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Bluster, Appease, Ignore, Deny.

April 9, 2010

The four pillars of Obama’s policies… it seems that they are remarkably alike both for domestic or foreign consumption. Obama’s technique when confronted by a domestic issue is to bluster his way through when confronted… appease his way through or around the issue… ignore it and pretend not to know anything… or deny it altogether, it never happened.

Obama and Medvedev Sign.

The problem with that approach is that people watch it a few times and then they figure out that’s the only game you have, and that they are starting to think that you may not have the horsepower for the job. Something the rest of us knew a long time ago.

I keep watching one massive blunder on top of another and I’m amazed that people in the Congress who should know better aren’t being more vocal about the disaster area that is our economy. Even the densest Democrat out there instinctively feels the loom of 2010 on the horizon.

The first of the pillars works astonishingly well in dealing with those terrible bullies over in the middle east. It goes hand in hand with ‘appease’, because Obama uses that pillar more frequently than the first (bluster). The guys over there have been counting speeches too. They’ve got his entire program wired down, and they know that Obama appeasement always comes with some concession, usually to the detriment of our national interest. That and the current administration’s facility for policies detrimental to our allies, simply ignoring them entirely, and when that isn’t working deny anything to do with it and leave them to take the rap.

The astonishing part about all this is that Obama has gotten as far as he has, given that his political pantry is emptier than Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Obama has placed this country at serious risk with his nuclear disarmament agreement with Russia… hopefully the Senate will have a whole bunch to say about this one. It’s not only a stupid idea in a world that’s got regions that are ready to go postal just about any time, but we have a world wide enemy bent on our destruction. That two-bit puppet of the Mullocracy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has threatened war on our country. He’s not just talking about Israel, he’s talking about us. Words have meaning, we’d better listen.
Watch for Obama to run for cover on this one also… ignore/deny….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Israel On The Brink – Obama Cowardice Knows No Bounds.

March 3, 2010

In a truly cowardly about face, Barack Hussein Obama reversed his promise to Israel to drive for speedy sanctions against Iran with or without the UN Security Council. On March 2, Hillary Clinton said that “Security Council” action would take several months, leaving Israel strung high and dry… again.

Hillary Clinton

Several disturbing factors are becoming apparent. Iran’s recent movement of some 4300 lbs. of low-enriched uranium to an above-ground facility may be, and probably is, a shell game. A 45 ton shipment of N. Korean yellowcake uranium destined for Syria’s nuclear plant, which was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force, has turned up in Iran. Obviously hidden from IAEA inspectors and unknown until revealed in a Japanese intelligence report, the only question remaining is how many other unknown caches there are.

The US military may have issues of its own. Syria, Lebanon and Qatar will be hosting Iranian troops in an apparent ratcheting up for possible hostilities with Israel. Qatar is home to the largest Air Force Base outside of the continental United States. If war comes to the region, which seems likely, having Iranian troops in-country and within striking distance of a strategic base of this importance would draw America into the shooting war whether we wanted to or not. Hopefully, Iran would think twice about attacking a US facility, but one of the hallmarks of the fanatical Iranian regime is its instability and unpredictability.

Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad summoned his Islamist and terrorist allies to Tehran to ‘finalize’ their military roles at the outbreak of hostilities. Ehud Barak, Israeli Defense Minister, in response to threats by the Iranian and Syrian presidents, said that he didn’t think that it would be possible to “slide toward 2011 without decisions”. He also stated that in the event of the outbreak of hostilities, Israel would go after the Lebanese government and infra-structure and “other sources of sponsorship”.

Obama’s cowardly reversal won’t cause this war. But his refusal to support our ally has certainly moved the Middle East war counter down. Meanwhile, Israel’s military high command has completed a five day command and communications exercise assuming an assault from four separate sources.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Clock Ticks – Israel Faces Off With Enemies.

February 28, 2010

Before I get into the cauldron simmering in the Middle East, I want to revisit the ‘health care summit’ and an article written by Joe Klein of TIME/CNN. If there is a better example of why the ‘lamestream’ press are becoming extinct in this country I haven’t seen one.

