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Mexican Wars.

June 21, 2011

Since we received some queries last week… I’m back! Last week was one of 15 hour days for me. It’s just the nature of the business I’m in. I liked the way Dee answered one comment from an affiliate: “It’s just too hard to put on his writing head after all those hours”. Pretty apt description.

It’s proven really difficult to impress upon the establishment types the dire necessity of tackling the Mexican issue as a matter of party policy. You cannot separate the border issues from the economy… nor can the 20 million plus illegals, feeding like leeches from the veins of American taxpayers, be ignored any longer. The asinine assertion that we can’t remove these law breakers… felons by any American legal definition… is just so much bull bleep.

As has been shown in the past during any period of stringent enforcement, they repatriate themselves. Don’t try to sell us the sob stories either. How would a citizen of the US (or any other country) fare if caught sneaking into Mexico, or anywhere else in Central or South America? They don’t exactly roll out the welcome mat down there.

Witness what’s occurring in Arizona as we speak. Thousands of illegals are leaving under the impetus of the implementation of Arizona’s immigration enforcement initiatives. Unfortunately, they’re heading for States where the goodies are still being ladled out, like California, whose really simple-minded state legislature has just voted to allow in-state tuition for illegals and the children of illegal aliens in the California university system.

The State of California has an unfunded debt liability of over 40 billion dollars. We see the Governor of California lying outright, in order to gain support for his union welfare tax increases.

Illegal aliens cost the state over 10.5 billion dollars annually, and they pay an additional one point four billion dollars every year to incarcerate 20,000 more illegals. The state is broke. It’s a disaster looking for a place to occur. California state lawmakers should be removed for malfeasance in office. It makes one wonder if California voters will ever break the shackles of union/state imperialism. Other states tell a similar story.

It’s imperative, then, that whoever we put forward to carry the Conservative banner has a firm grip on the subject of illegal immigration and the intestinal fortitude to recapture America for Americans.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


The Guard Tower.

March 10, 2011

A rifle shot rings out across the desert, a voice yells “Rider coming in!”. The location – somewhere in the Arizona Territory, the time – sometime in the 1870s. Pedro, as vigilant as ever in the guard tower, warns the occupants of The High Chaparral of a possible threat to their safety.

This was a work of 1960s television fiction, of course. The tale of a rancher who, in this lawless west, takes a stand against any and all who would destroy his vision of the future. Having lost his first wife to an Apache arrow shortly after moving to their new home, he steels himself for the task ahead when many would give up.

With Apache raids from the north and Mexican cattle rustlers from the south, vigilance is the keyword in the survival of his family and loyal ranch hands. As a side note, I always felt sorry for Pedro. Maybe he was unlucky in drawing straws for guard tower duty.

Fast forward about 140 years to modern day Arizona. No longer a ‘territory’ but a fully-fledged state, with laws and agencies in place to protect the citizens against incursion by hostile forces. There is only one problem…

Big John Cannon would have welcomed the creation of the Border Patrol. So would Pedro, not having to spend so many hours up in that tower under the blazing sun. I don’t think they would be so impressed by a federal government that takes the teeth away from an agency designed to protect them. Or the fact that those gunless wonders in Washington are willing to sue their elected state officials for attempting to help them.

What goes around, comes around. Well, it sure does in the case of Arizona. From lawless, dangerous, hostile territory to safe, civilized, law-enforced state… and back again.

It’s a sad and deeply tragic state of affairs. The world’s only superpower, in the guise of the Obama administration, can not defend (or is not willing to defend) its own people against the constant threat from across the border. This is a threat far more dangerous than has been seen at any time in history. In the 1870s it was small groups of bandidos, armed with revolvers that were pretty inaccurate even at point-blank range. In 2011, they are heavily armed with automatic weapons… and they are highly organized.

In a recent news report, it was revealed that the Mexican drug cartels obtained weapons due to a botched operation by ATF, whereby they knowingly supplied firearms to drug smugglers in an attempt to trace them back to source. That really inspires confidence.

