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Notes From The Kitchen Table.

April 22, 2012

Flushed with victory from my latest convert to conservatism (another citizen saved from the perdition of liberalism), my thoughts turn to the task at hand. That task is the complete and utter destruction of the Marxist/Leninist plague that is the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.

We as patriots know well, maybe better than anyone else, how fragile our freedoms are. We also know that this country cannot survive another four years of the filth and corruption that is the Obama government. Every day brings new revelations of gross irresponsibility, malfeasance in office, outrage after outrage against the institutions and the citizens of this great republic.

The stories we’ve watched play out over the last three plus years are a tapestry of abject failure… a monument to a failed ideology. The parade of malefactors would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic. The rot starts at the top, at the very top, and like rot has worked its way through every level of this government. It’s miscalculation of the greatest order at the absolute highest levels of our government, by an entire class of incompetents on both sides of the political aisle… the DeMarxists on one side and the establishment Repubics on the other. One desperate to retain what power they have left to enslave, the other desperate to maintain a status quo that has been rejected by the great majority of the citizen-patriots of this nation.

Yes, I am referring to the ‘Grand Old Party’, who once again has preempted the will of the greatest of their number and gotten away with it. It’s burned as many patriots as it could. The Republican ‘establishment’ spent one heck of a lot more time and treasure working directly against our conservative candidates than it ever spent attacking Barack Obama. Instead, it turned on our own… attacking them each in turn until, due in large part to his own carpet-bombing negative ads against each candidate in turn, Mitt Romney stands alone as the presumptive nominee. He knows full well that his tactics have fractured the so-called Reagan coalition. He has to make big tracks to both salve injuries given and to convince us, the Tea Party Patriots, that he will govern as a constitutional conservative.

I don’t get to read all of our comments, but there was one comment from a reader that caught my eye. It was regarding his bent feelings about being faced with having to vote for a Romney presidency, and further stating that he might just have to stay home. I don’t know if the gentleman was a plant… we get our share. But for any patriot to make such a statement, in the face of the real and present danger represented by Barack Hussein Obama, borders on one of two things… stupidity or lunacy.

Speaking of the kitchen table, it’s a great place for conversation. I talk to a lot of the young men that are my son’s friends. By and large, they are eager for the information on current events and the foundation of the Republic in the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These guys, mostly in their early 20s, are surprisingly receptive to the message of freedom.

I’m not relating this to toot my own horn but to illustrate that no matter where you are, or who you are, you can carry the message and you must. Each and every one of you are going to have to become the guardians of our freedoms, just as surely as that ragged band of men kept the faith at Valley Forge, at Bunker Hill, and at hundreds of times and places where Americans have been asked to stand. And stand we will.

Across this country, Tea Party Patriots have been putting forth conservative candidates at local, state and national level. Has anybody looked at how many Democrats have resigned rather than face the voters in the upcoming elections? Not only Democrats, but a number of RINOs are under fire by conservative Tea Party challengers. These races are vitally important to restoring this nation in a post-Obama presidency. Contact your local Tea Party Patriot group to find out who is running in your local election and support them all you are able. These are the grass roots, this is where the battle will be won.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012



Obama In The Backblast.

April 15, 2012

It’s ironic how quickly events can turn. MaoBama and the DNC goon squad were preparing what they thought to be a devastating attack against our presumptive presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, by attacking his wife and attempting to discredit and marginalize her. In order to accomplish this end, they trotted out the usual assortment of worn-out hacks to demean a lady who has more class in her little fingernail than the entire DeMarxist establishment combined.

The assault was headed by a long-term DeMarxist lesbian activist, whose own ‘marriage’ and subsequent divorce left their adopted twins with a broken home. This ‘expert’ on domesticity and the lives and perils of the American working mother is just another in a long line of DeMarxist over-reach, which has blown up in Obama’s lying face.

Nothing happens in the Obama circus by accident, and this latest most vicious scheme is no exception. Both MaoBama and his co-president Mooch-elle have their fingers very tightly around the strings that control the party apparatchiks. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for either of them to distance themselves from the disgusting depredations of their minions.

The American people have been brutalized by this bunch for over three years now, and our tolerance level for Obama’s brand of acrimony is very thin. In a previous article, I explained that “walking into the backblast” is a term we used in the Marine Corps for doing something really stupid and careless. We had several weapons that used the back blast of the weapon to reduce recoil. Standing in the ‘blast cone’ could be a very dicey experience… and one you’d not be likely to repeat.

Barack Obama doesn’t profit from experience, and neither does his government. Blinded by an ideology that 80% of Americans reject entirely, Obama’s regime could not exist without the slavish support of the Lame Stream Media and the backing of the unions that have purchased the DeMarxists outright.

Mitt Romney is going to be our guy. I said from the beginning that Romney was not my first choice. I also said that I would support the choice of the party, no matter who that person would be. The end game is, and must be, the total defeat of Barack Obama and his communist cohorts.

Mitt Romney has a great asset in his wife, Ann. It was foolish in the extreme to attack her… not only a dedicated housewife and mother of five children, but a cancer survivor and a victim of MS, as well. Her husband is a self-made man whose personal accomplishments absolutely eclipse anything done by our president, whose greatest claim to fame is being a ‘guest lecturer’ and community rabble-rouser.

Today, 4/15, is ‘Taxed Enough Already Day‘. Yesterday, Tea Party Patriots all over the country came together to make our voices heard. You won’t find much of this covered by Obama’s media stable. It was, however, the ‘shot heard around the world’ by the American people, who are thoroughly disgusted with the destruction of our American way of life and the economy that drives it.

It’s time for all conservatives to step up and support our nominee. It’s your country and it’s up to every single one of you to fight for her survival as a free republic.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


We’ll Burn Down Your Cities And We’re Wearin’ Our Hoodies – MaoBama 2012.

