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The Insipid Mr Obama.

September 29, 2010

What has happened to Barack Hussein Obama will go down as the most spectacular rise and fall in US political history. Barack Obama hasn’t a clue what goes on in the minds and hearts of Americans. I saw a clip of Ann Coulter, where she states that Obama is not a Muslim… he’s an atheist. Ann, I’m not so sure.

I don’t believe he’s a Christian either. Twenty years in the front row of a Black Liberation Theology church, run by a crackpot American-hating anti-semite, with strong ties to The Nation of Islam and through them the Muslim Brotherhood, is not exactly mainstream Christianity.

Let’s see… if Obama only attended about half the year, that’s say, 26 weeks for 20 years. That’s 520 hours he sat there and listened to a race-baiter vent hatred against whites, Jews and the United States of America. People just don’t hang around places like that unless there’s something there for them. Obama was there because he wanted to be there.

Trinity United Church of Christ espouses a radical theology which gives God and Christ short shrift, while teaching Marx rather than Mary and the story of Christ. Obama was a Muslim for the most formative years of his life in Indonesia. Barack Obama’s mother was a Marxist also, an atheist and had a penchant for marrying Muslim men.

Since she was an anthropologist, working in the field much of the time, Barack and his sister would be left frequently with their grandparents in Hawaii, where Barack’s grandfather introduced him to avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis. Barack was to be taught by this man until he left Hawaii for Occidental College in California.

With this background in mind, it’s not at all surprising that Obama views America through a foreigner’s eyes. He neither sees nor hears the pulse of America. He never bonded with a father… barely bonded with his mother. All of his known associations in college and subsequently in Chicago politics were radicals or ‘progressives’, which I guess is the new “I don’t mean what you think I mean” slogan. They don’t like ‘communist’ or ‘Marxist’ because they can’t sell any votes that way. So they always make things sound like something they’re not.

Barack Obama has no allegiance to this country. Barack Obama despises this country, and is actively working to destroy it to somehow raise his ideal society out of the ashes. That much is pretty apparent from the way he and the clown college have been depth-charging our economy.

The nation is going to be well rid of Mr Obama… but first we have to pull his fangs and make sure they stay pulled. That’s why this upcoming November 2 will be the most important day of your life. RegisterVote!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010



More Dominoes In Democrat Destruction Derby.

May 15, 2010

Another bastion of the left looks to fall before the onslaught of Conservatism. This was a state thought to be well within the Democrat safe zone. There’s a special election on May 22, in Hawaii.

From Left: Case, Hanabusa, Djou.

Republican Charles Djou, Honolulu city councilman, is turning heads in his surprising 36% lead over former Congressman Ed Case (D) with 28%. Third in this winner-take-all race in Hawaii’s first congressional district, which incidentally is Obama’s old home district, is Colleen Hanabusa (D), State Senate President, at 22%.

Nothing could point out more vividly the sea change that has taken place than the fact that a young Republican, with a message of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and conservative principles, is resonating in this heavily Democratic state.

It’s true that Charles Djou is benefiting from the vote splitting between his two Democrat opponents, but it’s not all down to luck. Charles has been getting some help. House GOP leaders pulled out all the stops in an effort to support Djou. The Hawaiian Tea Party Patriots have come out in strength to support him as well. Should Charles Djou win as projected on the 22nd, he stands a really good chance of winning a full two year term in November. This will be as big a deal as Scott Brown winning Good Ol’ Teddy’s Massachusetts Senate seat. Once again a Democratic seat will have fallen that shouldn’t have.

The other and most telling indicator, at least to me, is the message. The Conservative Republican message is being heard and it’s being responded to in a big way. Election out of election and poll out of poll, it’s all there. The siren song of Marxi-Socialism is being rejected out of hand by Americans.
Democrats… a Conservative challenger will be coming to a neighborhood near you very soon.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


It’s A Brave New World – Terror Attempt Won’t Be The Last.

December 27, 2009

First and foremost I’d like to thank Dee for a dynamite, insightful article. Judging by your responses I’m not the only one who thinks so. Dee will return from time to time with more perspective from across the pond. We have pointed out the horrors associated with the NHS (National Health Service) and the hopelessness of the people trapped in socialism over in Britain, which was once one of the proudest nations in the world on several occasions. It takes the perspective of one who has had to LIVE under such a regime to truly bring it home. Thanks again Dee.

