Purely And Simply Ridiculous.

There’s another huge mess you’ve gotten us into… Watching Obama skillfully wending his way through the complexities of geo-politics and the exploding crisis in Egypt is enough to make any self-respecting skunk vomit. Barack Obama was caught out with his butt in the wind again.

This time he nearly missed a whole revolution. More to the point, though… I wrote in a previous article, when describing Obama’s government, that it didn’t work… the government I mean. The point being, of course, that the the government is a reflection of Obama himself, which is a virtual guarantee of failure. It’s a top down situation analogous to garbage in, garbage out.

Consider, please, the complete and utter failure of our intelligence regarding the entire middle eastern blowup. James Clapper, Leon Panetta and Janet Napolitano, whose claim just last week to the security of our northern and southern borders is an outright fabrication. Not just part of her ridiculous statement either. The whole thing was a lie. No one should be surprised.

Of the some 2,000 miles of our common border with the narco-state of Mexico, only some 600 miles are under anything more than nominal control. There are many border agents who would probably dispute some of those ‘controlled’ areas pretty strongly. As far as Clapper and Panetta are concerned, they clearly got their intelligence from MSNBC.

James Clapper is an embarrassment and needs to go. His statement about a ‘secular, non-violent’ Muslim Brotherhood made himself, and the entire American intelligence community, look like rank amateurs in front of the entire world. Why do these guys persist in making these stupid, shallow statements when they should know by now that the new media is going to expose them in a matter of minutes.

Panetta’s not much better… the CIA is rotten and needs to be expunged of a lot of rotting garbage. Once again, an intelligence agency that fits its reporting to the desires of the regime is no intelligence agency at all.

It was stunning and very instructive watching the Obama administration changing tracks every day, sometimes twice a day. The only amusing aspect of the whole event was watching the Lame Stream Media et al try desperately to make Obama look like anything but the bumbling chump he turned out to be.
2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011



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