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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… No Jobs! Two Million To Lose Unemployment Benefits.

June 30, 2010

It’s one of those worst-case nightmare scenarios that every worker from Maine to Hawaii has been experiencing for more than two years now, with one out of five Americans unable to find work in Barack Obama’s wonderland and unemployment benefits about to end for two million unemployed by Saturday.

Once again Congress has descended into partisan bickering, as Congressional DeMarxists attempt to add more spending to existent legislation and Republicans insisting that any additional jobless benefits be paid for by reductions in debt. It’s the classic Democrat-Republican impasse, with the American people trapped in between.

Republicans are correct in doing everything possible to reduce the DeMarxist money juggernaut which is threatening to impoverish the country for decades to come. However, the active principle should be the welfare of the people who have seen their jobs lost, due to the suicidally unwise monetary policies set in place by both Democrats and Republicans.

It cracks me up when I hear hear sage ‘economists’ pontificating that Americans are using unemployment as an ‘excuse’ for not finding jobs. Having spoken to many people over the last two years who have found themselves in the position of having lost their jobs, I can assure you that few, if any, were using unemployment as some sort of paid vacation. With rare exception, unemployment doesn’t pay enough to live or support a family on… much less make mortgage payments. The continuing waves of foreclosures are mute testimony to this.

Any Conservative will tell you that the very idea of dependence on government is repugnant indeed. But these are not normal times… with the actual unemployment figures much closer to seventeen per cent, as opposed to the meek 9.6% the government claims it to be. Job losses are much closer to great depression levels than in any recession we’ve had.
Congress should set aside their differences on this.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Kagan Nomination Should Be Filibustered – Republicans, No Guts?

June 29, 2010

The very lack of information on Elena Kagan’s opinions regarding constitutional issues, which are key to this country’s survival as a free Republic, is the reason that Kagan should be dissected before Senate Republicans, carefully and in great depth.

Statements like “It’s fine if the law bans books because government won’t really enforce it” are stunning, with implications in several different directions. For one, it certainly indicates someone who has little or no respect for the Constitution, or by extension the people of this great country. It highlights the fundamental distrust of the individual right of free speech, on not only the part of the DeMarxist government, but is indicative of the inner Elena Kagan… the Obama clone who will be a rubber stamp for her Marxist boss.

There’s no longer any doubt in this country about who and what Barack Hussein Obama is and what he is trying to accomplish before he can be stopped. Elena Kagan wasn’t picked because she is a great jurist… or a jurist at all. She was picked by Obama because she is a political ideologue in the image of her boss, and can be reliably expected to follow Obama’s suicidal intentions for this country to a ‘T’.

The very fact that so much effort has gone into obscuring Kagan’s paper trail, including direct interference from the White House, is a glaring flare-lit tip-off to Republican Senators. Make no mistake… Elena Kagan favors a total ban on personal ownership of firearms. Philosophically, Kagan stands firmly with the dissenting Justices on the Supreme Court in Monday’s extension of the 2008 District of Columbia ruling in favor of an individual’s right to own and keep a firearm for self defense.

Those Justices would gladly support a total ban on firearms, such as has turned the United Kingdom into a bloody battleground, where citizens are regularly prosecuted and imprisoned for defending their own lives and property!! That’s the Elena Kagan that Republican Senators should be looking at, very carefully.

I assure you that we will be observing our Conservative Republican Senators throughout this process as well. A brilliant Jurist, Robert Bork, was destroyed by Ted Kennedy in an avalanche of lies and invective during his confirmation hearings, for no more reason than his opposition to Roe vs. Wade which is, and was, patently unconstitutional to start with… allowed by a gutless, timid Republican Senate. Sound familiar? The gutless part, that is.

Elena Kagan should be turned away. Not in revenge for the treatment of Robert Bork but because she is an out and out statist, and if not a Marxist, very closely politically and philosophically aligned with the DeMarxists. Republican Senators have the responsibility to see that only Constitutional originalists are selected for the Supreme Court. Senators, that is your responsibility to the people of this country… that is your responsibility to the Constitution.
There is a huge Constitutional Patriotic coalition out here and we are watching you as intently as we are watching the Kagan hearings.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obamao Bank Regulation Rip-Off In Danger.

