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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… No Jobs! Two Million To Lose Unemployment Benefits.

June 30, 2010

It’s one of those worst-case nightmare scenarios that every worker from Maine to Hawaii has been experiencing for more than two years now, with one out of five Americans unable to find work in Barack Obama’s wonderland and unemployment benefits about to end for two million unemployed by Saturday.

Once again Congress has descended into partisan bickering, as Congressional DeMarxists attempt to add more spending to existent legislation and Republicans insisting that any additional jobless benefits be paid for by reductions in debt. It’s the classic Democrat-Republican impasse, with the American people trapped in between.

Republicans are correct in doing everything possible to reduce the DeMarxist money juggernaut which is threatening to impoverish the country for decades to come. However, the active principle should be the welfare of the people who have seen their jobs lost, due to the suicidally unwise monetary policies set in place by both Democrats and Republicans.

It cracks me up when I hear hear sage ‘economists’ pontificating that Americans are using unemployment as an ‘excuse’ for not finding jobs. Having spoken to many people over the last two years who have found themselves in the position of having lost their jobs, I can assure you that few, if any, were using unemployment as some sort of paid vacation. With rare exception, unemployment doesn’t pay enough to live or support a family on… much less make mortgage payments. The continuing waves of foreclosures are mute testimony to this.

Any Conservative will tell you that the very idea of dependence on government is repugnant indeed. But these are not normal times… with the actual unemployment figures much closer to seventeen per cent, as opposed to the meek 9.6% the government claims it to be. Job losses are much closer to great depression levels than in any recession we’ve had.
Congress should set aside their differences on this.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Obanostic… Bohica – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!

February 12, 2010

To paraphrase Sarah Palin, “How’s that hopey changey thing workin’ out for ya?”
Mr ‘No family making less than 250,000.00 dollars will see a tax increase’.. ad nauseum. Now Mr Presidential Chameleon has come up with another mind-torturing shape change. Our wonderful leader has discovered that he is ‘AGNOSTIC’ to tax increases for the “middle class”, whatever his definition of that may be this week.

Our nouveau deficit hawk is fresh from his most recent bi-partisan entrapment attempt, complaining that the Republicans didn’t want to come out and play. Obama was seeking political cover for his latest money pig-out, asking for EIGHTY BILLION dollars for ‘jobs’. If you’re a Democrat you know you’re in trouble when one of your own statist media organs (AP) looks at your ‘jobs’ bill and says it won’t create many jobs.

Knowing that the Democrats were only too happy to set them up as being the party of ‘NO’, the Republicans neatly sidestepped the ploy.
The ‘tax’ cut provisions of the bill were something that would only appeal to someone who had never worked in the private sector, run a company or had to make a payroll. Therein lies the rub for Obama’s administration. There simply is no one to tell them ‘heck no’, it just doesn’t work like that. Few, if any, people in the White House have ever held a private sector job and have little understanding of the economic engines that actually drive job growth.

Harry Reid Speaks To The Media After Scrapping The Bipartisan Jobs Bill

Other provisions in the bill are more transportation make-work union paybacks, and possibly the only part of the proposed legislation that may have validity, further extensions of unemployment benefits for those who have been unable to find work.
With a stagnant economy there are approximately six job seekers for every job out in the private sector. The only job growth has been in the public (government) sector which has a direct negative effect on private sector job growth.

Along with the tax increases, the administration is seeking cuts in spending for entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare… sure to be an extremely unpopular issue with the country’s seniors. A huge voting block that up to this point had been reliably Democrat.

Of course, a REALLY courageous leader and his party could find much of that money by removing many of the multi-layered and redundant agencies and bureaucracies which glut our government, and by reducing the truly insane regulatory burden being placed on American business.
Naturally, that would probably make too much sense. As would CUTTING TAXES. It’s easy, Obama.
You want to create jobs? LOTS of jobs? CUT TAXES.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Barack Obama – The Middle Class Untruth.

January 26, 2010

It’s not like, “Oh gravy!” “What’s he lying about this time?” It’s more like which SETS of multiple lies do I start with.
While Mr. Mealy Mouth was wowing the kiddies at an elementary school by standing feet above them, looking down his nose at the teleprompters again, Nancy and Harry, with Obama’s direct knowledge and approval, have concocted a complete Rube Goldberg torturing of the legislative process in order to cram that health bill down your throat, 60 votes or not.

