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To See Obama’s Vision For America, Watch Chavez Workers’ Paradise.

June 20, 2010

The shadows of failed communist states lie across millions of dead whose mute testimony will forever stain the fabric of the world. Devastation, murder and hunger are its tools. Lies and deceit are its hallmark. The shackles of penury and forced servitude its only legacy. It’s hard, even now that eighteen months have passed, to believe that Americans did not see through the sophomoric visions of sugarplum fairies that spewed from Barack Hussein Obama’s swiveling head.

Obama and Chavez

It was readily apparent that Barack Hussein was in deep water when he spoke extemporaneously. His handlers were very careful to limit his exposure to the public and the press. He was careful to stay on message most of the time. Still, those of us who looked past the carefully canned performances, that were more reminiscent of the glory days of the old Filmore West than a political party and populace in search of a presidential candidate, were able to garner much of Barack Hussein Obama’s real intention for the country.

Conservative writers were savaged for showing America just what and who Obama really was. We were called racist and told that we were obstructionists toward the Anointed One’s magical agenda, in which promises fell like blossoms and government largesse showered down from above. Most of the country figured out Barack Obama pretty quickly when we saw 800 billion dollars vanish, after watching the misappropriation of 700 billion dollars in TARP funds.

Watching Obama’s alter-ego down in Venezuela I got the definite impression that Obama was, if not jealous of what Hugo Chavez was able to do without the pesky interference of a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, at least eager to emulate brother Chavez here in this country. Chavez has destroyed the private sector in his country… as Obama is working hard to do here. Chavez has crippled the energy sector of Venezuela. Nation-wide power outages and brownouts are common, while Chavez breaks the backs of his people with massive taxation.

Now reports are coming out of Venezuela of food shortages and looming hunger. The army has been ordered to confiscate food stores to distribute ‘to the poor’ through special government stores, while 80,000 tons of foodstuffs lie rotting in Government warehouses. Stark testimony to this totalitarian government’s failure to deal with even the most basic issues.

Don’t kid yourselves… it could happen here! It might, if we don’t disavow ourselves of this wannabe dictator and all who espouse this pernicious philosophy of oppression and slavery.
This is Barack Hussein Obama’s vision for America… his communist vision.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Republicans, Wake The Heck Up!

June 19, 2010

Here we go again. Axiom number 1: Never ever discount a Republican’s ability to shoot himself in the foot and take the party down with him. Axiom number 2: In any given conflict don’t stand up and fight, simply cannibalize one of your own. Axiom number 3: Why fight when you can roll over and make nice with the Marxists?

It’s beginning to look sickeningly familiar. The DeMarxists consistently defend their own to the last gasp, no matter how heinous the malfeasance… and get away with it time after time. Why? Aside from the automatic smoke screens thrown up by the lame stream media to baffle the boobs and cover for the statists, the real reason is that our Republican leadership still has too many gutless wonders. These cretins would happily sell out their constituents, to avoid the unpleasantness of actually standing up to the Marxist-Leninists who are stealing our freedoms.

One of the real reasons for the emergence of the Tea Party/Patriot Movement is just that. We watched the Republican ‘Old Guard’, under George Bush, set the table for Barack Obama. Throughout, we watched Republicans beat their own up time after time, while allowing Democrats to get away with incident after incident by their silence.

Joe Wilson gestures.

Republicans allowed one of their finest to be destroyed for the awkward use of a word that’s not even in the English language. Moral cowardice. It’s a creeping disease that rots from within. A Republican Congressman, albeit a freshman, told Barack Hussein Obama just exactly what the rest of us were thinking… that he was a liar. Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, had it right. His burst of emotion on the House floor was something Republicans, Conservatives and Independents had been starved of.

Joe Barton questions BP CEO Tony Hayward

The Republicans had the opportunity to stand tall and tell a lying President that he was just that. Instead, in the manner of true cowards, they allowed the DeMarxists to control the message. Representative Joe Barton, R-Texas, stated that Obama had shaken down British Petroleum for 20 billion dollars. Once again, it’s true.. it is a shakedown. British Petroleum acknowledged from the beginning that it was responsible. It needed no grandstanding Chicago thug telling them what had to be done.

