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Obama’s Economy – Defending The Indefensible.

March 10, 2012

I wouldn’t want to be in Barack Hussein Obama’s shoes. So many lies to keep track of and far too many ‘little’ people willing to point them out. The Lame Stream Press has done an incredible job of contorting themselves into knots while running cover for the regime. It isn’t flying… at least, the regime’s aerodynamic qualities at this point are more akin to a balloon filled with lead… or gasoline.

Speaking of volatility, have you noticed the upsurge in ‘citizen journalists’ who have been taking the case for freedom and constitutional governance directly into the faces of some of the most rabid of the left wing Kool-Aid crowd? It’s a growing phenomenon which I, for one, am delighted to see. I don’t know who determined that journalists had to have some sort of ‘credentials’ to make them legitimate. The supposed ‘credentialed’ writers, pundits and talking (read ‘yammering’) heads, have failed miserably to make their case for MaoBama and his statist Utopian pipe dreams (and rumor has it that there’s plenty of that going on in Obama’s White House, as well).

Most of us had parents who taught us at a very young age that lying was wrong, that once you tell a lie you have to tell another to keep from having the first lie exposed. What’s more, when you do tell that lie, no one looks at you the same way  and that it’s very difficult, or impossible, to regain lost trust.

The American people are exhibiting a severe case of buyer’s remorse and it’s no surprise… at least, not to me. We’ve been getting an overdose of absolute bull bleep for the last four years from our nascent emperor and every single entity associated with him. Let’s be clear that we’re not talking about the usual truth-bending that’s associated with American politics. Political endeavors in particular seem to attract numbers of low creatures, attracted like moths to the flame of power and influence. It is, after all, up to us as informed citizens to winnow the wheat from the chaff. Obviously, we’ve been asleep at that switch for some time.

The liberal left in particular seem to thrive in this atmosphere of unreality. A surreal world where nothing is as it appears and you are asked to deny the very evidence of your eyes and ears, while having the very fabric of our society ripped asunder to fulfill the nightmare of socialist governance run amok. Barack MaoBama is running across the country spouting bald-faced lie after lie, in desperate efforts to shift attention from his completely failed presidency.

Paradoxically, Andrew Breitbart’s untimely passing has had a galvanizing effect on America’s grass roots journalists, each of whom has the potential to be a harpoon aimed at the heart of the MaoBama house of cards. The beautiful thing about this is that there’s no one around to tell these dedicated citizen-journalists that it can’t be done. They’re not out there at the beck and call of the administration’s agit-prop campaign and they’re not beholden to anyone’s network bosses or political machinery.

It’s conservatism on the march, and it’s just another indication that all is not well in Obamaville, no matter what fantasy story line they come up with. It’s Obama’s economy. It stinks… and there’s not enough lipstick to stick on that pig that’s going to make it look like anything but pork.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


It Really Is All About Business.

September 2, 2011

This week we were shy of a couple of key technicians where I work. “So what?”, you say… “we all have to work short handed once in a while”. True, and no argument there. What is different, or more likely in Barack Obama’s America, what has sadly become the norm for many businesses is that we are all operating with reduced staff and management. This, in turn, makes the absence of key personnel felt much more in most organizations.

I just went through a week exactly like this one, hence no articles this week. No excuses, work is work and we’re damned grateful for it. The end results of the various cuts, layoffs, consolidations and downsizing has turned American business into a sort of survivors’ club.

We have been forced to fine tune our operations and hone our procedures to razor sharpness by the maelstrom of a decimated economy and the overbearing hand of a blatantly business-unfriendly statist regime, whose only accomplishment to date seems to be the ability to vomit forth copious volumes of repressive and regressive regulations and onerous enforcement burdens on an already overtaxed and vastly over-regulated private business community.

We have, without a single doubt, the greatest workforce on Earth. Don’t buy the bull bleep that America has seen its better days… get out of our way! That’s all… that’s all it would take to end this depression. Yeah, folks… zero job growth, in a now-continuous four year economic train wreck that is the Barack Hussein Obama government and its disastrous policies, qualifies as a depression.

We don’t see the stereotypical long soup lines of unemployed men as in the 1929 collapse and the resultant depression. We’ve had soup lines for many years inside the inner cities, the welfare state has seen to that. There is a minor industry that has grown up around ‘non profits’ that cater to homeless clients, distributing resources and helping to administer social services for homeless and impaired or addicted clients.

