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Obama Willfully Ignoring Domestic Islamo-Fascist War On America.

February 20, 2010

If the shoe fits, wear it… and Obama is wearing out shoe leather on this one. In an article I wrote on Feb.17 (America’s War on Terror…Obama’s War on America), I said that it was time to ask, “Hey Obama, who’s side are you on?”. Suffice to say, there are a lot more questions about Obama’s motivations than answers.

As a Commander-in-Chief, it’s readily apparent that he is waffling and tentative at best, even making allowances for his lack of executive or command experience. His apologists are quick to point to his great intellect and thoughtfulness. I haven’t noticed any great intellectual horsepower there. I have noticed an awful lot of people running interference for him while trying to convince us of his genius.

Obama’s record of ignoring, obfuscating, covering up or lying about Islamo-fascist activities in this country goes back quite a way. Obama’s connection to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and to the Nation of Islam alone would prevent him from getting a federal security clearance. The number of connections to people with confirmed militant Islamo-fascist contacts is astounding, and in the chaos of the Obama administration’s efforts at dismantling our economy and our society have all but been forgotten.

Starting with George Bush cowardly avoiding saying what was only obvious to the rest of us after 9/11 by referring to Islam as “a religion of peace”, his government’s bi-polar war on terror, fighting an armed conflict in the middle east while simultaneously trying to convince Americans that the tens of thousands of muslims in our midst were as innocent as lambs and all solid patriots (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain), despite the fact that the very tenants of this benighted religion demands of its adherents that they wage war on the infidel, Obama has done nothing to further the war on terror and everything to retard its prosecution.

The Army's 09L or "09 Lima" program trains noncitizen, native speakers of Middle Eastern languages to be translators for the U.S. Army. In January, the Army transferred the program from Fort Jackson (seen here) to Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

He would have done nothing about Iraq, except for the fact that we were already there, and in fact opposed the troop surge which proved to be the winning strategy there. He would most certainly have done nothing about Afghanistan either, except for the fact that he had shot his mouth off about it during the campaign and was then trapped into acting on it. He then decided not to proceed by dragging his feet for several months on giving his commanders the resources they required to complete the mission.

Obama’s pro-Islamist attitude has permeated a military already rife with political correctness, especially at the command level. Such machinations resulted in the cover up of the Fort Hood shootings and the apparent cover up of the Fort Jackson poisoning investigation.

Obama has also further weakened an already overwhelmed Border Patrol Service by reducing funding and reducing the number of agents working our southern border by 150.
Obama’s assault on our NASA space program is another mission-critical purposeful attack on our national security. The Chinese and Russians will be quick to militarize space. We would have no defense from such an assault except by being there.
Obama has much, very much to answer for.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Greatest Act Of Domestic Terrorism Since 9/11.

November 7, 2009

This is the price that has to be paid for POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in our society.
What’s even more chilling is that it has occurred on a United States Military Reservation on US soil by an OFFICER of the US Army.
We are in a world-wide war with the philosophy of a religion which believes that it alone shall rule supreme on earth. That all other faiths, societies and nations must be subsumed by and to it.
The peace loving religion of Islam has more escape clauses than a slip and fall attorney on steroids.
In short where the ‘faith’ is concerned anything, literally anything, goes. There are dispensations for any behavior including, but not limited to, giving false witness and lying under oath.
Major Nidal Malik Hasan was given the best this country had to offer in terms of education. It allowed him to become a  Medical Officer in the Army. He took an oath to follow the lawful orders of superior officers and to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He had made statements which SHOULD have set off alarms all over a security conscious military. He went on a one man JIHAD/SUICIDE mission in which he killed 13 US citizens and wounded 31 others.
This is not the first time a member of the ‘religion of peace’ has committed a crime against this country in incidents which are usually quickly hushed up or barely reported at all.
In the massacre at Fort Hood the cartridge casings hadn’t stopped bouncing on the deck before an FBI type was contacting a news service breathlessly pronouncing that “It’s not terrorist related”.
Really? Does anyone remember the one man Jihadi who shot up the EL Al terminal at LAX? Or the DC sniper who was a homegrown Muslim convert?
As a matter of FACT since 9/11 there have been THIRTY ONE attacks on US Citizens by Islamo-Fascist terrorists on US soil, domestically grown or otherwise. Meanwhile, US Muslims are quick to start playing the victim card blaming everyone and everything but themselves.
There is tremendous danger in not recognizing the danger of a ‘religion’ for whom lying under oath or otherwise is a legitimate method of advancing a hateful repressing philosophy based on a seventh century mentality and whose aim is first and foremost the destruction of our country and our way of life.
Yet our government…ESPECIALLY THIS government, ever mindful of ‘Muslim sensitivities’, continues down the precarious path of political correctness to the detriment of our society and most particularly our military. Our Military Intelligence and CID (Criminal Investigation Division), that would normally function in high gear in a country at war, has been largely muzzled and ignored in the race to be sensitive and accommodating to cultures other than our own. These people need to be freed to do their jobs.
Major Hasan should never have gotten as far as he did…the signs were all there for those who cared to see.
There is a culture of political correctness in our military, and most particularly in the Army, which is going to cost more lives unless we stop and take inventory of what and who we face and stop treating this world-wide WAR as though it were a parlor game at a sorority party.
Undoubtedly there are many US Muslims who are solid loyal American citizens…undoubtedly there are many who are not and how are we to know the difference?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009