June 28, 2010

It could come down to another Teddy Kennedy finish for the 2,000 page bank regulation bill which Obamao took to Toronto, waving it in the air like a nouveau-economic Neville Chamberlain, urging the G-20 members to spend, spend, spend, just like us. Europe and Asia said… “no thanks”. His call for no country to prosper over another fell on amused but deaf ears.

Obama with other G8 nation leaders.

With European socialist countries, including Spain and Greece, coming to the abrupt realization that socialism is economically and morally broke… with echoes of Margaret Thatcher’s classic warning before parliament, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”… Europe has seen the light, albeit slowly and very painfully for their people.

So the Anointed One Trotskys his way around, desperately trying to permanently break the back of America’s economy… before we can get him stopped in November and out in 2012. The rest of the world, perhaps with the exception of ‘our little commie’s’ bosom bud down there in Venezuela, that famous Benito Mussolini wannabe Hugo (I’m not a thug) Chavez, realizes that spending and deficits need to be controlled before the world economy falls into a tailspin from which it may never entirely recover.

The banking bill, or as it should rightly be titled ‘The Large Banking Institution Freedom Bill’, is a 2,000 page polyglot that seeks to regulate our financial economy… every single phase of it… except for Fannie and Freddie. Gee, what a surprise! Where’s Barney?

The whole evil scheme may now be at risk, with the news today that Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) has passed on at the age of 92. Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) has said that he will not support the bill, which he originally favored the first time around, until it came out of conference committee with 15 billion of grift tacked on to it. This could put a finish to the bill for this year. Good news for Conservatives and Patriots.
Give us responsible, sensible legislation and we might support it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Israel On the Brink – Reported Secret Base Near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

June 27, 2010

The Saudis have facilitated the construction of a secret IAF forward base, five miles outside the city of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and Israelis, as usual, pretend not to know each other. The Saudis have closed Tabuk airport for civilian flights for several days as the Israeli Air Force landed jet fighter aircraft and military supplies. Civilians were not told of the purpose of the closure, but were accommodated by the Saudi government elsewhere.

The base outside Tabuk, according to unconfirmed sources, is a ‘forward’ operating base for combat assault helicopters along the ‘corridor’ that has been created for the free passage of IAF combat assets on their way into Iran… greatly reducing the distance that Israeli aircraft would have to travel to reach their targets in Iran. There can be no greater indication of the fear that Iran has caused among the middle east Arab states than that there is not one word of invective or protest against the ‘zionist occupiers’, which is an Islamic catch-word for all things Israeli.

It is ironic in the extreme that scrappy little Israel is not only in the position of having to save itself, but will be existentially carrying the banner of the crescent into combat for the solidly anti-Israeli, but timid, Arab states who seriously fear an Iranian hegemony over the region enforced by an Iranian thermonuclear threat. This is the latest in a long series of preparations that have resulted in Iran quickly shifting large numbers of combat troops from the home guard, tanks, artillery and missile assets closer to the north-western border and into the Caspian region, in what is described by the Iranian high command as a state of war.

Israel’s recent additions to its defensive/offensive capability include a new secret combat satellite system launched into low earth orbit on June 24. The Israeli military would only say that the new satellite, Ofek 9, has unprecedented military capabilities. Ofek joins two other Israeli satellites presently in orbit and has Tehran in a quandary, as the resolution from the orbiting satellites is said to be less than a meter. You can run but you can’t hide, seems to be the message.

The United States has several naval carrier strike forces including an anti-submarine strike group and amphibious landing ‘Expeditionary Strike Group 5’, which includes elements of the United States Marine Corps 15th Expeditionary Brigade from Camp Pendleton, California, said to number some 6,000 Marines and sailors. With American, German, Israeli and Canadian Naval assets now in position and Israeli land air and sea assets at the ready, it would seem that hostilities are imminent. Combat-ready troops cannot be kept at an extreme state of alert for long periods in advance of an assault… it tends to take their edge off.

Further, I don’t think that at this point the Mullahs could get off the hook if they rolled over and said they’d make nice… it’s gone much farther than that now. In addition, the government has lost control of the country’s nuclear weapons programs which have been taken over by fanatical home guard units, as the Iranians rush to the finish line for their Islamo-bomb.

