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Let It Rot Until The First Week In January.

December 31, 2010

While the president is sneaking around making appointments behind Congress’s back, the 111th Congress will not go down in history as one of the worst in the history of this country, but as the worst Congress that ever darkened the halls of government, with their drive to push our already staggering economy over the edge, to complete the destruction started with their manipulation of the sub-prime mortgage market that precipitated the entire mess to start with.

True to their Marxist ideology, this lame duck Congress is continuing to write and pass harmful and highly questionable legislation right to the bitter end, when most of them will be able to ride off into the sunset without fear of retribution for the illegal and patently unconstitutional activities of which they were a part. Most, but not all.

Conservative Republicans are going to be asking many very pointed questions on a wide array of issues. I imagine paper shredders are working around the clock in the Capitol just now, as the Marxists attempt to cover their rears. The Republicans should do absolutely nothing until the cavalry arrives on Jan 3. Let’s hope the leadership listens to these fresh, intelligent, patriotic members who have sworn to return the United States of America to her status as the greatest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world.

Put another way, Republicans had better listen. It is they, these freshmen Representatives, who hold the mandate of the American citizen, not the establishment party who, even in the face of the overwhelming message of the election, act like they are right back to their old stunts again.

I hope I’m wrong. We don’t need a battle for the soul of the party as we’re focusing on ending Barack Obama’s dream of an American Caliphate.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


If Obama Is Marxism’s Happy Face…

December 30, 2010

We need only look toward any of the world’s Marxist/Leninist masterpieces to know that we just don’t want to go that way… and while we’re at it we don’t want the Obama – Reid – Pelosi brand either, we made that quite plain this last November.

We don’t like what they’ve done. We don’t like what they’d like to do if they get the chance. We cannot depend on the Republicans anymore, if we ever could. The establishment party seems to have turned back the clock and are determined to relive the ‘good old days’ of the Repubics (thanks, Mark). Nothing has changed for these dudes, despite the overwhelming evidence that had the Republican party been on their own this last election cycle, they would not have taken the House.

Let’s pretend for a second that there was no patriot uprising. What would have happened is that they’d have had their butts kicked all over the place. The Republican Party was all but brain dead two years ago and couldn’t generate the amount of energy necessary to keep a candle lit.

The American patriot movement looked at what Barack Hussein Obama said, and did, and represented. We said, ‘Hell, no’. Oh, hell no! While our so-called party leaders stumbled and bumbled, compromising our country away, we stood up and called the country to action.

Winning the election gave us no time for anything but momentary satisfaction in this greatest war of all. The war for our very freedom. Our inglorious leader continues to cover his head with iniquity as he tries to drive Americans into submission, as he and his agencies attempt to regulate what was denied them at the ballot box by the voters.

His EPA, under Marxist Lisa P. Jackson, is moving forward with initiating cap and tax… while Obama sneaks past Congress to institute those death panels that didn’t exist. Remember them? The ones Obama said didn’t exist?
This is the face of Marxism in America. This is the face of the enemy.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama’s Geheime Staatspolizei.

December 29, 2010

I know people who have escaped from totalitarian countries, coming to America seeking the freedom which we have taken so much for granted. In point of fact, we’ve all but squandered the greatest gift the Almighty ever granted any people. What remains to be seen is whether we have the sand to do the job. We’ve made a bare start with the Republican sweep of the Congress.

So far, it’s been a mixed bag, with Republicans deal-making to get a two year extension on the reduction of the Clinton tax increases… How easily we forget. We watched as our new speaker-in-waiting, who has been making very conservative noises all this time, jump out and announce his intention to appoint two highly dubious re-treads to key committee chairmanships. If that wasn’t enough to rattle your cage a little, he then appears on a nationally syndicated Marxist-controlled television interview program, where he blubbers like a baby. No wonder our political enemies have a tough time taking us seriously.

Looking around the country, we’d better be getting damned serious about stopping this Marxist agenda dead in its tracks. To see a mirror on today, one only need call upon the past. There are some disturbing parallels between the America of today and the rise of the National Socialists in pre World War Two Germany. The demonization of certain selected groups, the centralization and subordination of industry and commerce by the government, the organization and maintenance of a private army (the Brownshirts), later replaced by the SS and the Gestapo.

