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Our Intelligence And Special Ops Triumph Over The Worst Obama’s Marxists Can Do.

May 4, 2011

From all reports, it was a nearly flawless operation with the exception of the loss of one helicopter. We’ll probably never know all of the details, nor should we. Special operations / black ops are just that… highly clandestine, and therefore almost always top secret.

It’s also a singular truth that the left, starting with Jimma Boy Carter, has been steadily eroding our intelligence community’s ability to defend our country’s interests throughout the world. Even Carter’s bumbling incompetence couldn’t match the decimation of the ‘first most ethical administration in US history’… that of Billy Jeff Clinton. He, Hillary, and the rest of the Marxists in his government, did their best to decimate not only the intelligence community and cripple their ability to do their jobs, but leaked classified information at every opportunity.

Our ‘assets’ (agents and informers) were compromised all over the world, and many lost their lives to this shameful treason… the Clintons, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose husband Richard Blum has been in bed with the Chicoms for over 25 years. Deeply embedded, I should say. He and his leftist wife have made multiple millions of dollars, literally on the backs and bodies of our gallant and magnificent military. This is the pedigree that our increasingly onerous Hussein Obama brings to the table. Another snake in a long line of snakes.

In my article the day before yesterday I alluded that this operation was not any great act of courage by the Enlightened One, but rather the culmination of ten years of hard and concentrated work set in motion by George Bush. Obama never would have made such a move on his own.

What happened was that he was forced into giving his ok for the operation. Obama, the great lover of all things Muslim, would never have given up his icon except under huge political duress. He was faced with the political certainty that if he buried this intel, someone would release it during the hottest part of the 2012 election cycle and that, on top of the rest of his dismal performance, would put finis to his second term aspirations.

The surest indication of the truth of this is that Obama didn’t get the ratings ‘bounce’ of which the left was so palpitatingly expectant. It didn’t happen.
Nothing Obama can say or do is going to sway the American people, no matter what the legions of his Lame Stream Media have to say about it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Middle East Crisis Looms – Obama More Ineffectual Than Ever.

January 30, 2011

I’m one of those who sees another Iranian revolution in the events now taking place in Egypt. It’s just too eerily reminiscent of the events leading up to the overthrow of the Shah, after Jimmy Carter refused to support him as an ally of the United States.

The Islamist radicals throughout the the region are licking their slavering chops, hoping that the unrest in Egypt becomes a general conflagration through which they can impose their rigid sixth century ideology on the middle east and establish their worldwide caliphate… if only the pesky United States would get out of the way.

The enemies of this country have had their best chance with Barack Hussein Obama. The hardcore communists in this country, not a few of whom reside in the Democrat side of the aisle, are doing everything in their power to prop up their failed golden boy… along with the ideological toadies in the Lame Stream Press with their slavish devotion to all things Obama, which is to say, all things Marxist.

What is glaringly apparent is that Barack Obama, far from being the mover and shaker his hacks make him out to be, is in fact probably the single biggest laughing stock in the world. We’re living in a world which is on the precipice. The world needs a strong, stable, militarily powerful United States and a stable dollar to bolster economies around the globe.

Barack Obama is as close to a lame duck president as you can get. Let’s just hope, with the new Conservative Republicans in power, that we can politically isolate Obama until he can be voted out of office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Looking Ahead.

January 3, 2011

Time was we could safely plan ahead with some confidence, knowing that a certain stability could be expected. I understand now the admonitions of those who lived through the great depression. They cautioned against unnecessary spending and persisted in counting every penny… several times. We, who had never really known a day of want, shrugged them off as ‘old fashioned’.

We, in our turn, lived through the economic doldrums of the Carter administration with its 22% interest rates, high unemployment and the presidency that became synonymous with ‘stagflation’ and the Iran hostage crisis. This present depressed recession has made Jimmy’s economy look smokin’ hot.

We’ve always known that big business and politicians manipulate economies for monetary gain and political advantage, which amounts to the same thing. This ‘stagcession‘ has put new emphasis on the lessons our elders tried to teach us about thrift and, most of all, self sufficiency. We are probably the least self sufficient population in American history.

This economic black hole, into which the Marxists are determined to plunge us, has had the effect of forcing the average American to observe everything he does in detail. Therefore, he begins to watch everything else as well. We’ve had to agonize over the smallest expense while we’ve watched the massively bloated monstrosity that is our government openly conspiring against we the people.

The new Conservative Republicans have an immense undertaking at hand. It’s the political equivalent of the allies at the Normandy landings… Obama’s government and it’s depredations, Hitler’s fortress Europe.
God speed, 112th Congress.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Dr Doom And The Other Cult Of Death.