Can they be as blind to their situation as Saddam Hussein was during the American preparations for taking out his regime? Only time will tell, but time is running out for the Iranians.
God bless America, Israel and our other allies in this ugly but very necessary task.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Ahh–Ha-Ha-Ha-Haa…Wipeout! – WSJ/NBC Poll.

June 26, 2010

DeMarxists in Congress are accelerating their totalitarian lockstep to steal your country away from you before the mid-term elections will sweep them from power in both Houses and put an abrupt end to their dreams of a communist America. I’m getting really tired of reading mush-headed, mealy-mouthed writers who haven’t the courage of their supposed convictions. Liberal-Progressive (the favored term du jour of our little red friends)-Socialist-Leninist-Marxist-Communist. These terms are completely interchangeable.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd

There’s a classic pic of the intrepid duo of Barney (The Banking Queen) Frank and his bud, Chris (Cretin) Dodd coming out of the White House, with Frank looking like he just finished doing what he does best, according to rumors around the beltway… pulling his pants back up. Not surprising, given we are talking about the guy whose male prostitute boyfriend was running a gay brothel out of Frank’s Washington Condo. (Has anybody cleared this dude with the health dept?) Hey, Obama… want everybody in the country tested for AIDS/HIV? No need to look any farther than your own backyard for a start.

Amazing. The statists still haven’t figured out that the vast number of people in this country are, have been and, God willing, always will be in committed monogamous relationships. The DeMarxists put much into the effort to make you think differently, as the destruction of the moral fabric of America is, if not the most important item on their agenda, very close to it.

Barney Frank is a totally despicable human being. That he now has the nerve to hammer banking regulation when he was one of the principal architects of the mortgage banking crash is chutzpah to a spectacular degree.

Special note to the liberal hack/anarchists sitting in their mamas’ basements taking shots at people like Dee and myself: now that’s a personal attack.

Unfortunately, I see absolutely no way to remove Frank from his cozy little gerrymandered sinecure any time soon. The best we can do is to isolate the little toad and send him shrieking into the background.

After delineating a really grim assessment, WSJ/NBC Democrat pollster Peter Hart, in part, had this to say, “a really ugly mood and an unhappy electorate” – happily for Conservatives, which now outnumber their radical statist opposites by more than two to one. Mr Hart has masterfully understated the absolute rage boiling just under the surface out here in the hinterlands.

Something with equal downside potential is the DeMarxist failed attempt at driving wedges into the ever-more-powerful Conservative/Patriot/TeaParty/Republican coalition, which they attempted to fragment with the old Bill Clinton – Ross Perot third party siren song. Didn’t work. Next, they attempted to demonize the people they perceived to be the ‘leaders of the movement’. Uh-uh, that hasn’t worked either. They’re afraid to go home and face their constituents.

I guess the only tactic left to them would be the scorched-earth policy of trying to steal the election— a very risky move given the mood of the country, but a typical communist desperation tactic, which in any country other than this one would have reasonable expectation of success.
America is on the march… and it’s not the Obamao lockstep either.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


The Obama Cupboard Is Bare.

June 25, 2010

The statist press is at its wits end. Their own spin machine is having a harder and harder time getting anyone to listen. So, the only thing left to them is to descend into the journalistic death-spiral of harsher and harsher invective, vituperation and baseless personal attack.

As an aside, I think that our supposed journalism schools graduate few journalists, as we understand the term. What we see coming out of school, more often than not, are ideologically indoctrinated leftist political hacks, working in the guise, no matter how shallow, of objective reporting. In point of fact, the lame stream press is a victim of its own success. They carried the hard left’s water for so long that Americans turned them off and tuned them out. The white noise of their constant drum beating, ‘Chicken Little’ sociopathy and ill-disguised anti-American messages  lost them the audience they once had all to themselves. It was lost to them in direct proportion to the elapsed time from the shameful political sellout of the war in Vietnam, which cemented the symbiotic relationship of the media and the Demarxists.

We think of the advent of the internet and internet journalism as being the turning point. Actually, the country’s gradual awareness of the paucity of factual news and objective opinion without the Socio-Marxist agenda preceded the internet. Americans were turned off and disgusted by the lame stream press and the gradual recognition of the clear and present danger to our Republic. What occurred was that the internet, internet journalism and the phenomenon known as the internet blogosphere, largely took the message away form the left. Exposing the radical Marxist agenda of the symbionts and their Marxist masters became the mission of internet journalism.