In the beginning, all they did was march and act like street thugs… reminiscent of Barry Hussein’s SEIU street thugs. It didn’t end there. We know where it ended. Names like Bergen-Belsen, Belzec, Auschwitz-Birkenau are seared across the face of history for any who seek to find.

Janet Napolitano and her ‘Homeland Security’ are behaving an awful lot like a national police force. Now, instead of groping nuns and little girls, they have taken to silencing their critics by staging raids on American citizens who have the nerve to speak out against what they see as a supposed security system wildly out of control and observably extra-constitutional.

It is a truism that absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It would take very little for this out-of-control, authoritarian agency to morph into Obama’s police state. It would be unfortunate indeed.

This nation is not Europe. We’re not used to kowtowing to elites here. It doesn’t sit well with us as citizens, as Americans.
We will fight you and defeat you, there will be nowhere to hide… America is on the march.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


What’s Next?

December 28, 2010

First and foremost has got to be the repeal of ‘Obamacare’. All over the nation there are stories of people’s insurance rates going through the roof, as insurance companies are forced to raise their premiums in the face of huge new regulatory demands in the health care legislation.

Worse still, one of the largest groups to which Obama sold his bill of goods was our seniors. After he insisted that seniors would get to keep their Medicare and their own doctors, Barry Hussein then immediately strips five billion dollars away from Medicare to offset the cost of forcing forty million people into a one-size-fits-all mandatory government health care system whether they like it or not… and most unequivocally don’t.

Then the other shoe fell and, just as predicted by conservatives all over the country, doctors began withdrawing from Medicare, telling their elderly patients that they could no longer treat them. This was never popular legislation to start with, other than with a few Marxist clones with a self-hatred complex and a need for someone to direct their lives for them.

When the nation saw the abyss into which the Obama administration and the Congressional Marxists were pushing the nation, the nation pushed back… and pushed. The end result was the Republican landslide we just experienced. There’s an immense task ahead for us, if we are to salvage the country and put it back on course.

The hard core elitist Republicans, you know them. They’re the ones who were not in the least responsible for the astounding success of the American Patriot movement, but who are constantly waiting in the wings to step in and resume business as usual. They are going to obstruct Patriots at every turn. Just as we’ve told the RINOs… your days are limited.
Republicans need to remember who it is they work for and why they are there to start with.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


A Fair Exchange?

December 26, 2010

The new Mossad director, Tamir Pardo, will get his first taste of conflict next month. Not from Iran or any of the Arab countries, not even from the UN. It will come from Britain, most likely in the form of Foreign Secretary William Hague, who, you may remember, quickly condemned Israel over the Mavi Marvara incident before the facts were even known.

Tamir Pardo

London’s ‘Telegraph’ newspaper, which is usually one of the more trustworthy dailies, has reported that Pardo will apologize for the use of British passports in the Mahmoud al-Mabhouh affair, the Hamas official killed in Dubai a year ago. It goes on to say that Pardo will explain that he personally condemned the use of foreign passports before the alleged assassination took place.

I might be wrong on this, but it sure looks like they are trying to make nicey-nicey with the new guy on the block. While they are afraid of an ensuing backlash should they show forgiveness to incumbent Meir Dagan, they have invented a story which absolves the new chief of any blame. The fact is, Tamir Pardo was not active within Mossad at that time.

The British strategy is twofold. Firstly, they could put the passport issue to bed, blaming the previous director while absolving his replacement. Secondly, they could look at re-installing the Mossad station chief who was expelled over the incident.

In Skip’s article of November 26, 2010, ‘What’s With The Brits?’, he questioned the motives of MI6 when they condemned the use of the Stuxnet virus against Iran. Some very strange things are happening within the agency circles these days. Conflicting stories regarding the death of one of its agents, for one thing. It’s understandable that some facts are concealed from the public for security reasons… that’s partly the reason for their existence. But in these post cold-war years, and with their stated intention of becoming ‘more open’, questions must be asked.

It was notable, in the recent reports of the arrests of twelve suspected terrorists in Britain, that the entire operation was conducted by the police, including Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorist Unit. So where, then, are MI5 and MI6?

Their main role is that of intelligence gathering, which may explain their apparent absence in news stories covering the arrests of terrorists. Given that Britain is the greatest breeding ground for muslim extremists in the western world, should they not be a little more pro-active? The recent ‘sting’ by the FBI in Portland, Oregon was an example of early prevention, although it was condemned by CAIR as ‘entrapment’. That’s laughable, considering the fact that many of these folks openly shout in the streets about their intentions for America and the west.

