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Barry Hussein’s War On America; Homefront Edition.

February 26, 2012

Everywhere we look we see tangible evidence of the depredations of Barry MaoBama Hussein and his Marxist brethren. Actually, it’s difficult at times to ascertain just exactly whose drummer Obama is stepping lightly to. We can see the tangible results of his masterful foreign policy. Mr. Apology is working overtime to placate a bunch of seventh century tribal savages, while his rules of engagement are ensuring that more of our Marines and soldiers are being killed for no reason other than his ineptitude… or his malice. Take your pick.

He sure looks, speaks and behaves like a man with an agenda. It’s blatantly evident to just about anyone, except the committed Kool-Aid crowd, that it’s not America’s agenda. With everyone’s attention pretty much locked onto the circular firing squads representing the race for the Republican nomination, most of Mr Obama’s very real liabilities are being swept under the rug.

The ‘State Of The Union’, in a word, stinks. Obama’s intentional assault on the economy of this country is so target rich I scarcely know where to start. A bit of advice to the Republican presidential hopefuls, though… if you can tear yourselves away from venues specifically set by liberals of the Lame Stream Media. They’ve proven themselves a hundred times over to be no more than mouthpieces for Barack Hussein and his cabal of Marxist loons. You might find it productive to take the attacks to Barack Obama, where they belong.

It boggles the mind to consider that Republicans are stupid enough to allow the left to control and dictate the very substance of our primary candidate debates. This is just what we’ve been talking about all along. It’s what the 2010 elections were all about. We, as conservatives, are totally fed up with the depredations of the DeMarxists and, as the Tea Party Patriot driven Republican sweep of the election showed, fully 70% of America agreed. Far more than that though… it reinforced the revulsion most of us felt for the perpetually erroneous plans and schemes of the establishment Republicans.

So, here we are again. Only this time our very freedoms are on the table. Ronald Reagan didn’t play the Lame Stream game with the DeMarxists or the establishment Repubics. In fact, the establishment did everything in its power to destroy Reagan… and failed. They failed because he refused to pander to the media, heavily left-leaning even at that time. He carried his message directly to the American people… and we responded. The message of conservatism resonates through all of the liberal bleating, lies and obfuscation, each and every time.

Keep in mind that Reagan did not have a ‘new media’ to carry and spread his message. The Lame Stream Media has not only lost vast numbers of its audience, it has lost virtually all credibility and the ratings show it. Why do we allow them and the weak-kneed, linguine-spined establishment Republicans to set our, or any, agenda for that matter? Take your message to the people. We of the new conservative media will carry that message.

Obama’s constant mantra of tax, tax, tax… steal from the ‘rich’ and give to the indolent, the shiftless and the ne’er-do-wells of our society. His constant assault on every single facet of our economy should, in plain language, scare the hell out of every American.

It’s time to hit the trenches again. Take your conservative ideas and principles with you wherever you go… to your neighbors, at the market, at work. It’s American conservatism on the march. Once again, if you don’t know where to go or what to do, contact your local Tea Party Patriots. You’ll find a totally welcoming group of people with but one agenda… America’s.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


MaoBama And the Grand Shell Game.

February 19, 2012

I once watched a couple of confidence men do a shakedown using walnut shells. They were slick… and evilly dishonest. Even at my young age (ninth grade) I was able to recognize the scam. Some of my friends were all about jumping in and betting on a ‘sure thing’… and they got fleeced right along with the con-men’s original ‘marks’.

It was a valuable lesson I was never to forget. My natural skepticism was reinforced by the earthy realism of my grandparents, who were grounded in experience garnered during two world wars with a worldwide depression thrown in for garnish. The message was always the same. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. So, like the con-men in my youth, the ‘Mark’ has to convince himself that the confidence game is reality.

It’s unfortunate that there’s something in the human psyche that leads some of us to seek an ‘easier, softer way’. These individuals are seen as the legitimate prey of those who would take advantage of ill-informed or uneducated people for the acquisition of personal power and wealth. Often, the victims of these crimes have to have a willingness to dismiss the evidence of their own senses.

We are witnessing the greatest shell game in history. The left has been on the march to totalitarianism since Friedrich Engels abandoned the teachings of his upper-middle class parents and the protestant church. His atheistic views alarmed his strongly Methodist parents to the point where his mother wrote him a letter in 1848, telling him that ‘He had gone too far’. This was the year Engels was to collaborate with Marx in creating the ‘Communist Manifesto’. Marx was another zealot ‘child of privilege’, convinced that they had a mandate to change the world in their image. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries were rife with such fanatical zealotry and we have had two world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan to prove it.

For my part, there’s not a bad nickel’s worth of difference between the Marxist, Leninist, Saul Alinsky philosophy being preached by MaoBama and the cabal of looney-tunes he has surrounded himself with… and the even more pernicious Islamo-fascist dream of a worldwide sharia-driven caliphate, in which our first (and last) Muslim president pictures himself as the long awaited Mahdi who will arise from the flames of world-wide chaos to lead the masses to Nirvana. It’s the shell game on a universal game board. You’ll never find the pea and there is never a payoff… only grinding penury and hopelessness.

There is no more important task before us, as American patriots, than the complete and total defeat of Barack Hussein Obama and his allies, regardless of what side of the globe they come from.
Unite with us in this historical effort.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Onward Christian Soldiers!

February 11, 2012

As our friend Matt Drudge would say… developing. Sorry, Matt, I don’t have that kind of patience. Somewhere between 60 and 76 per cent of Americans identify themselves as ‘Christian’. There’s another 2.1 per cent of the population that are Jewish. Together, we comprise the largest Judeo-Christian nation in the world. We also represent the largest voting demographic in the nation. You wouldn’t know it by the way we act sometimes, but it’s a fact nonetheless.