When Barack Hussein Obama came on the scene the situation was ripe for citizen revolt against the now obvious intent of the left. A mindless, headlong rush towards totalitarianism by the DeMarxists produced the citizen revolt we are experiencing in the Conservative Patriot movement, which is now sweeping the nation. The Patriot groups and the Tea Party activists are not nearly as fragmented as the left tries hard to portray. Even the knotheads in the RNC have figured out that they don’t have the reins on this. We’ve had it with a lot of them too. We want leadership, not deals! Can you hear me, John? Can you hear me, Lindsey?

This, I think, is one of the great differences between ‘us and them’. Responsible journalists will be as quick to condemn their own when they see wrongdoing as the political opposition. Journalism is, or should be, the process of truth seeking. Barack Hussein’s cupboard is the lame stream symbiont.
That’s why the cupboard is as empty as the Marxist message itself.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Most Despised President In History – US Military No Confidence.

June 24, 2010

I want to thank my editor, Dee, for covering for me yesterday and delivering a really excellent article. I had a summer bug (summer?, what summer?) creep up and bite me hard. I’d forgotten the joys of childhood viruses (my daughter is five). I can’t wait for school start.

The published lame stream reports are, as usual, full of baloney. There is a mystery here… so what I’m going to say is based on intimate knowledge of the military and military tradition. Obama had to get rid of McChrystal. He was not only a very fine theater commander, well liked by his soldiers and the Afghani government, but he was effective ultimately, that’s why he had to go. He makes Obama and the clown college look very bad.

Obama and Gen. McChrystal aboard Air Force One, October 2009.

Had Barack Hussein Obama given General McChrystal the complete support he asked for when he asked for it, we would be looking at a fragmented, largely defeated Taliban. Due to the Anointed One’s foot-dragging and interference we are now in danger of losing in Afghanistan, something we cannot afford to do. That Obama is afraid to challenge his handlers in Pakistan is no new story. The Taliban has been staging and training in Pakistan, or as our closet muslim pronounces it, PAAK(I)STAAN, for years.

General McChrystal is a four-star general steeped in military tradition. He is a man to the very core of his being. That’s much more than can be said for his Commander in Chief. One of the prime duties of a general officer’s staff is to limit access to their boss. Otherwise, it would be like being ‘nibbled to death by ducks’.

I served for a time directly under a Brigadier General at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, one of the two basic training centers in the Marine Corps. The depots always have been targets for leftists and leftist writers, because of ongoing issues of supposed ‘brutality’ against recruits. There have been some abuses in the past… few and far between given the number of recruits who successfully complete “boot camp”, thereby earning the title of US Marine. Is it tough training? You bet. It has to be. Almost every Marine can be guaranteed to be committed to combat at some point in his career. No reporter was allowed to get anywhere near the Brigadier without going through the Depot Information Office. The General’s staff, just like in the Army, are a tight-lipped bunch.

That’s where the disconnect in this story comes from. Why would a theater commander allow a leftist-leaning reporter for Rolling Stone access to him or his staff? According to published reports Michael Hastings, in his his article titled “The Runaway General”, was given unprecedented access to McChrystal and a dinner in Paris attended by Mrs McChrystal, the General and his staff. Supposedly, some of the staff ‘got hammered’ and started giving Hastings an earful… Stanley McChrystal said nothing. So that makes most of the reporting out there dead wrong from the start.

That McChrystal is responsible for his subordinates regardless, and did nothing to rein in his troops, leads me to believe that McChrystal used the incident to highlight the great danger in which Obama and his administration have placed our troops, the mission, and thereby the nation, due to their foot-dragging incompetence… and may I be so bold as to add… their cowardly treason against our country. I believe he saw it as his duty to the military and the country. I believe that McChrystal allowed this to happen, knowing full well he would be relieved.

To many people Afghanistan is but a name, but if you want to see how Barack Hussein has sabotaged our efforts there just look at the obstructionism towards cleaning up the oil in the Gulf… where Obama’s efforts to further destroy our economy through that cretin Ken Salazar are costing the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans and further devastating the already badly damaged Gulf economy.

