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Grasping At Fictional Straws.

September 25, 2010

Why should anything be different during election time than during the normal day-to-day machinations of government? Well, my reply to that question would be that the re-election hopefuls would try to show themselves in the best possible light.

Polish the halo a little, carefully apply some make-up to cover the unsightly blemishes and, although perhaps difficult and not true to character, at least appear genuine and sound honest.

Promises and track-record are the two criteria that enable the average member of the electorate, the majority of whom, unfortunately, are pretty clueless when it comes to politics. Their main source of information is the traditional media, nearly all of which is biased to the left. While the internet has made huge inroads in educating and/or informing the public on political affairs, most are more content to spend their free time on Facebook or checking out the latest showbiz gossip than reading political analysis sites.

Even internet news sites are biased in favor of the left, in some respects. This has come about from the fact that the most popular sites are extensions of existing traditional media, whether newspaper or television. Here is a list of the ‘Top Twenty’ that I found, although it did not contain a publication date:

4 Google News
5 Reuters
6 Yahoo News
7 BBC News Online
8 World News
10 FOXnews
12 CBC News Online
14 The Associated Press
15 Guardian Unlimited
16 NewsLink
17 The New York Times
18 EmergencyNet News
19 Consortium News

I think you can see the general trend.

It is this overwhelming deluge of mostly biased information that is responsible for most of the major mistakes in recent years. Goebbels would have been impressed by the way the constant hammering home of promises and fabrications on the human senses has created a society where those that see through the falsehoods are ostracized and deemed ‘crazy’.

Tell the people a lie often enough and they will believe it. Man-made global warming, a better health care system, hope and change…. I don’t need to go in to the details, just cast your mind back to the frenzy of the 2008 presidential election, or the daily dose of doom from the climate-change soothsayers.

The American people have seen through their lies. A part of American exceptionalism is the ability to question and analyze the known facts, to filter out the rhetoric and lies. What remains is either something of no substance, or an agenda so repulsive that not even its designers would dare reveal to the public. If the electorate vote for the faux sheep’s clothes, the inner wolf gets a free pass.

This brings us to the current mid-term elections. The present Congress now has a track-record for the electorate to view. It is no longer about promises but cold, hard facts. The facts are that they, and the president, have failed in all respects. Not only have they failed the American people, the majority of whom are generally center-right, but failed the hard-line leftists in their own party. If a government with a Democrat president and large Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate can not get their radical legislation through, the game is up and they might as well take an early shower.

With a history they’d rather forget and a president that is now causing embarrassment to his own party, the Democrats are left with only one option. They can not campaign on success stories or policies, so the demonization of the opposition is the final line of defense.

The labeling of Mr and Mrs Average American as extremist is the biggest mistake they have made to date. If it was not so pathetic and downright offensive, it would be funny. The thought of Grandma, law-abiding and hard-working all her life, initiating a terrorist attack on the Capitol.

The announcement that they are launching a dirt-digging exercise on Republicans, including John Boehner, proves conclusively that they have no respect for anything or anyone, except of course for themselves, their failed ideological policies and their status.
Make the most of that status, you won’t have it for much longer!

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“The End Of The Beginning”

November 4, 2009

“Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”. Sir Winston Churchill at the close of the Battle of Britain. The Obama administration is scrambling to get the word out to its lapdog press and political smarm operators that it’s just a midterm and it doesn’t really mean that much…after His Arrogance crossed back and forth across both states enough times to give himself a teleprompter crick in his lying neck. The Marxispin band-aid crew is out in force, trying out spin after spin to try to keep this from looking like the ass-kicking it was. Virginia and New Jersey are firmly in Republican hands…and by large margins.
The Democrats have been more tone deaf than the leadership of the Republican party, if that’s possible. AND that’s hard to do…must have been all those locked doors and overnight how-to-screw-the-electorate¬† and what-can-we-do-to-fool-them-today meetings. They’ve been buried in letters, phone calls and emails, with concerned voters visiting representatives’ district offices to voice their concerns over what they saw as a monumentally destructive policy in the form of this health care bill….and they didn’t listen. The leftist liberal OBSESSION to control every single aspect of every American’s life has completely blinded them to the groundswell building out in the electorate.
In the 23rd District NewYork race Hoffman, completely unknown until thirty days ago, ran a heck of a race and gave the Democrats a near coronary but lost in a narrow decision…but it changes nothing. This is a harbinger of very tough times for Obama and the Democrats. “We have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with terrible purpose”. Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor.
Americans, as much as the Obama-world view would try to have you think otherwise, are more fair-minded than any other people in the world. We are also very quick to react to those who are not and who offend that innate sense of fair play. A lot of this has come into play here. Obama was elected on a raft of promises and make-believe centrism, then immediately turned hard left and he didn’t walk, he didn’t even trot (although he prances a lot), he ran as fast as he could to create the most extreme radical agenda AGAINST this country in its history. This hasn’t been lost on the American people…they are afraid and they are mad.
The Conservative march to regain the country, its legislature, its laws and Constitution has begun.
God Bless this Great Country and its indomitable people.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009