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Article In Search Of A Title.

March 24, 2012

It’s not that I don’t have ideas for article titles. There’s certainly no dearth of material out there. Which, in part, brings me to the subject, which is that it doesn’t matter where I look, nationally, locally, or globally, events scream for attention. I want to fire off articles on each and every one of them.

We are living in very perilous times… far more perilous than most people realize. There is the imminent threat of war in the middle east. Despite Obama the Betrayer doing his very best to prevent Israel from acting in its own best interest (read ‘survival’) by attacking the country whose sworn goal is the destruction of Israel and the murder of every man, woman and child. Iran must be stopped. There’s no equivocating it. We know that Barack MaoBama, despite all the tough words around his mouth, does not have the courage or the leadership to attack Iran and end her nuclear ambitions. In fact, many feel that Obama would rather see Israel destroyed. Perhaps, so does Israel. And no, they won’t give us or anyone else warning.

Could you imagine entrusting the jihadist-penetrated White House with Israeli state secrets? Or the increasingly politicized panty-waist chair-warmers at Obama’s Pentagon? Obama recently reversed his order that denied Israeli access to in-flight refueling. It wasn’t for his love of Israel, you may rest assured. It may, however, give him an excuse to piggyback his way into the Iran affair and come riding in behind the truly massive US firepower concentrated in the Mediterranean off of Iran and the US troops reported to be staging in the area. He will then be able to boast  once again, taking credit for the efforts of others as he has so often done.

This nation has never been in as much real danger as it now finds itself. We’re in a daily war for the soul of our county against forces who would see us enslaved and our country in everlasting darkness. Sounds almost apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Historians are fond of citing stories of world-altering events. It’s what we would call 20-20 hindsight. It’s much scarier and more vivid when we’re living these events. It’s easy to imagine the fear and unease that must have permeated the lives of those living in Europe in the years just prior to World War 2.

There’s plenty of unease to go around here, in our country. We have a government in power whose only goal is the destruction of our way of life… with the unholy alliance between the avowed Marxists of Barack Hussein Obama’s government, the craven, unprincipled symbionts of the so-called main stream media, and the equally unprincipled labor unions to which Obama is beholden.

We have an ‘economic recovery’ which is not. Academic theoreticians lauding fractional increases in unemployment and meaningless statistical nonsense while 44 million Americans have either dropped off the unemployment radar or are underemployed. American business is reeling from the absolute onslaught of Barack Maobama’s extra-constitutional regulatory oppression. Our energy sector and our military are equally under assault by our would-be dictator. Pretty grim picture, is it not?

We, as Americans, have the power to change this. Our focus, our only focus, has to be the defeat of the Obama Marxist machine.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


The Leftist Rush To Silence Rush – Losers!

March 14, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is a consummate professional. His momentary lapse into the shadow-land which is the domain of the leftists and their symbiont media, where no standard is so low that it cannot be surpassed by something cruder, lower or slimier, was totally out of character. Not because of what Rush said, which in the pantheon of the left’s garbage grindings is indeed mild by any comparison… but we Conservatives are used to holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Rush doesn’t need me to defend him. His millions and millions of fans already have. The only surprise is that such things don’t happen to broadcasters more often. I did some broadcasting early in my post Marine Corps years to a live audience… and you can get into some surprising situations. There was always the possibility of an intemperate response to the listener who, for whatever reason, feels the need to bait the person behind the microphone. I’m not condoning it, but it happens. As usual, the line is drawn rigidly for Conservatives and loosely, or not at all, for our counterparts on the left.

When I first heard about this latest Conservative ‘bimbo‘ eruption, it was complete with the offended ’23-year-old’ co-ed, who turns out to be a 30-something femi-nazi who’s been around more times than a carousel. As always, it’s not the left’s front-page stories that we follow… that is, unless we feel the need for a little white noise. It’s the back stories we look for… the stuff they don’t want you to know.

The DeMarxists are remarkably consistent in the way that they present these ‘victims’. After all, the Maoists must have victimization in order to assert oppression, which is their other stock in trade. Then they bring on the Saul Alinsky tactic of isolating the target. In this case, Rush, but in a larger sense all of ‘new media’ talk radio.

The N.O.W. gang took time away from stirring their cauldrons to trumpet Rush’s demise. Craven DeMarxist politicians, who had remained mute while their Lame Stream operatives absolutely savaged conservative women with some of the foulest terms in the English language, called not only for Rush’s head but the abolition of all conservative talk radio. That old lizard, Gloria Allred, stuck her nose out from under her rock, scenting a headline.

