April… Where’s The Fool?

I understand he can be seen flitting around the White House, dodg…, er, avoiding the press whenever possible. Even his extreme leftist lap dogs find it difficult to obtain access to His Benificence. Is it that his handlers have figured out that he doesn’t do well off the cuff? Is it because even the tame press is starting to ask a few real questions… few and far between, but commendable none-the-less as a departure from the usual slavish pandering to the administration, timid though these questions would be coming from the ultra left’s most staid guardians of political correctness.

Seems like the President has been acting a little gun shy since his tangle with Fox’s Bret Baier. Sooner or later, even some of the tame press are going to start asking the right questions. Obama knows that the lie lines on most of his policies are about to run their course and reality begins to stream in. This guy has told lie after lie with the slickness of a snake-oil pitch man. Same story, sooner or later somebody is going to call him on some of his stuff. We’ve already seen how this self-absorbed narcissist reacts to any sort of criticism. In his mind’s eye he can do no wrong, he’s on a mission and he’s a committed radical ideologue.

He plays the buffoon on the international stage to the amusement of his third-world dictator audience, while at home he strangles the life from the nation with his insane fiscal and economic Keynesian gymnastics. We face a world far more dangerous and volatile than at almost any time in our history. We have sworn enemies who are at war with us, while our President prances from one meaningless conference or forum to another with apologies to all and sundry, while playing havoc with our national security interests and appeasing people we shouldn’t be talking to.

Flashpoint? The Syrians are pushing the limits of Israel tolerance by moving batteries of Scud “A” or SS1B missiles up to the Lebanese border and massing them there. Though there has been no attempt to move the missiles into Lebanon, Syria has been training Hizballah militants in their use. Israel has warned Syria that it would consider any transfer of these missiles across the border to be an event that will engender an Israeli response.
As Drudge would say… developing.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010



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