November 28, 2010

It didn’t start with this president, or even the one before him, though George Bush did make a serious mistake by characterizing Islam as “a religion of peace”. That entirely false premise has hampered this country’s ability to clearly identify and define a proven and sworn mortal enemy of America, and the entire western world for that matter.

In some strange Pavlovian fashion, no doubt fostered by the ‘governing elites’ of both parties, and promulgated by the ever submissive and slavish lame stream media, whenever the words Muslim, Islam, Islamist or CAIR show up, everybody just clams up and gives it all a great big pass.

Anything Islamist, good. Anything American or patriotic, bad. The denial of the simple facts, that a short course in recent history reveal a systematic series of obfuscation, diversions and outright lies about attacks against us, going back a good 20 or 30 years. 31 years to be precise… with the internationally perceived weak pacifist and apologist Jimmy Carter.

In the murky, factional, pseudo-political, tribal-based, religious, squabbling world of the Middle East he was not only not to be feared, he was to be despised for his weakness. So despised, as a matter of fact, that they (the Islamo-fascists) felt confident enough to invade our embassy, sovereign American soil. An out-and-out declaration of war.

When faced with the strength and determination of a Ronald Reagan, they immediately rolled over. They knew, just as every true coward and bully does in his heart of hearts, that this was a man not to be trifled with.

Islam is not, and never has been, a religion of peace. It is, in fact, a death cult. Its writings promote death, torture, conquest, persecution, rapine and oppression. It is the only ‘so-called’ religion on Earth that canonizes conquest and the slaughter of innocents.

Our Dr Doom has a magnanimous view of Islam, probably as a result of his early exposure to all things Muslim. Later, as we know, his anti-American hatred would be honed at the crucible of avowed communist ex-officio Frank Marshall Davis.

That’s what has bothered me most about Dr Doom. After the first few times I heard the guy speak I thought, ‘This guy doesn’t like America. I can hear it in his voice’. It was true. For all his high-flown rhetoric he doesn’t sound like an American. He sounds like someone observing America, but not a part of it… a stranger in our midst.

America and the entire western world had better wrap their minds around the fact that we are up to our necks in an inter-generational, world-wide war that may last for a century… with people who do not compromise, who only respect power, and absolute power at that, who will stop at nothing to achieve their stated goal of worldwide conquest.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama An Embarrassment.

August 16, 2010

I don’t think the weak and indecisive Jimmy Carter’s presidency was as far down the road to self destruction as is Obama’s. After all, by his second year, all Jimmy could lay claim to is giving the Panama Canal to the Chinese, among some of his other global ‘peace initiatives’.

Carter is, however, a classic example of the liberal mindset. One of the most obvious failings that Barack Hussein Obama has in common with Jimmy, is the absolute tone-deafness they have with regard to the American people.

It was over for Carter when he went in front of national television, to piously proclaim that Americans had to make do with less. That we should turn down our heaters and we should put on sweaters instead. Americans don’t like being lectured, most especially when the lecturer is seen as weak and indecisive… another strong similarity between Obama and Jimmy.

I’ve written about Jimmy Carter’s virulent anti-semitism before. Obama’s is none the less virulent, for all that he tries to cover it over with rhetoric and banal platitudes. Carter was anti-American in that he refused to acknowledge American exceptionalism and held the globalists’ opinion that no country should be more prosperous than another, and that economic stagnation was to be our lot.

Historians will look back at the Obama presidency and postulate about when his star’s light diminished. I could be flippant and say the minute his presidency started, but in fact I believe it was with the first stimulus. A lot of people didn’t like the way that whole thing was engineered. Then along came the health care issue and that’s when the other two wheels came off the Obama wagon. The American people figured out that what they thought was a new kind of politician was actually the embodiment of the worst of the old Chicago ward politics of last century, wrapped in the doctrine of extreme leftist ideology and a visible contempt for this country and its founding principles.

There are many out there who are openly questioning just who and what Barack Obama really is. No president in history has had his background so obscured, scrubbed and sanitized as this one has. His ‘affinity’ for all things Muslim, when the country is just coming to realize the depth of the danger we are in from this pernicious ‘cult of death’, only serves to heighten the public’s suspicion of his hidden agenda.

Obama has just about nailed his own lid shut with the endorsement of the now infamous Cordoba mosque. It was another startling display of contempt for the people of this country. The people of America are getting ready to speak in no uncertain terms. We don’t want Barack Obama’s agenda… not at all… not even a tiny bit.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama Ignores – Stalls Oil Removal Assets.

June 12, 2010

When this gulf oil deal started I found my inner self in slight sympathy with the administration. After all, they hadn’t asked for this catastrophe any more than had George Bush when Katrina burst across his horizon. It didn’t take my inner self long to shed the sympathy as I saw Obama mangle it from the git go.

