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The Strength Of The Movement.

June 19, 2011

The strength of the so-called Tea Party groups has been that they are entirely the expression of the American people. They are a direct result of the danger that the country is in. It is a popular movement, driven by the will of a people who have been pushed to their limits by an oppressive regime dedicated to an alien way of life which imposes their doctrine of tyranny over every aspect of our lives.

The Patriot Movement has emerged as the heart of the Republican Party, with 60% of Republicans stating that they are Conservative. A not surprising additional 20% of Independents identify themselves as Tea Party members… bad news for the De Marxists who virtually had the independent vote to themselves in the 2008 election cycle.

This oft buried factoid has Democrat planners really concerned over the 2012 Presidential elections… it’s the independent voters who most often determine the course of any tight race in America. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re saddled with what looks like the least saleable second-term President in US history.

I predicted, even before Barack Hussein Obama was elected, that the burnish would soon fade off his shiny armor and his charger would turn to a jackass. Being right has little satisfaction when in the last two and a half years this neophyte emperor has overseen the loss of over two million American jobs and the deliberate assault on the American economy on a multitude of fronts. We all see it, we all feel it. The American mind is focused like a laser.

The Tea Party and the Independents have one more decidedly unpleasant missive for the DeMarxists that they’d just as soon you don’t know… and you won’t see in the slavish leftist media. There’s another block of Patriot Tea Party members comprising another 20%. These are Democrat votes, caught up in the Constitutional Patriot wave which is sweeping the nation. These are  disillusioned Patriotic Democrats who cannot abide what has become of their party and others for whom the name Obama has become anathema.

It’s the so-called Reagan coalition, born again out of the heart of America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


The ‘New Tone’ Is The Same Tired Tune.

January 20, 2011

In the first place, I don’t want my representatives cozying up to the Marxists who have done, and are doing, everything in their power to destroy this country. So I urge you, as Patriots, to contact your representatives and tell them we won’t appreciate their little tete a tete with the Democrats at the State of the Union speech.

Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin announced that they will sit together for the State of the Union address. “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”- Shakespeare.

As for the ‘new tone’… it’s newspeak for idiots. The DeMarxists have reverted to their passive-aggressive role with guilt, vituperation and outrageous falsehoods towards all. This is their new tone. What it means is surrender for Conservatives, in order to gain some semblance of cooperation from the left side of the aisle.

It’s the same sort of political scam they’ve pulled for almost forever. What’s even more remarkable is that Republicans have fallen for it time after time. All the leftists have had to do, up to the present time, is yank out the guilt card and we’d all cower down and go into our sickening accommodation mode.

Being sold out and sold down the creek by generations of our own party has left most conservatives a skeptical bunch… much more prone to asking pointed questions in their pursuit of the truth. Our response to the assault of the leftists has got to be as pragmatic as it is simple.

Say ‘no!’… Just say ‘no’ and keep saying ‘no’. The DeMarxists back down virtually each and every time they are confronted with principled truths. If they can’t change the story line they’re out of luck.
That’s our job, folks… to sink the liberals and keep them sunk.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Obama And The DeMarxists’ Scorched Earth Political Suicide.

October 13, 2010

Regular readers of this column will remember a cartoon showing ‘the march of the Democrat lemmings’, where identical hordes poured over a cliff. That’s much like what’s still occurring within the DeMarxist ranks. Not satisfied to have presided over the single greatest threat to our livelihoods, our homes and our freedoms in the history of the country, many a Congress critter is about to ride the Obama express over the falls.

The mood of the country is neither forgiving nor is it likely to allow for much compromise with the left as far as most of us are concerned. The DeMarxists are running for their political lives. Barack Hussein Obama’s White House is rapidly becoming his Fuhrer’s bunker, just as Hitler lived underground in Berlin during the final days of the Reich. No, I’m not comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler, though there certainly are some ready comparisons.

The political landscape isn’t just looking bleak for the enemies of our country… it’s purely toxic. I mentioned yesterday that every new move of the DeMarxist political machine drops them even deeper into hot water with the American citizen. Yeah, the ones they’ve lied to and ignored for the last time.

Obama’s and the DeMarxists’ tactics are not going unnoticed or unremarked. They are facing an aroused populace, who has made it its business to be extraordinarily well informed about the condition of the country and the economy.

A seismic upheaval in the tapestry of American politics will occur in less than three weeks now. It’s not a question of victory any more. We are assured of that, however it is a matter of numbers… we’re sure to take the House by more, much more, than we need.

The Senate is also up for grabs with ten seats which could very likely swing Republican. There are thirty six gubernatorial seats up this election cycle, many of which may fall to Republicans. Add to that the truly staggering numbers of state and local races where Republican candidates are having a huge impact.
It is indeed a very tough year for incumbents.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


The Incredible Vanishing Congress.

September 28, 2010

Congress might have been able to clear Washington faster in the face of something like the bubonic plague, but not by much. Washington is political poison for Democrats. They chose to leave town without addressing the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Not that their reception will be that much better out in their districts.