A simultaneous assault against Rush’s advertisers resulted in a bare handful of faint-hearted departures, whose impact on Rush’s network was somewhat less than negligible. They were even more shocked when they realized that the whole incident was a tempest in a teacup and came scrambling back to the fold… or so they hoped… only to find that Rush had shut the barn door behind them. Well done, Rush!

Anyone who advertises in the Conservative media knows full well that we are subject to being jumped on at just about any time. If you don’t have the strength of your convictions, knowing that we face the type of opposition we do, you don’t belong here. And that’s the message Rush was sending. Pretty obviously, his twenty two million-something listeners agreed.

Well, the left is doing a severe gut (or something) check because none of it worked… none at all. They, of course, can’t figure it out. They were sure that they had Rush this time.

The DeMarxists called it “The war on women”. The results were more like “What if we held a war and no one came?” Looks like Obama may find out.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Obama’s Economy – Defending The Indefensible.

March 10, 2012

I wouldn’t want to be in Barack Hussein Obama’s shoes. So many lies to keep track of and far too many ‘little’ people willing to point them out. The Lame Stream Press has done an incredible job of contorting themselves into knots while running cover for the regime. It isn’t flying… at least, the regime’s aerodynamic qualities at this point are more akin to a balloon filled with lead… or gasoline.

Speaking of volatility, have you noticed the upsurge in ‘citizen journalists’ who have been taking the case for freedom and constitutional governance directly into the faces of some of the most rabid of the left wing Kool-Aid crowd? It’s a growing phenomenon which I, for one, am delighted to see. I don’t know who determined that journalists had to have some sort of ‘credentials’ to make them legitimate. The supposed ‘credentialed’ writers, pundits and talking (read ‘yammering’) heads, have failed miserably to make their case for MaoBama and his statist Utopian pipe dreams (and rumor has it that there’s plenty of that going on in Obama’s White House, as well).

Most of us had parents who taught us at a very young age that lying was wrong, that once you tell a lie you have to tell another to keep from having the first lie exposed. What’s more, when you do tell that lie, no one looks at you the same way  and that it’s very difficult, or impossible, to regain lost trust.

The American people are exhibiting a severe case of buyer’s remorse and it’s no surprise… at least, not to me. We’ve been getting an overdose of absolute bull bleep for the last four years from our nascent emperor and every single entity associated with him. Let’s be clear that we’re not talking about the usual truth-bending that’s associated with American politics. Political endeavors in particular seem to attract numbers of low creatures, attracted like moths to the flame of power and influence. It is, after all, up to us as informed citizens to winnow the wheat from the chaff. Obviously, we’ve been asleep at that switch for some time.

The liberal left in particular seem to thrive in this atmosphere of unreality. A surreal world where nothing is as it appears and you are asked to deny the very evidence of your eyes and ears, while having the very fabric of our society ripped asunder to fulfill the nightmare of socialist governance run amok. Barack MaoBama is running across the country spouting bald-faced lie after lie, in desperate efforts to shift attention from his completely failed presidency.

Paradoxically, Andrew Breitbart’s untimely passing has had a galvanizing effect on America’s grass roots journalists, each of whom has the potential to be a harpoon aimed at the heart of the MaoBama house of cards. The beautiful thing about this is that there’s no one around to tell these dedicated citizen-journalists that it can’t be done. They’re not out there at the beck and call of the administration’s agit-prop campaign and they’re not beholden to anyone’s network bosses or political machinery.

It’s conservatism on the march, and it’s just another indication that all is not well in Obamaville, no matter what fantasy story line they come up with. It’s Obama’s economy. It stinks… and there’s not enough lipstick to stick on that pig that’s going to make it look like anything but pork.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


The Volt, And Other Energy Fairy Tales.

March 6, 2012

Some are calling Barack Hussein Obama’s declared war on American energy his greatest liability. I agree. He has, in fact, a plethora of liabilities… few of which have been exploited by the very people who would depose our nascent imperial Presidenté.

That’s a story soon to be played out in the last days of the Republican primary race. I’m appalled at the timidity displayed by the Republican Party in general. Time and time again, the supposed gurus of the establishment have been wrong. “Oh!” they bleat, “don’t attack Barack Hussein, that will surely turn blacks and illegal aliens against us… women will flock to Obama’s banner in a reflexive spasm of misplaced identity politics”. Nonsense. Nothing can be farther from reality. Obama is badly damaged goods. The American people have been watching with an intensity that makes MaoBama’s leftists extremely nervous.