April 8, 2012

Well, here it is… the final analysis of the sum total of Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure started with him and his thug government playing the only real card it’s ever had, and it looks as though it may just end that way.

These last weeks, watching events play out in Florida have really lowered my retch threshold. Our ‘guest-lecturer-in-chief’ again abrogated the responsibility, and the very dignity of his office, by purposefully weighing in on the Trayvon Martin shooting. This isn’t the first time he’s stuck the presidential nose in either. You’ll remember the Duke lacrosse case, and then there was that fracas between the cops and that arrogant and overbearing college professor. Oh, and did I mention he was black? There it is… the cornerstone of the Obama presidency… a miserably failed presidency that will easily eclipse Jimma’ Boy Carter’s disastrous tenure in the White House.

For pure misery, Obama’s three plus years as president have few rivals. Unemployment at levels not seen since the great depression. We here have been calling it a depression for three years. Conveniently forgotten in the whitewash, that is the Lame Stream Media in this country, is that the first recession never ended. I know they said it did, but that’s bilgewash. The numbers just rolled over into the next phase of recession. Now we have the sad phenomenon of as many as forty million Americans who have just dropped off the ‘job radar’ altogether. This is Obama’s legacy. These people are mute testament to the purposeful destruction of our economy by Barack and Company.

Post racial? This president seldom does anything that doesn’t have a racial component. Or, if it doesn’t, he’ll invent one out of whole cloth. He does a lot of that. That’s where the unreality of it comes in. MaoBama and the thieves have sown such wide discord that many of their supporters are no longer safely in camp. It makes you wonder if they (the Obama regime) can possibly be that tone deaf.

Americans in general are sick to death of the divisive Balkanization game that Obama constantly plays. Maobama and the politburo have really overreached this time with the aid of their idiot child the Lame Stream media et al, who really jumped into the Trayvon Martin issue like they owned it and, in fact, it has turned out to be the ‘berg that sank the Titanic, because the entire affair damn near took down three networks.

I can’t help but wonder what sort of genius those networks must be hiring. It was amazing to watch the real-time judgment, and attempted execution by press, of a law-abiding US citizen who was unfortunately forced to defend his life against the assault (witnessed) of a 17 year-old black youth. Notice I didn’t say boy, he was no boy… he was physically a man. Notice, please, that George Zimmerman did not draw and kill until his head had been battered half into the concrete.

The race-baiters are out in force in all their righteous fury… railing against who? George Zimmerman? Whites in general? We have black congressional leaders, the so-called Black Congressional Caucus, trying a man in the crucible of the press, led in fact by the President of the United States, whose intemperate remarks gave a sort of sick legitimacy to the actions of the supposed leaders of various race-haters and their lowest common denominator followers. This is sick, sick stuff. So, the hoodie is the new rallying point for the race haters.

America is watching and waiting. We haven’t seen or heard the last of the race issue in this presidential year… you can be sure of that. After all, it is the only issue MaoBama has.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


MaoBama And The House Of Cards… Redux.

April 2, 2012

You told us in your multitude of yammering, meaningless phrases from your legions of slavish media symbionts that you and your Utopian schemes were inevitable… that we, the American people, the backbone of this greatest nation state in the history of the world, just needed to step away and genuflect before your brilliance and soaring rhetoric. We’ve had three really miserable years to attest for the magnitude of the error of electing you, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s an error we will correct very soon.

I wrote about Obama and his nearly delusional “House of Cards” some time ago. I get lost in the archives so I won’t bother to try and say when. But let’s just say my prognostications were frighteningly accurate. I guess you could say I was one of the deniers, one of those who had vetted our Imperial Majesty before his immaculation (thanks, Rush). What I saw frankly alarmed the hell out of me. The persistent Utopianist and redistributionist themes that ran through everything Obama did made me want to scream, “Open your eyes, you fools. The enemy is at the gates and the watchers are asleep”. I guess I have Barack Hussein to thank for this column, though. Without the dire threat he represents it may not have existed. It took considerable convincing on Dee’s (my editor) part, as it was.

You’ll be glad to know that MaoBama’s mad world is no less delusional than before. Much more so really, though now there’s a hint of desperation and not a little paranoia. As out of touch as the leftist radicals, their surrogates in the media and the unions are with the true mood of the nation, it’s no surprise that they had written off the Patriot Movement. The ‘Tea Partiers’ were a momentary phenomenon of 2010 and now, scattered and powerless, could be disregarded.

Of all the many mistakes that Obama and the goon squad have made (and they are legion), the fundamental misreading of the voices and the mood of the country is going to be the sword which will hamstring Obama’s Communist Utopian America dreams. The Supreme Court can never be taken for granted, but last week had a few surprises that just absolutely took MaoBama and his Attorney General, with all sails, aback… if not dismasted altogether.

The academic pinheads of the MaoBama regime had been sure that the Supremes would take the tack that it was a done deal and not examine the issue too deeply, and then accede to the reality of a government-enforced mandate. That rosy glow lasted about one word into Justice Kennedy’s opening statement and it was downhill from there. It was very entertaining listening to the lames of the Obama lapdog kennel trying to spin it into anything but the disaster it was… and it played out on camera for the entire nation to see.

It ain’t over until they bring on the fat lady, but it looks and feels a whole hell of a lot like at least a few on the Supreme Court remembered that the Constitution and its guarantees are the reason for their existence.

Yes, it’s Obama’s house of cards and it’s beginning to sway precariously. Don’t take your attention off Obama for a second. Desperate and paranoid he may be, but ever more dangerous for that. I do feel that he’s really capable of anything and that’s exactly why we, as American Tea Party Patriots, must be ever more vigilant for it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012