The catalog of Obama’s sins grows longer by the day, as does the urgency of the DeMarxists to complete the country’s destruction from within before November. Just in case anyone asks, Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to polish Stanley McChrystal’s shoes. There’s been much blather in the statist press about General MacArthur and Truman, Lincoln and General McClellan. Truman had no choice but to relieve MacArthur, who wanted to carry the Korean war into China and openly advocated using nuclear weapons. Lincoln removed McClellan for repeatedly refusing to advance his troops, despite overwhelming superiority in numbers.

Our military is the finest in the world being led by the worst Commander in Chief in history.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Leave The Personal Insults To The Left.

June 23, 2010

South Carolina Rep. Nikki Haley achieved a convincing victory in the gubernatorial runoff, but not without having to endure the all-too-common slur campaign and personal attacks. She will now face Democrat Vincent Sheheen in November.

Nikki Haley and family celebrate.

What makes the story so sickening is the fact that some of the character assassinations were from Republicans. A conservative blogger, Will Folks, made allegations of a most extreme nature, the details of which I will not recount here as I find them deeply offensive. Perhaps he thought it would give him the fifteen minutes of fame that he craves, something becoming ever more elusive to bloggers given the rapidly increasing numbers of political commentators on the internet. Whatever the reason, the possible damage caused to the Haley family and the Republican Party’s chances are inexcusable.

I asked Skip recently how he can laugh off some of the biting personal remarks that he receives from ‘liberal’ readers – an amazing feat of psychology on their part, as they don’t know the first thing about him, other than his political views. Of course, they are always way off the mark… the usual references to ‘racist’, ‘KKK’, along with the obligatory comparisons of the present situation to the Bush era (will they still be doing that in the 22nd century?) and demonization of the Tea Party. Possibly, Skip’s Marine training taught him to ignore the petty verbal attacks and concentrate on the real battle.

Jake Knotts

I tend to take things more personally, which also includes derogatory remarks aimed at others who do not deserve such treatment. Which leads me to Jake Knotts. Said as a joke, Mr. Knotts? While I seriously question the predilections of the President, Nikki Haley does not deserve this sort of bigotry from a member of her own party. Perhaps a touch of jealousy of a lady who is talented and could well go on to greater things. Do us all a favor, Mr. Knotts… leave the name-calling and personal attacks to the Democrats, you shame the Republican Party.

Earlier today, I read an article about the USA soccer team. It listed the players, along with their ethnic origin. To me, it encapsulated the spirit of the United States. Eleven players with different ancestral nationalities, two of which are naturalized citizens themselves. When they come together, they do so under one flag – the flag of the United States of America. That is the basis of American exceptionalism. The desire of people of all ethnic backgrounds to succeed, to help the country succeed by their efforts and, most importantly, to uphold the principles laid down in the Constitution.

We would like to wish Nikki Haley all the best for November, and good luck to Team USA later today. To both, ‘Go get ’em!’

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


The Empirical Obama – A Portrait In Failure.

June 22, 2010

Obama is as great a failure as he was a worldwide sensation during the 2008 presidential campaign. Absolutely nothing is going right for the Anointed One. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s hit guy, has served Barack Obama as loyally as anyone could have. Now, it seems, Rahm is having second thoughts, though he roundly denies it. According to sources at the Telegraph, Rahm may be considering leaving the administration because of his inability to penetrate the hard core ideologues that Barack Obama has surrounding him.

Rahm Emanuel

True or not, it’s an indication of the turmoil that is rampant in the administration. The problem with radical ideology is that it prevents objective discourse and is antithetical to anything beyond its narrow focus. Obama’s inner circle have no credentials for running anything at all, much less the country. The Obama administration has introduced policy after policy, right out of ‘Das Kapital’ and Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’.

First of all, Americans aren’t that sold on socialism. We never have been. Americans have a reservoir of rugged individuality that socialism cannot fathom or tolerate. Barack Obama doesn’t understand it either. He has not now, nor has he ever, had a patriotic connection to this country. I wrote yesterday that Obama hates and despises this country. I firmly believe that. A look at the contempt visible on his and Michelle’s faces tell the graphic story. These are angry people with an agenda to remake the society in their own image. These are people who sat in front of a radical black liberation theology (read communist) preacher for twenty years. If you listen to hate spiel long enough it rubs off… and it shows.