The Republicans fell all over themselves trying to be the first one to condemn Representative Barton. The Republican leadership even went as far as to threaten his committee chairmanship. I’m really disappointed in some of the people we thought were the new Conservative Republican party leadership. Jim DeMint for one. I’ve supported you from the beginning. But if you don’t get it together now and start fighting for us and for your own, you’ll find the virtual unanimous support you now enjoy dissolving. Jim, you were wrong on this one. It was a shakedown. It was presented just like a shakedown by one who had plenty of experience doing it as a ‘community organizer’.

We’re looking for Conservative warriors, not milquetoast Republican deal makers.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Jobs Are Bustin’ Out All Over – Obama Said So.

June 18, 2010

The latest unemployment figures give the big lie to the DeMarxists’ oft repeated claims to job creation. People are getting very weary of the constant drumbeat of propagandized lies coming out of the administration. What is obvious is that the pace of job layoffs has not slowed. The government’s efforts at double and triple book-keeping, to make temporary census jobs look like a huge boost in employment, is typical of how Obama’s operation works. Real job growth has not gone anywhere but down. Obama’s punishing policies toward private business will not abate until we defeat the DeMarxists in November.

The government has grown itself by 400,000, while at the same time a worse than anemic 41,000 jobs were created in the private sector. Any rational economist, heck, anyone who stayed awake through high school economics would look at those two figures and see what an immense disconnect they really represent.
400,000/41,000. It looks for all the world like something we would have seen reported out of the old Soviet Union, not the United States of America.

After TARP… after the 800 billion stimulus… after Cash for Clunkers, which ended up costing taxpayers around $24,000 per vehicle turned in… after all of the other loser ‘programs’ with huge amounts of unaccountable money being diverted to interest groups and political cronies. Don’t they call that fraud?. I guess it doesn’t count if you’re a DeMarxist ‘friend of Obama’.

After all this, another 475,000 jobs have been lost so far this year. The home construction industry took another hit, after the artificially inflated figures supplied by the tax credit which was offered to home buyers expired with the program and those home sales cleared the books.

There are no jobs out there in a lot of fields. I know one guy in particular, who is well qualified in his field with an excellent resume. He’s sent out over four hundred resumes without a single job offer. There are some 900,000 people whose unemployment benefits will run out unless Congress gets its act together. These people want jobs, not unemployment, but right now it’s all they’ve got.

Analysts are beginning to talk about a double-dip recession, a grim prospect for a citizenry that’s been battered by two plus years of economic chaos. The farther we get towards November the more transparent Obama’s schemes become. I have a sense that Americans are waiting with bated breath… when the time comes to go to the polls in November, there is going to be a historic sea change. The American people will lead in taking back our country from the Marxists. We will then turn our thoughts to a one-term Obama.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


The Illusory Mister Obama And His Magic Stash.

June 17, 2010

Watching Barack Obama neatly separate British Petroleum from some twenty billion dollars to be administered by an independent party, Obama’s pay tsar, Kenneth Feinberg, has been called to lend the veneer of respectability to the ‘distribution’ of the funds to gulf oil victims.

Kenneth Feinberg

This move is to forestall the criticism sure to come from the right, who claim that much of the TARP bailout and 800 billion dollar stimulus funds were wasted and misused. So much money was directed on the basis of political quid pro quo and cronyism, that an accurate accounting for the American people would be difficult. If anyone out there doesn’t think that Democrats divert what money they can, they had better check their reality meter.

It reminds me of the woman in Florida during the campaign, who said in front of network cameras that she was going to vote for Obama because then she wouldn’t have to worry about her mortgage or car payments any more, as Obama is going to take care of everything. Asked by an intrepid news hawk where Obama was going to get the money she replied that she didn’t know… after a pause she said, “He’s going to get it from his stash.” That the woman was entirely sincere in what she believed says worlds about Obama’s support base.

British Petroleum has behaved pretty well so far, given the obstructionism presented by the ineffectual Obama administration. Twenty billion dollars is a pretty substantial surety towards British Petroleum’s good behavior. The administration could have done much to ameliorate the problem by moving first and talking later. A rapid marshaling of the nation’s emergency resources, placed at the disposal of the people best suited to deal with the well blow out, would have put us far in advance of where we stand today, at least in terms of combating the oil already loose in the gulf.

