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The Science Of Victimization.

October 31, 2011

We suffered a malfunction. The lights went out on our main site. At first I thought, okay, it must have been the article that Dee recently managed to slip by the editorial staff at the Daily Kos. My imagination summoned a legion of spittle-drooling, knuckle-dragging hackers in their mothers’ basements mounting an assault against our sites.

We had certainly stirred up an ants nest over there, as it was. There were some panties over there so twisted up it was cutting off their circulation. We had much the same thing happen a couple of times when the Huff ‘n Puff Post published a couple of our articles, probably because an editor published off a headline or a sub-head without reading the article. The results were hysterical. It was just as though we took a stick and stirred up a nest of Texas Fire Ants. Some of them actually actively looked for us for several months. Cute trick, since we publish from ‘somewhere’ in Wales.

So the lights went out and it was because of the bank’s apparent inability to post a payment on time. Gee, there it is, Dee… we’re victims. Victims of big banking. What a hoot. That’s exactly what the whole ‘progressive’ movement is all about. Taking victimization and attempting to codify it.

As genuinely sick and tired as I am of listening to the statist Lame Stream Press carry water for the left and its Marxist agenda, I can take solace from readers comments on the subject saying much the same things. They are (the statists) steadily losing ground and influence, and they know it.

The leftists have a largely deaf ear to those of us outside of the political class. Until, that is, their political agenda is threatened and then they quickly morph into their ‘party of the people’ mode to once again convince the ‘victim’ class that the visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads will come true… if only they wait. The real and present problem for the left, trying to re-ignite the spark that swept Barack Hussein into office, is that many of his base really believed the things that were said and promised.

As the first glow of victory faded and the light of reality shone on Barack Obama’s stewardship of the country, even his most ardent supporters had trouble defending him and his visibly destructive policies. The exodus of support continues to this day, three years down the road. Even the ‘victims’ are tired of waiting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Obama’s Middle East Blunders Come Home To Roost.

October 25, 2011

Or, depending on where you are on the conspiracy ladder, all is according to plan. So how’s that nation-building scheme workin’ now, Mr President? It’s apparent that wherever our young President dabbles in mid-east diplomacy, the crescent is in ascendancy.

It made me laugh listening to the academized boneheads of the administration vomiting forth platitudes of a ‘democratic Arab Spring’… a democratic Egypt… a democratic Libya. Kumbaya and other fairy tails.

Meanwhile, our intrepid Barack Hussein works diligently to ensure that our mission in Afghanistan fails and the Taliban take over. Starve our troops in Afghanistan of tactical support, as well as supply. Cripple them with rules of engagement just short of suicidal. The finest military in the world wasted… for what? A monument to Barack Obama’s cowardice? Or something more sinister?

Desperation move. Barack Obama, in a desperate move to pull his fragmented base together, has summarily declared that our remaining 25,000 troops in Iraq will be removed, leaving that country undefended. This is a very poor political decision fraught with peril. If we have to go back into Iraq, which is a pretty fair possibility, it will cost far more in American lives and treasure than had we simply stayed there as the strongly stabilizing influence we have been.

If the destabilization of the middle east was Obama’s purpose or his mission, whichever you prefer, he’s done a bang-up job. One cannot help wondering if his next outreach will be to Bashar Assad? What is obvious to me is that everywhere Barack’s magic touch is found, the Muslim Brotherhood follows, as do all the other forces of darkness.
By the way, I strongly suggest we investigate the Islamists in Barack’s own government. Maybe we’ll discover where he’s getting his marching orders.

Let’s face it… war with Islam is coming. They cannot be compromised with on any level. Soon, very soon, the Muslims here will be forced to choose. Freedom or tyranny, it will be that simple. But we will not as a people permit this medieval death cult to invade our society.

No, I don’t think every Muslim is an Islamic Jihadist. But I do think plenty enough of them have heard their Mullahs preaching their hatred and said nothing. Plenty of Muslims out there are aware of terrorists hiding among their communities and they say nothing.

This is Barack Obama’s America and I can’t wait to change it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Cain Withstands Broadside.