Next month’s meeting in London will see the British government trying to play the upper hand. They desperately need the intelligence that can only be provided by Israel. The reinstatement of a Mossad officer in London in exchange for top secrets is not a fair deal. At the very least, Pardo should demand the guarantee of free movement in Britain for Israeli government officials, such as Dan Meridor, without the fear of arrest on trumped-up ‘war crimes’ charges.

Britain is not the clear-cut country of World War Two, when they knew without doubt who the bad guys were… good or bad, friend or enemy. Its subservience to the EU and UN, not to mention its weak-kneed pandering to dangerous elements within its own borders, make it dangerous and a nation not to be trusted. It’s true to form that it is more concerned over faked passports than the hundreds of real UK passports held by terrorists.

A couple of tips from my list of rules before your meeting, Mr Pardo:
Rule #1 – Trust no-one;
Rule #4 – Only tell them what you want them to know.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


The Nightmare Before Christmas.

December 25, 2010

Wherever you live on the planet, the jolly red-faced gentleman, hitching up his pants around his portly frame, will have visited you by now. Er… no, I’m not referring to Barney Frank! The Christmas holiday is a time to chill out (or perhaps ‘freeze’ would be a better description, Mr Gore!) and try to forgive those that have done us wrong throughout the year.

There’s certainly a lot to forgive this year. The year started with the news that the number of long-term unemployed was the highest since official records began, back in 1948. While the country suffered the effects of high unemployment, low consumer confidence and failing businesses, the Obama administration was engaged in a war.

This was not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, not even the generalized ‘war on terror’. This was their private war on Arizona. Forced into taking action at state level, due to the inaction of federal agencies, Governor Brewer was informed that her actions were unconstitutional. An amazing statement, given that the state legislation was, in most respects, a copy of the federal immigration policy.

The administration’s lame excuse was that it promoted racial profiling, even though the Arizona bill prevented such actions. This denial of the facts is the same as that shown by the powers granted to the TSA. Humiliate obviously innocent Americans with naked images and ‘sexual assaults’ (that’s what it is, folks), while allowing groups that are most likely of misdemeanor to conduct their own pat-downs.

Obama’s reluctance to comment on the folly that was the planned Ground Zero mosque was further proof of his fear of alienating his remaining support base. He knew that if he lost the support of the black, Hispanic, muslim and gay sectors (and, dare I say it, the illegal voters), his days would be numbered.

Never mind the unemployment figures and dying businesses – we can fix that with new, clean technology industries (Obama’s fixation with batteries); Don’t worry about the threat on the southern border – we’ll look at giving citizenship to the children of illegals; There’s no reason to be concerned about the spiraling federal deficit – we’ll introduce a VAT-style tax to give us more money for earmarks… after all, your money is the government’s money!

As the year approaches its end and we look forward to a new Congress in 2011, hopefully all this will will vanish like a bad dream… the nightmare before Christmas!

A Merry Christmas to our readers, from Skip and myself.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Forced Austerity.

December 24, 2010

Does anyone remember that most of President Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘new deal’ was overturned by the courts and strongly opposed by Congressional Republicans, and not a few Democrats? They faced the ugly truth back then. Throwing government into any issue only results in making any problem infinitely much worse.

Roosevelt’s redistributionist-socialist ideas only resulted in extending the depression by an extra ten or so years. There are some who claim, and not without some justification, that we actually didn’t come out of the depression until the consumption boom of the late forties and fifties… citing the large numbers of men who came back from World War Two who couldn’t find jobs in a peacetime America. It was the Roosevelt administration who sold us a bill of goods, about the greatest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen.

This monstrous unfunded liability has had tax revenues stolen from the ‘Social Security Fund’, virtually from the beginning, by greedy, unprincipled politicians seeking to increase their own power. What we have with the Obama administration and Congress is nothing more than the Roosevelt New Deal on steroids.

Our new Conservative Congress will force austerity on a wildly out-of-control government by starving out the Marxists’ socialist programs by removing their funding. Hear that, Obama? We should go from there to the EPA and the FCC, and yank their funding as well.

