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Barry Hussein’s War On America; Homefront Edition.

February 26, 2012

Everywhere we look we see tangible evidence of the depredations of Barry MaoBama Hussein and his Marxist brethren. Actually, it’s difficult at times to ascertain just exactly whose drummer Obama is stepping lightly to. We can see the tangible results of his masterful foreign policy. Mr. Apology is working overtime to placate a bunch of seventh century tribal savages, while his rules of engagement are ensuring that more of our Marines and soldiers are being killed for no reason other than his ineptitude… or his malice. Take your pick.

He sure looks, speaks and behaves like a man with an agenda. It’s blatantly evident to just about anyone, except the committed Kool-Aid crowd, that it’s not America’s agenda. With everyone’s attention pretty much locked onto the circular firing squads representing the race for the Republican nomination, most of Mr Obama’s very real liabilities are being swept under the rug.

The ‘State Of The Union’, in a word, stinks. Obama’s intentional assault on the economy of this country is so target rich I scarcely know where to start. A bit of advice to the Republican presidential hopefuls, though… if you can tear yourselves away from venues specifically set by liberals of the Lame Stream Media. They’ve proven themselves a hundred times over to be no more than mouthpieces for Barack Hussein and his cabal of Marxist loons. You might find it productive to take the attacks to Barack Obama, where they belong.

It boggles the mind to consider that Republicans are stupid enough to allow the left to control and dictate the very substance of our primary candidate debates. This is just what we’ve been talking about all along. It’s what the 2010 elections were all about. We, as conservatives, are totally fed up with the depredations of the DeMarxists and, as the Tea Party Patriot driven Republican sweep of the election showed, fully 70% of America agreed. Far more than that though… it reinforced the revulsion most of us felt for the perpetually erroneous plans and schemes of the establishment Republicans.

So, here we are again. Only this time our very freedoms are on the table. Ronald Reagan didn’t play the Lame Stream game with the DeMarxists or the establishment Repubics. In fact, the establishment did everything in its power to destroy Reagan… and failed. They failed because he refused to pander to the media, heavily left-leaning even at that time. He carried his message directly to the American people… and we responded. The message of conservatism resonates through all of the liberal bleating, lies and obfuscation, each and every time.

Keep in mind that Reagan did not have a ‘new media’ to carry and spread his message. The Lame Stream Media has not only lost vast numbers of its audience, it has lost virtually all credibility and the ratings show it. Why do we allow them and the weak-kneed, linguine-spined establishment Republicans to set our, or any, agenda for that matter? Take your message to the people. We of the new conservative media will carry that message.

Obama’s constant mantra of tax, tax, tax… steal from the ‘rich’ and give to the indolent, the shiftless and the ne’er-do-wells of our society. His constant assault on every single facet of our economy should, in plain language, scare the hell out of every American.

It’s time to hit the trenches again. Take your conservative ideas and principles with you wherever you go… to your neighbors, at the market, at work. It’s American conservatism on the march. Once again, if you don’t know where to go or what to do, contact your local Tea Party Patriots. You’ll find a totally welcoming group of people with but one agenda… America’s.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Obama’s Middle East Blunders Come Home To Roost.

October 25, 2011

Or, depending on where you are on the conspiracy ladder, all is according to plan. So how’s that nation-building scheme workin’ now, Mr President? It’s apparent that wherever our young President dabbles in mid-east diplomacy, the crescent is in ascendancy.

It made me laugh listening to the academized boneheads of the administration vomiting forth platitudes of a ‘democratic Arab Spring’… a democratic Egypt… a democratic Libya. Kumbaya and other fairy tails.

Meanwhile, our intrepid Barack Hussein works diligently to ensure that our mission in Afghanistan fails and the Taliban take over. Starve our troops in Afghanistan of tactical support, as well as supply. Cripple them with rules of engagement just short of suicidal. The finest military in the world wasted… for what? A monument to Barack Obama’s cowardice? Or something more sinister?

Desperation move. Barack Obama, in a desperate move to pull his fragmented base together, has summarily declared that our remaining 25,000 troops in Iraq will be removed, leaving that country undefended. This is a very poor political decision fraught with peril. If we have to go back into Iraq, which is a pretty fair possibility, it will cost far more in American lives and treasure than had we simply stayed there as the strongly stabilizing influence we have been.

If the destabilization of the middle east was Obama’s purpose or his mission, whichever you prefer, he’s done a bang-up job. One cannot help wondering if his next outreach will be to Bashar Assad? What is obvious to me is that everywhere Barack’s magic touch is found, the Muslim Brotherhood follows, as do all the other forces of darkness.
By the way, I strongly suggest we investigate the Islamists in Barack’s own government. Maybe we’ll discover where he’s getting his marching orders.

Let’s face it… war with Islam is coming. They cannot be compromised with on any level. Soon, very soon, the Muslims here will be forced to choose. Freedom or tyranny, it will be that simple. But we will not as a people permit this medieval death cult to invade our society.

No, I don’t think every Muslim is an Islamic Jihadist. But I do think plenty enough of them have heard their Mullahs preaching their hatred and said nothing. Plenty of Muslims out there are aware of terrorists hiding among their communities and they say nothing.

This is Barack Obama’s America and I can’t wait to change it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011