HEALTHCARE…ILLEGAL BY ANY ALIEN: Mike Honda and the other left loons

It just never quits…… It’s the Circus Maximus….. The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot… It’s such a target rich environment one scarcely knows where to begin…. The Glorious Leader’s programs keep getting shot down as quickly as he can try to force them down our throats…. Darned American people just keep getting in the way… Something must be wrong… he has the senate, he has the house, he has it all…yet nothing works… his numbers are lower than ever….congress has a less than 16% approval rate. 66% of those pesky Americans REALLY dislike the governments policies…. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get up…. WAKE up call Mr President sir… the American people… those you take so lightly?, have had plenty of those lately. ObaKenBauc care is rapidly becoming the feared third rail of politics… Now the never to be unheard  Uberliberal wing of the party led by the intrepid Mike Honda is welding the other every day American’s super hot button…. Illegal (read criminal ) Immigration to the issue. Rep Honda and 29 other ultra whack jobs have taken a stand to insist that coverage for illegals be included in the  proposed shredding of America’s freedom. How perverse and warped does  thinking have to be to somehow rationalize that these (potential voters goodie goodie!) illegals be considered to have RIGHTS under the Constitution of this country? I must have missed something. I have read the founding documents… several times, carefully… Damned if I can find a thing in there that would authorize the Congress, the Senate or the President to do virtually any of what they are trying to force the American electorate to do. Now politicians of all stripes… are facing an aroused American people… we won’t  go away…. you can’t hide or outwait us this time. Mike Honda has his lips firmly attached to the posterior of La Raza, whose greatest desire is to see America emulate that great third-world cess pool Mexico. The Democrats are in real trouble though; in their Marxian arrogance they will decide that the millions of Americans who have taken their own time and their own money to protest, organize to effectively stop the takeover of our society…(it ain’t over until it’s over and the fight is just beginning), will forget, be distracted or just go away. The left is afraid. And they should be. The surest measure of that is Billy Jeff Clinton claiming ‘it’s just the right wing conspiracy again’. The right  wing conspiracy is something the left dredges up when they have no argument… like the race issue. We spend some 10.7 BILLION dollars in hospital emergency room care in this nation every year… much if not most of it on illegals….. To claim that illegals would happily participate in some government health care program is to ignore the truth and the facts in a grand manner… but then the liberals ( and some republicans ) never saw a fact they couldn’t lie about distort or ignore. The American people don’t want the government in our healthcare.  58% of the electorate say NO! 58% of independents say NO! 59% of seniors say NO! The American people do not want Illegals in this country… It’s an insult to us as citizens…. We don’t want a short track long track or any other track for illegals to become citizens of this sovereign nation of free people. Don’t tell us we can’t close the border and don’t tell us we can’t deport these people because we know better. John McCain would have lost the election over this issue alone… he certainly lost my support over it… The left has been put on notice as has the ‘moderate’ wing of the republican party. The American people are coming… we are coming and we’re really peed off… unlike you, we’ve read your legislation and we don’t like it!…We won’t be denied…. the 2010 elections are but a harbinger of what’s coming down the pike…. CAN YOU HEAR US?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


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