Life On The Old Plantation – Mindless Lockstep At The DNC.

The lemmings go marching two by two… it’s the same oddball mishmash of fringe extreme left-wing wing nuts. This time with a really ominous refrain.

The gaggle of misfits, malcontents and freeloaders came together three times to deny the very existence of God. From a biblical standpoint, probably not a smart thing to do. From a political standpoint, it may just have cost the DeMarxists whatever fringe elements of the fundamentalist south they still held under their hypnotic gaze. Nominal Catholics, those identifying as Catholic but not actively practicing, who as ‘independents’ went big for MaoBama in the 2008 election, may desert the sinking ship as well… rightly interpreting the obvious disdain for the Creator as an attack on Mother Church.

I broke a rule I’ve had for myself from just about the time Dee (my editor) convinced me to begin this column. I’d purposely avoid the usual news coverage of proceedings that I’d considered writing about. I didn’t want outside postulations to color my opinions of events. Having admitted to watching the RNC convention while in the hospital, I did watch portions of the DNC luvfest.

Further, I listened to the seemingly endless parade of losers, apologists and hysterical, moon-eyed, brain-dead, MaoBama symbionts as they spewed lie after outrageous lie, many manufactured of whole cloth to their adoring and slavish base… primarily, the Lame Stream Press et al, who, in their collective ecstasy with speaker after speaker, built to a truly orgasmic crescendo with the long and somewhat self-serving, disjointed ranting of the great Bubba and serial abuser of women, William Jefferson Clinton.

What he really did was to illustrate Obama’s ineptitude while stroking his own meager accomplishments, which were mostly forced upon him by Newt Gingrich and a Republican Congress who weren’t under the Clinton spell. An impeached, failed president pleading for four more years of exactly what we’ve been suffering since this present inept fool was immaculated.

Another question begs some attention as well. It seems every Moslem organization in America with direct ties to terrorist groups was embraced by the DNC who, I’m afraid, are just self-absorbed and naive enough not to see the threat implicit in the stated goals of these subversives. There is going to come a time when the Moslems in America, who are so eager to hide behind our flag and continue to spew their poison, are going to have to fish or cut bait.

What I took away from the Democratic National Convention was a sense of ‘there’s nothing new here’. It’s the same old song with a very sad price tag still attached. Eighty eight million able-bodied people out of the work force. No matter how the DeMarxists and their surrogates in the Lame Stream Press spin this most recent jobs report, it still stinks. That’s what MaoBama and the DeMarxists are stuck with. No matter how they spin it, it’s their economy and that’s what, in the final analysis, is going to be MoaBama’s downfall. From my lips to God’s ears.

Now, Romney and Ryan have to pound away on the economy… the economy… It’s the economy, stupid.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


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