AND NO, I’m not referring to the feckless George Mitchell, though that subject is worthy of a brief exploration. Former Democratic Majority Leader George Mitchell, President Barry Hussein’s  “Special Envoy for Middle East Peace“, put the Boffo in Buffoon during meetings with the Israeli leadership on Thursday Oct 10. Caroline Glick wrote in Jewish World Review “An atmosphere of fantasy pervaded President Barack Obama‘s Middle East peace processor George Mitchell’s meetings with Israeli leaders on Thursday“. “In separate photo opportunities, Mitchell stood next to President Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and pledged to surmount all obstacles to achieve peace, not only between Israel and the Palestinians but between Israel, Syria and Lebanon and with the whole Arab world”.
Really George? Mmm, was that psychedelics or psychotropics George?
Kudos to the Israeli leadership for keeping a straight face for the cameras.
The third member of the Triple Clowns of Middle East diplomacy behind the Glorious Leader and Madame Hillary is in somebody else’s world. It’s hard to see how the Israelis or any one can take us seriously right now. If they gave out MEDALS for incompetence and ineptitude running to sheer ignorance…..?. Maybe they have.
Largely under the radar, the US is participating in the largest Israeli military exercise in several years.
Israel states that these five day exercises are a nation-wide readiness program and NOT preparation for war. The Israelis are quick to say that these exercises have been in the works for a year.
Since the last go around with Hamas in Lebanon and the showering of Israeli towns with rockets and short range missiles, the ongoing and increasing threat from Iran, the new terror threat being ginned up by the Palestinian radicals over the old Temple Mount worship issue, and the continued threat from Syria and Hamas in Lebanon, it’s not surprising that the Israelis make these military and civilian exercises a top national priority. We are largely along for the ride. It is significant that our participation will largely concern itself with missile defense…That’s what we are being told anyway.
We used to say that while you’re sleeping your enemy is pumping iron. Israel pumps iron BECAUSE of its enemies.
It’s surprising that under President Barack Hussein Obama these exercises have not been curtailed or even canceled, given his love affair with all things Muslim.
OR could it be that his Saudi Masters, who greatly fear a nuclear Iran and have publicly supported an Israeli surgical strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, have told him to cool it? Connecting one more dot, the Pentagon has approved and accelerated the MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), a 30,000 lb. super bomb capable of reaching the deepest hardened sites. This weapon has been in the works for years and is probably already operational or very near to it.
Wolverines have been recorded taking down full grown moose…or tearing down a mountain cabin if really peed. Eagles hunt from great heights.
Sort of makes it look like rubber hits the road time folks.
The Eagle and the Wolverine…very interesting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


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