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The Conspiracy Of The Lawless II.

September 29, 2012

This is the eve of the most important election of our lifetimes. Quite possibly the most important in our country’s two hundred and thirty six year history, keeping mindful that we were fighting for our freedom then, and that this election is no less than a war to maintain those freedoms preserved for us in fields of conflict all over the globe.

Barack Hussein Obama is an evil man. Look beneath the false smile and ingratiating words and there’s rot and corruption seething away just under the surface. This is an extreme left-wing radical, inculcated from birth with ultra radical memes. Why be surprised by a snake when it behaves like a snake?

There are some disturbing facts out there that seem to be getting ignored in all the Lame Stream Media’s hype, hoopla and misdirection. In the first part of this article, published last week, I mentioned Janet (the Mustache) Napolitano. Her ‘Homeland Security’ has set new standards for intrusive deviance and malfeasance in office… while ‘securing’ absolutely nothing. Three hundred and fifty-one or more Homeland Security ‘officers’ dismissed for theft. Thuggish behavior, more in line with Adolf Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ than an American agency, are the rule rather than the exception.

The contempt with which the American citizen is held is obvious to even the most casual observer. This is a definite reflection of the attitude of the leadership of the regime in Washington from the very highest level, starting with MaoBama himself. ‘Homeland Security’ is beginning to spread its poisons into mainstream America in ways that are far more reminiscent of the feared German Geheime Staatspolizei (or Gestapo) or, more recently, the East German Stasi… Random stops of law-abiding American citizens at train stations, bus stops and reportedly along our nation’s highways.

Recently, ‘Homeland Security’ showed up at a Mitt Romney rally. Screening for terrorists or a not-too-subtle intimidation tactic? Yet any person of obvious middle-eastern extraction will have them cowed and wagging their little stumps of tails like puppies, to ingratiate themselves while extolling the virtues of multiculturalism.

Has anyone, anyone at all, in our vaunted (in their own minds) Republican leadership bothered to question why civilian agencies require seven hundred and fifty million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber ammunition? To put that figure in perspective, US Forces expended some five billion rounds of small arms ammo in the entire war in Vietnam. That was in mostly ‘heavy’ combat in a period of eight and a half years. So what are US civilian agencies, who have as a rule little or no small arms training, going to do with 750 million rounds of hollow point ammo, if not kill Americans? Are they going to repel boarders at our national borders?

Add this uncomfortable fact. Barack Hussein Obama has steadily been garnering powers to himself which are not granted to the president by the Constitution of the United States. Is this because he fears the real will of the American people? We’ve seen the increasing reports of massive intent to commit voter fraud, from sources all over the country. What if that’s not enough? Will MaoBama declare a national emergency on some pretext and martial law to follow?

One of our affiliates is ‘Back To Basics’, an excellent conservative blog site. One of the regular writers there that I enjoy is Alan Caruba. His articles are well-researched and hard-hitting. I’m always proud and gratified to see my articles up there with writers of his caliber. He stated in an article he wrote recently (Sept 19, 2012) that America was being prepped for martial law by the least law-abiding president in our nation’s history. The implications are plain… martial law! The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law… all gone in a heartbeat, by the tyrant we all saw coming.

Alan states at the end of his article that Americans should march on Washington, should the unthinkable occur, and demand the removal of the lawless one and his entire cabal. Alan, you’re dead on and I couldn’t agree more heartily.
‘Live free or die’ comes to mind.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Obama’s Geheime Staatspolizei.

December 29, 2010

I know people who have escaped from totalitarian countries, coming to America seeking the freedom which we have taken so much for granted. In point of fact, we’ve all but squandered the greatest gift the Almighty ever granted any people. What remains to be seen is whether we have the sand to do the job. We’ve made a bare start with the Republican sweep of the Congress.

So far, it’s been a mixed bag, with Republicans deal-making to get a two year extension on the reduction of the Clinton tax increases… How easily we forget. We watched as our new speaker-in-waiting, who has been making very conservative noises all this time, jump out and announce his intention to appoint two highly dubious re-treads to key committee chairmanships. If that wasn’t enough to rattle your cage a little, he then appears on a nationally syndicated Marxist-controlled television interview program, where he blubbers like a baby. No wonder our political enemies have a tough time taking us seriously.