BP CEO Tony Hayward and Barack Obama

The problem with the office of the presidency is that there is no primer for leadership. Jimmy Carter gave us ‘stagflation’ and told us all to expect less and put on our sweaters. What Barack Obama has afflicted on the economy and the nation makes Jimmy look like a Reagan supply-sider. I needn’t go through the laundry list of Obama’s trail of depredation through our society, every internet journalist has listed them numerous times.

Those of us not under the thrall of the mystique of Barry Hussein were excoriated in the lame stream press. His background was quite adequate for the job we were assured. Why, hadn’t he run an entire campaign? Short answer: No. Barry was handled from beginning to end. If there was a single original thought in his campaign, I’ve yet to discover it.

Now, while Obama would much rather be elsewhere, perhaps schmoozing with Comrade Hugo or genuflecting before the thugocracies of the world, community organizing and strong-arming businesses and municipalities under the guise of fundraising, Chicago style, will only take you as far as the first genuine emergency requiring lightning decisions and split-second response. That’s where it all falls apart, because the real world intrudes with real events that change our lives in a heartbeat.

Obama was tested and found wanting in front of the world. His participation was grudging and at arms length. His administration spent eleven days doing nothing much other than send out platoons of lawyers, while leaving the states most heavily affected with zero support. Obama’s clown college has spent all of its time harrumphing at BP and desperately seeking to blame somebody… anybody other than themselves, that is.

Obama has stiffed the states who are begging for oil absorbent booms and oil skimmers, which are now waiting in several locations. The Dutch offered several large ships outfitted as oil sweepers and this offer was also ignored. Why would Obama deny these assets to the people of the gulf?
We have to ask again… Obama, who are you working for?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama Opposes Americans, Not Tea Parties.

April 27, 2010

The Obama administration’s assault on America is in full swing and the newest front is Arizona. Obama was quick to launch all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to lie, play the race card and organize illegals into civil disobedience. If anybody had any remaining doubts about Barry Hussein’s intentions regarding Arizona and his proposed illegal alien amnesty, that should have answered it for you.

Obama Condemns The Arizona Bill During A Speech In the Rose Garden.

No President, not even the unlamented Jimmy Carter, has garnered the ire of this country’s citizenry more than Barack Hussein Obama has in only two short years. Why would any President set himself directly in opposition to the expressed will of the electorate? He repeatedly tells all and sundry how lucky we are that he was here to save our economy with his rapier wit and teleprompter technique, and how we should be thankful for his mismanagement of our economy and his bi-polar foreign policy.

President Obama sees only what his ideology permits and it’s a pretty narrow bandwidth. He’s not now, nor has he ever been, in sync with this country and most especially its people. It’s almost as though as a kid he was raised in the dark side. Kicked from pillar to post and given instruction in leftist dogma, first from a mother who was in and out of his life and later, when living with his grandmother, a committed communist and influential member of the ACP (American Communist Party) through his formative teenage years. If it walks like a duck….

You know, there was plenty enough information around about Barry to pretty accurately predict how this guy was going to behave as President. I started reading into Mr.Obama when he was still a back bencher on the Illinois State legislature. Once he made his move to the US Senate I started warning some of my friends, “Watch out for this guy”. The rest is history, but it didn’t take the people very long to figure out they had been had.

When President Obama is out demonizing the Tea Party Patriots he just doesn’t get it. The left has immediately done the same thing as with every issue since VietNam and is attempting to use this as leverage for a race issue. It’s page one in their book. Speaking of your book… we read it.

The difference has been the nationwide, virtually spontaneous emergence of the grassroots patriot groups. Just us folks out here in the sticks, we’re at the point where we’re influential enough to start swinging opinions… and votes. Obama’s rantings are not likely to attract much much attention except for the pinheads he already has. This is another fight we have to win.

Arizona deserves all the help we can give, since it appears that it is ground zero in the battle against illegal aliens and those who foster them. The patriot groups will be monitoring Arizona closely. Stand strong Arizona!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Feb 11… Iranian People May Sucker Punch Mullahs.

February 11, 2010

The ‘Grand Aya-told-ya-so’ has been muttering through his beard about how the WEST (read Israel and the US) is going to be ‘punched’ on Feb 11, 2010, the anniversary of the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the advent of the most virulent Islamic fundamentalist regime in the world. The Ayatollahs, with the weak, inept Jimmy Carter at the helm of the United States, declared war and have been waging that war on us ever since, deftly utilizing their surrogates throughout the world, as they built their international terror networks with one end game in mind. The goal of that end game is nothing less than world-wide fundamentalist domination. The only substantial obstruction to the realization of that goal has been Israel and the United States of America.

Ahmadinejad addresses the crowd in Tehran.

