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Fare Thee Well, Andrew… And God Speed.

March 4, 2012

His meteoric rise to prominence in the conservative movement came just at the right time for his work to have a maximum effect on the American Patriot movement… and change it forever. I didn’t know Andrew. I’d always hoped to. He and Drudge are two of my mainstay aids in following daily news trends. If you’re an op-ed writer, you cannot have too many sources.

Andrew Breitbart was brilliant and fearless. He was also deeply feared and respected by not only the ObaMaoists, but by the Republican establishment we have all come to detest. Andrew went where many, who considered themselves to be conservative, hesitated. He took his issues directly to the murky world of leftist political correctness and defied them to challenge him. Most of those who tried usually came away lightly grilled… on both sides. An entire menagerie of Lame Stream Media morons took devastating shots at him, from the safety of the sidelines, and their vituperation rolled off him like water from a ducks back. He was never intimidated.

He never let up and he never failed to call the left on their lying prevarication. Others who knew him well write that he was a tireless worker for the causes of conservatism and American freedom.

His legacy, however, may be much more than his image of a strident warrior in the cause of freedom and the American way. He was a mystery to his adversaries as well as being a nightmarish gadfly to those on the left. He understood the left as few did. Having had two parents who were both Democrats, his conservative epiphany was even more profound for it and he was never once to look back.

He has encouraged and nurtured a whole new generation of conservative investigative reporters who never would be able to find a voice in the Lame Stream Media. Breitbart has shown what can be done by a few determined people with the strength of principle and righteousness on their side.

He turned one of the left’s big entitlement icons into garbage in the space of a couple of weeks. Acorn will never be the same, though it’s trying to morph and regenerate as we speak. I dare say it’ll be a long time before they give advice on pandering underage alien girls though. There will be more!

Dee and I wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Andrew’s family. His cause was just and his legacy will live on as long as there is one patriot to draw breath.
Semper Fidelis, Andrew.

© Skip MacLure 2012


The Markets Do The Talking.

August 9, 2011

Obama really wants your money… that’s where his idea of ‘balance’ comes from. Can’t call it what it is, taxes… no, that wouldn’t do… ugly word, taxes… doesn’t sell very well. ‘Balance’, now… well, that’s just a hop, skip and jump from ‘shared sacrifice’, that old Clinton standby.

Taxes… that’s it. That’s the whole game plan. Your money, his distribution. He likes that. He loves spending money, as a matter of fact he’s already throwing more government goody ideas out there through his statist media outlets. New and improved unemployment extensions. More ‘shovel ready’ jobs that will go only to unions supporting ObaMao and the DeMarxists.

Raising the debt limit has given Obama another huge slush fund which he will use to full advantage against us. He’ll pump millions of our kids’ money into freedom loving organizations like SEIU and ACORN (in all of its new manifestations) who in turn use, as it has been proven, highly questionable and outright illegal methods in voter registration and in funneling unqualified voters through polls. These people are his foot soldiers. They don’t worry much about legality and some of the SEIU thugs have roughed up people, usually smaller or weaker than they are.

Billions and billions of dollars going into the coffers of the enemy, mostly because of the outright cowardice of the Republican leadership. Every single representative and senator who voted yes on the debt sellout had better have some pretty convincing reasons for doing so. Those that are trying to avoid their constituents, by not holding town hall meetings during this congressional break, need to be tracked down.

Look up your representatives’ home district offices and pay them visits. Be respectful. No one listens to obnoxious people. I said ‘respectful’… I didn’t say to be a door mat. You’re angry and you have every reason to be angry, and it’s okay to tell them so in a reasonable manner. That berserker stuff is strictly for the Marxists.

It’s just like last November, we’re just starting a little early, that’s all. Judging by the increasing number of people who write that they hadn’t been inclined to be activist until recently, we are on track for another astounding win. It’s up to us to put solid constitutional conservatives in office. It’s also up to us to punish those lawmakers whom we judge to have not performed the tasks we set for them.

