Choices are all things we have to learn to make. The fortunate among us are guided by loving responsible parents. Others have equally responsible and loving relatives and family mentors.
One of the things my Grandfather taught me about making choices was that ‘you will be known by the associations you keep’.
Barack Hussein Obama has some very interesting associations. He has also had some interesting mentors. From Frank Marshall Davis to Alice Palmer, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Mike Krulik, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Gregory Galluzo. Hard core leftists all. An exponent of the Saul Alinski school of radical organizing, he forged many other interesting associations such as Wayne Radke’s ACORN for whom he taught classes as a community rabble rouser.
Now as President he has surrounded and insulated himself with cadres of equally radical and even less desirable extreme left groupies. Some of these people are onerous in the extreme.
Curious minds wonder how the hell could some of these folks have gotten security clearances to go anywhere but jail?
But that seems to have been left out of the equation.
Come to think of it, our valorous commander-in-chief couldn’t get a clearance either if anyone ever had the brads to check. The DNC made darn sure he was never vetted for this or any other public office.
There’s a real push out there to gain control of our children.
The left figures it’s going to work because the  American people have been asleep at the switch for sixty or more years while being lulled with fairy tale after fairy tale.
Our kids have been regaled with fanciful stories of polar bears dying, phony photographs, extremely dubious science ad infinitum. Our kids aren’t being taught, they are being taught an agenda. They are not being educated. They are being propagandized. We were too busy making a living to pay attention to what they were really doing  in our schools.
Tell the people of Churchill Alaska there ain’t no polar bears out there!
Now they want our kids bodies too…
Kevin Jennings committed a crime by allowing the crime of child abuse to take place under the color of authority. He not only was complicit in it, he abetted it.
This is a radical homosexual advocate who is our “Safe Schools” Tzar.
There are a lot of really great responsible people out in the gay community…..there are a lot of predatory creeps too. There are as many creepy predators in the straight community….but they’re are not advocating a lifestyle under the cover of education. We hunt those down as quickly as they are exposed…we go out of our way to shelter our kids from them. How do we shelter them in our public schools? How do we shelter them from a pernicious life-creed in what is supposed to be an institution of public trust?
Here in California we have been bombarded by an influx of openly gay teachers in our schools. Citing 1st and 14th Amendment Federal Constitutional and State Constitutional protections, as well as State labor law section 1102.1, they are throughout our schools. Many are fine teachers who would never use our classrooms as a platform to influence a helpless audience under their control… some are not and openly flaunt their lifestyles in front of defenseless and impressionable children.
The militant gays in our State legislature have advanced an extremely onerous piece of legislation, SB 572, this law creating a “day of celebration” in which the late Harvey Milk (San Francisco Supervisor assassinated by Dan White) will be honored as an icon of the militant gay left in our schools, without knowledge or permission of parents and with no opt out option available to them. Harvey Milk was an admitted pedophile who preferred young boys and advocated multiple sexual partners. This virulent homosexual dogma will be pushed onto children as young as five years old.
I don’t know where you folks come from…but where I was raised this is child abuse. I hope our Governor had the guts and integrity to veto this piece of crap. He has until Oct 10, 2009 to do so. He had over 400,000 emails urging him to do so. A huge petition drive was underway also but I don’t have numbers for that as yet.
Whatever  justification our HOPEFULLY one term President has used for incorporating trash like Kevin Jennings into his administration, we as parents have got to be heard from loud and clear.
These radicals intend to steal your freedom, your property and your children.

SemperVigilans, SemperFidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2009


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