These agencies receive both private and public funds. So, we’re paying for keeping the homeless on the streets. Cute, huh? I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it myself when doing emergency work at such a facility, and as such had access to a normally locked meeting room with a large white board showing all their funding sources.

There was no ‘safety net’ in 1929. No food stamps, no welfare checks, no public or ‘section eight’ housing. That may be why so many people are still bamboozled into thinking that the recession somehow died and that zero GDP growth is somehow acceptable.

There is no way that Obama, or any of his ilk, is going to sell anyone on any idea that this economy is not his alone. His excuses have all been heard and ofttimes repeated. Now he’s tried to upstage the Republican presidential debates and gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar by John Boehner, who despite all his warts as Speaker, showed a flash of brilliance in turning the ‘trap’ laid by Obama’s jolly jokesters around and depositing it where the Sun don’t go. It simply made Obama look like what he is… the spoiled petulant man-child.

If we want the economy to grow, if we want to see jobs, if we believe in the greatness of the American people… this man must be a one-term president.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Jerry Brown… Such A Clown, That Jerry Brown.

August 28, 2011

Another week of long days and longer nights. That’s okay by me, beats the hell out of not working. Makes it a little hard to write, though. First and foremost, our wishes and prayers go out to the folks on the east coast who find themselves in the path of Hurricane Irene. For heaven’s sake, if you’re in a position to get out, leave. I was in two typhoons when in the Pacific and south-east Asia with the Marines. I know that sinking feeling of realizing that you’re in the path of one of these monsters.

I wrote that last night just before I got called out again. The nation’s attention is rightly focused on the developing situation around Hurricane Irene. Maybe not with the punch the first worst-case scenarios forecast along with various exotic computer models, but still plenty dangerous and with the potential to cause immense damage.

Meanwhile, out here on the left armpit of the nation, it’s tough to say what came first, the chicken or the egg. Is Barack Hussein Obama modeling his brilliant economic strategy on our equally brilliant Jerry Brown, or is it the other way around? Sure looks to me as though they went to the same school of economics. Jerry Brown heads a state with an out-of-control bureaucracy with a radicalized legislature owned lock, stock and barrel by the environmentalists and the unions.

With an unfunded liability of over forty billion dollars, California has one of the country’s highest unemployment rates and one of the least business-friendly environments in America. Jobs, skilled people and businesses are fleeing the state every day. Jerry Brown’s answer… fortify union contracts, increase fees and scheme every way possible to find a way to tax California citizens, some of the most heavily taxed in the nation as it is.

Ol’ Moonbeam couldn’t get the expected sell-out support from any California legislators. He’s a bit miffed at that… so he has to go about loading generations of inconceivably bad management and governance on our shoulders by as much stealth, lying and prevarication as he can.

He and Obama… the ideologue and old-style Marxist. The only differences I see is that Mr Hussein Obama’s unfunded liability is about forty or more trillion dollars. He’s equally good at destroying jobs and commerce. Maybe better. His long-term goals for America are far more sinister than anything Jerry could come up with. But it matters little to people who are out of work because of the policies of these two and the respective governments they ‘lead’… um, bad choice of word. You get what I mean.

People in California are finally coming out of their weed-driven stupor long enough to see the tyranny present in our state. It’s certainly no sea-change. Not yet anyway, but people are beginning to pay a whole lot more attention, largely due to the really vibrant and activist California Patriot movement… and yes, they are Tea Party members.

Let’s turn the heat and the spotlight on these California legislators… these ‘public servants’ whose arrogance towards the people of California is beyond belief.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


David Plouffe And The Hallucinogenic Pipe Dream.

July 10, 2011

I’ve been wondering if that paragon of White House fable fabrication may be on lysergic acid… obviously slipped into his cornflakes by a stealth Tea Party type bent on destroying the Wrong House narrative.

The spin just won’t fly any more. We keep hearing the misadministration’s grandiose statements, just chock full of loaded and misleading terminology. No matter how many times they bleat their Marxist diatribe, no matter how often they disguise their true intent with the language of obfuscation… nothing but nothing will put lipstick on this pig.