Obama has placed himself and his regime in an untenable position… providing that there are Conservative Republicans who will throw off the ‘official’ Repubic policy of not attacking Obama directly on his policies. His intent is nothing more, nor less, than the destruction of the American Republic and the freedoms for which it stands. MaoBama and his ‘academic’ leftists know full well that the fastest route to total subjugation of the American people is through relentless assaults against the energy sectors of our nation.

Without power we cannot produce. Ultimately, without power the country itself is at risk. If there were a world-wide conflict and we had to mobilize, a la World War Two, we’d be crippled. I cannot shake the conviction that this is part and parcel of MaoBama’s war on energy. By both training and inclination, I’m in the habit of examining issues from every angle. No matter how I turn Obama’s energy policies, they don’t add up to anything other than the repudiation of all things American in favor of his Marxist/Leninist Utopian pipe dream.

Take the ‘Volt’, for example… and you may have to because General ObaMao Motors Chevrolet division can’t give the damned useless piles of junk away at any price… except for orders from the government itself. “Whoopee!, look everyone, we sold one”… or the odd wealthy liberal desperate to display his enviro creds.

Like everything the left does, it does without regard to common sense or factual reality, depending instead on soaring rhetoric and emotional appeal to the lowest possible common denominators of our society… the takers as opposed to the innovators.

Whether it’s the auto industry being forced to develop vehicles no one wants and for which there is no market, or his misadministration’s touting of solar and wind generated power for the masses, and the resultant massive failure of both… it makes no difference. Obama does not wish these ill-conceived energy concepts to succeed, aside from the now obvious failures these industries have exhibited to the nation and the world.

MaoBama’s policies have won him no friends among the very people he depends on for his re-election. Talk to the miners in the Appalachians, or to the tens of thousands of people who are dependent on coal-fired generating plants for their power. See the economic devastation visited upon the oil-producing gulf states by Obama’s recalcitrance. His denial of a previously approved pipeline project which would ultimately generate ten thousand or more jobs. He then has the unmitigated chutzpah to go in front of the American people and lie through his eyeteeth about his administration’s approval of drilling permits that were, in fact, passed during George Bush’s watch.

So then, the question begs… Just when are the supposed conservatives, who are begging for our votes, going to stop the circular political sideshow and go after Obama… calling him what he is… a failed president and an energy charlatan of historical proportions?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Fare Thee Well, Andrew… And God Speed.

March 4, 2012

His meteoric rise to prominence in the conservative movement came just at the right time for his work to have a maximum effect on the American Patriot movement… and change it forever. I didn’t know Andrew. I’d always hoped to. He and Drudge are two of my mainstay aids in following daily news trends. If you’re an op-ed writer, you cannot have too many sources.

Andrew Breitbart was brilliant and fearless. He was also deeply feared and respected by not only the ObaMaoists, but by the Republican establishment we have all come to detest. Andrew went where many, who considered themselves to be conservative, hesitated. He took his issues directly to the murky world of leftist political correctness and defied them to challenge him. Most of those who tried usually came away lightly grilled… on both sides. An entire menagerie of Lame Stream Media morons took devastating shots at him, from the safety of the sidelines, and their vituperation rolled off him like water from a ducks back. He was never intimidated.

He never let up and he never failed to call the left on their lying prevarication. Others who knew him well write that he was a tireless worker for the causes of conservatism and American freedom.

His legacy, however, may be much more than his image of a strident warrior in the cause of freedom and the American way. He was a mystery to his adversaries as well as being a nightmarish gadfly to those on the left. He understood the left as few did. Having had two parents who were both Democrats, his conservative epiphany was even more profound for it and he was never once to look back.

He has encouraged and nurtured a whole new generation of conservative investigative reporters who never would be able to find a voice in the Lame Stream Media. Breitbart has shown what can be done by a few determined people with the strength of principle and righteousness on their side.

He turned one of the left’s big entitlement icons into garbage in the space of a couple of weeks. Acorn will never be the same, though it’s trying to morph and regenerate as we speak. I dare say it’ll be a long time before they give advice on pandering underage alien girls though. There will be more!

Dee and I wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Andrew’s family. His cause was just and his legacy will live on as long as there is one patriot to draw breath.
Semper Fidelis, Andrew.

© Skip MacLure 2012