They intend to achieve this by a bizarre bait and switch use of the reconciliation process and a total backdoor agreement between Senate and House versions to be enacted by Democrat Representatives, on a promise of signing on to it AFTER Obama signs the legislation and enacts changes agreed to beforehand to satisfy the various recalcitrant factions.

This one is so sleazy, fraudulent and most likely unconstitutional, as to be hard to absorb. It’s almost surrealistic. If the general populace learns of this one they may decide to go the tar and pitchfork route after all. Those Bluedogs? HAMMER THE HELL OUT OF THEM!! They are the Obama, Pelosi, Reid lynch pin on this. So it’s back to the mattresses for Conservatives and Independents. Call, fax, email and contact your local representative’s office. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED.

Obama, meanwhile, is touting that his stimulus has ‘saved or created’ TWO MILLION JOBS. President Obama, YOU’RE LYING THROUGH YOUR EYE TEETH. The Obama administration has been doing everything diametrically opposite of what is required to create new jobs. His assaults on business and the MIDDLE CLASS (this is classic marxism). Assaults on the financial and banking sectors who small business is dependent on for funding and expansion. This is all a direct assault on the middle class because small businesses drive job creation in this country, and SMALL BUSINESS IS THE MIDDLE CLASS!

Now President Obama is going to pull a classic Saul Alinsky right shift and try to convince someone in the ‘middle class’ that he really cares. He is going to claim that the middle class has been under ‘assault’. Yeah Obama, by whom?
15 MILLION JOBS LOST. The worst month for housing sales in FORTY YEARS, down 17% in December. It’s the middle class that buy homes, Obama. It’s the middle class that can pay for them.
Remember all that Democratic junk paper? Those are YOUR foreclosures. Those are the poor that you and ACORN forced the banks to loan to, the ones who had not a prayer of being able to repay.

Your public debt Obama: $12,245,872,000,000 – a figure almost inconceivable in its scope, and you want to increase that debt ceiling by another ONE POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLARS, and you’re going to go in front of the country and preach about FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY?!!
You have destroyed those jobs, Obama, you have destroyed them by sucking billions upon billions of dollars out of the private sector.
You were speaking about being a one term President, Mr. Obama.
From your lips to God’s ears.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Obamaconomics-500,000 More Lost Jobs.

October 23, 2009

His Mightiness the Empty Suit, in the getting-dingier-by-the-day White House, is constantly holding forth, sagely saying NOTHING in front of gaggles of “journalists”, who dutifully report NOTHING, while the would be NEO-STAZI in the Suit’s administration attack the only news and information outlets that do say SOMETHING about what the President, the administration and that zany and dysfunctional but extremely dangerous Congress, led by Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi and that ever popular Harry “I ain’t got a prayer of re-election” Reid, are up to. While the people of America continue to suffer the throes of a completely jobless “recovery”, with a recession that shows every indication of being worse despite what all the liberal pitchmen in the administration and the media lapdogs are saying.
The FACTS are that there are no jobs and the REASON that there are no jobs is that small business is scared to death. The government has a plethora of more than onerous taxation, regulation and punitive laws waiting in the wings, custom designed to destroy the private sector. Job growth does not come from unionized segments of the society and hasn’t since the days of Henry Ford. Trade unionism is a cancer which can destroy. Trade unionism destroyed Great Britain’s economy and it hasn’t recovered to this day.
Unions by their very nature are antithetical to GROWING anything…they produce very little other than protecting their own interests. They have a tendency toward protecting the least well qualified as opposed to the most…the government unions are a prime example. The service and automobile industry unions are others.
Meanwhile, the stock market continues to show increases in value. WHAT gives? Simply, they are increasing profit margins by laying people off and consolidating operations.
Job growth comes from private business…in the larger context of the economy large business does not create nearly as many jobs as the small business entrepreneur.
These jobs are not being created specifically because of the anti-business, anti-American policies of the Obama White House and the Marxist Obama administration and Congress.
500,000 new jobless claims is 500,000 JOBS LOST TO THE OBAMA ECONOMY.
He can’t blame the Bush administration for this and hasn’t been able to for six months or more.
Suspicious minds would conclude that there are more sinister activities and purposes afoot here than our usually trusting minds can easily wrap themselves around…or want to believe…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009