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Imperial Edict.

June 25, 2012

By this time, it’s obvious that our glorious leader and fearless visionary is facing a very dicey path on his way to ‘another four years’. The facts are that no one in their right mind wants to see another four years of government sponsored penury… or government tyranny. Barack Hussein Obama committed his latest unconstitutional and illegal act by pronouncing the illegal alien ‘dream act’ through imperial fiat. Nothing, but nothing, this president has done to date is going to have the slap-in-the-face effect that his latest pandering will generate.

While the extra-constitutional behavior of Barack Hussein has the Kool-Aid crowd breathless with adoration, it hasn’t done much for his public relations image with the rest of the country. This is a country of immigrants. The synthesis of many cultures has gone into the formation of this country. The freedoms we enjoy and the opportunities those freedoms represent have been the beacon of promise for millions of legal immigrants… my own ancestors included. They prospered, we prospered, because of what they did, not because of what they had been given. They depended on government for nothing, except to stay out of their way. That’s exactly as the founders envisioned and intended for it to work.

Obama’s consistent theme of Balkanizing America and Americans may have come home to roost as well. Many, including myself, have had more than our fill of Obama and his administration dividing this country and its people. I have many friends and neighbors who are, by definition, ‘minorities’. The community where I live has people of many nationalities… and guess what? We talk to each other… we watch over our neighbors and their homes as good neighbors should. We care about the security of our homes, our families and, yes, our country too.

I’m a pretty conservative guy… if you hadn’t taken notice before. Many of my neighbors are, at least nominally, Democrat. Most were Obama supporters in 2008 as was most of the country, caught up in the fever of the possibility of America’s first black president and, at long last, the expiation of the oft-described but very much self-inflicted white guilt. Obama’s support out here in the ‘hood’ has evaporated like morning mist over a pond. His racism will be the millstone around the neck of his entire administration, because in the final analysis race is what he based his presidency on.

The ‘recession’ which started in 2007 was the direct result of out-of-control Democrat policy towards banking, housing, and mortgage banking. That there was substantial Republican involvement involved in the housing crash and the subsequent recession is not in question. We have to clean our own house… which is in progress as we speak, witnessed by the number of RINO Republican and establishment types being turned out of office.

Americans are focused on the illegal alien importation fiat proclaimed by the ‘wondrous one’. We as a people are sick and tired of the immigration game played by both parties. Our imperial presidente is betting the farm on his campaign of divisive hatred and balkanization. It’s a losing bet. Now is the time to double down on our own efforts to affect this most important election cycle in modern American history. Let’s get Mitt Romney elected and then hold his and his government’s feet to the fire over this most fundamental facet of American sovereignty.

Self deportation works. Secure our borders and start holding American business and politicians responsible for their role in fostering illegal immigration.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Obamanomics: You Can’t Have It ‘Cause I Want It. It’s Too Good For You.

May 11, 2011

No matter how you slice it, just about all of us have had all of Barack Hussein Obama’s non-existent recovery… or his delusional monetary policies… forget Geithner and Bernanke. This economy is Obama and Obama alone… if, and that’s a big ‘if’, with the questionable leadership of the Republicans who ‘came in like a lion’ and are currently slinking around in the background, trying to figure out how to get out of all that bold talk about how they were going to be the forefront of the Conservative Revolution.

This isn’t what we sent them to Congress for, folks… not by a long shot. The Repubics (thanks, Mark, it just sounds so much like what they are) have been distancing themselves from Paul Ryan’s proposed cuts.

What’s really sticking in my craw, and probably a lot of yours too, is that His Imperial Wannabe and his entire rotten regime are so imminently beatable. Him and his Senate have absolutely nothing to run on… nothing! And yet we are witnessing a Republican Party, and most especially a leadership, which is working hard to lose it all for us.

They pretty obviously have forgotten who put them in office. Some weak Repubics are just going along to be part of the herd. Sorry… not good enough. To those establishment Repubics who think they have hijacked, or somehow or another suborned, the Tea Party Patriot movements… you’ve shown us just what and who you are. The debt ceiling issue may very well turn out to be the leadership’s swan song as far as the Conservatives/Tea Party/Patriots are concerned.

There are very few families, or singles for that matter, who have not been affected by this recession/depression. We’re all pretty sore about it. People do know who’s responsible.
I’m predicting a large scale RINO hunt.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Looking Ahead.

January 3, 2011

Time was we could safely plan ahead with some confidence, knowing that a certain stability could be expected. I understand now the admonitions of those who lived through the great depression. They cautioned against unnecessary spending and persisted in counting every penny… several times. We, who had never really known a day of want, shrugged them off as ‘old fashioned’.

We, in our turn, lived through the economic doldrums of the Carter administration with its 22% interest rates, high unemployment and the presidency that became synonymous with ‘stagflation’ and the Iran hostage crisis. This present depressed recession has made Jimmy’s economy look smokin’ hot.

We’ve always known that big business and politicians manipulate economies for monetary gain and political advantage, which amounts to the same thing. This ‘stagcession‘ has put new emphasis on the lessons our elders tried to teach us about thrift and, most of all, self sufficiency. We are probably the least self sufficient population in American history.

This economic black hole, into which the Marxists are determined to plunge us, has had the effect of forcing the average American to observe everything he does in detail. Therefore, he begins to watch everything else as well. We’ve had to agonize over the smallest expense while we’ve watched the massively bloated monstrosity that is our government openly conspiring against we the people.

The new Conservative Republicans have an immense undertaking at hand. It’s the political equivalent of the allies at the Normandy landings… Obama’s government and it’s depredations, Hitler’s fortress Europe.
God speed, 112th Congress.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… No Jobs! Two Million To Lose Unemployment Benefits.