Obama’s job approval ratings came out today. The markets have spoken. Apparently, they see much more clearly than Washington does what an unmitigated disaster these fool politicians have created for us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Growing Momentum.

September 19, 2010

Barack Obama’s America doesn’t exist and never has. Seen through the eyes of Conservatives, it’s a bleak and desolate landscape. We should win in November. We should win really big in November.

What we have to be very careful of is over-confidence. Over-confidence has a way of creeping in, especially when all the political forecasts, even the left’s own, are indicating a huge sea-change. In the short-term we have to be prepared for the left’s usual election day hi-jinks.

Let us not forget the tens of thousands of false registrations generated by ACORN. By the way, ACORN is still lurking out there under various names, and there is evidence of a resurgent ACORN in some cities.

We watched Barney Frank literally steal an election. This should be a huge reality check… this sort of illegal behavior should be expected in any close race. The Democrats are going to be getting very desperate between now and the election, as are Obama and his administration. We have to be extra vigilant and move quickly to counter any DeMarxist cutesy tricks.

It’s time to consider what a Conservative government might look like. It was pointed out that, even after the new crop of Conservative Representatives and Senators, there will be plenty of work ahead. There’s just no room in the new Conservative Republican party for phony moderates – RINOs. To me, a moderate Republican is just a liberal without the guts to say so.

The coming Conservative revolution will be the shot heard around the world. The last thing our foreign enemies want to see is a strong, united Conservative government in the United States.

Once again, if you’re not registered, get that way. Talk to your friends and neighbors. If they’re not registered, help them get that way. See if there’s anyone in your area that would need a ride to their polling place. Encourage everyone you meet to vote!!
That’s how we’re going to win.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Two Thirds Of Americans Say No! Democrats Face 2010 Firestorm.

February 24, 2010

Nobody I’ve talked to can quite fathom why the Democrats seem determined to remain in the death spirals that are its insane fiscal policies. In a way it’s understandable, given the composition of the administration and the Democrat dominated House and Senate. Taking a look at who these people are, and the man that they have elevated to be their leader, places a little more perspective on it.

Barack Hussein Obama…the man without a history or a background. At least, not one that can be readily traced. What we do know about him is not all that clear. His associations from childhood, attending a moslem school and attending mosque with his Indonesian step-father, his associations with various moslems throughout college and his mentoring in Hawaii by an avowed communist. Frank Marshall Davis was an active and key member of the CPUSA, involved in an important Soviet-sponsored network targeting the Hawaiian Islands as an important part of US strategic defense.

Obama was ‘mentored’ by Davis from the time he was nine until he left for Occidental college on the mainland at the age of eighteen. At Occidental, in his own words he was careful to associate only with radical minority and political groups. His associations have all come from radical backgrounds. His brief legal career was in working with and aiding the radical ACORN group. This in fact turns out to be his main and only resume as a radical ‘community organizer’. Barack Obama never once held a private sector job.

Likewise, the people he has chosen to surround himself with are for the most part what we in the plebeian world would refer to as pinheads. Only about SEVEN PERCENT of Obama’s entire administration has ever held a private sector job, run a company or had to meet a payroll.

The people in our Congress, largely and sadly, are not our best and brightest either. Many are the dregs left over from the radical 60’s. The same 60’s radicals infest our colleges and universities spewing their leftist dogma into the minds of our youth. Most of these people in Congress and academia have never held private sector jobs either. What this adds up to is economics by experiment. Add that to radical Marxist ideology and we have the Obama Presidency.

A driven Marxist/Leninist ideologue has absolutely no scruples or moral limitations regarding the forced implementation of the Communist ideal. In this respect Marxists are much akin to radical Islam. We have before us a Democrat/Marxist agenda with a truly suicidal bent to it.

When Obama grandstands his health care monstrosity on Thursday, February 25th and in his manifest arrogance demands ‘My way or the highway’, Republicans need to call him on the farce he is staging. Furthermore, they need to say not only no, but HELL No!