Obama’s great illusion of green energy. It’s the left’s holy grail. It’s non-existent technology that will not now, or for the foreseeable future, provide more than a fraction of our energy requirements. Obama’s rigid ideological drive is focused on destroying the energy sector of this country along with our economy, to rebuild it into the twisted vision of Obama and the DeMarxist Congress.
Obama’s ‘stash’ is your future, the futures of your children and the futures of their children.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


EPA’s Assault On America.

June 15, 2010

So much of the country’s attention has been focused on the economy, zero job growth and just trying to make from day to day that it’s easy to overlook things that don’t seem to affect you directly. Such is the ubiquitous and ever present EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency has its tentacles throughout America and a regulatory stranglehold on a huge percentage of our economy. That translates to lost jobs, lost businesses and regulatory interference on every level of industry. Now the EPA is going to charge you for a fertilizer. No CO2, no life. “Greenhouse gases” are a myth, spawned by the worst kinds of scientific charlatanism and sleight of hand. The major greenhouse gas is water vapor. Care to try that one out?

The EPA has eighteen thousand employees around, just waiting to stick it to the contractor or business owner. The EPA is a classic example of bureaucracy run amok. It is to business and industry what Fannie and Freddie are to the mortgage market. All bureaucracies exist to serve themselves. This monstrous entity sucks the lifeblood of the nation, and in conjunction with the radical environmentalists attempt to use the green label to further their aims. Now if they are permitted to, they will have the choke hold on our lives that the Demarxists have been seeking, along with the shackles that are in the health care bill.

EPA, radical greens, radical environmental groups, and of course let us not forget our DeMarxist Congressional friends, all have the same agenda. It is the destruction of the United States of America, through a contrived and engineered collapse of our entire economy. They came breathtakingly close to succeeding. They might yet if we don’t come together as Americans to stop them.

The Conservative Patriot movement must lead the way to November… Get out the phones, contact your precinct and volunteer your help, support your Conservative Republican candidates. There’s absolutely no reason to not help out where you can. November just could be the most important election in the history of our country.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Hey Big Spender! Obama Must Have $50 Billion, It’s An Emergency!

June 14, 2010

It’s a saga that would have challenged the imagination of an ancient Nordic bard… the dragon, the perfidious gods, the legendary heroes, the evil villains… sorry folks, there’s no maxi-sized soprano hoisting a spear and shield in this one.

Barack Hussein Obama is presiding over the worst economy and economic outlook since the great depression. There are some that would argue that we’re already there. After helping to engineer the collapse of the mortgage banking industry, the same people who were screaming ‘hang the bankers’ are the same ones who repeatedly blocked investigation and regulation of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our president was on that list, along with a who’s who of Congressional DeMarxists.

So they create the disaster, howling through the megaphone of the statist lame stream media at the same time, saying we have to have this money today. Right now. The sky is falling! Then they say that only we can save you, and that the only way to end the daily worsening recession is to pump an immense infusion of currency into the economy. We were assured on a daily basis of immediate and long range job growth— any day now— hold on… any second now.

800 billion dollars and eighteen months later and we are in far worse shape than we should be… this is intentional. The 800 billion didn’t go out to the marketplace, where it would have generated investment in business and thereby jobs in the private sector. The money went instead to states and municipalities. The money didn’t go to help Americans… it went to public employee unions. It went to states. Not to help solve their fiscal funding or to reign in the unions, whose underfunded/unfunded retirement obligations have threatened to bankrupt states and cities alike, but to pump money into the same losing programs and administrations time after time.

The government grew by four hundred thousand jobs, as opposed to forty one thousand jobs created in the private sector during the same period. What’s with that picture?
Barack is having one heck of a time convincing America that we have to have another 50 billion to ‘keep police, firefighters and teachers working’.
This is code for: The stimulus money is all gone. What do we do now, chief?

This is desperation spending. Obama knows that he’d better get it now if he can. Come November, things could change dramatically.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Turning Point? Israel, The Way Is Open.

June 13, 2010

Saudi Arabia is afraid. It’s afraid enough to give Israel a safe corridor through their airspace. The prospect of a nuclear armed Iran has not only the Saudis, but virtually every other country in the region in a panic. Clearing the way for the Israelis, the Saudis ran several drills to ensure that their air defenses would stand down in the event the Israelis decide to go.

