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Eleven Days To The Beginning.

October 22, 2010

I don’t mind telling you it’s been a very long 21 months under the socialist, redistributionist Obama administration. The cheap chrome job is showing the base metal underneath.

All across the nation the Marxists are on the run, even as the lame stream bleats out fractured story lines about largely fanciful DeMarxist gains, as the badly duped American citizen begins to come to his senses. Nothing could be farther from reality. The nationwide mobilization of the Tea Party Patriots has already begun… millions of us registering, encouraging and aiding other Americans to vote for freedom.

That’s exactly what we’re talking about here folks… our freedom, yours and mine. We’re talking about regaining that which has been lost in the Marxist assault on our country. We’re talking about rededicating ourselves to the single greatest document ever conceived. The founders were giants among the men of their time… such a striking contrast to the mental midgets that infest, far too much, our body politic.

If you are a Marxist liberal, we are here to tell you that your days are numbered. The American Patriot movement is on the march and if you get in our way we’ll simply roll over you.

The Republican establishment types are taking shots at one of the finest of their membership, who simply will not compromise his values and who advocates a return to morality in America. Jim DeMint is one of the finest Senators in the nation and is a solid Tea Party Conservative Patriot. The leadership had better pay attention because we are.

Note to back-biting Republicrats. You may be biting off much more than you want to try and chew. How would it be to wake up one morning to find that the RNC has lost its power to resolve anything; much less who’s going to run where. You so-called establishment Republicans had better get your heads out of the sand and start counting votes… there’s not many… most of the votes are in the hands of the Patriots.

So you can go ahead and play your games, but I can tell you for certain that in many people’s eyes the Republican brand has been damaged beyond repair. You simply can’t be trusted.

Here’s something to send you home with dyspepsia… think about this one for a second.
American Patriot Party… Mike Pence at the top of the ticket with ‘Barracuda’ Palin as his running mate.
Food for thought.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama And The DeMarxists’ Scorched Earth Political Suicide.

October 13, 2010

Regular readers of this column will remember a cartoon showing ‘the march of the Democrat lemmings’, where identical hordes poured over a cliff. That’s much like what’s still occurring within the DeMarxist ranks. Not satisfied to have presided over the single greatest threat to our livelihoods, our homes and our freedoms in the history of the country, many a Congress critter is about to ride the Obama express over the falls.

The mood of the country is neither forgiving nor is it likely to allow for much compromise with the left as far as most of us are concerned. The DeMarxists are running for their political lives. Barack Hussein Obama’s White House is rapidly becoming his Fuhrer’s bunker, just as Hitler lived underground in Berlin during the final days of the Reich. No, I’m not comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler, though there certainly are some ready comparisons.

The political landscape isn’t just looking bleak for the enemies of our country… it’s purely toxic. I mentioned yesterday that every new move of the DeMarxist political machine drops them even deeper into hot water with the American citizen. Yeah, the ones they’ve lied to and ignored for the last time.

Obama’s and the DeMarxists’ tactics are not going unnoticed or unremarked. They are facing an aroused populace, who has made it its business to be extraordinarily well informed about the condition of the country and the economy.

A seismic upheaval in the tapestry of American politics will occur in less than three weeks now. It’s not a question of victory any more. We are assured of that, however it is a matter of numbers… we’re sure to take the House by more, much more, than we need.

The Senate is also up for grabs with ten seats which could very likely swing Republican. There are thirty six gubernatorial seats up this election cycle, many of which may fall to Republicans. Add to that the truly staggering numbers of state and local races where Republican candidates are having a huge impact.
It is indeed a very tough year for incumbents.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


O’Bozo And The Clown College – Turning Certain Defeat Into Certain Disaster.

October 12, 2010

We, that is we of the Conservative Patriot movement, have experienced pretty much the worst the Marxists of the Obama government have had to throw at us. The lame-tame, so-called mainstream press, whose slavish devotion to all things socialist is well known, has lost its grip on the American people.

Enter the alternate or ‘new media’, whose reportage has been scooping the media giants on a regular basis. Not only that, but stories can be broken nationwide instantly with a few keystrokes, and we have thousands of well-informed and patriotic writers who have taken it upon themselves to get to the story and then get the truth out.

The Marxist redistributionist cabal that had taken over the seat of government in Washington completely misread the mood and intent of the country. Yeah, we’d had all of George Bush that we wanted. We were bitterly disappointed in his weak inability to rein in his out-of-control Congress, for all he was, and is, a decent man who took his responsibility to protect the country and the people of the United States from further attacks by Islamist terrorists seriously.

