AFGHANISTAN…Maobama’s Waterloo: Our troops and the Afghani people deserve better.

With all the usual liberal caterwauling… ooh! the sky is falling… US Commander In Afghanistan General Stanley McCrystal made  his troop requirements known to the Pentagon. Predictably, President Obama ran the other way… he’s finished dumping on Israel for the time being. His grandiose verbiage in front of a singularly unimpressed audience at the UN over…. he has returned to destroying our economy and those pesky American values he so despises. As he pranced back to the capitol reality slapped him in the face again,  Gen McCrystal’s PROFESSIONAL ( something Maobama wouldn’t know anything about) appraisal of the Theater situation called for 30,000 to 40,000 additional troops. Apparently ‘forgetting’ what he had spouted so loudly and often during his presidential campaign against the feckless John McCain that  “Afghanistan was the real war we had neglected too long.  Al Qaeda was the real enemy”.
Ok  Mr President… you’ve got your real war…. with real live bad guys who do very bad things to people… people you have pledged to protect until they could do so themselves….. But it’s become a terrible inconvenience hasn’t it Mr President? A real war with real casualties that you have no one to blame on. YOU Mr President… these are your casualties. This is your commander. These are your troops. The Afghani people are depending on you for protection from one of the most vicious, murdering groups of a murderous vicious philosophy. These Taliban make Pol Pot look like a Rose Bowl Queen. And you sir…. are ready to throw them all to the wolves because you have no core value, no moral conviction and NO COURAGE. Thank the Good Lord above I never had to serve under someone like you. The nutcases you have picked to serve around you and some of the politically expedient “experts” around Washville, (you know the type… the ones who get up every morning and sniff to see which way the political winds are blowing?) are suggesting that ‘maybe we don’t need all those troops over there after all…. unmanned drones and special forces raids along the Pakistani border will do the job’… HUH?…. The Pakistani frontier with Afghanistan is 1600 miles. One of the factors that gives the Pakistanis heart, whether they admit it or not, is the presence of US troops killing insurgents that would otherwise eventually overwhelm them… every Islamic terrorist in the world salivates all over himself at the prospect of getting his hands on the Paki Nukes. The bad guys they and we kill over there are bad guys that won’t get over here. You have a Commander who knows what he’s doing… he knows what it’s going to take to win over there… You won’t even control our 1950 mile border with Mexico… ICE has only 697 something miles of our southern border under control. And now your cutting the Border Patrol by another 384  agents along  the Mexican border…. GOOD WORK.
From a military stand point the war is winnable… the Afhgani political situation is incomprehensible at best and should be left to the Afghanis as long as fundamentalist Islam is not in the mix. You are putting our troops in unnecessary peril… you are giving aid and comfort to our enemy by your weak vacillation.
The rest of the world sees you in that light.  History will judge you in that light…. But the voters in this country will judge you much sooner ….. Stand tall or stand down Mr President……
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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