Obama has stirred up a veritable fire-ants’ nest of opposition from the country’s Christians, Jews, and not a few Hindus and Muslims as well, according to reports. It’s good to see these disparate churches standing up and speaking out. At long last, some in the religious community are beginning to see what we’ve been warning them about… An assault on the first amendment for one is an assault on all.

One of the most obvious and telling effects among the religious community is the reaction of ‘socially conscious’ so-called progressive Catholics. These Catholics voted in large numbers for the ‘Anointed One’ in 2008. Conservative groups polling these folks find them splitting away from Obama as the Maoist’s threat to the mother church has been revealed.

America’s Jews, on the other hand, many illogically liberal to their core, have been experiencing buyer’s remorse, with the chilling realization that Obama’s ‘support’ for the Jewish homeland reads more like another unlamented dictator’s run-up to Kristallnacht in 1938 Germany. The similarities between the tactics of our wannabe Mahdi president and those of the German dictator are enough to send a chill through any historian.

Another ancillary benefit of MaoBama’s assault on the church is that, seemingly, the ‘shock treatment’ has shaken America’s cardinals and bishops out of their political stupor. It’s about time they got some serious backbone. Obama’s plans for their church are every bit as dire as they are for his presiding, along with his Muslim buddies, over the destruction of Israel.

Obama’s ‘gandy dance’ shifting of his abortion mandate away from the Catholic institutions and on to the nation’s insurance carriers hasn’t worked. With his overbearing arrogance, he has overlooked the fact that, in his rush to consolidate absolute power over the citizens of America, he has become increasingly visible to Americans who wouldn’t normally be paying attention to the upcoming presidential race for months yet. I credit the efforts of the Tea Party Patriots out in the communities with that.

Never before have we witnessed more patently unconstitutional behavior in a chief executive. It’s vast in its illegality and its over reach.

Does this mean it’s over for MaoBama and his DeMarxists? Okay, I won’t insult your intelligence. Of course it doesn’t. He still has to be beaten at the polling places… out in the communities… out in the cities, villages and towns of America. Forget the primary… it will be either Santorum, whom I am now favoring, or Romney. Paul was always a non sequitur, despite the fanaticism of his few supporters. Lastly, I don’t think Newt can resurrect himself again. People would be wondering not if he were going to go off message, but when. Above all, Conservatives want stability in a leader, especially in these very dangerous times. The American nation must unite at the ballot box to defeat Barack Hussein Obama and his goons.

I don’t think it’s going to go to a brokered convention. I think that’s most likely a fragrant herring being put out by some establishment operatives, because no sooner than they bleated about the possibility of the Republican convention being brokered, than the same sources sort of timidly floated a balloon saying it may present an opportunity for Jeb Bush to rush in and save the party.
Umm… I don’t know about the rest of you guys out there, but I think we’ve seen quite enough of the Bush’s for, let’s say… another decade or so.

Regardless of who the nominee is, Obama is going to face an immensely peed electorate that is much, much better educated about the activities of Barry Hussein and his lawless regime than in 2008.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Romney Can’t Articulate A Message To Beat MaoBama.

February 5, 2012

Why is that Republicans and far, far too many people who lay a claim to conservatism just can’t see that Mr Milquetoast Romney is just another in a long line of failures engineered by the establishment Repubics. While Romney is holding forth with vapid generalities, which incidentally seem to have been the hallmark of his political career, Obama is honing his carving knife getting ready to fillet Mr Milquetoast over his Romneycare which is, as has been faithfully reported, the template for MaoBama’s slave-state.

Then there’s the entire shopping list of Mitt Romney’s left-of-center propensities. Everyone seems to have given Romney a pass on his totally liberal stand on most issues. This is a graphic illustration of the ‘blinders’ that seem to be standard issue for the Repubics of the Rockefeller, Ford, Dole, Bush, Rove wing of the Republican Party. While we’re at it, let us not forget that awe-inspiring failure John McCain, another entitlement pick of the Beltway entrenched establishment.

I can vividly recall realizing my disappointment when my misgivings about George W. Bush were realized. I, like many other American conservatives, knew he was anything but conservative… but hoped for the best even when we saw Bush presiding over an out-of-control big government Congress who was doing its best to outspend any liberal government. Earmarks and government largesse were falling like rain.

It’s sad that no matter how many times the Repubics (thanks, Mark Levin) get their clocks cleaned the same way, by the same liberals, doing the same damn thing over and again, they just can’t make the intellectual leap that conservative principles work. Each and every time they are employed they resonate with the American people who are, by nature, conservative.

So now we’re full circle, with Mr Milquetoast as our ‘presumptive’ nominee. His list of ‘moderate’ qualifications would gladden the heart of any liberal. Zbigniew Mazurak, writing in the American Spectator, made this telling statement, “Mitt Romney is nothing more than a strident liberal masquerading as a conservative”.

The list of Romney flips is impressive… if you’re a liberal. He was a registered Democrat who supported Paul Tsongas in 1992. He was stridently pro-abortion. How many murders of the unborn did you preside over, Mitt? His support of the second amendment is wishy-washy at best. He’s a believer in anthropogenic global warming. Puts him right there with the green communists… how cozy. The list goes on and on. Needless to say, Romneycare is right at the top of the list and is the harpoon with which Obama will end his presidential aspirations.

The glaring realization that, once again, we have a moderate to liberal Republican running is disheartening in the extreme. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, but if Americans fall for this same bullbleep routine again it’s going to have only one result… another four years of Obama and his Maoist governance and sadly, just possibly, the end of freedom in the United States.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012