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That Was The Week That Was #6.

September 18, 2010

In this series of weekly articles I usually cover a few of the week’s main story lines. This week, however, a large amount of time has been given in the media to the last of the primary elections… and the fallout that has followed. With only forty five days until the general election, it seems only right that I devote this page to this one topic.

Miller and Murkowski - Just when you think it's over....

It was announced yesterday that Lisa Murkowski, beaten in the Alaska Senatorial primary by Joe Miller, will run in November as a write-in candidate. The bitter irony of this act is that the Republican establishment, of which the Murkowski dynasty could be considered a part, has spent the better part of the week condemning the Tea Party for its support of Christine O’Donnell.

While old guard Republicans are saying that it’s better to get a Party member into the Senate, regardless of how far left they lean, than to risk loss by running a Conservative candidate, one of their own is taking the risk of splitting the Republican vote.

I have always held Karl Rove in high esteem, and I regard Charles Krauthammer as, possibly, my favorite op-ed columnist. I can see where they are coming from with their opinions on risking the loss of elections, but my instincts and, dare I say, morals, tell me that they are off base on this one.

Charles Krauthammer

In Krauthammer’s article of September 17, he used the analogy of a baseball batting average, with Mike Castle at .667 on the voting history of health care (no), the stimulus (no) and cap-and-trade (yes). He questioned whether it would be more agreeable to have a Democrat elected with an average of .000.

That’s being a little too selective, in my opinion. If you look at the broader picture, Castle is pro-choice, voted against the Iraq troop surge, voted for TARP and the Fannie Mae – Freddie Mac bailout, voted to increase taxes on oil companies, voted against controls on eminent domain abuse, voted for the cash-for-clunkers program…. the list goes on. He may show an overall Republican voting agreement figure of 80% plus, but that covers every single vote, down to whether the House restaurant menu should be updated. As for gun control… need I say it?

With this sort of batting average on serious issues, it appears that a moderate Democrat could be a preferential alternative to Mike Castle. What is the difference between a Democrat and a RINO voting against the wishes of Conservatives? Why he ever joined the GOP is a mystery to me. Perhaps the Democrats had filled their membership quota for the year?

I have said on many occasions that if I was to run for political office, I would rather lose heavily while voicing my true beliefs than to win by giving the electorate what they want to hear. It is this ideal of being true to oneself that drives the Tea Party. If they pulled the plug on a Conservative candidate, to give a RINO, and the GOP, a better chance of success, it would undermine the very principles that the movement is founded on.

America is not some reality show, where the producers decide to keep someone popular in the House (or Senate) to beat the ratings of the another network. This is the reality – the Republican Party must give the full support that is deserved by Tea Party candidates. Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller won their respective primary elections fair and square.

Everyone, please, do the honorable thing and give them all the help you possibly can in the run-up to November. Time is running short, we need to pull together now to create an unstoppable force that will halt the tide of socialism. Stay true to your beliefs and have faith – the rest will come naturally.

I would like to congratulate Ron Johnson on his primary success in Wisconsin. Regular readers probably know that Ron was endorsed on the website. He has a difficult battle now with Russ Feingold, but I’m sure that if anyone can pull it off, Ron can. Please support him in any way you can.

I’ll finish with a quote from Jim DeMint: “I’ve been in the majority with Republicans who didn’t have principles and we embarrassed ourselves and lost credibility in front of the country. Frankly, I’m at a point where I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause then win fighting for the wrong cause”.

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The Old And The New.

August 25, 2010

The latest batch of primary election results yielded few surprises. After some scathing attacks on rival JD Hayworth, and a no-less-than-spectacular turnaround on immigration policies, John McCain was to cruise home with a twenty four percentage point lead.

John McCain

While Hayworth is a largely unknown quantity in political circles, I think it is a safe assumption that he would not have been tempted to acquiesce to the Democrats in the Senate. The balance in the Senate, come November, will be a close call, probably too close to afford the luxury of defecting Republican votes.

I am amazed that Arizona Republicans, whose current main concern is illegal immigration, could be taken in by a flip-flopper extraordinaire, whose about-turn is nothing more than a blatant act of self-preservation. Sen. Jim Inhofe called McCain a “closet liberal”. Gee, ya think, Jim?! Not a very deep closet, either.

