HUMPTY & DUMPTY : Cracked and Scrambled, Jimmy Carter and the Other Idiot Savant.

Jimmy Carter’s presidency was… unfortunate. He just couldn’t get it right… the only thing more frightening than contemplating what he’s done is contemplating what might have happened when he was an engineering officer aboard a nuclear submarine had we actually had to pull the trigger. You see… Jimmy was and is an ardent appeaser.
The similarities between what went on then and what  His Majesty the Supplicant in Chief, the Illusory Hussein Obama, is doing now show striking similarities…. Jimmy has been running off at the mouth all over the world. He has finally found a talent… that of saying and being in the worst possible place at the perfectly worst possible time. But then he had what was just possibly one of the worst possible presidencies also.
One of his presidential acolytes…the ‘Hawkish’ Zbigniew Brezinski has gone into competition with his erstwhile boss for the championship of spectacularly stupid and vapid statements.
This is the guy who helped Jimmy bring us the Mullahs… (with sequels coming to your neighborhood soon) and the equally stupid if less spectacular Panama Canal Treaty… among other national security blunders.
Now good ole Ziggy wants us to shoot down a few Israeli Aircraft  ‘just to teach those Jews who’s boss’.
You see Good old Jimma’ and good old Zig have something else in common, they’re both rabid anti semites as is, I  have reason to believe, our Glorious Leader.
Israel is the one democracy in the region. They are also the one proven ally we have in the middle east though G-d only knows why after we have betrayed them to the phony Palestinian statehood issue time after time.
With the disclosure of the ‘new’ Iranian nuclear facility (dollars to atomic particles the Mossad has known about it for years) there will be more rhetorical blather about sanctions, more posturing and more supplication to people who want us and the Israelis dead.
I said Israel can be counted on to do the least expected thing at the least expected time and they will.
Binyamin Netanyahu‘s great speech before the UN was significant for its lack of warning, threat or hint of bellicosity…..
As we used to say on the rifle range… standby… TARGETS.
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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