The DeMarxists are still trying to play on his name, magnificently ignoring that it’s been two years since George Bush retired, and that this economy and these two wars in which our nation finds itself engaged are all Obama all the time, for two years now.

Journalists, even some of the supposed reliable lame-stream outlets, have been commenting on how there now appears to be a consensus that Obama is in over his head. Hell’s bells, fellas and gals… I could have told you that two years ago… and did… repeatedly. It’s looking like the leftists are going to pay the price for hijacking our government.

The American people are the same everywhere you go, and just about everyone you talk to is really angry and cannot wait for November 2. Many people of my own acquaintance, who in a normal political cycle wouldn’t even walk across the street to vote, are fired up and talking it up to others. That’s how this thing works… one American to another… one patriot to another.

Every time Obama or any of his (remaining) minions opens his mouth, they double down on our anger quotient, more people become active and the movement grows. See, that’s another thing that the DeMarxists haven’t figured out. It’s attraction, not promotion, that accounts for the spectacular growth of the Patriots and their supporters across the nation.

Three weeks… Register and read up on the candidates and the issues for your state and locality. Be an informed voter. It may very well be the most important thing you’ll ever do.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


What A Wondrous Thing, This Patriot Movement.

October 10, 2010

It’s great to be an American. It’s great to be an American Patriot during this most momentous period in American history. Not that it isn’t a little scary too… with the assault against the fabric of the country by Barack Obama and his Marxist Government and Congress… with our borders a literal sieve, two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, with the latter altogether uncertain because of Barack Obama’s indecision and his active undermining of the military mission and command there.

Some people see our president as favoring and aiding our enemies. If this was a Republican they’d be shrieking for his head, but then Obama did tell us that he had to get out of Afghanistan… he couldn’t lose the Democrats or some such? I’ll bet his statement got more play with the Taliban than it did with his rent-a-mob kook base. In a sane world we’d have him impeached and facing charges of giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war.

No one is going to convince me, or the people of this country, that this recession is over, or even close to it. Businesses and money are fleeing Obama’s wunderland every day. You see, one of the things that the DeMarxists have never been able to figure out is that they can tax the rich all they want. People with money aren’t stupid… once you have money you have to work hard at keeping it. They’ll pull the plug and take their money and leave.

Obama’s tax nazis will find themselves presiding over a diminishing return. What was it that Maggie Thatcher said about socialism? She said something to the effect that socialism was just peachy keen until you run out of other people’s money.

We have a peaceful and significantly violence-free revolution underway in this country. But make no mistake about it, it is a revolution nonetheless. I’m proud to be part of it. It is a revolution that is going to sweep the enemies of this country aside. Less than four weeks to the day of reckoning for the Democrats.
Join us in our fight against the enemies of America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Polls And Surveys.

October 7, 2010

The usual pre-election flurry of facts, figures, statistics and predictions are being hurled at us from all directions. From demographic and racial groups’ preferences to the likelihood of hamster owners voting Republican or Democrat… most angles are covered in some way or another.

I pity the campaign organizers who have to dissect all this information in order to target the areas and groups where they have less support. Let’s see… we need to concentrate on mixed-race, Lexus owning, Mac using, CSI viewers with a subscription to ‘Gardener’s Weekly’. Well, I exaggerate a little, perhaps.

Pollsters remind me of the addicted gambler, who regularly boasts “I came out $1,000 up this week”, without mention of the $5,000 they lost the previous week. The electorate is, for the most part, fickle. Take out the group of us that would never, save for a severe blow to the head, vote for the other party. What you have left is a large percentage that can be swayed right up to the last minute before entering the booth.

This is precisely the group being targeted now by the Democrats in their last-hour smear campaigns. I covered the Meg Whitman story in some detail yesterday, so I don’t intend covering the same ground today. By leaving these attacks so late in the game, it gives little time for the victim to react and vindicate themselves. One poll this week showed Meg’s percentage dropping, although it was claimed that this was not due to the actions of Attorney Gloria Allred, at the behest of person/s yet unknown. Can I really believe that?

With nothing of substance on which to campaign, other than failed policies and a total disregard for the wishes of the majority of Americans, not to mention the fact that one piece of legislation they did get through, by unscrupulous means, was arguably the most unpopular in modern history, they are left with two options. One option is the personal attack / smear campaign. The other is to appear more centrist in their ads.

I have seen several lately which declare the desire to restore the economy, create new wealth and jobs, to put America back at the top where it belongs. Gee… I could vote for that guy. But… wait a moment… Isn’t that the Democrat who voted for the stimulus, the health care bill, opposed the surge, voted for cap-and-trade?