The question would be whether Israel wishes to waste valuable time waiting for Washington’s latest lame foray in placation policy. Israel may not want to give the go to the operation to remove Iran as a nuclear threat without the blessings of Washington, but the way Obama drags his feet, the Israelis should really consider going with or without Washington’s approval. Lead, follow, but get the hell out of my way. Maybe if Israel goes ahead they’ll drag the very timid Barack behind them. Not a likely scenario. What is apparent is that Obama will favor Islamists over his allies and countrymen. In fact it just begs the question again, just who or what is Barack Hussein Obama working for?

I heard Tom Marr of WCBM, Baltimore, refer to Obama as having to defer to his ‘inner muslim’. Sadly, I think it makes a lot of sense in view of Obama’s barely concealed dislike of Israel and Jews.
Regardless of what Mr. Obama wants Israelis to do, they must do what they have to do to ensure the survival of their nation.
We owe them that. The world owes them that.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama Ignores – Stalls Oil Removal Assets.

June 12, 2010

When this gulf oil deal started I found my inner self in slight sympathy with the administration. After all, they hadn’t asked for this catastrophe any more than had George Bush when Katrina burst across his horizon. It didn’t take my inner self long to shed the sympathy as I saw Obama mangle it from the git go.

BP CEO Tony Hayward and Barack Obama

The problem with the office of the presidency is that there is no primer for leadership. Jimmy Carter gave us ‘stagflation’ and told us all to expect less and put on our sweaters. What Barack Obama has afflicted on the economy and the nation makes Jimmy look like a Reagan supply-sider. I needn’t go through the laundry list of Obama’s trail of depredation through our society, every internet journalist has listed them numerous times.

Those of us not under the thrall of the mystique of Barry Hussein were excoriated in the lame stream press. His background was quite adequate for the job we were assured. Why, hadn’t he run an entire campaign? Short answer: No. Barry was handled from beginning to end. If there was a single original thought in his campaign, I’ve yet to discover it.

Now, while Obama would much rather be elsewhere, perhaps schmoozing with Comrade Hugo or genuflecting before the thugocracies of the world, community organizing and strong-arming businesses and municipalities under the guise of fundraising, Chicago style, will only take you as far as the first genuine emergency requiring lightning decisions and split-second response. That’s where it all falls apart, because the real world intrudes with real events that change our lives in a heartbeat.

Obama was tested and found wanting in front of the world. His participation was grudging and at arms length. His administration spent eleven days doing nothing much other than send out platoons of lawyers, while leaving the states most heavily affected with zero support. Obama’s clown college has spent all of its time harrumphing at BP and desperately seeking to blame somebody… anybody other than themselves, that is.

Obama has stiffed the states who are begging for oil absorbent booms and oil skimmers, which are now waiting in several locations. The Dutch offered several large ships outfitted as oil sweepers and this offer was also ignored. Why would Obama deny these assets to the people of the gulf?
We have to ask again… Obama, who are you working for?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


EPA Tyranny – Republicans Hold Firm, Some Democrats Help.

June 11, 2010

Ok, it’s just like we talked about months ago, when rumors of Barack Hussein Obama’s back up plan for Cap and Tax started surfacing. Obama, never one to do anything out in the open when something underhanded will serve, is going to tax the very life out of you and your family. He is going to accomplish, by regulatory fiat, that which he could not accomplish legislatively.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo, talks about efforts to block the EPA from imposing climate regulations.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a non-elected unaccountable bureau of radical environmentalists, whose very existence has become a liability for America’s economy and, ultimately, our security. The EPA was started in 1970 by then President Richard M. Nixon, to implement laws and regulations applying to personal or environmental issues at the direction of Congress. Since 1970 the EPA has become a gigantic bureaucratic quagmire, stealthily winding its tentacles throughout the fabric of the nation.

The agency exists to ensure its own survival. It feeds on the vitals of the country, destroying business and job creation through hundreds of thousands of pages of punitive regulations and decrees that affect every single American. These are not the decisions of lawmakers or other elected officials. They are the pronouncements of faceless agency bureaucrats. Where in our Constitution are these 18,000 EPA minions getting their authority? What they intend to do is no less than to implement Cap and Tax through regulation.

The list of Democrat Senators that supported this scheme will be very informative, come November. Just in case you forget, we’ll be around to remind you that every single Senator that supports this can expect to answer to their voters. These days, that could easily translate to being thrown out of office.

It’s time to get out the phones/faxes and emails again. Get a hold of your (or anybody’s) Representative or Senator and tell them exactly what you think about their environmental nazism.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010