Obama: It’s War!!

Has the Anointed One manned up and silenced ‘his inner muslim‘? Has he declared war on international islamo-fascism? On the sworn enemies our country? On the less-than-human animals from a benighted cult, who kill innocent men, women and children for a doctrine of hate and conquest?

A victim of a Taliban acid attack.

No. He’s too busy running interference for Hamas, Hizballah, Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and those he-men, the Taliban. You know, the ones who like to throw acid in the faces of little girls? Has Obama declared war on the Gulf disaster, the unbelievably vast damage from which is due, in no small part, to his own foot-dragging and direct interference in stopping substantive efforts which would have made a considerable impact if adopted early on? No!

Obama’s war is against tiny democratic states, such as Honduras and Israel, whose only crime has been that they will not accede to tyranny. In fact, they have in essence told him to stick it in his ear. Obama’s war is against the sovereign State of Arizona, which had the nerve to insist that the Federal Government actually perform one of the few jobs for which it has a constitutional mandate… that of defending our borders.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has placed Eric Holder and the Obama administration on notice that she will take them to the mat on this. Arizona is on solid legal ground. The government’s case appears specious, citing extracted fragments of case law which they have cherry picked.

A train full of prospective illegal immigrants heads for the Mexico-US border.

It’s been proven time and again, and just as quickly ignored by the Feds, that our undefended southern border is a virtual highway for terrorist penetration of our country from every antagonist state on the globe. There are reports that Venezuela may be serving as a staging area for terrorists on their way up through South and Central America to Mexico. Just how extensive their participation may be is unknown as yet, but I, for one, wouldn’t put anything past Hugo. Or Obama either, for that matter. These terrorists are burrowed down and waiting, possibly in a mosque near you.

Obama’s war is against you and me. It’s against our Constitution. It’s against home and hearth. It’s purely and simply against everything in this country that we hold dear. Obama’s war against Arizona is unconstitutional and immoral. With hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring across their border, the state is simply insisting that the government do its job.

There is something which hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but could loom very large in the not-too-distant future. Remember back when Barry Hussein was spewing his lies in front of both chambers of Congress and used the bully pulpit to attack the Supreme Court? At the time it occurred, I wrote that Obama may regret politicizing the Supremes. It was clear then that Chief Justice Roberts was less than pleased and, according to reports, is still really angry with Obama’s cavalier treatment of the members of the Court.

Roberts is going to be running that Court for the foreseeable future. Many cases are going to come before that court sponsored by state governments and others, because the states are not the only ones bringing suit, claiming that many of the Obama administration’s acts in the last two years are unconstitutional.

I guess it could be construed to be the principle of unintended consequences. Obama’s self-indulgent tirade cost him the good will of the court.
But it just might have given the American people an unexpected ally in our war for freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010



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