood issue time after time.
With the disclosure of the ‘new’ Iranian nuclear facility (dollars to atomic particles the Mossad has known about it for years) there will be more rhetorical blather about sanctions, more posturing and more supplication to people who want us and the Israelis dead.
I said Israel can be counted on to do the least expected thing at the least expected time and they will.
Binyamin Netanyahu‘s great speech before the UN was significant for its lack of warning, threat or hint of bellicosity…..
As we used to say on the rifle range… standby… TARGETS.
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

Teach Your Children.

September 25, 2009

I had occasion to meet and get to know several survivors of the holocaust some years ago…I was mesmerized by seeing the infamous tattoo plainly visible on one lady’s arm. I wish now that I had not been tongue tied as well.
Like many I had grown up with the graphic images of World War Two on the television on Sundays in serial segments..almost all of it from actual theater and combat footage…My Grandfather made sure we saw it as well…Back in those days the war was still fresh in the minds and in the conversation of families at many a Sunday dinner. Auschwitz, Treblinka, Buchenwald……..these were indelibly burned into my mind…even as a child a can remember thinking HOW could they do it? How could one people possibly treat another in such a fashion?
It was explained to me not quite correctly that the German people had been brainwashed…Their children taken away and taught this evil in schools….They were taught to follow their mad Fuhrer blindly….
I was much later to become friends with a man who had been an (according to him) not quite willing member of the Hitler Youth…..He had been in the last battles for the fatherland when children as young as 12 and 13 were inducted into combat units as cannon fodder. He was captured and at the end of the war had to go through the denazification program. He warned about the dangers of indoctrinating children by examples of his own life experience citing what was then going on in the Soviet union and places like Castro’s Cuba…..He then said it could happen here…In my righteous arrogance I told him he was crazy, never in America.
Now we are faced with a man who would be Fuhrer.
We have either a lying narcissist…or a budding megalomaniac on our hands….
How are we to feel about a man who actively promotes a cult of personality? How should we feel about a leader who has so carefully crafted a persona which on close examination will not stand up to the light of truth?
Now we hear and SEE stories of “OBAMA YOUTH”…… and THIRD  GRADE students singing the “PRAISES” of  BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA….What are we to think? What are we to do?…..
These third grade kids’ parents weren’t even aware of this until it came out on a YouTube video.
This is happening in our classrooms! These kids’ parents are up in arms and they should be.
Parents! Find out what they are teaching your children…ASK questions..DEMAND answers.
Teach your children the truth…Teach them about this greatest country on the face of and in the history of this earth. Deny the lies of the pathetically inaccurate revisionist crap they are pushing off on us as history in our schools. Tell them the truth….it has a language all it’s own…truth is the one thing they fear most.
BARACK! Keep your hands off our kids.
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

NETANYAHU!! History and truth: Perhaps one of the greatest speeches of modern times.

September 25, 2009
Israel is a tiny country surrounded by multiple millions of people who would like nothing more than to see a smoking crater there.
That is a fact which has been explored ad nauseum by countless journalists.
Here’s a new one for you. Again little Israel stood as a giant in front of it’s enemies and defeated them, this time in the realm of  history and discourse. Binyamin Netanyahu‘s speech in front of the UN was full of truth and more impactful for it. It was significant because of the historical accuracy and clear inciteful recitation of those truths by a man who is not afraid to stand alone in the face of a hostile body and rightly shame those who would contemplate with glee and anticipation the destruction of millions.
Libya’s strong man delivered 90 minutes of incomprehensible garbage.
Ahmadinejad was full of lies and vituberation and not worth print space.
Our Deceiver-in-Chief was the panderer in chief to every dictatorship on the planet. He sees himself as the one world government’s great Pasha.
The rest of the world sees him as weak and a fool.
The one thing you can be sure of about  Israel…..they will not cave. The liberalism that has plagued them as well as us has largely been stilled by the threat of imminent  destruction posed by an evermore strident and  militant Iran. If somebody in your neighborhood tells you he’s going to knock your block off…only a fool would fail to take it seriously and prepare to flee or fight.
Israel can’t flee….
I have friends who have been in the IDF. I have one friend in particular who is a veteran of two of Israel’s wars. We’ve had the kind of conversations that can only occur between two men who have heard gunfire with rounds cracking overhead and the chilling knot of fear in the gut.
He has told me very simply, “Israel will not be destroyed”. “No matter what we have to do”. “No matter who is against us”. I looked in his eyes….I believe him.
One thing is certain….little Israel will always do what you don’t expect them to when you least expect them to do it.
If I were Hussein Obama I’d remember that.
If I were the Mad Mullahs of Iran I’d pay attention too……but then they don’t know my friend Jack.
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

The Mission

September 22, 2009

These are perilous times. Freedom is being assailed from all sides and the prospects are dim unless America and Americans join together to save our country from the onslaught of Marxism as espoused by Barack Obama and the leftist thugs he has surrounded himself with. Every day and every news posting brings new and more frightening manifestations of the lefts march towards ever more stringent control and theft of our freedoms. This journal will join others who have taken up the battle cry before us and continue the fight to save our country our freedoms and the God given rights that so many generations of Americans have sacrificed and died for. We will unabashedly borrow from these giants and credit them when we do. No one or group can go it alone in this endeavor. Realizing this we will work for and with others who can advance the cause of freedom. Our creed will be Semper Vigilans (always vigilant) and Semper Fidelis (always faithful), the use of which I have earned as a former active duty United States Marine. We will seek to illuminate and bring under the light of truth Liberal misdeeds and lies no matter when or where they lead.

© Skip MacLure 2009