October 22, 2011

They hit at him from all sides. It seemed like Anderson Cooper’s whole game revolved around engineering an assault on Herman Cain’s 999 plan, which worked quite nicely. His plan was blasted by one candidate after another. The battering only came to an end when Perry and Romney got into it… which interchange must have delighted the enemies of the right.

Anderson Cooper just stepped aside as the two candidates went after each other, while Anderson saw images of ratings numbers in his head. The problem is that it didn’t work… the attack on Herman Cain, that is. His popularity didn’t diminish. If anything, he gained strength from them. He ably defended his 999 plan in the face of furious assaults.

I like this man. He has a deep love for this country, its traditions and its promise of freedom and prosperity for all those willing to seek it and work hard to achieve it. His love and respect for this country shines through every statement he makes.

The ‘Repubics’, as Mark Levin is wont to call them, were busy chortling to themselves over the title of Cain’s plan…. “Why, it sounds just like a pizza sales pitch” etc. Well, I’m here to tell you that it makes one hell of a lot more sense than most of what we’ve heard come out of the RNC, or the the candidates for that matter.

It’s a good fundamental economic scheme that needs a little work. The national sales tax portion of his proposed reform will never fly. The American people will never embrace a national sales tax on top of a federal income tax. The rest of his tax reform proposal is sound and practical. But it is just that… a work in progress.

The left also has much reason to fear a Herman Cain candidacy. The difference between Mr Cain and our sitting president could not be more stark. Our president was, and is, a spoiled product of privilege and indolence. A man who had virtually everything handed to him. A man who has accomplished little and who has lived his life at the expense of others. Herman Cain is far more a man of the people than our pseudo African-American demagogue president.

I’m not supporting anyone yet, but I can tell you unequivocally that Herman Cain is very high on my list.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Where Oh Where Has The GOP Gone? – And Other Tales.

October 18, 2011

I’ve been quite proud of the way our Republican House has behaved, for the most part… and disappointed in our leadership in equal proportion. In this political environment, here and now is the time… there is no tomorrow if we don’t deal with the reality of today. We simply do not have the luxury of fostering a weak leadership, whose first instinct on any issue is to compromise. We must have solid conservative leadership grounded in the fundamentals of the Constitution.

The truth in pictures. Would you rather be here.....?

The establishment Republicans have all but allied themselves with the DeMarxists in their efforts to delegitimize the Patriot Movement. The attacks in the statist Lame Stream Press have been incessant, with the usual spiels starting with charges of racism and then running the full gamut of leftist bleatings… ‘We’re (the Tea Party) going to stuff granny in the dumpster, wheelchair and all’. ‘We’re against women and children, because we oppose the Department of Education and the teachers’ unions’.

.... or here? (I know where the police would rather be).

Some of the things I hear coming out of supposed Republican mouths bring swift and sharp reaction from Tea Party ranks. These same Republicans are the first to run in a fight and, time after time, grovel at the feet of the opposition like dogs seeking the approval of their masters… or turn coat at the last minute on a crucial vote. Or, like some, just sell out altogether. Of the two, I think I prefer the complete sell-out… they’re the more honest of the two.

We cannot abide weak leadership any longer. We need principled fighters in there, and not RINOs. The Lame Stream statist press is doing everything in its power to affect the Republican nominating system in Mitt Romney’s favor, while at the same time the north-eastern establishment Republicans once again find themselves leagued with the enemy… to defeat the American people.

The GOP has to change and we don’t have the time to fool with the idiots, so we’ll just have to drag them along behind us. Until election time, that is. With the mood of the country the way it is, it’s going to be ‘Katie, bar the door’ time for a lot of Democrats, and not a few Republicans whose perfidy will finally have come home to roost.

I’m not in favor of Mitt Romney, but that’s not what this article is about. It is about the American Patriot movement and winning the Senate and the presidency in 2012. No more John McCains or Trent Lotts, please.

This thing can be won. The whole shebang… the entire shooting match. But it must be won by embracing conservative principles, and not the purposeless quagmire of compromise and capitulation.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Doobs, Boobs, Bums, Thugs And The Nutcake Parade.

October 16, 2011

Never before have the ultimate fruits of our Marxist-leaning public schools been put on display the way they have in these last weeks. It’s striking how much alike these Wall Street ‘occupiers’ are.

