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Life On The Old Plantation – Mindless Lockstep At The DNC.

September 9, 2012

The lemmings go marching two by two… it’s the same oddball mishmash of fringe extreme left-wing wing nuts. This time with a really ominous refrain.

The gaggle of misfits, malcontents and freeloaders came together three times to deny the very existence of God. From a biblical standpoint, probably not a smart thing to do. From a political standpoint, it may just have cost the DeMarxists whatever fringe elements of the fundamentalist south they still held under their hypnotic gaze. Nominal Catholics, those identifying as Catholic but not actively practicing, who as ‘independents’ went big for MaoBama in the 2008 election, may desert the sinking ship as well… rightly interpreting the obvious disdain for the Creator as an attack on Mother Church.

I broke a rule I’ve had for myself from just about the time Dee (my editor) convinced me to begin this column. I’d purposely avoid the usual news coverage of proceedings that I’d considered writing about. I didn’t want outside postulations to color my opinions of events. Having admitted to watching the RNC convention while in the hospital, I did watch portions of the DNC luvfest.

Further, I listened to the seemingly endless parade of losers, apologists and hysterical, moon-eyed, brain-dead, MaoBama symbionts as they spewed lie after outrageous lie, many manufactured of whole cloth to their adoring and slavish base… primarily, the Lame Stream Press et al, who, in their collective ecstasy with speaker after speaker, built to a truly orgasmic crescendo with the long and somewhat self-serving, disjointed ranting of the great Bubba and serial abuser of women, William Jefferson Clinton.

What he really did was to illustrate Obama’s ineptitude while stroking his own meager accomplishments, which were mostly forced upon him by Newt Gingrich and a Republican Congress who weren’t under the Clinton spell. An impeached, failed president pleading for four more years of exactly what we’ve been suffering since this present inept fool was immaculated.

Another question begs some attention as well. It seems every Moslem organization in America with direct ties to terrorist groups was embraced by the DNC who, I’m afraid, are just self-absorbed and naive enough not to see the threat implicit in the stated goals of these subversives. There is going to come a time when the Moslems in America, who are so eager to hide behind our flag and continue to spew their poison, are going to have to fish or cut bait.

What I took away from the Democratic National Convention was a sense of ‘there’s nothing new here’. It’s the same old song with a very sad price tag still attached. Eighty eight million able-bodied people out of the work force. No matter how the DeMarxists and their surrogates in the Lame Stream Press spin this most recent jobs report, it still stinks. That’s what MaoBama and the DeMarxists are stuck with. No matter how they spin it, it’s their economy and that’s what, in the final analysis, is going to be MoaBama’s downfall. From my lips to God’s ears.

Now, Romney and Ryan have to pound away on the economy… the economy… It’s the economy, stupid.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Our Intelligence And Special Ops Triumph Over The Worst Obama’s Marxists Can Do.

May 4, 2011

From all reports, it was a nearly flawless operation with the exception of the loss of one helicopter. We’ll probably never know all of the details, nor should we. Special operations / black ops are just that… highly clandestine, and therefore almost always top secret.

It’s also a singular truth that the left, starting with Jimma Boy Carter, has been steadily eroding our intelligence community’s ability to defend our country’s interests throughout the world. Even Carter’s bumbling incompetence couldn’t match the decimation of the ‘first most ethical administration in US history’… that of Billy Jeff Clinton. He, Hillary, and the rest of the Marxists in his government, did their best to decimate not only the intelligence community and cripple their ability to do their jobs, but leaked classified information at every opportunity.

Our ‘assets’ (agents and informers) were compromised all over the world, and many lost their lives to this shameful treason… the Clintons, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose husband Richard Blum has been in bed with the Chicoms for over 25 years. Deeply embedded, I should say. He and his leftist wife have made multiple millions of dollars, literally on the backs and bodies of our gallant and magnificent military. This is the pedigree that our increasingly onerous Hussein Obama brings to the table. Another snake in a long line of snakes.

