Not satisfied to shatter our foreign policy. Hamstring our military in harm’s way. Assault our economy with the largest government expansion into the private sector in history. Radically devalue our currency. Enormously increase the public debt. Author the largest job loss since Jimmy Carter. Politicize and sexualise our children. And attempt to destroy the finest health care system in the world. Maobama’s communist thugs are now out to destroy our first amendment rights a la’ Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Mao Tze Dong, Joseph Stalin and other unlamented Marxist luminaries…
The GOONS Barry Hussein has assembled around him are a who’s who of radical Marxist activism in this country.
America… we’d best stand up and pay attention to this one… or we may have to get out the pitchforks.
The Founders knew  that free and open discourse was essential to maintaining a free society. Without fear of government interference or retribution various viewpoints, even unpopular ones, had to flourish. A free and unfettered press was essential to maintaining a free republic.
All this began to change in the 1960’s with the orchestrated emergence of a radical leftist dogma in our colleges and universities… A little historical perspective will reveal that this had always been the preferred method of spreading this pernicious philosophy.
As a budding college student without my head in the stars, as I had served a six year engagement with the Marine Corps., I was under no illusion as to what agenda some of the professors and classes I took, had.
As a college veteran I suffered my share of abuse by some of my liberal and obviously Marxist leaning classmates. What I hadn’t expected was the presence of an agenda in the Journalism classes I took. I don’t know why I thought they would be sacrosanct…. the lies we had suffered in the coverage of the war in Viet Nam should have prepared me.
The ‘main stream’ outlets pretty much had it their own way until the emergence of Conservative talk radio, spearheaded by Rush Limbaugh. He spoke for many millions of Americans, who felt that with the dominance of the media from the left they were not being heard from and that they were smothered by liberal propaganda. Talk radio exploded. Enter cable TV and FOX News with an advertised ‘Fair and Balanced’ format. Lo and behold they’ve been pretty darn good at delivering on that promise and it shows… they are mopping the floors with the other televised media. Enter the internet and conservative blogs. Headed up by the Drudge report, these blogs have afforded instant communication and made it virtually impossible for the left to prevaricate and color their coverage as in the days of yore. Not that they don’t try….
Now President Obama has stacked the deck. Robert McChesney, Internet Tzar… avowed Marxist and founder of extreme left wing “Free Press”. Julius Genachowski, Federal Communications Chairman…. another avowed Marxist. Mark Lloyd, FCC diversity Tzar… avowed Marxist and racist. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz, another serious leftie who would ‘like to enforce internet neutrality’. They have a stated aim of crippling our first amendment protections.
Like creatures of the night they cannot stand the light of truth, free expression and freedom.
They have to be stopped. Kudos to Glenn Beck for being all over this one.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2009.


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