I, like most Americans who’ve taken time to listen to the choruses of unending diatribe coming from these people, notice that it’s remarkably the same screed coming from group to group, wherever these people congregate… if it can be called a message. It’s actually more of a melange of regurgitated Marxist claptrap. Right from the mouths of leftist agitators, college and university professors, even high school and grade school teachers. This is what our billions and billions of education dollars purchased.

These empty-headed, vacuous kids and not-so-kids are precisely the product the left has been after for sixty or more years. Want to see what happens when parents abrogate their responsibility to instill character? These are spoiled, for the most part privileged, brats from middle and upper-middle income groups. There are obviously others involved, aging hippies with their gray ponytails and Birkenstocks. Of course, there’s the odd admixture of dopers, dealers and anarchists as well.

Let us not forget that Barack Obama’s White House immediately jumped out to champion these ne’er-do-wells, seeking to perhaps bail some water from his sinking Titanic. Worse yet was the gaggle of DeMarxist freaks that trailed out behind him in the statist media. From Debbie (The Mouth) Wasserman Schultz to Michael (I’m filthy rich, a corporation in my own right, but I’m one of you) Moore… who it is said can clear a whole square by himself by simply walking upwind from it.

One of the more unbalanced claims made by the goobers was that their voice was 99% of the American people. I’m tempted to laugh when I hear it except that these people, who are in fact less than one per cent of the American population, are deluded enough to say it, much less believe the absolute crap they’ve been taught.

It’s patently obvious from listening to many of the thousands of sound bytes coming out of these malcontents that there is not an ounce of critical thinking in the whole bunch. If this is the ‘army’ from which Barry Hussein is going to forge his spearhead for 2012… please, please, Mr President, don’t stop now.

There’s somewhere between 60 and 80 million Patriots out here just waiting to clean your clock. The shape and size of the coming wave of change is starting to make itself felt. There will be a very thorough house cleaning this time. And Barry… while you’re cleaning out your office, be sure to tell everyone how irrelevant the Patriot Movement is.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


California, You’d Better Wake Up… Soon!

October 12, 2011

So while you were California dreaming… that’s if you still had a California job, that’s if your company hasn’t had to pull up stakes and head for business-friendly territory out of the increasingly repressive governance of (Red) Jerry Brown and his equally (red) state legislature, better known, perhaps, as Ali Brownee and the sixty-seven banditos… the 43 Republicans in the legislature, for the most part, have been valiantly but largely ineffectively trying to slow the Marxist juggernaut, which with the aid and collusion of the state’s public service unions, whose collective unfunded liability to the state is in excess of 40 billion dollars, has them spending millions of dollars in an entitlement turf war of massive proportions, between the unions and the nutcase hard left that California has no lack of. Then you introduce and add up all of the minority and special privilege, er, interest groups which have always been the hallmark of the left.

Few states have felt the crippling reach of the statists more than California. You know, if you strip away the state and federal government’s figures and substitute them for actual statistics, the unemployment rate in this state is over 16%. And, as I’ve mentioned before, there are pockets of unemployment in this state approaching 40%.

Jerry has been working very hard to sign the better part of some two hundred bills, vomited forth by the strongly DeMarxist legislature. If you’re a Californian, duck and cover. If you’re a parent and a Californian, you have plenty of reason to be mad… or ought to be.

Aside from the most thorough brainwashing any commissar would be happy with, our children are being programed by leftist teachers who are the direct product of leftist professors. You know the ones… I’m surprised that more of them aren’t out with there with the ‘protesters’. That’s a story we’ll take up later.

Our California public schools are a complete failure at education but are rather expert at indoctrination. Have you kept track of the numbers of laws this state government has written directly pertaining to your, and my, children? Do you know that these ‘creatures’ can actually whisk your teenage daughter away to a baby murdering mill without a word to you? Did you know that Red Jerry has signed a bill allowing children as young as twelve to receive injections of gardasil… the same drug that so outraged the people of Texas?

I guess he doesn’t think the people of California are smart enough to get it. He may be right… it is pretty foggy out here. I won’t go into the outrage that comes with the understanding of the unmitigated temerity of the left in the blithe assumption that all girls of twelve are, or would become, sexually active.
Let’s see, does this make Red Jerry the state’s predator-in-chief?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


It’s All He’s Got.