The battle for the heart and soul of this great nation is only beginning. We can not and will not tolerate the leftists’ repeated assaults against the very fabric of our society.
Be warned… The American Patriot is on the march and will not rest until America is free of the taint of communism.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Liberty Rising.

December 23, 2010

As incredible as it seems to anyone even remotely of conservative mind, we watched the insane race of the 111th Congress to cause as much permanent damage to the country as possible before the lame-duck session ends, or the Halls of Congress empty with members leaving the Capitol to be with family and friends for Christmas and the New Year. We should be grateful for that much, I guess.

In the beginning... January 6, 2009.

We need to illuminate the part that Republican RINOs played in the successes the DeMarxists have achieved in this lame duck session. These people can now officially be targeted for challenge and removal. Can we do it? You bet we can. That’s the other thing that drives me nuts about the DeMarxists, the RINOs and certain really thick Republican hidebound elites… they just don’t get it.

The reason and, by the way, the sole reason that the Republicans took back the House of Representatives was the Tea Party patriot movement. We sprang like the phoenix from the ashes of our American economy to totally dominate the political scene of the 2010 elections.

That the patriot movement has this sort of punch can no longer be in doubt… ask the eighteen ‘moderate’ Democrats who voted with Obama and his Marxists. They’re no longer around.

We have told the Republicans that we will not take our eyes off of them for a second. If anything, we have to watch our own much more than the enemy. It’s a sad truth that our own have sold us out more times than I can count. We will not permit this country to slide into the abyss of perpetual poverty and penury that is the hallmark of totalitarian socialism.

Citizen patriots are still flocking to our movement. It’s truly a magnificent phenomenon, witnessing liberty rising.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


It’s Time To Act Again.

December 22, 2010

The Marxists in the administration and the Obazoids over at the FCC have decided that you are far to dangerous to be allowed free and uncensored access to the internet. Obama’s bud Hugo did it, so why can’t he?

Jim DeMint

Aside from the fact that a federal judge has ruled that the FCC et al had vastly overreached in its previous attempt at control of cable TV channels, the FCC has no federal mandate to regulate the internet or any portion thereof.

It’s plainly an assault on the First Amendment. This cannot stand. We need to throw our support behind SC Republican Senator Jim DeMint in battling this outrage and getting it repealed.

Another huge thorn are the RINOs who sold us down the river on the START treaty. It might be time to point out that Russia (or the old Soviet Union) never honored a treaty. But then, that little fact never seems to bother the air heads in the State Department.

This treaty addresses a cold war that no longer exists. It limits our ability to respond to a rapidly changing geo-political situation in which the middle east becomes the focus in a new and different sort of contest, with a sort of winner-takes-all rulebook. The many enemies of this country would all love to be able to strike at us.

A treaty which limits our ability to defend against any threat from any direction or source is a treaty which we cannot afford to be in. The Republicans who voted for this damaging treaty should be challenged and removed from office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Fish Or Cut Bait.

December 21, 2010

You don’t hear that one very often any more. Seems we exist in a world where relativism reigns supreme. A place where ill-conceived schemes go awry, or go catastrophically awry, and yet the architects are lauded as heroes, and often promoted.

We see this a lot. It happens mostly in the public sector. Private companies cannot afford to keep people aboard who, for one reason or another, are just perennial non-producers, whether that takes the form of too many absences or just an inability to do the job.

Incompetence rules in most government bureaucracies. The best are often suppressed in favor of the less competent but more politically reliable. The unions aren’t out there to protect the leaders and go-getters… they are there to shelter the incompetent, thereby solidifying their hold over their membership.

The unions are a lot like the collective communist societies, in that the leaders live well on the backs of the ‘peasants’, while the ‘leaders’ redistribute funds (political influencing). Well, the result is the same… the ones at the bottom struggling to get by while the politically connected prosper. That’s the upside down world of the socialist. The many, in equal poverty, pay to support the few elites of the ruling class. They call it Marxism.

We’re seeing more of this than ever before and we’re going to be seeing much, much more in hearings that will be held by the new Congress. It’s time to tell our Republican members, both in the House and in the Senate, that we will not tolerate business their way. Never again. I’m beginning to get an uneasy feeling about some of the people we sent back to Congress, and especially the Senate.

It cannot be business as usual. The survival of the country depends on our determination to turn this country and its entire governance back to the conservative principles laid out in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
So I guess that’s the long and short of it, Republicans…
Fish or cut bait.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010