Inability, incompetence, unwillingness… Is it surprising that with these all too familiar hallmarks of federal authorities that people, like Richard Humphries, are forced to take drastic measures to protect themselves? Mr Humphries, a rancher, has built a watchtower on his 75 acre ranch in an attempt to monitor the movements of illegals.

Perhaps it’s time for the president and his administration to watch more ‘High Chaparral’ and less ‘West Wing’, in order to understand the real America.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


New Hampshire Vs. TSA.

March 2, 2011

In Skip’s article of February 28th., he wrote about the abuse of the powers granted to the TSA. Skip credited me with the idea for the article, which in turn was inspired by a ‘Back to Basics’ piece by Gonzalo Lira, which depicted the search of a totally innocent looking family after traveling by train.

I guess the title was down to me. After reading Mr Lira’s article I said to Skip, “What the heck is up with the TSA?” My actual thoughts were slightly more Bidenesque, along the lines of “This is a big ******* deal!” However, call me old-fashioned if you wish, but I leave those expletives to the opposition.

You can imagine our delight yesterday, when we read about the New Hampshire bill which was read to a house committee in Concord. If passed, invasive pat-downs where private areas are touched, or images of such areas are viewed, would be regarded as sexual assault. Anyone found guilty of such acts, without probable cause, would be added to the State Sexual Offenders Registry.

The new act would essentially be the addition of Subparagraph (d), which states:
“When the person, acting in his or her role as a security agent of the federal, state, or local government, touches the genitals or breasts of any other person or touches or views with any technological device the genitals or breasts of any other person without probable cause for such touching or viewing. For purposes of this subparagraph, the following shall not constitute probable cause: discussing or possessing a copy of the Constitution, discussing the security apparatus of an airport, being on the premises of an airport, possessing an airplane ticket or any other type of ticket for access to mass transportation, driving a motor vehicle on a public way, or ownership of firearms.”

Interesting wording… It makes it sound as though a Constitution carrier is regarded by some people (Federal, perhaps) as more of a risk than a Koran carrier.

The TSA have consulted with their lawyers and sources have indicated that their response is that Federal law supersedes State law. Well, TSA lawyers, the Fourth Amendment is Federal law. If you’re not familiar with it, you are welcome to check it out on our website.

While I wholeheartedly support this move in New Hampshire, it should not be necessary. Why are states being forced to introduce new laws when they are already covered at the federal level… in this particular case, by the Fourth Amendment? The same question can be applied to the Arizona immigration bill.

While the White House and the Senate are controlled by those who have little or no regard for the freedom of the individual, or for the Constitution that guarantees that freedom, there will be many more state bills to come after New Hampshire’s. Meanwhile, we await the president’s next executive order with bated breath.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Diminishing Returns.

January 12, 2011

Sort of like what has been happening to the leftists lately. Especially noticeable has been the public’s tepid response to the LSM’s instantaneous and vitriolic attacks against the conservative right.

They’ve pulled out all the stops. They’ve cranked up all their cranks, of whom they have such a delightful variety. They have Marxist members of Congress strutting around proclaiming new anti-gun legislation, which means nothing and will go nowhere.

This entire sad episode has backfired on the DeMarxists in ways they haven’t even figured out yet. Even some LSM types are a little disturbed at the way the leftist press and the political left have colluded to turn the heinous Arizona shootings into a political circus maximus with all the trimmings, including an out-of-control political hack sheriff, running around spouting outrageous, over-the-top rants at conservatives.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is as radical a partisan hack politician as it is possible to be. He had his other moment of fame with his vocal opposition and refusal to enforce the immigration law that Arizona passed. The left’s appeal is ebbing. Well over 60% of the people of the United States of America identify with the Tea Party Patriot movement.

The left is lashing out with all the fury of a jilted lover. The more the American people reject them and their lies, the more desperate they become.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


The War For Our Southern Border.

