House Of Cards On Shifting Sand.

Who would have thought two years ago that we would be looking back on Bush’s, and even Clinton’s, administrations with nostalgia when confronted by the immense wasteland of Barack Obama’s tortured socialist economic policies.

The President doesn’t give a flying damn about the people of this country, or the country itself for that matter. Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t much like this country any how… and it shows. It shows in his contempt for American traditions and the contempt he holds for our values. His willingness to prostrate himself shamefully before this country’s enemies hasn’t gone unmarked by the citizenry and most of us really resent his groveling denigration of our country. Around the Obama White House these days, enemies are treated far better than friends.

It’s clear to me that Barack Obama is an anti-semite. It’s all that can explain the egregious treatment of an ally and a country that an overwhelming majority of Americans support… Israel. Thank God for that tiny country with the heart of a giant. Obama has first of all, as he does with everything, lied to Israel. Lied, cajoled, bullied, threatened, and aligned himself with some of Israel’s, and our, enemies in the process. Israel has stood firm in the face of all the diplomatic firestorm spouting Lord Obama’s wishes.

Demanding that a sovereign country do things directly injurious to her own security and the maintenance of defensible borders is an act of craven cowardice by Obama. Obama is scared to death something will actually start in the middle east. He’ll lose whatever thin cover his international jaunts and summits gain him politically, both at home and away. The stuff of his policies will peel away revealing themselves in all their ugliness.

Things are not well out there for poor Barry. Uh thanks, Barry. Isn’t that what you said we should do, Barry? Say thanks to the guy who is ensuring the destruction of our country? Now what do you intend to do about it? November is now only six months and change down the road. It is time for every single one of us to become active in our communities and our precincts. If your local Republican party headquarters doesn’t have any, you supply the excitement and energy.

Find out who your local Conservative candidate is and support them. Emails to our Senators, thanking them for their courage and stubborn resistance would be a good idea… they need our input.
This is our government and we’re taking it back.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010



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