In my article the day before yesterday I alluded that this operation was not any great act of courage by the Enlightened One, but rather the culmination of ten years of hard and concentrated work set in motion by George Bush. Obama never would have made such a move on his own.

What happened was that he was forced into giving his ok for the operation. Obama, the great lover of all things Muslim, would never have given up his icon except under huge political duress. He was faced with the political certainty that if he buried this intel, someone would release it during the hottest part of the 2012 election cycle and that, on top of the rest of his dismal performance, would put finis to his second term aspirations.

The surest indication of the truth of this is that Obama didn’t get the ratings ‘bounce’ of which the left was so palpitatingly expectant. It didn’t happen.
Nothing Obama can say or do is going to sway the American people, no matter what the legions of his Lame Stream Media have to say about it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Where’s Wildo?

October 23, 2010

By the time you read this, possibly somewhere in Michigan. Just like television sweeps time, it’s a pretty safe bet to wheel out an old favorite to draw the crowds. Nothing new, the same worn out story lines… but with a comfort factor like that favorite pair of old slippers.

Where's Wildo? Clinton in Denver, 2008.

The Democrat mid-term election campaign has been disastrous. They could not campaign on their achievements, which included what is possibly the most unpopular bill in recent decades, or their track record on employment and the economy. Some attempted to use the ‘fear factor’, warning voters of the result of going back to the days of the Republican-controlled Congress. Can anyone truly say that things were not better before 2006 than they are today?

Their alternative strategy of trying to appear centrist in the campaign ads has fallen flat. It fails to impress the die-hard liberal voter and cannot sway the conservatives, who have long memories. Just like the long list of Obama pre-election promises that were never fulfilled, or totally reversed, this pathetic attempt to woo the electorate has become totally transparent.

While Obama sets off on a whistle-stop tour of key states, no doubt spinning his divisive spiel to minority groups along the way, many beleaguered Democrats prefer to invoke the nostalgia quotient.

There is more than a little irony that the man who was so scathing of Obama in 2008 is jumping in to the ring in an attempt to do what the President can not. The electorate are not falling for the lies and smears in the campaigns, so they bring in Bill Clinton to lend a hand. Do I detect a hint of irony in that sentence, also?

Much of the election coverage has included talk of a possible rift between the establishment GOP and the Tea Party. This is nothing to what I can foresee happening to the post-election Democrats. Not only is Clinton rallying to the Democrats’ call, they are rallying to him… in a way they never would to Obama.

It’s quite possible that Clinton is attempting this act of damage control out of loyalty to his party. I have read pundits’ opinions on his motives, which include his “love of the limelight”, “addiction to adulation” and “repaying a debt to those who helped Hillary in 2008”.

I would say they are all pretty much on the money, although the last statement is the most interesting, with possible future implications.

Hillary is noticeably giving Obama a wide berth, almost to the point of disassociation. I could not believe the rumors that there was talk of a Clinton-Biden job swap. While Biden is the nodding yes-man that Obama needs, I could not imagine Hillary in that role. The only possible reason that she would be appointed VP is in the event of Obama having to give up the Presidency, perhaps through ill-health… maybe stress or insanity.

I believe it’s a certainty that Hillary Clinton will run for the Presidency, probably sooner rather than later. The dutiful husband is already laying the groundwork with their loyal band of supporters. He knows, she knows, the majority of Democrats know that their party is doomed if they maintain the far-left policies of the Obama regime.

After November 2, Obama will be pretty much a lame duck, with little support from his party, no support from Congress and a public that wants nothing more than to see the back of him.
Enter, stage right……

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Obama’s Retreat.

August 30, 2010

It’s not his Waterloo… that comes later… it’s more like Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. It’s like Obama is absolutely overwhelmed with the job of the presidency. Nothing in his background, or training, had prepared him for the reality of the biggest job in the world.

I think Obama was fascinated by the idea of being president. I don’t think he, or the cabal of leftists he has gathered around him, have a clue as to how to run anything, much less this country. The Marxists have managed to unite this country as perhaps nothing else could have.