December 20, 2010

At first, I thought the story had to be wrong when I heard that our Border Patrol agents had to use non-lethal ‘beanbags’ for dealing with illegals, and that in a deadly-force situation they had to wait to fire until fired upon. These ‘rules of engagement’ seldom accomplish anything other than getting good men killed or wounded.

That’s exactly what happened when Agent Brian A. Terry was killed in the remote Peck Canyon area, north of Nogales, Arizona. Ironically, agent Terry was killed pursuing bandits who infest the borders preying on illegals coming across the border from Mexico.

It’s no secret that the smuggling gangs have permanent observation posts set up on mountains in the region. It’s also apparent that Mexico is no longer a sovereign country, but has taken on all the appearances of a narco-state. With a four-year total of thirty thousand dead, men, women and children, and with twelve thousand four hundred and fifty six fatalities this year alone, Mexico is a country which has clearly lost its way.

There are those who would argue that Mexico has never been a self-supporting nation and would have folded long ago if it didn’t have the safety valve of the United States to the north to which it can funnel its illegals, to take pressure away from successive totally corrupt governments, whose only purpose in being is to protect the status quo with regard to the border and the export of illegals, guns and drugs.

There’s a shooting war on our southern border and we’d better wise up to the fact that we are literally being invaded by a foreign power with no regard for its own laws, much less ours.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Joe’s Answer To Feds: More Illegal Alien Sweeps.

September 3, 2010

If the Republican Party had one tenth the courage and determination of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, we might not be having this conversation.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks to the media in Phoenix, after learning that he is to be sued by the US Justice Department.

Sheriff Joe has stood like a rock throughout attack after attack by the liberal Marxists, and never wavered in his determination to serve the people by whom he was elected. Joe is a gutsy, no-nonsense lawman who says just what he thinks and does what he says he’s going to do, which has been to incarcerate some 10,000 offenders, both domestic and illegal alien.

President Obama’s government has singled out Arizona for punishment, for being the first to stand against the statist tyranny of Washington. Eric Holder, at the orders of Barack Hussein Obama, initiated a lawsuit against Arizona’s anti-illegal alien legislation SB 1070, which had passed with overwhelming support from the people of Arizona. Gutsy Conservative Governor Jan Brewer stood against Obama’s hectoring. She told Holder to go pound sand and informed reporters that she was confident that the State’s argument would prevail.

In the meantime, it’s not like this is Joe Arpaio’s first rodeo with people who would love to see him dragged down. He’s faced them all and he’s still here. Now he’s become such a pain in the posteriors of the drug traffickers that they’ve put out an open contract on his head. Joe’s defiance has helped bolster the confidence of other border lawmen to stand up against an illegal rogue government that is obviously bent on the destruction of our society, at least as we know it.

Joe is an everyday American hero. There are heroes just like Joe all over the country. Look around. They’re your friends and neighbors… your family… your community.
Keep at it Joe, we’re with you.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


The Old And The New.

August 25, 2010

The latest batch of primary election results yielded few surprises. After some scathing attacks on rival JD Hayworth, and a no-less-than-spectacular turnaround on immigration policies, John McCain was to cruise home with a twenty four percentage point lead.

John McCain

While Hayworth is a largely unknown quantity in political circles, I think it is a safe assumption that he would not have been tempted to acquiesce to the Democrats in the Senate. The balance in the Senate, come November, will be a close call, probably too close to afford the luxury of defecting Republican votes.

I am amazed that Arizona Republicans, whose current main concern is illegal immigration, could be taken in by a flip-flopper extraordinaire, whose about-turn is nothing more than a blatant act of self-preservation. Sen. Jim Inhofe called McCain a “closet liberal”. Gee, ya think, Jim?! Not a very deep closet, either.

Joe Miller

In Alaska, Tea Party endorsed newcomer Joe Miller was leading incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski by 51 to 49, with 98% 0f votes counted. It could be a week before the final result is announced, with remote rural areas using the old paper ballot system.