People, many people who have never before participated in the political process, are energized… not in the sense of Obama’s vacant-eyed, vacuous-expressioned, mind-numbed robots, parroting glitzy slogans without meaning to other mind-numbed robots.

These people are not just energized. They have seen the threat to this country and have taken up the challenge. They have become more politically aware and have joined other constitutional patriots in what has become the most powerful political influence in the nation. This is not a third party. These are individual citizens deciding that we’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it any more.

The DeMarxists, and some eight or nine Republicans, are not going to be pleased with the reception awaiting them in their districts. What is incredible to me is that these politicians (Congress), who were hired for but one reason, to do the will of the people under the Constitution of the United States of America, have been able to wall off the voices of American citizens while pursuing policies of personal aggrandizement and enrichment, at the expense of the American citizen. And we let them get away with it.

You see, I’m one of those people who believe that we’ve just plain gone to sleep at the switch. We did it over and over again, time after time, lulled to sleep by the siren song of leftist agitprop and the promise of impossible dreams and empty promises.

This upcoming election is going to present us with clearly defined choices. We can vote for freedom and a return to a Constitutional Republic. Or we can vote to destroy the greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever seen forever. Because if we were to lose, that beacon just might be extinguished permanently. It’s an easy choice.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


A Remarkable Story.

September 26, 2010

From a journalistic standpoint, the meteoric rise and even more startling fall  of the giant Democratic socio-Marxist monster combined with the massive uprising of the American people, is being on the front row giving witness to truly historic events. From a political standpoint, it’s the continual efforts in favor of the goal of winning our country back. The greater the estimates I hear regarding the creaming the Democrats are destined to take, the more vigilant and suspicious I become.

The DeMarxists are masters of the underhanded and will seldom allow the legality, and most specifically the morality, of issues to deter them. Yet most of the time when confronted they will back down. It’s just like when you get into it with one of them (the left). They will not argue the substance of any issue, but will instead attempt to redirect the question so as to be able to demagogue it. Failing that, they’ll go into the usual canned clichés and if they still can’t get through to you, they’ll burn the barn and use terms like ‘birther’ or ‘homophobe’, and of course there is always the ultimate smear du jour, ‘racist’.

We can expect to see every sleazy trick in the book. In fact, we are already seeing the desperate personal attacks being mounted against conservative candidates in New York and the assault on Senator John Boehner, both prime examples of DeMarxist skullduggery.

It’s not going to work. Or at least, it’s not going to affect enough people to alter the political blitzkrieg that’s a bare 43 days away and counting.

Barack Hussein Obama is as lame a duck as any president in living memory. He is so far outside the frame of American thinking as to have created an alien environment in the White House. He and his entire Marxist government do not have the faintest idea what makes this country run, and even less about what it was, and is, that makes this the greatest country in the world and in the history of the world.

I’ve organized my extended family clan into a conservative voting spear to thrust into the belly of the liberal beast here in the Bay Area… some of these folks have never voted before. That’s something you can do too. Start with family and friends. There’s not a whole lot of time left.
Get excited! Get involved!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Grasping At Fictional Straws.

September 25, 2010

Why should anything be different during election time than during the normal day-to-day machinations of government? Well, my reply to that question would be that the re-election hopefuls would try to show themselves in the best possible light.

Polish the halo a little, carefully apply some make-up to cover the unsightly blemishes and, although perhaps difficult and not true to character, at least appear genuine and sound honest.

Promises and track-record are the two criteria that enable the average member of the electorate, the majority of whom, unfortunately, are pretty clueless when it comes to politics. Their main source of information is the traditional media, nearly all of which is biased to the left. While the internet has made huge inroads in educating and/or informing the public on political affairs, most are more content to spend their free time on Facebook or checking out the latest showbiz gossip than reading political analysis sites.

Even internet news sites are biased in favor of the left, in some respects. This has come about from the fact that the most popular sites are extensions of existing traditional media, whether newspaper or television. Here is a list of the ‘Top Twenty’ that I found, although it did not contain a publication date:

4 Google News
5 Reuters
6 Yahoo News
7 BBC News Online
8 World News
10 FOXnews
12 CBC News Online
14 The Associated Press
15 Guardian Unlimited
16 NewsLink
17 The New York Times
18 EmergencyNet News
19 Consortium News

I think you can see the general trend.

It is this overwhelming deluge of mostly biased information that is responsible for most of the major mistakes in recent years. Goebbels would have been impressed by the way the constant hammering home of promises and fabrications on the human senses has created a society where those that see through the falsehoods are ostracized and deemed ‘crazy’.

Tell the people a lie often enough and they will believe it. Man-made global warming, a better health care system, hope and change…. I don’t need to go in to the details, just cast your mind back to the frenzy of the 2008 presidential election, or the daily dose of doom from the climate-change soothsayers.

The American people have seen through their lies. A part of American exceptionalism is the ability to question and analyze the known facts, to filter out the rhetoric and lies. What remains is either something of no substance, or an agenda so repulsive that not even its designers would dare reveal to the public. If the electorate vote for the faux sheep’s clothes, the inner wolf gets a free pass.