Obama has had a tin ear from the outset. He has proven to be so ideologically driven that not even the impending Conservative tsunami looming in November will sway him from his vision of fundamentally changing American life and values. This is not a Bill Clinton, with someone like Dick Morris to convince him to move to the center in this center-right country.

Obama’s horizon sees only that which is permitted by his vision. He’s oblivious to the rhythms of the nation or the opinions of the electorate. He repeatedly attacks the new media for doing what the lame-stream won’t… telling the American people and the world the truth about Obama, and the DeMarxists’ rush to break down our society.

Obama’s foreign entanglements, including his apparent support for Muslim countries over our long time allies, is another Obama blind spot.
Barack Obama truly does need to be a one term president.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama, What Did He Know And When Did He Know It?

May 29, 2010

It’s tempting to venture into calling what may be happening to President Obama and the Democrats poetic justice, as more is revealed about the White House, Sestak, Clinton connection.

Clinton and Sestak

Republicans are calling for a special prosecutor to dig into the offering to Sestak of ‘an unpaid job’ as the head of a Presidential commission, if he’d drop his Senate bid in favor of Arlen Specter. The White House has worked quickly to distance the President from the possible backlash if, as some suggested, the law had been broken.

It might be noted here that Obama’s White House moved much faster covering Obama’s butt than they did responding to the disaster in the Gulf. Commission? More likely what he was offered was Secretary of the Navy. There are, of course, many vociferous denials coming from the left as they prepare to circle the wagons. Not the best move in an election year perhaps… sure to draw fire from Republicans and pointed questions from voters as well. What did you know and when did you know it?

The left excoriated George Bush unmercifully for years after nine eleven. The LSM (Lame Stream Media) is also falling all over themselves to minimize the impact of the Sestak story. But as we say in the industry, this story has legs and we haven’t seen or heard the last of it.

What we do know is that the call went out to Bill Clinton from Rahm Emanuel to ‘influence’ Joe Sestak, a sitting Representative, to drop his US Senate aspirations in favor of the Administration’s pick, Arlen Specter. Interfering with a candidate and promising favor, paid or not, is in violation of the statute.
Can’t wait to see where this one goes….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Billy Jeff 1992 Redux.

April 18, 2010

All that’s missing is Janet Reno and an FBI sniper with a penchant for pregnant women. In 1992 the militia phenomenon was growing in reaction to Bill Clinton’s Presidency. Clinton moved quickly to marginalize and demonize the militia movements. He and Hillary repeatedly tried to tie the movement to Timothy McVeigh. The ‘main stream’ media had been working overtime to link McVeigh to the militias as well… but Billy Jeff’s fixation with the militia movement went back farther than that.

Bill Clinton didn’t take criticism gracefully and one way to shift some of the heat away from himself, and what was going on inside his White House, was to latch on to the militia movement as an example of right wing extremism. From there it’s easy to lump Conservatives together with the militias and paint us all with that brush the left loves to use.

Ruby Ridge 1992, Waco 1993, Elian Gonzalez 2000. All massive abuses of power and misuse of the law. A runaway Justice Dept. being run by Janet Reno, who reportedly was impaired a good deal of the time. The Government’s willingness to take the lives of its own citizens chilled the nation. Clinton laid off the militias some in his second term, but by then he had a lot more to worry about than what he saw as a bunch of rednecks running around the countryside with pickup trucks and rifle racks.

Now Billy’s back and damned if what he’s saying isn’t almost exactly what he was saying in 1992, when he ‘discovered’ the bane of his existence… Rush Limbaugh and Conservative talk radio. The internet was beginning to be a factor also.

I can’t help get the impression listening to Clinton that he’s ‘fishing’ for something by chumming the waters and then waiting for the suckers to bite. I thought I had as much of Billy Jeff as I ever wanted and here he is popping up again. The rhetoric is identical, but it came from a false premise then as does it now. He was wrong then. He’s wrong now.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Judicial Intimidation – More Obama Third World Marxist Tactics.