Back in Arizona, Ben Quayle, son of former VP Dan Quayle, won the Republican primary in the 3rd Congressional District. The 33 year old lawyer beat off competition from nine other candidates to become favorite to replace retiring Representative John Shadegg.

Ben Quayle

Earlier this month, Quayle called Barack Obama “the worst president in history” and hoped that he would be elected to Congress to “knock the hell out of Washington”.
Honest on the first count, determined on the second – sounds like the type of person we need.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Arizona Law Gains Favor.

August 20, 2010

It looks like Arizona has a lot of serious company out there just now. No fewer than twenty two states are in the process of drafting, or seeking to pass, legislation such as was passed by Arizona. Others are looking at the Arizona law with renewed interest.

Representative Debbie Riddle of Texas aims to pass a new immigration law in January.

The cash strapped municipalities, counties and states can ill afford the lavish largesse, once routinely offered to illegals by liberal governments. The gravy train is petering out for one reason… there is no money. Federal programs and make-work grants are fizzling out.

The stimulus simply didn’t work. That money is running out. The sectors favored most by the infusion of these federal dollars are of course the people to whom Obama and his DeMarxist Congress were most beholden… the public sector unions, the SEIU, the teachers’ unions. So far, they’ve largely avoided the brutal layoff / no job nightmare the rest of us have been living with, only because of repeated bail outs.

It will be increasingly difficult to keep these jobs off the chopping block as further bailouts seem unlikely, given the proximity of the elections and the mood in the country about any further deficit spending. Once the public sector starts to feel the bite, more dissatisfaction will be directed towards Obama and his government.

These twenty two states are legislating in the face of the government’s lawsuit which challenges the legality of Arizona’s ‘tough’ illegal immigration law, which is nothing more than federal law enforced. I think more states will start looking really hard at enacting similar laws, as they have to face how much catering to illegals is really costing them.

Encourage your lawmakers to consider Arizona-style legislation. If we dry up the goodies we won’t have to deport them, because they’ll go back where they came from if there’s no work or welfare to attract and hold them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Go Joe!! – American Hero Joe Arpaio Arrests Fifty Protesters At Own Jail.

July 31, 2010

America’s hero has more guts than all the Feds combined… and that includes MaoBama and the Marxist clown college, and you can throw his lame rear-ended administration into that mix for good measure. Joe Arpaio put an exclamation point to Arizona’s defiance of the Feds’ blatant abrogation of the Constitution and the state’s individual right to defend its citizens.

Illegals were bussed in from as far as Texas and California to demonstrate for non-existent ‘rights’ in our country. I guess La Raza couldn’t find enough local illegals to rabble rouse. Joe locked up 50 protesters from right on his own front porch, and has all the macho illegal tough guys in pink underwear, eating last weeks 20 cent baloney sandwiches. Joe then promptly sent out his troops to do an illegal alien sweep. Keep those cards and letters coming, Joe!

Thanks to Dee for filling in for me yesterday and another really excellent article. She did bring up a subject that is a recurrent theme in this business. By placing your thoughts and opinions out for public review and comment, especially when that content is opinionated and politically charged, you can and will become a target for criticism, especially from the malcontents of the left.

Let me say first that the overwhelming number of comments we receive from readers are positive and thoughtful. Then there are ‘the others’. I guess I can’t blame Dee for unloading on Mr Low-pez. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could speak and write English. However, it rather looks like if we removed the one word he can spell, he’d be the quietest individual in the room. From the vehemence of his attack, I’d guess that he’s probably one of Joe Arpaio’s clients.

We welcome responsible, thoughtful comment. Differences in opinion are what makes America great. The mental lockstep and group-speak of the left does nothing to advance public discourse and everything to diminish it. The left cannot exist in the presence of substantive ideas and therefore must resort to the type of comment Dee was referring to.
Name calling and foul language are the first and last resort of leftists and other things that crawl really low.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


We Are Fearmongering Racists?!!