Americans in recent decades are said to have been dumbed down, and looking at the political indoctrination centers we call our public schools it’s easy to believe. The problem for the DeMarxists is that America wasn’t quite as glued to the lame stream media as they thought we were. It was our national disgust with Washington business-as-usual on both sides of the aisle that spawned the Constitutional patriot movements.

When Americans came to the party we did so with typical American pragmatism. The patriot movements have gained huge followings and have inspired America to fight back as never before. We’re not taking it from the Marxists and we won’t tolerate it on our side either. Americans have a thing for truth. It’s how we live our lives. The DeMarxists have done everything possible to destroy the civil society and the nation rejected it out of hand. Obama rolled out his world-shaking agenda and America said hell no!
Obama managed to pass the health care bill with deceit, fraudulent legislative trickery and bribery. The universal unpopularity of the bill, passed against the will of the people, will prove to be Obama’s downfall. Americans really hate being lied to.

Republicans have been far more effective at blocking DeMarxist programs than their numbers would indicate. The Conservative patriot movement has provided the push-back to the Barack Hussein Obama socialist agenda and Americans are swarming to the Conservative Patriot banner.

Watching Obama’s pathetic response to the Gulf oil fiasco is an education in itself. His drilling moratorium may prove to be the anchor around the neck of his administration. Obama’s willingness to use the EPA to shackle the remainder of the US economy, when he couldn’t accomplish Cap and Tax legislatively, has Americans really ticked off.

DeMarxists all over the nation are scrambling to cover their tracks before November. Guess what? It’s too late. We know who you are, and we’ll make sure the rest of the country knows just exactly who you are well before November.
We’re going to take our country back.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Fatherhood – The Noble Calling.

June 21, 2010

In this time of ever more dangerous geopolitical situations around the world and with Islamo-fascists on the march, here at home we have an out of control US Government. A government under the control of Neo-Marxist ideologues that are attempting to steal my children’s future. That’s made it personal. As we used to say in the Marine Corps, stand by. You have a lot to answer for.

I read Barack Obama’s Fathers Day speech. I can’t fault him for it, until I think about the man himself. Barack wrote about fatherhood. Well and good. He is the father of two little girls. Barack Obama never had that very special relationship that exists between a father and his son.

Barack Sr. and Barack Jr.

He scarcely knew his birth father, Kenyan muslim Barack Hussein Obama Sr., meeting only once when in 5th grade and finally before his father’s death when Barry was 22. Barack’s mother was three months pregnant when she married Barack Sr., not knowing that he already had a wife and children in Kenya. Ann Dunham divorced Barack Sr. two years later. She then met and married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian muslim. They moved to Jakarta, where they lived for four years before Ann and Lolo were divorced and Ann, Barry and his half-sister returned to Hawaii. Ann Dunham was sort of a loose cannon, whose parenting came secondary to her academic studies.

Lolo Soetoro, Ann Dunham, Barack Obama and Maya Soetoro.

Barack was raised by his grandparents in Hawaii, where he was mentored by the communist activist Frank Marshall Davis through his formative years. I’m not dissecting poor Barry’s background… but in his own words Barack Obama said he felt a ‘sense of abandonment’ as a child… no small wonder. Obama also stated that, “At the time of his death my father remained a myth to me, both more and less than a man”. This is a telling statement and explains much about that cold and detached demeanor Obama has. It also explains why Barack Obama has no patriotic attachment to this country. In essence, we have an outsider running our country. Barack Obama does not love this country… he hates and despises America. His actions speak so much louder than words.

I was also the product of a broken home, my mother having died when I was 14 months old. My father was never in the picture and in fact I never met him until I was an adult. I had dedicated and loving grandparents who raised my brother and I. I will forever be profoundly grateful and humbled by their sacrifices for us. My Grandfather was old-country in every sense. He led by example and through that he taught us of his great love and respect for his adopted country. Those seeds were to find fertile ground with me.

I’m not comparing my situation with that of Barack Hussein. I’ve been blessed beyond all measure, with my two sons and my five year old daughter. We have very special relationships. A mother’s love and nurturing care cannot be understated… but the relationship of a father to his children is something that is rare and beautiful.

So to all of you out there I wish you a happy Fathers Day… go hug your kids and tell them how much you love them.
Hopefully, next Fathers Day will find us on our way to recovery sans a DeMarxist Congress. We can then aid our President by giving him plenty of time for his kids, by retiring him in 2012.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010