Mr Plouffe has announced, “People will not be voting based on the unemployment figures in 2012”. Excuse me while I say, “What?” What universe spawned people like Plouffe and the legion of Obama apologists? Wait! That must be the answer. It’s an alien invasion (another one) and they’ve taken over the administration… lock, stock and vacation schedule.

Eight million jobs lost since the Anointed One assumed his throne. I heard an outrageous statement by some brain-damaged hack that new layoffs had virtually come to a halt. This dude hasn’t been out to California lately, has he? We’re still shedding jobs and businesses at a frightening rate. He threw that desperate thread out there as a ‘comforting indicator’ of the ‘recovery’. Excuse me? I should do an entire article on that alone… great title opportunity, too… “The Recovery That Barack Built”.

Somebody convinced that poor boob that the government’s carefully massaged math was something other than pure fantasy. I guess we can’t be too harsh on poor old David, either… he’s got plenty of company.

Here it is, David. This upcoming election will very much hinge on employment… or far more likely, the lack of. You and the other minions of the Darkside are about to meet the American people… and we’re really sick and tired. But, far more than that, we’re mad… we’re more than mad… the undercurrent in the country is rage.

We have an enraged and highly-motivated populace who intend to see the moral, social and economic destruction stopped… and stopped now.
No more compromise, no more deals.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Another Barack Hussein Obama Achilles Heel In Waiting.

January 25, 2011

As if a 14 trillion dollar deficit, with his name and that of his party all over it, isn’t enough already. As if the House hasn’t zeroed in on: (a) The outright repeal of health care; (b) Dismantling its various components and provisions and starving more onerous items of funding to cripple them and keep them from harming the people or the economy.

Barack Obama has done everything just exactly as though he was driving our country into economic destruction. And it sure as heck looks to an awful lot of us out here that he’s done everything according to a scripted plan.

My guess is that the Democrat Marxists, in the first flush of victory after Obama was elected, vastly overestimated the political capital that the victory had afforded them. The Marxists in the administration and in Congress misinterpreted the 2008 election results. More importantly, they completely misread the mood of the nation.

One more Achilles heel out there awaiting Mr Obama is the energy sector of the economy. With rising gas prices and the threat of even higher gas prices by next summer, the specter of four dollar a gallon gasoline is not going to endear Obama to anyone.

There are tens of thousands of men who are not working because of Obama’s drilling ban. These men, their families and friends, the very communities that helped elect Obama, now detest him.
Obama may just find out that he has sold off so much of his political soul that there’s none left.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


America Is Wary Of Obama, Angry At Economy.

August 9, 2010

It’s like, “Ok, what’s next from this bunch?” We think in terms of protecting ourselves from, or mitigating, the damage caused by our own government.That’s a shame. We’re starting to get a bomb shelter mentality. What impetus that grows out in the private business world, to expand or to hire new employees, is crushed by government regulation and the threat of more regulation and higher taxes.

The virtual catatonic condition of the economy in our state of California, and the country at large, is causing people who never before paid much attention to political matters to find themselves joining their friends and neighbors in groups of like-minded patriots, who have banded together to proclaim the freedom and greatness of this land in the face of the real and present danger to our Republic from the radical left, now in control of the country.

The left’s pet press, and the bleating class in Hollyrude, continue to carry the DeMarxist water, running interference where they can and spinning like crazy. Interesting thing, that spin… it works usually because people have busy lives and don’t have the time or the inclination to check any further than the specious trumpeting of the lame stream press.

The spin machine has broken down. The reason it’s broken is because of the new media. Spinning is no fun if every time you open your mouth there’s some guy talking to millions of people saying “Wait a minute”. That’s the effect the new media has had on the DeMarxist spin machine. They just can’t get a lie in edgeways before five writers are tearing it apart.

As the country descended toward the abyss which is Socio-Marxism, like-minded people began to join together in a celebration of American exceptionalism. These came to be known as the Tea Parties. They swept throughout the nation, empowering Americans and uniting them against the Marxist threat. Better than 60% of the people in this country are in the Patriot Movement, or are in agreement with our message.

Yeah, we’re angry… and many of us have reason to be. There’s a difference though. It’s a focused sort of anger. It’s like we know where the problems are… we’ve done our homework.
Obama and the DeMarxists will never be more dangerous than they will be between now and November 2.
Let’s see if we can give them a good long rest.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Dissention Among Democrat Senators.