Looking around the country, we’d better be getting damned serious about stopping this Marxist agenda dead in its tracks. To see a mirror on today, one only need call upon the past. There are some disturbing parallels between the America of today and the rise of the National Socialists in pre World War Two Germany. The demonization of certain selected groups, the centralization and subordination of industry and commerce by the government, the organization and maintenance of a private army (the Brownshirts), later replaced by the SS and the Gestapo.

In the beginning, all they did was march and act like street thugs… reminiscent of Barry Hussein’s SEIU street thugs. It didn’t end there. We know where it ended. Names like Bergen-Belsen, Belzec, Auschwitz-Birkenau are seared across the face of history for any who seek to find.

Janet Napolitano and her ‘Homeland Security’ are behaving an awful lot like a national police force. Now, instead of groping nuns and little girls, they have taken to silencing their critics by staging raids on American citizens who have the nerve to speak out against what they see as a supposed security system wildly out of control and observably extra-constitutional.

It is a truism that absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It would take very little for this out-of-control, authoritarian agency to morph into Obama’s police state. It would be unfortunate indeed.

This nation is not Europe. We’re not used to kowtowing to elites here. It doesn’t sit well with us as citizens, as Americans.
We will fight you and defeat you, there will be nowhere to hide… America is on the march.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Security It Isn’t – Lethal It Will Be.

December 30, 2009

ANOTHER magnificent performance by those masters of ineptitude in the White House and the Obama administration. I asked how in blazes the almost-successful skivvy bomber had not been placed on a terrorist and no-fly list (“It’s a Brave New World” Dec 27, 2009) given that his own father, a highly placed and influential Nigerian banker, had contacted US authorities (it now turns out to be twice) warning them about the radicalization of his son in Yemen. Not only that, but the British had yanked his visa and  would not allow Umar Farouk back in the country.

What went wrong? Better to start by asking what went right…NOTHING. The list of spectacular failures is intimidating.
I’ve also written on several occasions that security (or the lack of it) is a top down issue. Hence, this MASSIVE hole in our country’s internal security has got to start and end with OBAMA. Naturally, his choice for Homeland Security Chief had more to do with hard left wing cronyism than a concern for the lives and the welfare of the citizens of this country.

Just so we all understand, I wasn’t any happier with the Republican leadership on this issue under George Bush. Realizing we had some ass-kicking to do after the inept and appeasement-rich Carter and Clinton years, George Bush at first seemed like a breath of fresh air after 9/11. At last, a president that got it! Or so I thought at the time. Turned out that he was just another big government Ivy League Republican insider, though with more gonads than Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton combined. Problem was, he couldn’t or wouldn’t control his own party which was then in the majority and when it came time he had to do so it was too late.

He didn’t really get it on home security either. Not where it counted. We got a lot of fancy sounding titles and mouthy platitudes, but eight years after he had been elected we STILL had no southern border fence. As a matter of fact, less than seven hundred miles of this TWO THOUSAND mile border is effectively under control to this day! George Bush’s cowardly knuckling under to the Mexican government, regarding the prosecution of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, for shooting a convicted drug smuggler in the act of bringing several hundred pounds of  drugs across the border was dastardly at best. Bushes ill-conceived outreach to the latino voting block, through a sort of soto voce approach to amnesty and the many Republicans who went along with it, was another of the BIG reasons we lost the House and then the Presidency, as this is as big a a third rail issue to Independents and Conservatives as the abortion issue is.

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano is so far out of her depth as to  be frightening. An extremely weak selection, she was and is an open borders advocate. One cannot help but wonder how many thousands of actual terrorists have made their way across what is basically an undefended frontier.
The DeMarxists are about to make their big move on DEMOCRAT VOTER FOR LIFE AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS. El Presidente himself will spearhead this FELONIOUS effort.
We have a Home Security department more concerned with picking on blue haired grandmothers in wheel chairs than in possibly offending some obviously middle-eastern type because of the INSANE self destructive non-policy of political correctness.
We have our glorious leader coming out with pronouncement after pronouncement about ‘his’ concerns for security and safety ad infinitum…and not one word putting the blame where it belongs.

Until this government AND the people of the United States clearly understand that this is a world wide war of extermination by Militant Islam this sort of utter nonsense will continue and next time that detonator will not misfire.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009