This brings us to the current mid-term elections. The present Congress now has a track-record for the electorate to view. It is no longer about promises but cold, hard facts. The facts are that they, and the president, have failed in all respects. Not only have they failed the American people, the majority of whom are generally center-right, but failed the hard-line leftists in their own party. If a government with a Democrat president and large Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate can not get their radical legislation through, the game is up and they might as well take an early shower.

With a history they’d rather forget and a president that is now causing embarrassment to his own party, the Democrats are left with only one option. They can not campaign on success stories or policies, so the demonization of the opposition is the final line of defense.

The labeling of Mr and Mrs Average American as extremist is the biggest mistake they have made to date. If it was not so pathetic and downright offensive, it would be funny. The thought of Grandma, law-abiding and hard-working all her life, initiating a terrorist attack on the Capitol.

The announcement that they are launching a dirt-digging exercise on Republicans, including John Boehner, proves conclusively that they have no respect for anything or anyone, except of course for themselves, their failed ideological policies and their status.
Make the most of that status, you won’t have it for much longer!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Party Of Delusion, Not Inclusion – Intellectual Bankruptcy.

April 7, 2010

There’s a lot going on over in the Congress, and not much of it is good news for the DeMarxists and the Obama regime’s headlong rush to destroy this country using the economy. It seems that resistance to the administration’s policies is reaching new heights.

Many Democrat lawmakers from both Houses are looking at the calendar, and then for which of the bright, young and fresh Conservative challengers is zeroing in on them. What looked like a pretty good year for the Republicans not too long ago, has begun to show indications of being a game changer of historic proportions.

Seems like the RNC in a bunch of states is getting wise in looking for, and recruiting, fresh strongly conservative candidates. All across the country, wherever there is a special election the Democrats are in crisis mode. The mood of the country is ugly and getting uglier. Where there’s no special election, there’s no less trepidation given the ever decreasing time between now and November. There’s an awful lot of what were solid Democrat seats out there that are now not nearly so safe, and many are in dire peril from aggressive Conservative challenges.

What’s the difference? It’s not the RNC, though they jumped aboard the Patriot express and thus far have handled themselves well. The Patriot movement insisted that smaller government, national defense, adherence to the rule of law and the Constitution be the banner that the Conservatives carry into the elections.

The opposite seems to be true over at Utopia central. No one is happy with the tepid victory which accompanied the Democrats passing the health care bill. The Anointed One has been running all over the country trying to sell Obamacare and according to reports, not all that successfully. Seems like the President can’t make it sound like anything but what it is – a fiscal nightmare and the death of the best medical health care system in the world. The more of this bill that the American people are exposed to, the higher the resistance to it grows.

What should have been Obama’s signature accomplishment will end up being the one that causes him to be a one term President. This bill, and all the other power grabs being thrown out there, have fragmented the Democrats and their mantra of race, poverty, envy and environmental fascism. Segments of the country are suffering under unemployment rates as high as twenty per cent, with no relief in sight. These folks have long reconsidered their support of Obama and his destruction derby.

Vast numbers of people unite with the Patriots every day. The contrast is marked. The Democrat message is from a party that just teems with intellectual energy but few who know how to think. The message is worn as are the people who deliver it time after time, never noticing the sparsity of their audience. The American people want answers, not feelings and falsity.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Twentieth Century Conservative, Twenty First Century Extremist.

April 6, 2010

We are all pretty much used to the tactics of the left, and I mean left, not liberal or Democrat. The verbal abuse, the exaggeration, the revision of history, not to mention the occasional criminal damage or assault. You get acclimatized to it after a while and accept it as part of the course. There is one thing that really gets to me though, being the easy going sort of person that I am – the current trend of labeling Republicans / Conservatives / Patriots as extremists.

I differentiate between liberal/Democrat and ‘left’ because the forces that have taken over the Democrat party can hardly be compared to Andrew Jackson, Harry S. Truman or even the relatively recent Bill Clinton. I’m sure the first two of the aforementioned would turn in their graves if they could see what had become of their party, with lies, bullying tactics and a total disrespect and disregard for the Constitution all being  acceptable in their rule book.

I feel a certain sympathy for the centrists in their party now, I know a lot of liberals and they are nice enough people, although a little misguided. They just happened to be born with the extra ‘G’ chromosome (G for gullible), not something they chose.

It would be interesting to see how many of these ‘extremist tea partiers’ have, at some time in the past, voted Democrat. More than a handful, I would suggest. There’s hope for some of them yet. They don’t all want to live in a country where they are bred to serve the government, being told what they can eat, what they can drive, what they can read or who they should listen to on the radio. They still hold the belief that Rights are given by God alone, not by some wannabe fake idol who purports that we should be subservient to the elected servants of the people.

So, ‘extremist tea partiers’? Hardly. It’s like sitting on a smooth, high speed train, where you can’t feel the motion of the vehicle. You look out of the window and see the land speeding away to your right hand side. It’s not the ground base moving to the right, Mr LeftWing observer, it’s your Democrat train hurtling to the left – a train that will be going south very soon now!

(Editor Dee is sitting in for Skip today).