Our Quixotic President And Reckless Endangerment.

It seems like events are rushing to greet some sort of an event horizon. There are just too many disparate potential flash points not to be completely realistic. The Middle East region is a sizzling hot spot that could have a region wide conflict start from any of a half-dozen different sources.

North Korea is the next most obvious subject, with a very unstable government and internal power issues. They have been increasingly bellicose and tensions are sky-high between the two Koreas, since rumors still persist that the South Korean naval corvette ‘Cheonan’ may have been sunk by a north Korean torpedo.

Obama bows to China's Hu Jintao.

China is another factor, they have already taken the measure of Barack Hussein Obama and found him to be foolish and naive. They will use his indecisiveness to initiate some ‘incident’ over the island republic of China called Taiwan. China has been drooling over Taiwan for a very long time. China has also increased the number of missiles and artillery facing Taiwan from the mainland. With a timid Barack Obama at the helm, the Chinese may feel the time has come for a little adventurism.

Obama has a miserable record of insulting one ally after another and, as in the case of Israel, withdrawing arms, munitions and spare parts, in the face of increasing threats and a potential regional war. It doesn’t take these folks very long to realize that this President, this government, not only cannot be trusted but will actively work for the benefit of their enemies while feigning friendship to them.

Russia is very cozy with some other influences that will have to be dealt with. Iran and Venezuela. Iran’s increasing bellicosity cannot be ignored. They have gone from threatening Israel to direct threats towards the United States as well. There were a whole bunch of people around who should have known better when Hitler published Mein Kampf, too. Words have meaning. These are real potential adversaries that we have to be prepared to deal with.

Venezuela is not now a military threat and Chavez’ Socialist Nirvana ain’t, so the plebes aren’t cozying up to Hugo. Like any dictator, he deserves close scrutiny.
I just don’t think Obama has the stones for the job. Worse, much worse, I still can’t figure out who he’s working for.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010



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