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If You’re One Of The Bad Guys…

October 4, 2011

… You’ve gotta be looking up every time you see a moving shadow… looking nervously over your shoulder… searching for the drone that must be there but can’t be seen. If you’re a terrorist the odds are suddenly much higher that you’ll get introduced to your seventy two virgins much sooner. The roll call of the Al Qaeda leadership that has been taken out by our forces is impressive… and telling.

Regardless of how the lisping, drooling Lame Stream Media has denigrated the mission by insisting that when we chop off one tentacle, new leadership immediately fills the gap. It fits the left’s narrative nicely, but it’s far from the truth. You can only replace so many key leadership roles without the replacement pool getting thinner and less experienced, while at the same time the ‘fight’ has to be taken to the most awesome military machine ever seen on the face of this planet. Not a fun prospect. Especially when some bright young commander decides to suspend the more than onerous “Rules of Engagement”.

Even third and fourth level Al Qaeda operatives know that we can, and will, take them out at every opportunity. Whether by our combat patrolling, by special forces, or a half dozen other agencies dedicated to the destruction of Islamo-Fascist terrorism, of which our drones are only a part.

It’s been a sort of take-no-prisoners attitude when one of these dudes is ID’d. Keep in mind that in many cases a positive ID can only be made on the ground. Likewise, there have to be boots on the ground at the site of any strike to collect DNA samples. Sometimes, positive identification can be made from the air as well. The results are usually more dead terrorists. Our latest triumph, of course, being the obliteration of Anwar al-Awlaki and a couple of his grease-ball buddies. Yes, we are hunting them both abroad and especially here at home.

Americans are, I think, beginning to realize that this is an inter-generational war of extermination. Like it or not, a historical examination of the only truth Islam can claim is that of unbridled savagery, ever at odds with those who would oppose their cult-like political/military ‘religion’.

Our brilliant military special operations people will continue to track these terrorists wherever they are. They can never, ever, feel safe again. The ones here in our country will be rooted out one by one also, as more and more Americans make it their business to be observant. It’s our country… We have to protect it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Obama’s Inner Muslim Seeps Out.

August 15, 2010

‘Inner Muslim’ is a term which has increasingly been applied with regard to Barack Hussein Obama. His latest exploit into anti-Americanism, by hiding behind ‘religious tolerance’, has drawn justifiable outrage from pretty much across the board, with not a few Democrats very uncomfortable and moving towards the right.

Actions have consequences. A consequence of 9/11 is that despite the left’s concerted effort to do a ‘memory-wipe’ on the American people, it hasn’t worked. The greatest example of this historical revisionism I can recall was back on 9/11. The initial videos plainly showed people leaping out of office windows to keep from being burned alive. By the next day it was getting hard to find unscrubbed versions, and by the second week the only place the originals could be found was in the new media. Had the alphabet networks and the left-leaning cable outlets been the only available news sources, history might have been viewed differently.

9/11 is burned indelibly into our hearts and minds. It is engraved with the fire that burns in our hearts and tempered with the tears we’ve shed for our loved ones and fellow Americans who were the victims of the attacks. When confronted about the edited videos, we were told that it was for our own good. They were afraid that if the graphic images of what really went on that day were repeatedly shown, the anger of the people would force a strong response. The sanitization of the entire Muslim Islamo-Fascist connection in this country was begun in earnest.

Barack Obama has tipped his hand on the Muslim issue time and again. I think most of the country has come to the same conclusion. We were assured that he was a Christian through and through. Christianity and black liberation theology don’t have a heck of a lot in common. His ‘Muslim outreach’ is anti-American and extra-constitutional. Islam is at war with America and it will use any method available to undermine, and ultimately destroy, this country.

Barack Obama is rapidly proving himself to be as big a danger as our enemies abroad. The Cordoba project is an obscenity. Obama’s endorsement of it was blasphemous.
The country is watching Obama, and waiting… Eighty days until November 2.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010