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“We Are Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone”.

November 27, 2011

Bill Looman is not someone’s political hack. He’s far from being the left’s favorite guy right now, also. Bill is a ten year Marine veteran, who would like nothing more than to grow his company. Pretty obviously, when he started placing signs in the windows of his company vehicles and a large billboard in front of his offices, he had no idea that he, his company, and his signs, would go viral.

Through my own professional acquaintances, and being in a business that quite frequently brings me into contact with business owners, particularly here on the left coast, I can see that overbearing taxation and regulation by an all but totalitarian state government, completely and totally unresponsive to the people they are supposed to serve, have cost Californians millions of jobs and billions of dollars.

Extreme leftist governance has placed this once most prosperous region in the world into a depression economy with 44 or 45 billion dollars worth of unfunded liability, It’s no wonder that businesses will not commit to hiring new personnel, and only grudgingly replace losses due to attrition.

Bill Looman’s company, US Cranes LLC, manufactures and services overhead cranes and monorail lift systems. Well, guess what? Gee whiz, and all that stuff… Overhead cranes are for the most part utilized by companies that manufacture things… or have a need of a heavy lifting capability. Not accidentally, manufacturing on all levels has been the special targets of Obama’s agents of destruction, as has the energy sector.

The Barack Hussein Obama regime’s assault on American business has been almost universally successful, backed as it has been by the greatest job-killer in US history… the EPA.

The Marine Corps does a lot more than build men. They teach pride of achievement, and leadership skills simply unavailable outside the confines of the brotherhood. Marines are taught to adapt and overcome. That’s, in essence, what Bill and his company are doing… adapting to overcome an untenable situation. He has simply put a face and a name to what is occurring all over the nation as businesses hunker down, hoping to survive the Marxist’s perfect storm.

I’ll be interested in seeing how the regime retaliates on Bill and his company for having the unmitigated temerity to speak the truth. His company may become the “Joe the Plumber” of manufacturing. Obama may just find that his incessant hectoring is a two-edged sword. He and his minions attempted to destroy “Joe the Plumber”… and failed. Joe is alive and well and may just end up in Congress. They tried to destroy him and failed. Truth versus unbridled arrogance and power.

If they try it with Bill Looman they may just find that he’s a mouthful they don’t want to chew.
Semper Fi, Bill.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


At The Heart Of It: Illegal Immigration.

November 25, 2011

It appears as though our ‘Republican’ candidates have once again forgotten how to spell the word illegal. Notice the use of the term ‘Republicans’ as opposed to ‘Conservative’ candidates.

Our assumed first-tier candidates have been pussy-footing around illegal immigration like social workers daintily stepping around piles of poo at ‘Occupy Oakland’, or one of the other super-fund cleanup sites engendered by the useless, wasted piles of human garbage that inhabit these places. Oh, and did I mention that they are the DeMarxists’ political action committee as well?

They make at least as much sense as the Democrats themselves… which is to say, not much. It is, however, one of the cornerstones to which the Marxists have affixed their fading brand.

The illegal alien issue is going to be huge with the American people. We’re sick to death of hearing about how “we”, the American people, have to be ‘caring’ and ‘compassionate’ towards those who have breached the the sovereignty of our borders, breaking the most basic law of the land.

The overwhelming majority of these people are not simple farmers looking for work. What they want, friends, is that which you have in your pockets… if you have anything left at all after three consecutive years of uber-liberal Marxist governance under wannabe Caliph Barack Hussein Obama, that is.

To claim, as we have heard time after time, ad nauseam, that these ‘poor little people’ are simply here to find work and a better way of life, is garbage. I’ll grant you that for some of them (the illegals), particularly the ones who’ve been here the longest, that may be true. Does this change the fact that by their very existence on this side of the border they are committing a felony every single day they are here? Either the laws of our country apply to everyone within the borders of the United States of America, or they do not. It’s that simple.

The constantly thrown up straw-horse of the left, and now the mantra of certain linguine-spined Republican candidates, that we can’t possibly deport eleven million people is disingenuous… more than that, it’s specious in the extreme. In the first place our government (you know, those vacuum-headed ne’er-do-wells luxuriating in the exemptions from the very laws they write for the rest of us to follow) have been lying about illegal immigration numbers all along. They’ve been claiming numbers of illegals through our borders at around ten to twelve million for twenty or more years. Excuse me? My contacts tell me that as many as ten thousand ‘poor farmers’ may be flooding through the undefended smuggling corridors every few weeks. My best guess and, surprisingly enough, confirmed by someone who has worked the border for many moons, would be upward of twenty million.

Puh-lease, let us not descend into the quagmire of the very weak claims that these people pay taxes and are somehow a net asset to this country… horsecrap! Illegal aliens are a net loss and a burden, reaching into the multiples of billion dollars per year. “But Skip, they contribute so much to the richness and diversity of our nation.” Really? Where? Here in California alone, illegal immigrants cost California taxpayers 15 billion dollars per year. Twenty per cent of the prison population of this state are illegal aliens. Trust me when I say these people aren’t here to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. This brings us back to the current Republican presidential candidates.

