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Truth Or Consequences.

December 6, 2010

Truth… a rare creature seldom seen near our nation’s Capitol. Watching the massive assault which has been launched against this nation is just mind boggling. We have the Marxist Democrat Congress, a defeated lame-duck Congress, attempting to ram through every single item they had left on their wish list before the Conservatives take over in January.

They’re not having great success up to this point and President Obama worked out a ‘compromise’ with the Republicans. People speak: He got his clock cleaned and the unemployment bone they tossed him won’t hide that.

His administration cannot manage the country. Obama’s entire government is a security nightmare on every single level. He himself could never have passed a security clearance, had one been run. Someone, somewhere, has a dossier on our glorious leader, or maybe several. Remember the Clintons combing through hundreds of confidential FBI files that just magically ‘appeared’ at the White House?

The Clinton White House was full of leaks also. Irresponsible, criminal release of confidential and secret materials has cost this country huge amounts of treasure, but far worse than that, it has cost us irreplaceable human assets. It’s usually done by ‘unnamed’ sources that feed the slavish lame stream media, generally timed to do the maximum amount of damage to our intelligence capacity.

This Obama White House has taken lapsed security and leaking information to new heights of irresponsibility. How was a lowly PFC able to access as much information as was alleged, ‘intelligence analyst’ or not? A PFC is the second lowliest form of life in the army’s hierarchy. What was this individual doing that permitted him to access so much information without supervision?

It’s tough to realize that security has slipped since my active Marine days… things today appear pretty sloppy by comparison. What I think is that the Pentagon and our national security apparatus had better do a real strip search… our State Department didn’t get the name “Foggy Bottom” for nothing. It’s long been home to leftist activists. I, and other writers who are drawn to these things like moths to light, have been concerned at what we saw as a definite politicizing of the Pentagon and the definite and not favorable effect it’s had on our combat troops.

These politically protected leftists need to be replaced. Left to spread their corruption, these people do terrible damage to the spirit and combat readiness of US forces. Just look at the Pentagon this last week, proclaiming a supposed ‘poll’ taken amongst US troops about ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, supposedly overwhelmingly in favor of the law’s repeal. Horseradish… that poll was as phony as the Pentagon itself has become… with far too many senior officers willing to sell their men out for the rewards of political correctness.

Maybe the shakedown needs to start at the top.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010



Conservative Marching Order 2010.

January 4, 2010

This is it. 2010 and the MID-TERM ELECTIONS are right around the corner in political terms. We need to pay VERY close attention to everything that transpires this year and we cannot for one split second take anything for granted. There are some do’s and don’ts out there that we should keep foremost in our minds as the swelling tsunami of the American Conservative movement prepares to sweep the ENEMIES of our REPUBLIC from in front of us.

DO be active in your local Republican organizations. DO act to influence them to do the right things – the things that WIN local contests. I walked into my local Republican party headquarters last election cycle and it had all the excitement of a funeral parlor. They didn’t even have voter registration applications for their own county, but had them for a district two counties away. When I pointed out that this was just a couple more sets of hands for registrations to go through and more opportunity for them to ‘disappear’ or be mislaid in the mails the looks I got from our party representatives can only be described as NON COMPOS MENTIS. The SF Bay Area is notorious for voter shenanigans, these people just didn’t get it. My own registration had been tampered with twice in nine years.

Become activated, your enthusiasm will be infectious.
DO not allow the lame stream to gin up the old Trojan horse of a third party. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Third parties are the product of fevered minds. It was a third party of well-intentioned but sadly misinformed  Americans that brought us BILLY JEFF CLINTON, under the third party banner of Ross Perot, splitting the Republican and Independent vote.

Ross Perot

We need to champion a revitalized CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN PARTY under the leadership of SOLID conservatives who will go bare-knuckled, toe to toe with the ENEMIES of the Republic and not give an inch. After all, is this not the model that the DeMarxists have taught us so well? When they snivel that they are being mistreated, all we have to do is to remind them of Nancy With-The-Smiling-Stapled-Lids having THE LOCKS CHANGED IN THE HOUSE CONFERENCE ROOMS, locking Republicans out completely.

I was listening to a statement by Mitch McConnell where he sounded like he was preparing to ‘go along and get along’ with the DeMarxist power structure in which he said he thought ‘we could work together to get things done’. Uh, Mitch, that’s NOT what the American people are telling you! We don’t WANT you to get along with that bunch of Maoists and if that is your intention leave now, for we will surely remove you and any other establishment Republican who acts or thinks like that as well.

Mitch McConnell

Conservatives are on the march. There are Conservative challenges all over the nation.
One thing we need to do for SURE before 2012 is to CLOSE OUR PRIMARIES. What gave us John McCain instead of a more viable candidate was Democrat voters crossing over and voting in Republican open primary elections. The Republican leadership was so inept they allowed the opposition to choose for us. How stupid is that? Though it’s obvious now that the party had McCain preordained in a backroom deal, much like when they brought up another notorious deal-maker loser, Bob Dole.

It’s just exactly what we have to avoid this time. There are a lot of bright young Conservative leaders coming up through the ranks.
There are 435 House seats up for re-election, 36 seats in the Senate. There are 37 Gubernatorial seats up for grabs. Don’t think that the DeMarxists aren’t sweating this one out. Just ask Ben Nelson.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Security It Isn’t – Lethal It Will Be.

