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The Leftist Rush To Silence Rush – Losers!

March 14, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is a consummate professional. His momentary lapse into the shadow-land which is the domain of the leftists and their symbiont media, where no standard is so low that it cannot be surpassed by something cruder, lower or slimier, was totally out of character. Not because of what Rush said, which in the pantheon of the left’s garbage grindings is indeed mild by any comparison… but we Conservatives are used to holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Rush doesn’t need me to defend him. His millions and millions of fans already have. The only surprise is that such things don’t happen to broadcasters more often. I did some broadcasting early in my post Marine Corps years to a live audience… and you can get into some surprising situations. There was always the possibility of an intemperate response to the listener who, for whatever reason, feels the need to bait the person behind the microphone. I’m not condoning it, but it happens. As usual, the line is drawn rigidly for Conservatives and loosely, or not at all, for our counterparts on the left.

When I first heard about this latest Conservative ‘bimbo‘ eruption, it was complete with the offended ’23-year-old’ co-ed, who turns out to be a 30-something femi-nazi who’s been around more times than a carousel. As always, it’s not the left’s front-page stories that we follow… that is, unless we feel the need for a little white noise. It’s the back stories we look for… the stuff they don’t want you to know.

The DeMarxists are remarkably consistent in the way that they present these ‘victims’. After all, the Maoists must have victimization in order to assert oppression, which is their other stock in trade. Then they bring on the Saul Alinsky tactic of isolating the target. In this case, Rush, but in a larger sense all of ‘new media’ talk radio.

The N.O.W. gang took time away from stirring their cauldrons to trumpet Rush’s demise. Craven DeMarxist politicians, who had remained mute while their Lame Stream operatives absolutely savaged conservative women with some of the foulest terms in the English language, called not only for Rush’s head but the abolition of all conservative talk radio. That old lizard, Gloria Allred, stuck her nose out from under her rock, scenting a headline.

A simultaneous assault against Rush’s advertisers resulted in a bare handful of faint-hearted departures, whose impact on Rush’s network was somewhat less than negligible. They were even more shocked when they realized that the whole incident was a tempest in a teacup and came scrambling back to the fold… or so they hoped… only to find that Rush had shut the barn door behind them. Well done, Rush!

Anyone who advertises in the Conservative media knows full well that we are subject to being jumped on at just about any time. If you don’t have the strength of your convictions, knowing that we face the type of opposition we do, you don’t belong here. And that’s the message Rush was sending. Pretty obviously, his twenty two million-something listeners agreed.

Well, the left is doing a severe gut (or something) check because none of it worked… none at all. They, of course, can’t figure it out. They were sure that they had Rush this time.

The DeMarxists called it “The war on women”. The results were more like “What if we held a war and no one came?” Looks like Obama may find out.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012



‘Mainstream’ Propaganda Doesn’t Work Any More – Truth Reigns Supreme.

December 6, 2009

They don’t like it. They don’t really understand it either or they wouldn’t do and say the things they do. The ‘lamestream’ or ‘fringe’ media as we sometimes call them, are being increasingly marginalized by the nearly instantaneous transfer of information available to the average person at his or her computer keyboard today.

Back in the day when virtually the entire hard news output was controlled by major print media and the three large television networks, NBC, CBS and ABC, there was a virtual lock on opinions voiced outside of these increasingly politicized outlets. With a decidedly left-leaning message, Americans were hammered for decades with decidedly one-sided messages. What conservative voices there were on the right were marginalized and diminished as being eccentrics and somehow outside the norm of American politics.

The increasing preeminence of leftist thought in our journalism schools had really begun to be felt in the late 60’s and 70’s when I had returned from military service and entered college. The anti-war movement was in full bloom and the left’s grip on academia was pronounced. As a journalism student I had numerous clashes with professors or grad students objecting to the the conservative slant of many of my pieces. This didn’t do a heck of a lot for my grades in those classes, but even then I was stubbornly defending my position and pointing out the fallacy of the liberal Utopian redistribution of wealth model. As you can well imagine, I took a lot of heat for speaking my mind and standing up for conservative principles.

With the advent of conservative talk radio and the personal computer came a sea-change in the public’s access to varied points of view. The so-called ‘mainstream’ press, both print and television, had dominated the landscape for so long that they had taken a paternalistic attitude that the American people really didn’t know any better. We had to have our ‘betters’ interpret for us. Along with the information revolution came the ability of America and the world to access information from thousands of sources instantaneously.

America had not been sufficiently dumbed down despite the left’s best efforts. We began to see the fallacy and the inaccuracies in what the left was saying. We saw lies and stories created out of whole cloth to support their socialist aims. Furthermore, we clearly saw the symbiosis between the leftist press and their political allies in the Democrat party and in the entrenched Washington bureaucracies. We began to talk to each other and exchange ideas. Not necessarily the ideas of our own party leadership either, for we had found them wanting. We came together through our new-found information freedom fountain as never before. The Conservative revolution was born. The country awoke and its people felt the resurgence of hope that was birthed with the adoption of the greatest document in history, the United States Constitution, on March 4, 1789.

We now re-dedicate ourselves to the ideals of the Constitution and the principles of truth, freedom and individual responsibility that has made America the greatest country in history.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009