The Ayatollahs are directly responsible for the deaths of many thousands of American and Israeli men, women and children over the last thirty years, as well as thousands in other countries around the globe. They have much to answer for. To us, to Israel, but most of all to their own people who have suffered immeasurably under the iron boot of brutal totalitarian oppression.

There have been stories of unrest coming out of Iran for years. The advent of computer technology, the internet and satellite communications have allowed clarification of the situation inside of Iran. With many thousands of Iranian refugees here in this country and around the free world a better picture of events in Iran is emerging.
Recent stories and videos show a picture of practically universal resistance to the brutal Islamist regime. The stories we see and hear are only a small portion of the whole, as resistance has been brutally suppressed. The courage of the Iranian people striving for the freedoms we take so much for granted cannot be understated. They risk their lives on a daily basis to get news, pictures and videos out to the free world.

The Grand Ayatollah’s ‘punch’ against the west is to be a nationwide display of Islamic strength and unity, with hundreds of thousands of people imported into the capital to participate in a massive extravaganza. In an ironic note, huge and extensive public address sound systems have been installed throughout the city to drown out the voices of the protesters. When it was tested, instead of playing the anthem of the Islamic Republic, it played the anthem of the late Shah of Iran!

There are massive demonstrations emerging all over the nation that are sure to be brutally suppressed. If we had a President with even a tiny amount of  character and courage he would support this nascent revolution by a people who are, and would be, friendly to the United States and Israel. But our leader is NOT a man of conviction. He is not a man of character. Having come from a tradition of warriors, I have the distinct impression that he has no courage either.

In the meantime, the Israelis and the United States continue to build up forces in the gulf and off the shores of Iran. Israel has naval and special forces assets in the region. Israel faces a dicey proposition in facing off with Iran as it will almost certainly encounter the Syrians, the Lebanese Hezbollah, which all but runs the country, and the Palestinian Hamas. According to some reports Hezbollah has trained some 5000 men, who with Syrian help would sweep across the border to seize towns in Galilee. The Syrians have become increasingly belligerent in recent weeks. Additionally, Syria has reportedly supplied Hezbollah with the Fateh 110 mobile missile system which has a range of 250 miles and could hit targets anywhere in Israel. Israel has warned Syria that she considers it to be an act of war.

Between the massive unrest of its own people and what looks like eminent hostilities between Iran and Israel, the Ayatollahs may just get a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Obama – Tough… On What?

January 8, 2010

We used to have a saying around the playground as wise-guy adolescents. “He’s tough ok, around the mouth”. This was generally used to describe a guy who was all talk, who would back off and cower to any half-baked bully who happened to come along. Striking simile to the Benighted One and his Clown College where it comes to the very first tenant of a President of the United States of America.

This bunch are as inept as it gets. It is really tragi-comic to listen to this boob go in front of the cameras ‘and talk tough’. While he is pontifically pronouncing his willingness to take ‘COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY’ for security failures, one wonders how we would extend that to the numbers of dead Americans that are going to happen because of his imbecilic ineptitude. For deaths there WILL be.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter showed us and the world what a weak, pacifistic appeasement could do for a country. It gave us the fanatical Iranian regime and the world-wide jihad. The MAD MULLAHS only backed down when confronted by the reality of a no-nonsense American leader, who made it patently clear to them that the full strength and power of US arms was right over the horizon, had they continued the games with our embassy and our citizens that they had buffaloed the foolish, feckless Carter with.
Bullies, third rate dictators, mad or just semi-mad Mullahs, jihadists, foreign or homemade, thought twice before they messed with Ronald Reagan. The notable exception to that being the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon in 1983, when Reagan had the Marines withdrawn in the aftermath.

Then with the advent of the FIRST “most ethical administration in history”, the bad guys figured out Billy Jeff in a hurry. In his best non-confrontational manner, Clinton quickly telegraphed his intention of handling obvious terrorist attacks against the country as a criminal issue, as opposed to an international terror network which had already adamantly telegraphed its declaration of war against the country, setting the stage for 9/11.

George W. Bush

George Bush kept the country relatively safe by keeping the terrorists pretty much pinned down in the middle-east and elsewhere. A number of would-be terrorist related attempts were thwarted during Bush’s tenure, mostly because they had been convinced that he WOULD FIGHT.

Now we have the SECOND “most ethical administration in US history”. (Please Lord, save us from a third). It’s Jimmy Carter and Billy Jeff rolled into one delightful fun package. Criminalizing CONFESSED terrorists into US courts just as though they were citizens with rights. Treating would-be mass murdering Jihadist bombers to ACLU attorneys, instead of a military commission and interrogation that may, just may, save more US CITIZENS’ LIVES!
Yes BARRY, you and your goofball security apparatus do so inspire confidence.
Gee…don’t we all feel so fuzzy warm and safe?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010