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Break The Public Sector Unions And You’ve Broken The DeMarxist Party’s Hold.

February 27, 2011

The trough that feeds all public sector unions is in dire straights. That trough, friends, is us… you and me. Let’s forget for the moment that these self-same unions, and their bought and paid for Marxist political hacks, are at the bottom of much of the economic chaos we find ourselves in. Let’s just deal with the situation as it exists now.

All across the nation municipal, county, state and federal service sector unions are doing their share of sucking the air out of the economy. It would be unfair to claim that the country’s woes are the sole province of the unions either… but the unholy reach of these unions into the highest offices of our government first became apparent during the 2008 run-up to the Presidential elections, particularly the goon-like tactics of SEIU in their unholy alliance with ACORN.

There were plenty of Patriots at these events surprising, I think, even the goons themselves as the Patriots stood up to them. We had pictures of goons caught in the act of being goons that went viral almost immediately. It was sort of funny though. In some of the clips I reviewed it was plainly not on the goons itinerary to pick on anyone that looked like they might fight back. Instead, they picked on women, old men and cripples.

Kenneth Gladney - victim of attack by SEIU thugs.

Their unbelievably filthy, sexist, racist statements recorded on the spot and sent to computers around the world, including mine, have shaped the argument far more graphically than anything I, or any writer, can equal. The image of SEIU goons kicking a disabled black man on the ground generated a not-so-slowly boiling anger in Americans who were already in a citizens’ uprising headed by the emerging Tea Party Patriot groups.

The unions are now taking their goons on the road all over the country to try and intimidate your legislators. As Patriots we are going to have to supply the spine they may not have to withstand the onslaught. You and I are going to have to become even more active.

I’m not necessarily opposed to private sector unions per se. One of my sons is in a union. This particular union understands that the company must make a profit or there will be layoffs, no contract, no company and no union.

Therein lays the great difference. We saw what President Obama did to reward his union cronies from the first day he took the oath… between his grifting massive amounts of stimulus dollars to the banks most responsible for the mortgage crisis and his blatant payoffs to the unions, I don’t think we’ve seen a more totally morally bankrupt and corrupted government in the history of our Republic. This government has to go.

America can’t afford Barack Hussein Obama and the public sector unions’ price tag. And don’t think for a second we can’t break the backs of these unions… don’t listen to to the blather.

By the way, just in case one of your brain-challenged friends uses the time-worn ‘collective bargaining is a right’ argument that the unions have been spouting… there is no such thing… it’s a lie, it doesn’t exist.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011



Arizona Law Gains Favor.

August 20, 2010

It looks like Arizona has a lot of serious company out there just now. No fewer than twenty two states are in the process of drafting, or seeking to pass, legislation such as was passed by Arizona. Others are looking at the Arizona law with renewed interest.

Representative Debbie Riddle of Texas aims to pass a new immigration law in January.

The cash strapped municipalities, counties and states can ill afford the lavish largesse, once routinely offered to illegals by liberal governments. The gravy train is petering out for one reason… there is no money. Federal programs and make-work grants are fizzling out.

The stimulus simply didn’t work. That money is running out. The sectors favored most by the infusion of these federal dollars are of course the people to whom Obama and his DeMarxist Congress were most beholden… the public sector unions, the SEIU, the teachers’ unions. So far, they’ve largely avoided the brutal layoff / no job nightmare the rest of us have been living with, only because of repeated bail outs.

It will be increasingly difficult to keep these jobs off the chopping block as further bailouts seem unlikely, given the proximity of the elections and the mood in the country about any further deficit spending. Once the public sector starts to feel the bite, more dissatisfaction will be directed towards Obama and his government.

These twenty two states are legislating in the face of the government’s lawsuit which challenges the legality of Arizona’s ‘tough’ illegal immigration law, which is nothing more than federal law enforced. I think more states will start looking really hard at enacting similar laws, as they have to face how much catering to illegals is really costing them.

Encourage your lawmakers to consider Arizona-style legislation. If we dry up the goodies we won’t have to deport them, because they’ll go back where they came from if there’s no work or welfare to attract and hold them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010