Joe Miller

In Alaska, Tea Party endorsed newcomer Joe Miller was leading incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski by 51 to 49, with 98% 0f votes counted. It could be a week before the final result is announced, with remote rural areas using the old paper ballot system.

Back in Arizona, Ben Quayle, son of former VP Dan Quayle, won the Republican primary in the 3rd Congressional District. The 33 year old lawyer beat off competition from nine other candidates to become favorite to replace retiring Representative John Shadegg.

Ben Quayle

Earlier this month, Quayle called Barack Obama “the worst president in history” and hoped that he would be elected to Congress to “knock the hell out of Washington”.
Honest on the first count, determined on the second – sounds like the type of person we need.

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Leave The Personal Insults To The Left.

June 23, 2010

South Carolina Rep. Nikki Haley achieved a convincing victory in the gubernatorial runoff, but not without having to endure the all-too-common slur campaign and personal attacks. She will now face Democrat Vincent Sheheen in November.

Nikki Haley and family celebrate.

What makes the story so sickening is the fact that some of the character assassinations were from Republicans. A conservative blogger, Will Folks, made allegations of a most extreme nature, the details of which I will not recount here as I find them deeply offensive. Perhaps he thought it would give him the fifteen minutes of fame that he craves, something becoming ever more elusive to bloggers given the rapidly increasing numbers of political commentators on the internet. Whatever the reason, the possible damage caused to the Haley family and the Republican Party’s chances are inexcusable.

I asked Skip recently how he can laugh off some of the biting personal remarks that he receives from ‘liberal’ readers – an amazing feat of psychology on their part, as they don’t know the first thing about him, other than his political views. Of course, they are always way off the mark… the usual references to ‘racist’, ‘KKK’, along with the obligatory comparisons of the present situation to the Bush era (will they still be doing that in the 22nd century?) and demonization of the Tea Party. Possibly, Skip’s Marine training taught him to ignore the petty verbal attacks and concentrate on the real battle.

Jake Knotts

I tend to take things more personally, which also includes derogatory remarks aimed at others who do not deserve such treatment. Which leads me to Jake Knotts. Said as a joke, Mr. Knotts? While I seriously question the predilections of the President, Nikki Haley does not deserve this sort of bigotry from a member of her own party. Perhaps a touch of jealousy of a lady who is talented and could well go on to greater things. Do us all a favor, Mr. Knotts… leave the name-calling and personal attacks to the Democrats, you shame the Republican Party.

Earlier today, I read an article about the USA soccer team. It listed the players, along with their ethnic origin. To me, it encapsulated the spirit of the United States. Eleven players with different ancestral nationalities, two of which are naturalized citizens themselves. When they come together, they do so under one flag – the flag of the United States of America. That is the basis of American exceptionalism. The desire of people of all ethnic backgrounds to succeed, to help the country succeed by their efforts and, most importantly, to uphold the principles laid down in the Constitution.

We would like to wish Nikki Haley all the best for November, and good luck to Team USA later today. To both, ‘Go get ’em!’

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Lincoln Survives, Barely – Republican Ladies Rule California.

June 9, 2010

Blanche Lincoln barely survived a challenge by Governor Bill Halter, 52% to 48%, in her bid to win the Arkansas primary. She’s not out of the woods yet by a long shot. She still has to face Republican US Representative John Boozman in November. Actually, with Boozman polling 25 points ahead of Lincoln she has plenty to worry about. Rasmussen has him at +38 points.

Meg Whitman and husband Griffith Harsh

For good or ill, Meg Whitman is going to be the Republican candidate for Governor. This is going to be one of those moments which is going to challenge my sense of party loyalty. I don’t trust Meg Whitman. Ever since I saw a video a couple of times in which she was interviewed about her meeting Van Jones, late of the Obama administration and self-identified communist activist, while on an environmental cruise up north. She literally gushed all over herself about him. What amounted to a political endorsement was given with no investigation into Van Jones background whatsoever. She is, however, California’s best bet and I do think she can defeat “Moonbeam” Brown.