July 30, 2010

When Skip asked me to sit in today, due to his heavy work schedule, I didn’t really have anything lined up to write about. That was soon to change, as shortly afterward we received a comment from a reader regarding yesterday’s article (‘Meg Whitman: The Next Arnold In Waiting‘), which covered Whitman’s opposition to SB1070.

Call me old-fashioned if you wish, but I find the use of foul language unsavory to say the least. That’s not to say that the air in my office has not turned blue occasionally with some choice expletives, if I’m under pressure to complete some work and the computers are not cooperating! However, to debase an argument or debate by this method only serves to prove a lack of substance. Language aside, there was something in the comment that I found personally offensive, as I know Skip and many Conservative Patriots/Tea Party members would also.

The offending message? Here it is: “sb 1070. You are all a bunch of f****** disgusting, blatant, f****** racists pigs who are obviously so unhappy.” Of course, the asterisks were not in the original! Okay, so at whom  is Juan A Lopez (as the critic signed himself) aiming his comments? If it is Skip, Mr Lopez is seriously misguided, as investigation of previous articles would testify. Skip’s personal life is of no concern to anyone else and it is not for me to discuss such things, but I’m sure that he would be willing to forward the article links which contain details of his own experiences of discrimination and involvement in helping people from ‘minorities’.

As for myself, I have been the victim of discrimination on repeated occasions. No, not imaginary ones, such as ‘supposed’ spitting or name-calling where there was no evidence worthy of $100,000. Stones and eggs thrown at windows and a vandalized car (slashed tires and ‘keyed’ paintwork) in my case! This, in an area where nearly everyone is left of center! I live in the middle of liberal hypocrisy, so don’t try telling me about their warped ideas of equality!

So, what about the Tea Party? There is not a single day that goes by without some liberal or other hurling baseless accusations of racism. How many Americans have, in some form or other, been involved with the Tea Party movement? Two million? Five million? Ten million or more? It would be naive of me to deny that there are not some racists in that number, just as it would be to say that no Democrats or NAACP (!) members are racist.

Bigots exist in all walks of life, of all political persuasions and in all occupations. Some are so entrenched in their own little world of hate (dare I say, often a result of their own insecurities or feelings of inadequacy) that nothing will change them. They are free to think what they think. If they put those thoughts into action – that’s a different situation entirely.

We should examine the difference between racism and the rule of law under the Constitution. When the Black Panthers, on video, said what should be done to white babies… well, that speaks for itself, racism in its worst form. I would also class that as ‘incitement to violence’. However, the only basis that the left has for accusing the Tea Party of racism (forget the disproved incidents) as a whole, is its support for stronger controls on illegal immigration.

On the subject of SB1070, I found one part of Judge Susan Bolton’s statement to be quite worrying: “By enforcing this statute, Arizona would impose a ‘distinct, unusual and extraordinary’ burden on legal resident aliens that only the federal government has the authority to impose”. I heard this mentioned by a couple of television reporters, but they did not seem to interpret it the same way that I did. It sounds to me as though the federal government can impose a burden on legal resident aliens. This, of course, is referring to the status checks on suspected illegals. If this is the case, as clarified by a US judge, then why are the Feds, in the form of ICE and other agencies, so reluctant to act when they would have the full support of states like Arizona? Do I really need to answer that one?

A couple of years ago, I arrived at work early in the morning to be informed that two night workers had been taken away by police in the wee small hours. It transpired that someone had suspected them of being undocumented workers and reported them to the authorities. Indeed, the two Pakistanis had expired visas and were deported. This was in Britain, the ever-so-politically-correct nanny state. It’s a little worrying when a country that has historically been seen as a soft-touch by illegals is getting more tough than the US.

The Tea Party is not a divisive organization. It is there to unite people who have a common aim – to maintain the freedoms of every legal US citizen, regardless of ethnicity, under one flag and one Constitution – that of the United States of America.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)