HUBRIS is the only explanation I can come up with. The Leftists’ Holy Grail, their Key to the Kingdom, has always been the health care issue because with it they can control the populace and thereby the country. This has been their overweening ambition for over fifty years. They are so close they are willing to try anything to get it done. They really never expected the level of resistance they have encountered. Never in their wildest imagination would they have thought that fully TWO THIRDS of the populace would have said NO, we won’t permit this takeover of our society or the theft of our freedoms.

They may be presiding over the destruction of the Democratic party as we know it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Barack Obama – The Middle Class Untruth.

January 26, 2010

It’s not like, “Oh gravy!” “What’s he lying about this time?” It’s more like which SETS of multiple lies do I start with.
While Mr. Mealy Mouth was wowing the kiddies at an elementary school by standing feet above them, looking down his nose at the teleprompters again, Nancy and Harry, with Obama’s direct knowledge and approval, have concocted a complete Rube Goldberg torturing of the legislative process in order to cram that health bill down your throat, 60 votes or not.

They intend to achieve this by a bizarre bait and switch use of the reconciliation process and a total backdoor agreement between Senate and House versions to be enacted by Democrat Representatives, on a promise of signing on to it AFTER Obama signs the legislation and enacts changes agreed to beforehand to satisfy the various recalcitrant factions.

This one is so sleazy, fraudulent and most likely unconstitutional, as to be hard to absorb. It’s almost surrealistic. If the general populace learns of this one they may decide to go the tar and pitchfork route after all. Those Bluedogs? HAMMER THE HELL OUT OF THEM!! They are the Obama, Pelosi, Reid lynch pin on this. So it’s back to the mattresses for Conservatives and Independents. Call, fax, email and contact your local representative’s office. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED.

Obama, meanwhile, is touting that his stimulus has ‘saved or created’ TWO MILLION JOBS. President Obama, YOU’RE LYING THROUGH YOUR EYE TEETH. The Obama administration has been doing everything diametrically opposite of what is required to create new jobs. His assaults on business and the MIDDLE CLASS (this is classic marxism). Assaults on the financial and banking sectors who small business is dependent on for funding and expansion. This is all a direct assault on the middle class because small businesses drive job creation in this country, and SMALL BUSINESS IS THE MIDDLE CLASS!

Now President Obama is going to pull a classic Saul Alinsky right shift and try to convince someone in the ‘middle class’ that he really cares. He is going to claim that the middle class has been under ‘assault’. Yeah Obama, by whom?
15 MILLION JOBS LOST. The worst month for housing sales in FORTY YEARS, down 17% in December. It’s the middle class that buy homes, Obama. It’s the middle class that can pay for them.
Remember all that Democratic junk paper? Those are YOUR foreclosures. Those are the poor that you and ACORN forced the banks to loan to, the ones who had not a prayer of being able to repay.

Your public debt Obama: $12,245,872,000,000 – a figure almost inconceivable in its scope, and you want to increase that debt ceiling by another ONE POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLARS, and you’re going to go in front of the country and preach about FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY?!!
You have destroyed those jobs, Obama, you have destroyed them by sucking billions upon billions of dollars out of the private sector.
You were speaking about being a one term President, Mr. Obama.
From your lips to God’s ears.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Obama – A Case Of Diminishing Returns.

January 25, 2010

David Axelrod is telling us breathlessly that his glorious leader is FEISTY. I guess from that monumental statement Conservatives should be quaking in our boots in anticipation of the drubbing to be handed out by the President during his state of the union address. Pardon us while we don’t get overly apprehensive about repackaged garbage. According to White House insiders President Obama will focus on JOBS and the DEFICIT. In other words, everything he has worked so diligently to destroy in his ideological drive to transform this nation a la Saul Alinsky.