November 23, 2009

Obama just can’t win for losing. NOT that that’s a bad thing. His popularity has dropped so much even the most reliable main stream polls can’t lie, distort or load their results to show anything more than dismal looking numbers for His Immanence. Gallup has him at 48%. Rasmussen has him at a -10 approval rating.  Zogby shows him with a 51% disapproval rating.

Small wonder…this is, as Rush calls him, a man-child. This is not a leader that inspires confidence. I don’t see any indications of this vast intellect lauded to the stars by the fringe, now largely marginalized, press. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any indications of leadership either. His UTTER mismanagement of our foreign policy, the monumental gaffes committed time after time in dealing with friend and foe alike, do not make for building confidence. His administration’s fiscal policies are a TRAIN WRECK. Unemployment ROSE in 29 out of the 50 States last month. Yet he puts on that vapid looking smirk and has the unmitigated temerity to go on (are both teleprompters working?) television to call it a ‘recovery’.

Troops in Afghanistan are bleeding and dying awaiting His Indecisiveness. Hell’s bells, my kid knows we need to send the reinforcements over there to complete the mission. This guy SERIOUSLY needs to be a one term President. No one in the history of this country has screwed the job up this bad or at this hyper speed. This does not bode well for the country. He could cause an awful lot of damage in three years.

Meanwhile, back in the quagmire that has become the Congress of the United States, a menagerie more akin to a lunatic asylum where the nuts have clearly taken over, Dingy Harry’s socialist express has sort of run off the rails. There is some serious internecine warfare going on over in the DeMarxist side of the Senate, despite efforts to sell the Kumbaya image. It may be the best news the REST of the nation has had all month though. The hard left will not go along unless there is a hard-line ‘public’ option. The moderates won’t go along if there is. Others will not go along if there is any provision for funding abortions, which there are.

Additionally,  but probably most telling of all, is that fully 1/3 of the Senate has to face their voters next year in an election and explain to a very angry and aware electorate why they voted yes if they did…or if they do going forward. These folks have already heard plenty from you the American TAX payer, the American citizen, the life blood of this country and they will hear much more. We will highlight these Senators.

Our ammunition will be your activism…your letters, your emails, your phone calls and your visits to these Senators district offices.
And as we used to say in the Marine Corps…STANDBY…TARGETS!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

Demarxists To Further Destroy Economy…Massive Tax Increases!!

November 15, 2009

There is nothing here for the ‘enlightened’ progressive class in this, except perhaps poetic justice of a sort.
They are about to be ground under the heel of an insatiable government in pursuit of a fanciful and totally unattainable poly-nirvana, along with the rest of us proles…or at least that’s how they see us. They just haven’t figured it out yet. Their heads are still stuck too far in the clouds, but reality is going to come knocking in a big way very soon.

This economic engine of ours is coughing and sputtering like a poorly tuned motor…and getting just about as good mileage out of the fuel which powers it. We’re not talking about the liberals’ other favorite mythical beast, energy, here. We’re talking about the greatest asset this country has. We’re talking about its people. We are talking about jobs. We are talking about an INSANELY obsessed government, totally and completely out of control, hell bent on destroying whatever economic power still resides in the people and the greatest driver in this or any economy, small business, entrepreneurship, and private investment.

The elite leftist is a creature of infinite contravention, espousing an ideology which by its very nature destroys that which produces the means that permits that  intellectual disconnect.

The rest of us see things in a much simpler context. We see our homes, our children, our livelihoods, our savings and our futures threatened by an unresponsive, irresponsible and punitive government in contravention of the very laws that frame its scope of governance.
We have only the recourse left to us by the Constitution as a law-abiding people. At least for now. We have the ballot box and the ability to change the direction of the government and the country.

There IS a political sea-change taking place out there now, as an ANGRY and aroused citizenry become aware and educated to the depth and breadth of the betrayal of our trust by a rabidly left-leaning and TYRANNICAL CABAL within the highest reaches of our government.

There will be a huge reckoning in the elections of 2010. I don’t think the DeMarxists could moderate or change course now if they wanted too. They are like a truck on a steep grade which has lost it’s brakes.
Fortunately for us, they are about to run into the wall of the American people.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009