Newt Gingrich is going to be just about the brightest light in any room he is in. That’s why I can’t for the life of me see why he just can’t seem to get it on illegal immigration. We don’t want those people here, sucking on the life blood of our country. Mitt Romney is weak on immigration and the border and always has been, so there’s no surprise there.

The issue is going to become more and more heated as the campaign season progresses, but we must focus on a very narrow front here. The DeMarxists could care less about the plight of the poor ‘illegals’. What they do know is that they cannot win without a continuous influx of illegals to bolster their voting roles, along with the population of hundreds of cemeteries across the nation.

Any Republican who attaches him- or herself to this issue will find themselves the darlings of the left. Lauded far and near as Republicans with ‘understanding’ and ‘sympathy’. But it won’t win an election and is just about guaranteed to put Maobama back in office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Looking Ahead By Looking Behind.

November 20, 2011

We’ve all had that semi-otherworldly sense, ‘that I’ve been here before’. I’ve had it strongly enough on a couple of occasions where it literally raised the hair at the back of my head. One such occurrence was when I saw a series of reports about China’s belligerence towards Japan and, most recently, the Philippines. Those of you who still remember history as it used to be taught… actual, factual, times, places and events, are beginning to stand out as China continues its headlong rush to confrontation with the west.

American and Filipino Marines carry out military exercises in the Philippines.

The Japanese, prior to WW2, were flushed from two victories over the Russians and the Chinese. Japanese militarists were flexing their muscles through officially banned, but nonetheless politically influential, Samurai ‘Secret Societies’. His Imperial Majesty the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito, had plenty of extra-territorial aims of his own. The Japanese saw westerners as hairy, uncultured and smelly barbarians, who just happened to be in possession of some remarkable technology which had given the west a decided (although temporary as far as the Japanese were concerned) lead over the unbelievably courageous, but hopelessly medieval, Japanese military.

We should have paid much more attention to the unbelievable speed with which Japan became a first-rate military and real and present danger to US interests in the Pacific and elsewhere. There were such courageous people in our military who were clear-eyed and whose vision for the future was equally clear. These men were often marginalized, their careers sidelined.

Weak and fearful politicians were determined to keep America out of any further ‘foreign adventurism’. This ‘blinders-on attitude’ prevailed right through to the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and, truth to say, not a few of my own beloved Marine Corps were guilty of the same thing. Smugly pigeon-holing the Japanese as comic characterizations of buck-toothed toy soldiers with bad eyesight.

By now you know exactly where I’m going with this. The Chinese are adventuresome and extremely bellicose. They are challenging our dominion over the Pacific. Two of our strongest allies, Japan and the Philippines are being directly challenged by the Chinese military.

China is now attempting to claim possession of the Island of Okinawa… one of the Japanese home islands. The ground on Okinawa has been consecrated by the blood of American and Japanese boys and the men who led them.

As I said in a previous article… I’ve walked many of the Okinawan hills and the sharply steep volcanic ridges where these battles took place.
We need to tell the dufoids in Washington… never again!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


In MaoBama’s Amerika.

November 14, 2011

Street goons dictate municipal policy to weak and vacillating socialist mayors, literally afraid of their own shadows. Fannie and Freddie never stopped generating toxic mortgages. They’re 6 billion dollars in the hole this year… so far.

In Maobama’s Amerika, it is the middle class who are the real targets. Maobama knows, as does any totalitarian, that in order for their misshapen, discordant philosophy to prevail a vibrant middle class would have to be destroyed. All are grist for Maobama’s economic warfare against America.

The leftists’ grip on the country is tightening with every single overbearing, job-killing new regulation pumped out by the likes of the EPA… and there are thousands of new regulations threatening to destroy our entire energy sector, which will destroy what’s left of manufacturing in this country. Construction won’t be far behind… what’s left of it.

In Maobama’s Amerika, agents from the Department of Education, wearing SWAT gear, invade American citizens’ homes under arms… coercion under threat of deadly force… right out of Lenin. Or, maybe more appropriately, Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union.

We didn’t notice or complain as the agents of communism infiltrated every single level of our government. The infiltration of our university system by radical socialist/communist ‘professors’, who were neither the brightest nor the best, but for the most part were the unemployable dregs of the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era who escaped the real world into academia, has introduced entire generations of hardly well-educated, but extremely well-indoctrinated, graduates as teachers in our children’s classrooms.

The results, as we have seen, are next to criminal as far as I’m concerned. Our children come home from these concentration camps babbling about glaciers and polar bears, windmills and solar panels, when they should be memorizing multiplication tables. Oh, the threat to the planet is real, okay. But it’s from the left, not from any global warming.

