Any woodsman can tell you, if you tangle with a peed off Wolverine you’re going to have a Grizzly-sized problem on your hands.
For the second time in several weeks, the Israelis have given clear indication of their intentions for those whose heads are not firmly lodged in retro-defilade… an irreverent Marine Corps analogy for having your head where the sun doesn’t shine. Come to think about it, it sort of sounds like our foreign policy.
I love it when Hillary Clinton and Barack try to bully  the Israelis… all it accomplishes is to make both of them look just as incompetent as they  are, with respect to history and factual reality as it pertains to the region and ESPECIALLY the Israelis. Listening to Hillary flaunt the administration’s spiel on the Palestinians is like watching the Three Stooges, with her playing all the parts. “The Lady In Waiting” is reminiscent of Madam Madeleine Half-Bright, that other towering genius of foreign affairs. Barry Hussein had better watch his back ’cause the Clintons are watching him like a couple of vultures over a dying coyote.
On Sept 25, (WordPress), I wrote that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‘s speech before the UN was significant, because of its “lack of warning, threat, or hint of bellicosity”. What should have been heard was the silence. Then on Sept 27, I wrote that Dan Gillerman, former  Israeli Ambassador to the UN, responded to some of the vacuum-brained beltway and media ‘experts’, who had stated that Israel ‘didn’t have the stuff’ to do the job in an interview with Fox News on Saturday, Sept 25. Gillerman not only plainly stated that they were capable, but that they were prepared to go it alone.
I said I have some Israeli friends – one in particular, who has had the dubious distinction of having two different tanks shot out from under him in two different Arab-Israeli wars and survived to talk about it. (LIBERAL CRACKHEADS please note: peace loving Arabs  have attacked Israel without provocation in… let’s all count…. FIVE separate wars!). I wrote about my friend Jack. He is my idea of a typical Israeli. Down to earth and determined in all he does. This is a man I would have been proud to serve with. I write this only to illustrate that the Israelis generally are not given to idle threat or bombastic verbal display.
As such, Ambassador Gillerman’s statement was a glaring one for those with wits enough to LISTEN to what he said. I wrote that the Israelis are not into idle threats… they do not say things they do not mean. I also said that the Mossad is nothing like our CIA and had been years ahead of us on the whole Iran thing… small wonder. The lives of millions of innocent people are on the line on a daily basis. The Israelis are very serious about what they do… and especially about what they say. The Mossad does not like to share information with us. Our Government and our CIA leak like a sieve. Usually for cheap political gain.
There was a time when we called that treason.
Israeli former Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh stated in an interview with the Times of London, that if sanctions were not in place against Iran by Christmas, Israel WILL attack.
Once again…these guys don’t make idle threats. They know full well that neither the US nor the European Union really intend to impose meaningful sanctions against Iran, by Christmas or any time.
They simply don’t have the courage or the conviction and that’s what the Mullahs are wagering on. They see our President for the weak and insipid person he is and the real danger he represents to the Israeli people.
Minister Sneh’s interview was strike two….
The next one will be the Israeli Air Force….THEY are the Wolverine.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


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