December 30, 2009

ANOTHER magnificent performance by those masters of ineptitude in the White House and the Obama administration. I asked how in blazes the almost-successful skivvy bomber had not been placed on a terrorist and no-fly list (“It’s a Brave New World” Dec 27, 2009) given that his own father, a highly placed and influential Nigerian banker, had contacted US authorities (it now turns out to be twice) warning them about the radicalization of his son in Yemen. Not only that, but the British had yanked his visa and  would not allow Umar Farouk back in the country.

What went wrong? Better to start by asking what went right…NOTHING. The list of spectacular failures is intimidating.
I’ve also written on several occasions that security (or the lack of it) is a top down issue. Hence, this MASSIVE hole in our country’s internal security has got to start and end with OBAMA. Naturally, his choice for Homeland Security Chief had more to do with hard left wing cronyism than a concern for the lives and the welfare of the citizens of this country.

Just so we all understand, I wasn’t any happier with the Republican leadership on this issue under George Bush. Realizing we had some ass-kicking to do after the inept and appeasement-rich Carter and Clinton years, George Bush at first seemed like a breath of fresh air after 9/11. At last, a president that got it! Or so I thought at the time. Turned out that he was just another big government Ivy League Republican insider, though with more gonads than Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton combined. Problem was, he couldn’t or wouldn’t control his own party which was then in the majority and when it came time he had to do so it was too late.

He didn’t really get it on home security either. Not where it counted. We got a lot of fancy sounding titles and mouthy platitudes, but eight years after he had been elected we STILL had no southern border fence. As a matter of fact, less than seven hundred miles of this TWO THOUSAND mile border is effectively under control to this day! George Bush’s cowardly knuckling under to the Mexican government, regarding the prosecution of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, for shooting a convicted drug smuggler in the act of bringing several hundred pounds of  drugs across the border was dastardly at best. Bushes ill-conceived outreach to the latino voting block, through a sort of soto voce approach to amnesty and the many Republicans who went along with it, was another of the BIG reasons we lost the House and then the Presidency, as this is as big a a third rail issue to Independents and Conservatives as the abortion issue is.

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano is so far out of her depth as to  be frightening. An extremely weak selection, she was and is an open borders advocate. One cannot help but wonder how many thousands of actual terrorists have made their way across what is basically an undefended frontier.
The DeMarxists are about to make their big move on DEMOCRAT VOTER FOR LIFE AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS. El Presidente himself will spearhead this FELONIOUS effort.
We have a Home Security department more concerned with picking on blue haired grandmothers in wheel chairs than in possibly offending some obviously middle-eastern type because of the INSANE self destructive non-policy of political correctness.
We have our glorious leader coming out with pronouncement after pronouncement about ‘his’ concerns for security and safety ad infinitum…and not one word putting the blame where it belongs.

Until this government AND the people of the United States clearly understand that this is a world wide war of extermination by Militant Islam this sort of utter nonsense will continue and next time that detonator will not misfire.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


October 18, 2009

President Barack Obama trots around like he doesn’t have a care in the world. He is the quintessential Liberal, blowing through people’s lives like a Federal Emergency Grant, leaving nothing but confusion and chaos behind with nothing to show for it, most especially accountable results. It’s Ali Baba and the Legion of Thieves…and every bit as mythical.                                                                                                                                                    It’s the recovery that ISN’T and jobs that AIN’T…and the mantra of lies coupled to the fantasy that IS and the healthcare bill that WON’T. In the words of former President Wm Jefferson Clinton, (Billy Jeff to his many friends and admirers), “It depends on what the meaning of is, is”. So we have the President who CAN’T, coupled to the health care bill that ISN’T, along with a recovery that AIN’T.

Which brings us to the benighted one’s foreign policy that ISN’T either.
From little Honduras, that great international threat to the south of us, to his insulting of one of our oldest allies in Europe and the unforgivably gauche treatment of a reigning Monarch and her Prime Minister. His GROVELING performance before a Saudi King, denigrating the office he does not deserve and the country he is not man enough to lead. His blatant courtship of a philosophy that keeps millions of people in servitude, poverty and ignorance and who is an enemy that has sworn to destroy what Obama has sworn to protect and isn’t. His faithlessness extends far beyond his general ineptitude. That by itself would be understandable and to a degree forgivable. After all, once the glitz and glitter of the historic moment was over and the anesthesia of the hysteria-inducing press had worn off, most people knew that what we had been telling them since Barry had been put forth by his handlers was true.
He is a man of no experience, who could point to no qualification or accomplishment for this most important and difficult job in the world. His entire tenure in government, short as it was, had been spent in avoiding having any sort of record that could be pointed to…sort of like his life.

What is unforgivable is his placing of this country, its citizens, and its military forces, in extreme peril. This world we live on is teetering on the edge and I’m not referring to the ‘Green Phantom’ of Global Warming or Climate Change or what ever the term du jour is for the Marxists who hide behind the various environmental movements.
The situation in the Middle East is balancing on a hairpin….Afghanistan is suffering from Obamination which can be diagnosed as Yellow Fever. The Obama Senate has stolen 2.6 BILLION dollars from our troops in harms way…This is ‘the’ OBAMA Senate.
His Irrelevance has stabbed our Eastern European allies in the back, allies we had pledged to protect, thereby soiling the honor of this country though HE has none. His imprimatur on the world stage of policy is one of self aggrandizement and apology for fancied affronts by this nation which have provided more good in this world than all modern nations combined.
Small wonder that the citizens of this country have turned away from him in ever growing numbers.
Stay strong…carry the message of freedom to your friends and neighbors…remind them that we are Americans and what that means…to ourselves, to our children, and to the world.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009