David Axelrod

This is worth repeating. While Obama is busy revamping his message and telling us what a terrible raw deal he was handed by George Bush… remember that one? The one engineered by Democrats through Fannie and Freddie, Acorn, AIG and players like Goldman Sachs, with the willing accompaniment and active interference of people like Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd, the chairman of the House Banking Committee? Good public servants all.

Our President has presided over a money glut of historic proportions, one which if allowed to run to its conclusion will cost the taxpayers of this country FOUR POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLARS by 2016. This is in addition to the 5.1 trillion Bush and Obama are already responsible for.
Now he wishes to speak of fiscal responsibility and will seek to find blame everywhere but where it belongs. During the Bush years we saw gains of THREE POINT SEVEN MILLION new jobs. Not as impressive as the Clinton years and the hysterical growth prior to the .com bubble burst, which left George Bush with a recession of his own to deal with, a fact that is conveniently discarded by the tame Democrat left-leaning press and most politicians, but still solid substantial job growth.

Now we come to Obama and the great GREEN job revolution that ain’t. Better than 15.3 million jobs lost to the recession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pathetically few jobs he can credit himself with are mostly government and / or temporary. Once again, GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING.

The American people know about job growth. They know where jobs come from and they also know that runaway regulation and massive tax increases are not going to create those jobs. Obama is putting out feelers for a SECOND stimulus to ‘jump start’ job growth. That seems to be the entire liberal philosophy… not accounting or taking responsibility for failed policy but taking refuge behind inanity such as “it needed more funding to do it right”, or “it needed more time”, which amounts to the same thing.

This is a mantra we’ve heard from the left consistently on one public policy issue after another for a hundred years. The definition of insanity is doing something with negative results and going back and doing it again and again expecting a different outcome.
President Obama, we await your little extravaganza with bated breath, while we observe your cronies scrambling for whatever political cover they can find.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

All The King’s Horses And All The King’s Men… May Not Be Enough.

January 17, 2010

The Anointed One’s panic button must certainly have been pushed to stir him from the urgency of crafting more illegal deals in his ILLEGAL attempted takeover of 16% of our total economy, taking ownership of our bodies and way of life as well.

It remains to be seen how close they really are to agreement. It also remains to be seen how many of their House votes will hold in the final analysis, given the amount of pressure being placed on Democrat and ‘moderate’ Republican RINOs by an enraged and daily-growing number of voters in their districts, and a constant barrage of negative feedback from Conservatives and Independents around the country.

The note of desperation could not be kept from reports coming from DeMarxist house organs such as The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and The New York Times, as they changed tracks and began to trumpet the list of DeMaoist heavies called upon to come forth and do battle with the upstart, but highly effective and well-liked, Scott Brown in the Massachusetts US Senate special election to determine who will hold the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

All of the administration’s sleaze mongers (those that could be spared from digging into Sarah Palin’s family) are desperately trying to find a way to destroy Scott Brown before the ballots can be counted. In the event of a Brown victory they will most surely attempt to steal the election, a la Barney Frank’s theft of his opponent’s victory through corrupt state election officials, operatives and liberal justices beholden to the left. It would behoove the Republicans to CAREFULLY monitor each and every polling place in the absolute certainty of the Maobamists pulling in the ACORN/SEIU and other Union thugocrats, to be prepared to stand up to them and for ONCE not get stepped all over. Conservative and Independent Tea Party Patriots would be perfect for this type of duty, as many of them have already been confronted by, and NOT intimidated by, the rent-a-mob goon squads.

Michelle, a disillusioned SEIU member.

It tickled the hell out of me to see a sign-wielding SEIU ‘protester’ in Massachusetts, who it turns out was an unemployed SEIU member, telling a television reporter that he was only there to collect the $50.00 being paid out by the union for the event. He further stated that he didn’t vote for Obama. This was a guy that was well aware what his union was doing. Don’t forget that SEIU and Andy Stern dropped a cool $680,000 on anti-Brown negative television ads. Hey, Andy! Ask for a refund. It didn’t work.