And let us not forget the sexual predation of our youngest and most vulnerable in the schools! Here in California, children as young as first grade are subjected to what amounts to sexual brainwashing in a curriculum introduced by militant homosexuals under the guise of ‘fairness’ and diversity… two of the most ill-used words in the lexicon. There’s no opt out for parents, either.

You folks in other states had better pay attention. The ills perpetrated on the citizens of this state by the Marxists in our state capital have a way of migrating.

MaoBama’s Amerika is not a fun or happy place. We are teetering on the brink of economic dissolution, while the world is on the brink of what will be at least a regional war and may well escalate to a worldwide conflict, at a time when Barack Hussein is doing everything in his power to ensure that our military is defenseless in the face of multiple theater threats.

If your blood isn’t boiling by now, you’re probably on a morgue slab. This is very simply the defining battle of our lifetimes, and one that Americans cannot afford to lose.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Meanwhile, At Ground Zero…

November 6, 2011

It’s been a while since we’ve written about our Israeli friends. It’s certainly not from a lack of interest on our part. We’ve had our plate rather full here at home. Our own war here, against the forces of evil that are threatening to overwhelm our Republic, has kept our attention pretty much on the national scene and the dire necessity of removing Barack MaoBama and his minions from office in 2012.

Benjamin Netanyahu (center) meets with Lt. General Benny Gantz (left)

If you want to see Barack Obama’s America one only has to go near downtown Oakland… if you can stand the smell, that is. Or San Francisco… or Atlanta. This is Obama’s constituency… these cretinous, odiferous parasites condemning financial institutions for doing exactly what a Democrat government mandated them to do in the first place. Remember the Community Reinvestment Act? It’s going to loom very large in the months ahead, as are the crooked politicians who fostered this abomination.

Israel is preparing for war. The spooky part is that they’re telegraphing it. This sets up all sorts of interesting speculation. I’m firmly convinced that in the coming war with the evils of worldwide Islamic radicalism, it is going to be the raw courage and determination of this tiny bastion of freedom that will stiffen the spine of the West. It’s an indisputable fact that that linguine-spined bunch in Washington can use all the backbone stiffening they can get… and they’d better get some soon.

Iran, having tested young Barry and having found him not only weak but pathetically easy, is pushing ahead on all fronts. According to some intelligence sources, Iran may already have a device. According to others, they already have enough enriched bomb-grade material to manufacture four devices. Regardless, it all means the same to Israel.

I have close Israeli friends, one of whom I’ve written about in this column before….He fought in two of Israel’s wars as a tank commander and has had the very dubious distinction of having two tanks shot out from under him… and lived to talk about it. My friend has close ties in Israel and every time I’ve mentioned to him that Israel has to make a move against Iran and her surrogates soon, he’s equivocated his answers… until now. He told me this week it’s very close. Now, I’m not saying that my friend is privy to Israeli war councils… but he has friends who have friends.

It’s a sad commentary on Barack Hussein Obama’s America when the British and even the French have committed to Israel’s defense, while Barack Obama does everything in his and his government’s power to strengthen Israel’s enemies.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


“I’m A Black Conservative Who’s Causing Liberal Heads To Explode”.

November 5, 2011

Herman Cain is modest to a fault. His unabashed love of his country and the founding principles, which have made this United States of America the shining beacon of hope and freedom all over the world, shows through every time he speaks.

Exploding liberal heads? You betcha!. Just the very thought that they have a rogue black who has escaped the clutches of big government paternalism is enough to send them scrambling for their Depends.

The entire concept of the Democrat plantation system, which is after all only the latest incarnation of Jim Crow and the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine instituted by Southern Democrats, had but one purpose. It was to undermine the laws that had been put into place to protect the country’s newest citizens.

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was to ensure that freed slaves were integrated into mainstream America. The so-called Jim Crow laws, such as the Morrill Act of 1890, helped to solidify the ‘separate but equal’ concept of holding blacks off at arms length while subjecting them to systematic repression and injustice.

Historians, please note that it was in fact Republican determination and muscle that was instrumental in passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Democrats were adamantly opposed.

It’s no secret that the Civil Rights Act was suborned and taken over by the Democrat Party under the leadership of then President Lyndon Baines Johnson. His ‘Great Society’ was only the harbinger of the welfare state that would be pushed on us by the current resident of the White House.

Herman Cain doesn’t fit the mold that ‘good’ blacks are supposed to be in. He’s successful… he did it on his own. He’s smart, very smart. He’s so far confounded every effort to destroy him. Not only that, if readers comments and recent polling results are to be believed he’s actually gaining support in spite of, or perhaps even because of, the most recent assaults on his character. His donations are up… the number of Conservatives lining up in his camp is impressive.

Herman Cain is exploding liberal heads and with damned good reason. He’s the real deal and they know it. Nothing scares Marxists worse than the truth… that’s what scares them about Herman Cain. He’s a black man, not a race-baiting puppet. He has a straightforward manner that adds credence to the undeniable truths he speaks.

I think it’s time to rally around this man. We could do far worse than to have a man like Herman Cain in the White House.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011