President Barack HUSSEIN Obama was in absentia at any Christmas Eve services in Hawaii, not that I give a rip whether he attends services or not, but he IS the President of this JUDEO/CHRISTIAN nation and should at least make an effort to show leadership in this area and set an example for people of faith during these troubled times for our nation. Or should it have been a mosque…. just wondering. Even Billy Jeff did that much.

A pampered son of a wealthy Nigerian banker tried to murder 278 passengers aboard Delta flight 253 from Amsterdam.
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab reportedly used a binary explosive device which failed to detonate and only started a fire which was quickly controlled. Fast thinking and reaction of passengers and crew in taking down the would be bomber and putting out the fire were credited with saving the aircraft. According to some reports the suspect had eighty grams of explosive sewn into his underwear and the detonating device taped to his leg, which was to have been set off by one of the binary compounds housed in a syringe. The passengers and crew can thank poor chemistry for their lives, as eighty grams of high explosive could easily have breached the hull of the aircraft. Had the detonator gone off instead of flaming out, chances are it would have brought the aircraft down over US airspace as intended.

Police at Abdulmutallab's $2 million London flat.

Umar’s father, Umaru, reportedly contacted US authorities warning them of his son’s radical views six months ago. One cannot help but wonder why this man was not on a no-fly and terrorist watch list. He had previously been turned down for a visa extension to return to college in Britain, where he had attended school and was reported as an indifferent student.
So by the grace of God and the sloppiness or  ineptitude of the bomber, another in-flight catastrophe was averted.

With an Obama administration more interested in appeasement and dealing with these international terrorist networks as some sort of annoying legal problem, instead of the world wide war against the west and Israel by militant Islam, we can expect much, much more of this type of terrorist attempt. As lame appearing as it was it may only be a diversion. From what, you say? No one knows, but one thing is for sure, things are never as they appear with these people.

Obama’s approach is Carter and Clintonesque at best… and we SAW what that got us. With his observed affinity for all things Muslim I just don’t trust this President to do the right thing to combat the threat. His pacification and appeasement can only lead to disastrous results for us and possibly the entire world.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fumble – Obama’s Nuclear Naïveté Could Spell Disaster.

December 23, 2009

Correction to article of Mon 12/21: I incorrectly stated that Americans were barred from travel in Pakistan in 1981. The State Department warned Americans that travel in Pakistan could be dangerous. Pakistan at that time was issuing 30 day visas. I have been unable to determine what national passport Barack Obama was traveling under, although it has been established that he was then living with his maternal grandmother and her husband in Hawaii at the time.

President Barack Obama’s approach to nuclear policy is akin to a ride on Disney’s  “It’s a small world”. It’s pretty and fuzzy, but IT AIN’T REAL. We started with Barry’s outreach program to Islamic fundamentalist nutcakes which netted him nothing and us less than nothing, unless you wish to count the encouragement, aid and comfort he has extended our enemies while they not quite laughed in his face. The problem with his approach is that other REAL MEN, our men, will have to die for it. Barry Hussein is in way, way over his head. Our never too rock steady and problematic State Department is only too happy to take The Anointed One’s lead and accommodate and kowtow their way in his wake, since that department is rife with anti-American types anyway.

Barack Obama

I’m sorry for all you Hillarophiles out there but she just doesn’t impress anyone. Obama runs around the world saying nothing and gaining nothing, while giving away policy and strategy advantage every time he looks cross-eyed down his nose at a teleprompter. She runs around promising to throw our money at people who hate us while trying to talk tough. That ain’t working either.

Meanwhile, REAL BAD GUYS with REAL BAD weapons are taking his measure and finding him wanting. More real bad guys who WANT those real bad weapons are also finding him to be a push over. Guys like these can SMELL weakness and are ready to pounce on it any time they think they can get away with it. Barry’s stated aim of UNILATERAL nuclear disarmament/reduction is naïveté carried to psychotic levels. Barry may be looking for a nuclear legacy to go along with the destruction of the US economy and the enslavement of its people to a socio-Marxist ideology, but all he’s likely to get us is a vast smoking crater somewhere.

While Barry is busy running off at the mouth, our enemies are out in the hall doing push-ups and the American people will have to pay the price.
That’s how it is in the real world, Mr Obama. God willing, we don’t have to pay the price before we can be rid of you in 2012.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009