As we go into the final days of the campaign the DeMarxists are pulling out all the stops to try and salvage Martha Coakley. SHE CAN BE BEATEN!! Scott has been running consistently ahead in the polls in this liberal stronghold. No wonder the Enlightened One’s handlers are willing to throw away whatever capital he has left. THEY ARE DESPERATE.
Go online and give Scott whatever support you can – you don’t have to live in Massachusetts to actively help. Contact his campaign at

While the nation is rightly focused on this surprising thrust into the rotten heart of the liberal beast, don’t forget for a moment that we have major battles being fought on other fronts.
The DeMarxists have THIRTY SEVEN DISTRICTS that are in serious trouble from really aroused and ANGRY constituents who are definitely at risk of losing their jobs, and not nearly all of them are going to be willing to trust to the blandishments of cushy jobs being offered by Maobama, should they fall on their swords for him in vain. What? Not trust OBAMA? For shame.

Continue your efforts to call, fax, email, snail mail and visit your representatives’ offices. Make it so hot for them they’ll be afraid to show up. Don’t pay attention to the lies and invented stories of the LAME STREAM FRINGE MEDIA. It should be apparent to all and sundry by now that they have lied themselves into inconsequence.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

CHAMELEON: Who and What Barack Hussein Obama?

October 4, 2009

Which Obama is which? You just never know which door to look behind… or should that be an empty window?
The American people are learning a seriously painful lesson. When you buy a pig in a poke you have no idea what you are getting.
Whoops! I understand that pork is seriously upsetting to our Islamo-Fascist friends… TOO BAD. It IS something that Democrats and not a few Republicans (much to their discredit) are extremely fond of.
George Bush virtually guaranteed exodus en masse by Conservatives and Independents by the total irresponsibility rampant in his administration, where profligate spending and earmarks were concerned. His desk never saw a veto pen during his first term and seldom during his second. In this area his administration was severely deficient. We paid for that in the 2008 elections. To say nothing of putting forth a seriously flawed candidate in Senator John McCain.
Barack Obama spent a lot of teleprompter verbiage on how he would eliminate earmarks. The Chameleon neatly dodged around the BILLION dollars worth of major pork he voted for in the Senate and then promptly included nine thousand two hundred and sixty four pork projects in his 2009 budget disaster.
The Chameleon spent more jaw exercise assuring a nervous electorate that our national security would be sound. He then travels the world shmoozing people who would destroy us in a heartbeat, all the while appeasing and apologizing for fantasized misdeeds this country had committed.
He appoints a new commander over Afghanistan and then promptly ignores him; the critical assessment he has ordered him to perform at the same time placing our troops on the ground there at much greater risk.
Our enemy sees the Chameleon for what he is. Our enemy is emboldened by weakness and vacillation… something our Chameleon has in abundance.
Our Chameleon and his reptile-like allies in Congress have created crises after crises in order to rob us and our children of the God-given heritage of freedom. The Chameleon would replace it with slavish serfdom to further his statist aims.
All is not rosy in Camelotistan however…..The Chameleon got first hand evidence that the world was not nearly as enamored with the many faces of Mr Obama as our besotted fringe media would have us believe.
It was nearly comical listening to the pandermedia trying to explain why those cretins in Denmark should start a recount a’ la Barney (I got a hooker in my house ) Frank… nearly comical if it hadn’t been so pathetic.
His other tour de force, ACORN, is in serious trouble and not a few Democrat House and Senate rats are scrambling to cover their support of and connivance with this megalithically entwined and crooked entity.
In spite of control of both the House and Senate, the Chameleon has serious problems with his signature issues because of overwhelming opposition from an irate electorate which is getting more irritated by the day. Resistance is growing daily and Democrats and a few Rino Republicans are starting to count votes for November 2010 and are seriously worried about what they see… and they should be…..
Our President is beginning to realize that even a Chameleon has to have substance….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009