Carly Fiorina

To complete the ladies tour de force through California politics, Carly Fiorina showed surprising strength toward the end of the race and she will face Babs ‘Rocks in the Box’ Boxer. There are some predicting that Babs will carve Carly a new turkey, but I’m not so sure.
She can beat Babs, but she needs to stick to principles and issues and not let the DeMarxists control the message. She has to stand up and be prepared to go toe to toe and slug it out.

Sharron Angle

Another Tea Party favorite, Sharron Angle, will face Nevada Senator Harry Reid in November. Angle shows a slight lead but had better be prepared for the worst ‘Dingy Harry’ can throw at her.
In South Carolina, Nikki Haley handily defeated the opposition to win the Republican nomination for Governor. This lady is a class act.
In Iowa, the Republican party has nominated former governor Terry Branstad to run against Democrat Governor Chet Culver.
Come join us on the Conservative march to victory, November 2010.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Primaries Loom Large.

June 8, 2010

Ten states hold primary elections today, in addition to the runoff in Arkansas and a Republican Congressional special in Georgia. DeMarxists in Congress are by no means eager to press for Obama’s agenda. A lot of these folks must know by now that they are toast. Voters are in a mood to punish incumbents who they see as betraying the people’s trust by voting in favor of the health care legislation.

Blanche Lincoln campaigning in her home town.

Blanche Lincoln comes to mind. She’d been playing both ends of the deck for so long that when the health care vote came up she was so far out of touch with her constituency that she didn’t recognize that fully 70% of the people of Arkansas were dead set against the Obama stealth care fraud. If Lincoln did realize that the issue was that volcanic and voted for it anyway, she should be removed from office for being as dumb as a box of rocks, which is just exactly what is going to happen today.

Across the country, from coast to coast, this preliminary to the main event in November has both parties watching very carefully, even as the various candidates campaign down to the wire for today’s elections. Conservative Republicans are running strongly across the country. The influence of the Conservative Patriot movements and the Tea Partiers cannot be underestimated here, as the establishment Republicans discovered to their dismay and embarrassment that instead of ‘instilling’ party discipline on those unsophisticated rubes, they were not only ignored but they were pulled ignominiously along behind Americans that were sick to death of government business-as-usual, regardless of what side of the aisle it came from.

All indications are that Democrat incumbents will take a bath today. I sincerely hope so. It’ll be just that many fewer we have to beat in November. The message is clear. America has just about had it with Obama’s vision for America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Primaries Gauge Level Of Public Angst.

June 6, 2010

‘Tis the season and Americans have the reason. The summer of discontent is about to manifest itself in a big way. I’ve referred often to the undercurrent of real anger out there, over the President and the DeMarxist Congress’s assault on our freedom. Three primaries were held this last week. Putting it mildly, it didn’t go well for the Democrats. They were not the sole recipients of the voters’ long suppressed angst, however.

Parker Griffith

Party-switching GOP Representative Parker Griffith, (R) Alabama, became the fourth Republican incumbent to fall before the voters anger this year. If the June 1 primaries in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico are in any way an indication of the way the primaries being held this coming Tuesday, June 8, are going to go for the DeMarxists, things could get very ugly. This, more than anything else that has happened up until now, is going to be the best indicator of what is likely to occur in November.

Democrats have just about exhausted their supply of good will when it comes to the American people… the real American people, not the government sector union goons and government employees, or their slavishly devoted Lame Stream Media. It’s ironic that the audience that the LSM has lost has turned out in huge numbers… in the Patriot groups, in the Tea Parties and in the millions who support them and the new media.

Special note to our California friends; Proposition 14 (the open primary initiative) is just plain stupid for Californians, and for California Republicans it’s worse than that. In a state with so many Democrat voters we would literally have our political opponents picking the Republican candidate they want to run against. Don’t laugh. That is exactly what happened to Mitt Romney in the 2008 Michigan Presidential primary where there were thousands of cross over voters from the Democrat side voting for McCain, whom they knew to be the weaker candidate, resulting in Romney’s loss there. Proposition 14 is bad medicine for a state that is on the ropes financially and politically.

Get everyone you know to get out and vote on June 8 in the following states: California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia and Georgia with a special election runoff in House Congressional District 9.
Now it’s your turn to make a real difference. Your votes do count, very much so.
Vote America, Vote Freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010