Mr Klein was apparently elsewhere during the hearing and depended on ‘tea leaves’ for his reporting. Read: ‘I don’t know anything about this but I’ll pass judgment based on second hand garbage from other lefty sources’. Klein’s article was a misrepresentation from beginning to end. Joe, your boy Obama was on the defensive the whole time. The only way he had to protect himself from the very cogent points being presented by the Republicans was to repeatedly cut them off and go off on some obscure posturing or another. Despite being held to only one hundred and ten minutes the Republican lawmakers made the Democrats and President Obama look pretty damn silly.

Events in the Middle East are becoming more dangerous by the day following talks in Damascus, with Syria calling for military support from Iran in the event of war with Israel. Iran has been ginning up the image of war with Israel in talks with Syria, Lebanon and Hizballah.

Ahmadinejad and Assad

Iranian President Ahmadinejad, in a series of phone calls with Syrian President Assad, Lebanese President General Michel Suleiman and Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah, said that Israel is after finding a way to compensate for the ‘defeat’ they suffered at the hands of Hizballah in Lebanon.

Despite this nonsense Israel’s hand may be forced soon. The on-again off-again Russian missile deal is apparently back on again. Israel has been beefing its anti-missile and civil defense postures considerably. IDF training has been going on at a fevered pitch. The new long distance drones are operational and could conceivably take some of the pressure off of the IAF by performing deep penetration real time surveillance and targeted strikes, leaving the more difficult precision strikes to the IAF fighter and fighter-bomber strike forces.

The Heron TP Drone. The IAF are also currently engaged in exercises to 'rapid refuel' aircraft while on the runway.

There are reportedly some 45,000 rockets and missiles in Lebanon ready to rain down on Israeli towns and cities. Our own Coward-in-Chief has sent our national security adviser and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ‘ensure’ that Israel doesn’t do anything rash… like defend themselves and their country. One would hope that the Israelis told them to put it where the sun doesn’t shine, but they’re more diplomatic than that. One thing is for sure, when they do decide to go they won’t be asking Obama for permission.

Too tempting to pass up? Iran, in a puzzling move, has taken virtually its entire stock of 4,300 lbs of low-enriched uranium to an above ground facility from storage in a hardened facility underground.
It’s like they are begging Israel to do its worst… and they might just find out that Israel’s worst is likely to be Iran’s worst nightmare.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Iran’s Fools Gambit – An Empty Threat?

February 1, 2010

Ahmadinejad stuck his unkempt visage in front of the cameras to put a time and date to deliver a ‘telling blow’ to the “world powers” on February eleventh. Is this more of the Iranian President’s usual bloviating rhetoric, or could there be something more sinister here? Keep in mind that Ahmadinejad says nothing his puppet masters have not told him to say.


Newt Gingrich has said that “Iran is the most dangerous regime in the world AND THE SINGLE MOST URGENT THREAT to American national security”. The recent tests of missiles launched from merchant ships in the Caspian Sea, not targeted but detonated high in the air, have raised the urgency of a threat long speculated on by scientists, military and national security experts.

An NEP, or nuclear electromagnetic pulse, attack over a portion of this country would fry any electrical or electronic equipment not hardened against an EMP or electromagnetic pulse, throwing the affected area instantly back into a horse and buggy existence. With this threat in mind, Obama’s reducing funds to our missile defense systems and development programs may take on the proportions of intentional national suicide. Sound extreme? It wasn’t all that long ago that the world, including the US, ignoring the rising tide of aggression represented by the axis powers during the 1930’s led to World War Two and the deaths of millions of people world-wide.

Given Iran’s stated aim of the destruction of the free and independent state of Israel, the murder of its entire population and the additional promise to destroy “The Great Satan” – uhh… that would be US folks… some serious attention should be paid to our options, other than the tepid sanctions being enacted by the Obama administration. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. That should be the Obama theme song. If there is a way to do something just exactly wrong, this goon gaggle seem to be able to find it every time.

The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) SM-3 Is Being Deployed In The Middle East.

I’ve been hoping that Israel might force our hand. Our military has begun reinforcing and increasing our missile defenses throughout the middle east. It’s beginning to look like there will be a real shooting war over there soon. Let’s hope that we treat it like a war and not one of Obama’s ‘I can’t make up my mind but I’m thinking about it’ issues.
The United States may not be able to afford his indecision. The world may not be able to either.
Israel has substantially increased its anti-missile anti-rocket capability with land and sea based assets possessing a very high level of capability. There is no doubt in Israel’s mind what is coming.
The clock is ticking.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010