January 29, 2010

Scoring the President’s speech was a breeze. There was not a single word of truth in anything he said. Period. One hour, nine minutes and forty four seconds of absolute statist crap. If Mr. Obama thought that his HUGOESQUE farce impressed anyone other than himself he was deluded. Not even his own party could be moved to support him in the face of overwhelming opposition from most of the country.

When even the reliable  moderate Fred Barnes asks, “Haven’t we heard this speech before?”, you know your tune isn’t playing. But Fred, whom I seldom agree with, has a point… EVERY Obama speech sounds like every other Obama speech. That’s what happens when your ideology bumps into the nations reality. Barnes also said that it was the ‘least fresh’ State of the Union speech he had ever heard. Wow! Another point of agreement. I think Fred was speaking for most of the nation, aside from the rehashed liberal gibberish I referred to yesterday there were more assaults on the middle class, via pumping more private sector dollars into “job” programs which will only grow more government jobs and short term jobs, which will die as the money runs out. Watch for the big push for centralized government programs all over again.

Fred Barnes

What seems to be the message from President Obama is that he DIDN’T get the message that we, the people of the United States of America, have been sending him. We don’t want your massive government spending, taxes, regulation, and control of our health care system. Congress, however, HAS been getting the message in abundance. YOU ALL can take credit for that. It’s YOU, the American people, who are responsible for what happened in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. It wasn’t the party machinery of the RNC. It was your unremitting efforts at getting the message out there that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE Obama’s back room, third world Marxist politics.

Obama urged Democrat Representatives and Senators to fall in behind him and ‘win one for the Gipper’. All the while they are scattering like a covey of frightened quail while counting the days until November. Few will be willing to commit political seppuku for Obama’s ideologically driven delusions.

Obama’s shameful third world treatment of the honorable members of the highest court in the land, and the DEMOCRATS who participated with him in it, was vintage Hugo Chavez or perhaps Mao Tse Tung. Especially given that he premised his Stalinist attack on a lie… which after all WAS pure Stalin. Few of the members of the Court will forget about about this treatment while Obama remains in office which may turn out to be a good thing for the rest of America.

Supreme Court Judges Listen To The State Of The Union Address.

The Supreme court made the correct decision overturning the portion of the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold Act that limited the freedom of individual speech, all leftist claims aside. The laws concerning foreign contribution to US election campaigns were UNTOUCHED AND REMAIN IN FORCE!
Another Obama BALD FACED LIE.
What last night taught us is that Barack Obama is far too ideologically committed to do anything like a Bill Clinton shift to the right. This is going to mean that at least for us the fight continues unabated.

Our marching orders are clear. We need to fight these people over every single item of their agenda and give no ground at all, for in fact is that not the way they have dealt with us?
Continue the Conservative march to victory in November and beyond. Shout the praises of freedom and the American way of life to your friends and your neighbors, and defeat those who would see us drown in the third world misery that would be Obama’s America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Obama – A Case Of Diminishing Returns.

January 25, 2010

David Axelrod is telling us breathlessly that his glorious leader is FEISTY. I guess from that monumental statement Conservatives should be quaking in our boots in anticipation of the drubbing to be handed out by the President during his state of the union address. Pardon us while we don’t get overly apprehensive about repackaged garbage. According to White House insiders President Obama will focus on JOBS and the DEFICIT. In other words, everything he has worked so diligently to destroy in his ideological drive to transform this nation a la Saul Alinsky.

David Axelrod

This is worth repeating. While Obama is busy revamping his message and telling us what a terrible raw deal he was handed by George Bush… remember that one? The one engineered by Democrats through Fannie and Freddie, Acorn, AIG and players like Goldman Sachs, with the willing accompaniment and active interference of people like Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd, the chairman of the House Banking Committee? Good public servants all.