The sad fact is that many voters will fall for these benign-looking candidates, with no idea of their true agenda or ideologies. A recent survey showed that 65% of people questioned could not name one Supreme Court Judge. With a total lack of political knowledge, what chance do they have of disseminating the truth from the lies in these campaigns?

Instead of filling our youngsters’ heads with prophecies of doom through man-made global warming and Marxist historical revisionism, it’s time that they were taught the real truth that is the Constitution and American political history, that these video confidence tricksters’ true intention is to take the country down a path that has failed in every single nation that has tried it.
Only then will we see the opinion polls fluctuate less wildly.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


On The Road Again.

October 5, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama is on the campaign trail again, while many of his party members are looking for rocks to hide under. Obama never stopped campaigning. The difference now is that even the slavish leftist press has had stilted commentary on Obama’s handling of the nation’s economy.

Obama’s intentional destruction of our economy will certainly succeed unless we stop it. Do you want to see the true Marxist Mr Obama? Do you want to see what this country would look like under the gentle tutelage of the Anointed One?

Look south. Your gaze doesn’t have to go any farther than Venezuela and the Benito Mussolini of the banana-state set, Hugo Chavez. Hugo is busy gobbling up private assets and defying anyone to gainsay him. It wouldn’t be so bad if Hugo confined his activities to Venezuela, but for his recent adventurism into fomenting and aiding rebellion in neighboring Colombia, and his active participation in aiding terrorists trying to make their way north.

Even though Chavez lost seats in the recent elections, he just stuck his Mussolini jaw out there and said that it would only make him more determined to radicalize the economy… against the will of the people. Who does this sound like? If you said Barack Obama, you win. They’re just exactly the same. One petty dictator modeling another.

Obama is having trouble getting anyone to listen to him. But then, he doesn’t say much he hasn’t said before. This November you’ll have the chance to finish this nonsense, or rather the first phase of this nonsense, and returning this country back to a Constitutional Republic.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


From Our Readers.

October 4, 2010

We have a really savvy bunch of readers. They really get it and they don’t need my, or anyone’s, prompting to carry the banner of Conservative patriotism forward.

I don’t even know how many sites we’re on but it’s a lot, and then we get picked up from there by other outlets. We get mail from some of the most unlikely places, and we get a lot of comments. Most of them do get read. Dee’s really good about that. Sometimes there are just so many that we can’t get to them all.

Recently, there has been a shift in the comments we’ve been getting. Up until now, the clarion call has been for victory against the DeMarxist government, with not a little flavor of vengeance against politicians of either party who have conspired to bring down America. Now there’s increasing interest in the post-election makeup of the new Conservative Republican Party and how it’s going to perform in a post Pelosi-Reid environment.

There have been many thoughtful comments to the effect that the incoming Congress will be the most scrutinized in history. What we’re getting, in comment after comment, is that no one intends to allow a Republican Congress to run off the rails again.

We have some really great rising stars in the Conservative Republican movement. There will be a whole bunch more coming to Washington after the elections as well.

We can anticipate the worst out of the DeMarxists between now and the elections. What we really have to be prepared for is that it’s quite likely that the DeMarxists may choose a scorched earth policy, where they attempt to enact the portions of the Obama agenda that hasn’t been able to move through the Congress due to skilled Republican resistance.

If Democrats choose this all-or-nothing approach, it will be an open acknowledgment of the open contempt with which they hold you, the American citizen. It’s time to do it right. These Marxist liberals have got to go… period. They must be hounded from government no matter where they may have burrowed.

Come to think of it, it might not be a bad idea to start up the House Un-American Activities Committee again. They just might want to start with Hillary’s Foggy Bottom… not Hillary’s bottom, Foggy Bottom. Our State Department has been a hotbed of anti-American and anti-semitic activity for sixty years or more. It needs to be cleaned out once and for all.
One thing is for sure, there is no lack of work to be done… now or after November 2.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Sunday Lunch.

October 2, 2010

Has Skip’s editor decided to take a break from politics by publishing recipes? Or maybe it’s the announcement of a new weekend magazine program? No, we couldn’t compete with the excellent Chris Wallace and FNS.

Last Sunday, I thought I’d partake of some lunch in the staff restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of British-style cooking. As Michael Savage exclaimed, when he discovered his inclusion on the ‘banned from Britain’ list, “Darn! And I was just planning a trip to England for their superior dental work and cuisine.” I know the feeling, Mike. Unless you have a preference for large quantities of pastry and batter, or large liver-based meatballs, the name of which I can’t reveal here without alienating a large percentage of San Francisco residents, there isn’t much going for it.