October 8, 2011

America’s descent into the hell that will be 2012 is upon us. Barack Hussein Obama has used up his entire bag of tricks. Actually, it’s the same trick cleverly, and not so cleverly, repackaged time and time again.

Barack Obama gave another campaign speech in the guise of a ‘press’ conference, during which he ran through the entire Marxist shopping list yet again. I heard it said that ‘he shifted abruptly to the left’. Um… no he didn’t. That would be making the assumption that he had moved from the right towards the left. Barack Hussein has never been near the center of American politics, much less the right. So we may then safely assume that Obama never does anything that is not ideologically hard left, as his performance has shown. MaoBama slogs forward, carrying the banner of communism.

That the country as a whole is adamantly rejecting Obama and his DeMarxists doesn’t seem to faze him or his party. Democrat lawmakers are running for whatever meager cover they can find, after discovering that Barack Obama’s shadow wasn’t big enough to hide behind. The light of truth has a tendency to illuminate dark places… places that these Marxist scum love to hide so that they can work their treason undetected.

Democrats are desperate, and rightly so. They have much to fear. The country is aroused as never before. The White House is in scorched-earth mode, with MaoBama and the DeMarxists sending out the word to the hard left to assail and occupy Wall Street. It’s a not altogether unexpected tactic… not if you’ve read ‘Rules for Radicals’. It’s Obama’s playbook.

This ‘protest’ is comprised of the dregs of the hard left, with a fair sprinkling of other leftist fringe groups and a mix of idealistic college students driven by leftist recruiters on campus… undoubtedly encouraged by a number of professors who are hidebound communists. Couple that to the paid, bussed-in SEIU goons and you’ll begin to get the picture.

These little outbreaks we are seeing in cities around the nation are nothing more than a rehearsal for next year. We’ll see the intensity of these outbreaks ramp up, the closer to the election we get. You can expect some real violence and intimidation to come out of these people. These are Obama’s foot soldiers. They hope to gain by fear and intimidation that which they cannot win in the ballot box.

We of the American Patriot Movement will not permit these malcontents to control the public discourse, and if it ever does come down to it… well, there’s one hell of a lot more of us than there are of them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


If You’re One Of The Bad Guys…

October 4, 2011

… You’ve gotta be looking up every time you see a moving shadow… looking nervously over your shoulder… searching for the drone that must be there but can’t be seen. If you’re a terrorist the odds are suddenly much higher that you’ll get introduced to your seventy two virgins much sooner. The roll call of the Al Qaeda leadership that has been taken out by our forces is impressive… and telling.

Regardless of how the lisping, drooling Lame Stream Media has denigrated the mission by insisting that when we chop off one tentacle, new leadership immediately fills the gap. It fits the left’s narrative nicely, but it’s far from the truth. You can only replace so many key leadership roles without the replacement pool getting thinner and less experienced, while at the same time the ‘fight’ has to be taken to the most awesome military machine ever seen on the face of this planet. Not a fun prospect. Especially when some bright young commander decides to suspend the more than onerous “Rules of Engagement”.

Even third and fourth level Al Qaeda operatives know that we can, and will, take them out at every opportunity. Whether by our combat patrolling, by special forces, or a half dozen other agencies dedicated to the destruction of Islamo-Fascist terrorism, of which our drones are only a part.

It’s been a sort of take-no-prisoners attitude when one of these dudes is ID’d. Keep in mind that in many cases a positive ID can only be made on the ground. Likewise, there have to be boots on the ground at the site of any strike to collect DNA samples. Sometimes, positive identification can be made from the air as well. The results are usually more dead terrorists. Our latest triumph, of course, being the obliteration of Anwar al-Awlaki and a couple of his grease-ball buddies. Yes, we are hunting them both abroad and especially here at home.

Americans are, I think, beginning to realize that this is an inter-generational war of extermination. Like it or not, a historical examination of the only truth Islam can claim is that of unbridled savagery, ever at odds with those who would oppose their cult-like political/military ‘religion’.

Our brilliant military special operations people will continue to track these terrorists wherever they are. They can never, ever, feel safe again. The ones here in our country will be rooted out one by one also, as more and more Americans make it their business to be observant. It’s our country… We have to protect it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011