Our President has presided over a money glut of historic proportions, one which if allowed to run to its conclusion will cost the taxpayers of this country FOUR POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLARS by 2016. This is in addition to the 5.1 trillion Bush and Obama are already responsible for.
Now he wishes to speak of fiscal responsibility and will seek to find blame everywhere but where it belongs. During the Bush years we saw gains of THREE POINT SEVEN MILLION new jobs. Not as impressive as the Clinton years and the hysterical growth prior to the .com bubble burst, which left George Bush with a recession of his own to deal with, a fact that is conveniently discarded by the tame Democrat left-leaning press and most politicians, but still solid substantial job growth.

Now we come to Obama and the great GREEN job revolution that ain’t. Better than 15.3 million jobs lost to the recession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pathetically few jobs he can credit himself with are mostly government and / or temporary. Once again, GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING.

The American people know about job growth. They know where jobs come from and they also know that runaway regulation and massive tax increases are not going to create those jobs. Obama is putting out feelers for a SECOND stimulus to ‘jump start’ job growth. That seems to be the entire liberal philosophy… not accounting or taking responsibility for failed policy but taking refuge behind inanity such as “it needed more funding to do it right”, or “it needed more time”, which amounts to the same thing.

This is a mantra we’ve heard from the left consistently on one public policy issue after another for a hundred years. The definition of insanity is doing something with negative results and going back and doing it again and again expecting a different outcome.
President Obama, we await your little extravaganza with bated breath, while we observe your cronies scrambling for whatever political cover they can find.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Obama – Tough… On What?

January 8, 2010

We used to have a saying around the playground as wise-guy adolescents. “He’s tough ok, around the mouth”. This was generally used to describe a guy who was all talk, who would back off and cower to any half-baked bully who happened to come along. Striking simile to the Benighted One and his Clown College where it comes to the very first tenant of a President of the United States of America.

This bunch are as inept as it gets. It is really tragi-comic to listen to this boob go in front of the cameras ‘and talk tough’. While he is pontifically pronouncing his willingness to take ‘COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY’ for security failures, one wonders how we would extend that to the numbers of dead Americans that are going to happen because of his imbecilic ineptitude. For deaths there WILL be.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter showed us and the world what a weak, pacifistic appeasement could do for a country. It gave us the fanatical Iranian regime and the world-wide jihad. The MAD MULLAHS only backed down when confronted by the reality of a no-nonsense American leader, who made it patently clear to them that the full strength and power of US arms was right over the horizon, had they continued the games with our embassy and our citizens that they had buffaloed the foolish, feckless Carter with.
Bullies, third rate dictators, mad or just semi-mad Mullahs, jihadists, foreign or homemade, thought twice before they messed with Ronald Reagan. The notable exception to that being the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon in 1983, when Reagan had the Marines withdrawn in the aftermath.

Then with the advent of the FIRST “most ethical administration in history”, the bad guys figured out Billy Jeff in a hurry. In his best non-confrontational manner, Clinton quickly telegraphed his intention of handling obvious terrorist attacks against the country as a criminal issue, as opposed to an international terror network which had already adamantly telegraphed its declaration of war against the country, setting the stage for 9/11.

George W. Bush

George Bush kept the country relatively safe by keeping the terrorists pretty much pinned down in the middle-east and elsewhere. A number of would-be terrorist related attempts were thwarted during Bush’s tenure, mostly because they had been convinced that he WOULD FIGHT.

Now we have the SECOND “most ethical administration in US history”. (Please Lord, save us from a third). It’s Jimmy Carter and Billy Jeff rolled into one delightful fun package. Criminalizing CONFESSED terrorists into US courts just as though they were citizens with rights. Treating would-be mass murdering Jihadist bombers to ACLU attorneys, instead of a military commission and interrogation that may, just may, save more US CITIZENS’ LIVES!
Yes BARRY, you and your goofball security apparatus do so inspire confidence.
Gee…don’t we all feel so fuzzy warm and safe?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010