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Catch The Wave.

November 3, 2012

You can see it on the horizon. It’s swelling, rising, as we speak… its speed deceptive, disguised by its magnitude, threatening to sweep everything in its path.

Remember when the DeMarxists wrote us off after the last election? American patriots, under the nom de guerre of the Tea Party, had just finished handing the left (and a few RINOs) a sixty-year shellacking, and one of historical proportions at that. The insane predictability of the left never fails to amaze me. DeMarxist mouthpieces started bleating all around the country… “That was it, they (the Tea Party) shot their bolt, it’s over, it was a freak occurrence and it won’t happen again”. Then they wrote us off. As far as the LSM was concerned, we never happened. I guess they thought we’d simply dissolved and returned to our plebian enclaves.

‘Tea Party’ became a term they’d use to demonize anyone who disagreed with the regime’s horse doo doo. Funny thing happened on the way to the election. We matured as a movement. We did anything but disappear. We didn’t have to import bus-loads of union thugs into the communities. We are the communities. We went from organizing huge anti-Marxist rallies to grass roots organizing in the towns and cities across America.

We sang the song of freedom, and America listened. We brought forth solid constitutional conservative candidates in local and state races and, wonder of wonders, we began to make inroads into heretofore solidly liberal bastions. Not so wondrous really. Harken back to the elections of 2010 again. That self same groundswell that swept so many enemies of freedom from office is out there again… and it’s much larger now.

Dick Morris, in his column this week, predicts a Romney/Ryan landslide. I’ve been hesitant to make such a prediction given Barry Hussein’s predilection for illegal and criminal subversion of the laws of our land. The signs have been out there for all to see, but I’ve had the impression that we had to pinch ourselves to be convinced that what we were seeing and sensing was true. Much of this goes back to the obfuscation and constant political smokescreens being sent out to cover for the LSM’s Messiah.

Meanwhile, sensing doom ahead, the Anointed One is sending out his legions of ‘red diaper doper baby’ shyster lawyers (thank you Michael Savage) to find any way they possibly can to bollox vote counting, especially in key districts in swing states. They will be met with Patriots, lawyers and poll watchers.

We have the power, the numbers and the momentum. If we sweep this election like I think we can, it won’t matter how many union thugs and progressive shysters they have. I just finished talking to three people who thought their vote couldn’t matter. I convinced them it did… that they would never in their lives cast a more important ballot and that this is indeed an election where their vote would count. There’s three days left out there for you to do the same thing. If every one of you just talked to two people, that would mean tens of thousands of votes for freedom.

Don’t forget the Senate races, either. We have an excellent chance of taking the Senate away from Harry Reid and his DeMarxists. This has evolved into a ‘turnout’ race.

Let’s make sure everyone we know turns out!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012



More Primary Portent.

August 26, 2010

With the notable exception of John McCain, the national Patriot movement has had significant results backing strong Constitutional Conservatives. Rinos continue to pay the price again, with that one notable exception.

To our Arizona friends. I hope you chose wisely. I can’t help thinking that people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain will revert to type. More than willing to sell out his principles, McCain is perfectly capable of secret deals with the DeMarxists, as is Graham. We have no choice but to watch them like hawks and force them to behave.

Hey! Anybody out there want to lay any bets on how long it’s going to take our boy John to revert to type? I say one week. But he has talked a hell of a tough game on the border and illegals, since he had his border epiphany.

Dick Morris is openly calling for both the House and the Senate to change hands in an historic repudiation of the leftward movement of our government. Yes, the people do have a voice in our system and they are making their voices heard in historic numbers.

The grim statistics that are coming out of the economy pretty much say it all. Record mortgage filings, the lowest real estate sales in fifteen years. We lost 500,000 jobs last month, companies are afraid to hire and investment is virtually frozen.

All political prognosticators are calling for a Republican sweep of the House. I think that’s great, and I say let’s take the damned Senate too.
While we’re doing that, let’s pray to God for the wisdom to do this right.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Of Thee We Speak, Perfidia – Obama, Reid, AARP – Seniors Betrayed.

December 4, 2009

Nothing new here. Just concrete evidence of the DeMarxists stated intention to destroy health care for senior citizens, minority African-American and Hispanic seniors in particular. FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS in Medicare cuts, just for starters. These cuts will be used to fund other programs, including medical coverage for illegal aliens and funding for abortions among others.

The Demarxitons, in lockstep, voted 58-42 to strip the funds from Medicare in order to cover some THIRTY ONE MILLION ‘uninsured Americans’, of whom up to TWENTY MILLION may be illegal aliens.

As far as the doubly treacherous AARP is concerned, Senator John McCain stated it best when he said Thursday, “Take your AARP card, cut it in half and send it back”. “They’ve betrayed you”. Seniors have every right to be ready to fire up the tar kettles right now. Politically, this could prove disastrous for Democrats, as they desperately try to gain passage of the Senate version of the bill before the end of the year and the advent of next year’s midterm elections. The duplicitous AARP has given the DeMarxists the political cover they think they need, while claiming to speak for the majority of seniors which they DO NOT.

Republicans charged that Medicare is already in trouble. It needs to be fixed, not raided to create another new program. The Medicare vote went to the heart of seniors’ concerns that cuts from the program used to finance coverage for the uninsured will undermine the quality of their care. They are right on both counts despite the DeMarxists’ canned, thin and very unconvincing protestations to the contrary.

So what can you do? What can our seniors do? First, contact your local Patriot groups and find out what you can do in your neighborhood, region or state. Contact your local Republican district offices and do the same thing.
We have to act locally…speaking for my own state of California, when you have politicians who are more concerned with some mythical sea level rise, such as our Governor, rather than the
12.6% unemployment rate and lack of jobs caused by his fiscal irresponsibility, the crushing taxes and overbearing regulation that are causing jobs to exit our state wholesale…yes!…we need to start locally!
Add to that the continuing pressure we have to keep up on Congress, in particular the members of the Senate with emphasis on those facing election this coming year.

Dick Morris has stated that he believes we can win back both the House and the Senate next year. From his lips to God’s ears. God may need a little help folks…lets get busy!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009