You can always play safe and request a burger, which often results in the query “Would you like it in a bun?” Uh, yeah. I’d like bread on my sandwich, too. Anyway, Kath Toms does a mean Sunday roast, so, as a change from my usual diet of Tex-Mex and Italian, I thought I’d indulge.

There have been many tales throughout history of people ‘seeing’ things in the most unlikely places… Holy apparitions on a slice of toast, for example. When I looked at the contents of my plate, I could see much of the recent history of the 111th Congress.

There was the pork. We have had plenty of that. Stimulus packages crammed full of the stuff. When questioned hard enough about it, they’d trim off some of the rind in a feeble attempt to make it more palatable. I guess you could call it ‘cured pork’.

The stuffing was the bulk of the 2,600 page health care bill, which, by their own admission, the perpetrators had not even bothered to read.

I was surprised to find that Brussels sprouts are still on the menu. With the amount of digestive methane production that these little green legumes are responsible for, it’s surprising that they have not been outlawed by the enviro-nazis. They will probably soon be the victims of the preferred liberal tactic of ‘education’ (see video). Be prepared for your little ones to severely reprimand you for serving them as part of a meal (“My teacher says all the polar bears will die if we all eat Brussels sprouts”). I guess we could circumvent it by purchasing some carbon tax credits!

None of this would be complete without the roast potatoes, which is precisely what the incumbent Democrats will be this November 2. We have to turn up the heat on them. They are resorting to the most desperate of measures to save their skins now, with unfounded, unscrupulous attacks on Republican candidates.

We can not allow people who accept lies as an acceptable part of government to control the country. They have had their meal, now let’s give them their just desserts!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


America Does A Big Gutcheck

October 1, 2010

… and didn’t like what it found. Conservative writers, myself included, are enamored with the emerging Conservative majority in the country. We observe closely, in awe of seeing a free people exercising their fundamental right to remove from office those they have strongly come to oppose. We are truly witnessing a shift in the fabric of American politics.

Rick Santelli

Rick Santelli of CNBC financial news is the one who is credited with the term Tea Party, but if you check on the net you’ll find about ten pages of folks who claim to have invented it. That’s part of the mystique of the Conservative Patriot Movement.

The Patriot groups have literally sprung up all over the country. That’s one of the things that is just driving the DeMarxists nuts about the Tea Party groups. They just can’t visualize the Patriot Movement. It doesn’t equate… there’s no national movement or leadership. It’s entirely independent from any political party or organization. Leftists just can’t register that one… a popular movement they couldn’t match even in their wildest dreams… and one which has grown with logarithmic abandon.

America took one long look at the socialist assault on our country and made a conscious decision to stop it. As the election rapidly approaches, more DeMarxist weaknesses and vulnerabilities become apparent. Some prognosticators are saying that as many as 100 seats could change hands in the House alone. The Senate looks more vulnerable every day, also.

There are going to be a lot of Tea Parties in the run up to the elections. Get online and find your local group and get out there and support them. Talk to your friends and neighbors about America, the Constitution and Freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


The Incredible Vanishing Congress.

September 28, 2010

Congress might have been able to clear Washington faster in the face of something like the bubonic plague, but not by much. Washington is political poison for Democrats. They chose to leave town without addressing the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Not that their reception will be that much better out in their districts.

People, many people who have never before participated in the political process, are energized… not in the sense of Obama’s vacant-eyed, vacuous-expressioned, mind-numbed robots, parroting glitzy slogans without meaning to other mind-numbed robots.

These people are not just energized. They have seen the threat to this country and have taken up the challenge. They have become more politically aware and have joined other constitutional patriots in what has become the most powerful political influence in the nation. This is not a third party. These are individual citizens deciding that we’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it any more.

The DeMarxists, and some eight or nine Republicans, are not going to be pleased with the reception awaiting them in their districts. What is incredible to me is that these politicians (Congress), who were hired for but one reason, to do the will of the people under the Constitution of the United States of America, have been able to wall off the voices of American citizens while pursuing policies of personal aggrandizement and enrichment, at the expense of the American citizen. And we let them get away with it.

You see, I’m one of those people who believe that we’ve just plain gone to sleep at the switch. We did it over and over again, time after time, lulled to sleep by the siren song of leftist agitprop and the promise of impossible dreams and empty promises.

This upcoming election is going to present us with clearly defined choices. We can vote for freedom and a return to a Constitutional Republic. Or we can vote to destroy the greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever seen forever. Because if we were to lose, that beacon just might be extinguished permanently. It’s an easy choice.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010