TROTSKY…..Our Little Pony Prances to Denmark….Or: Obama Fiddles While Afghanistan Waits?

If Barack Obama was in the military he’d be AWOL and guilty of negligence as well. He couldn’t get out of town fast enough once something that required real leadership and just a tiny bit of courage came around.
Instead he’s off to tiny Denmark where his BIG bullroar may impress somebody ’cause the Poser in Chief ain’t doin’ so hot around here. Political payoff anyone? Got to bring them Olympics to Chi-town… It’ll mean plenty of graft for everyone…. after all, the Olympics are SO very important to the overwhelming majority of the people in America today… This matter of great urgency to the republic certainly required the personal attention of the President of the United States… This matter was so ultra important it couldn’t have been handled by say… a representative of the chamber of commerce… America has the finest men and women under arms of any nation in the history of the planet. That’s not even in dispute. We have a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan due largely to the mismanagement of this theater of the conflict from the beginning. The whole thing was started and then sort of kicked back to the rear burner… militarily not such a good idea… President Bush sure as heck made his share of mistakes but dereliction of duty wasn’t one of them. For those who believe in Karma, Barry Hussein is surely stacking up his share of bad stuff. The community organizer is not just out of his depth… he’s seriously deficient in just about any category you’d care to pick.
From his seriously lackluster performance at the UN where he essentially rehashed everything he had been doing to denigrate this country and it’s people in front of every third rate dictator he could find, to his Machiavellian schemes for enslaving the American people through his thinly disguised Marxist policies. A Congress and Senate that he should have had in his pocket stymied by the mouse that woke up and roared… the American people. They are still roaring and behaving more like a grizzly with a sore tooth. We were certainly willing to listen and give his historic Presidency the benefit of the doubt…. Unfortunately for him the whole thing just didn’t sit right with the VALUES of the American people… Everything from his extremely dubious appointments to the debt burden he is saddling our children and their children with. All of this has contributed… Stuff just didn’t add up and doesn’t ring true.
Now he is seriously putting the country and our military at risk… His foreign policy is worse than inept. The Military Commander HE picked has given him a studied assessment he didn’t like because it doesn’t sit right with the extreme left wing nutcakes that are pulling his strings and to whose financial interests he is beholden.
His answer predictably is to leave town. Seems he does a lot of that…Whoops…did I already say that?
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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