June 30, 2010

It’s one of those worst-case nightmare scenarios that every worker from Maine to Hawaii has been experiencing for more than two years now, with one out of five Americans unable to find work in Barack Obama’s wonderland and unemployment benefits about to end for two million unemployed by Saturday.

Once again Congress has descended into partisan bickering, as Congressional DeMarxists attempt to add more spending to existent legislation and Republicans insisting that any additional jobless benefits be paid for by reductions in debt. It’s the classic Democrat-Republican impasse, with the American people trapped in between.

Republicans are correct in doing everything possible to reduce the DeMarxist money juggernaut which is threatening to impoverish the country for decades to come. However, the active principle should be the welfare of the people who have seen their jobs lost, due to the suicidally unwise monetary policies set in place by both Democrats and Republicans.

It cracks me up when I hear hear sage ‘economists’ pontificating that Americans are using unemployment as an ‘excuse’ for not finding jobs. Having spoken to many people over the last two years who have found themselves in the position of having lost their jobs, I can assure you that few, if any, were using unemployment as some sort of paid vacation. With rare exception, unemployment doesn’t pay enough to live or support a family on… much less make mortgage payments. The continuing waves of foreclosures are mute testimony to this.

Any Conservative will tell you that the very idea of dependence on government is repugnant indeed. But these are not normal times… with the actual unemployment figures much closer to seventeen per cent, as opposed to the meek 9.6% the government claims it to be. Job losses are much closer to great depression levels than in any recession we’ve had.
Congress should set aside their differences on this.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Witnessing The Wilderness That Is The Obama Presidency.

May 25, 2010

It’s a grim, foreboding landscape littered with the wreckage of failed government programs, destroyed manufacturing, lost jobs, foreclosed homes, banking and institutional failures… the list goes onward. To refer to Obama’s performance as uninspiring would be kind.

It’s very apparent that the job is just too big for the man. Obama, his advisers and government just don’t have a clue and it looks very much like they aren’t going to change anytime soon.

Since we’re on the subject of the ills of Obama overrunning the land, I guess we’d best dispel the “we’ve turned the corner” and the “it’s almost over” crowd first. It’s like this… ‘it’ (the recession) has gone exactly nowhere and in point of fact has been waiting in the hallway doing push-ups, while Obama has been bleating the ‘progress’ and ‘accomplishments’ he has to show for his time in office. The recession isn’t over, not even close, and it stands an odds-on chance of getting worse before it does get better.

Obama’s braggadocio is falling on deaf ears… we’ve heard it all before, sixteen months worth. Obama rushes from city to city, hyping his poisonous policies and in each stop he has to have his ‘canned’ audience of union goons. The more people hear him speak, the less they like it. Right now, like it or not, there’s no one to blame but Obama, just like there’s no one to blame for the DeMarxists, many still serving in Congress today, who were by action, or as likely inaction, responsible for preventing George Bush and the Republicans from placing controls on Freddie and Fannie that precipitated the entire sub-prime racket to start with.

By the way folks, how’s that bailout investment Obama is always tooting his horn about? You know, your money? Well, Freddie and Fannie, with DeMarxists running interference for them just like in the ‘good old days’, have posted a combined loss of twenty three point seven billion dollars for the year after losses in excess of seventy two billion dollars last year.

This too is the wreckage that comes with the DeMarxists stumbling through our economy. Obama is well on his way to being nothing more than an unpleasant footnote in history.
From my lips to God’s ears.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Democrat Transparency.

April 21, 2010

Transparency… There’s a big difference between transparency and camouflage. DeMarxists have trouble with this one. One of the major skills of the left has been their ability to hide things in plain site… and then pull them out to use without warning on slow to react timid Republicans who appeased Democrats more often than not, got their clocks cleaned, or just rolled over altogether. It seemed to play out that way often even when we Republican types held the upper hand and our side just couldn’t wait give that hand away right up to the shoulder.

This worst recession since the Great Depression has accomplished something surprising for the American people. We are now infinitely more in tune with our economy, our government and its massive deficits and freedom killing policies. What a difference two years, several millions of Patriots nationwide and the vast majority of the American people can make. Our Senate Republicans have stood the test of fire in this Congress and have made waves all out of proportion to their numbers… but that’s what a good fighting minority is capable of.

A factor that has worked in our favor has been the whole communications revolution which placed news and images directly in front of us, news that was only seconds old flashing around the world in an instant. Every citizen with a cellphone became the source for a story or a video. It’s like having millions of news crews available anytime. The amount of information being reported on and transferred is staggering.

That’s what happens with camouflage, sooner or later somebody takes a real close look and they realize there’s no transparency there at all. As a matter of fact, the more that we scrutinize the DeMarxists and their activities the better our understanding of their bottom feeding habits. We highlight the livin’ hell out of them taking a page from their book. We provide transparency. We, you and me, we have a voice and it’s being heard.

We’re bringing transparency to the darkest corners of the Demarxist play book… and America does not like what it sees, an America that now recognizes the truth of this Presidency… this regime, and is rejecting it wholesale.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Twenty Million Out Of Work – Obama’s Wonderland.

January 3, 2010

Spending our way out of the worst recession since the great depression, as a matter of fact folks are beginning to call this the GREAT RECESSION, is absolutely insane to anyone that has ever completed economics 101, run a small business or had to meet a payroll. Obama and the DeMarxist dominated Congress are producing money out of thin air and sooner or later someone is going to call in the chips.

There was a time that this country could and would WORK ourselves out of a recession. We had the know-how, we had the manufacturing base to do it. Hell’s bells, we don’t MAKE anything in this country any more. Virtually all our manufacturing has been moved offshore. The only growth in this country in the last year, with one out five Americans out of work, has been in the government sector and GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING!!

Big business has survived only by paring their workforce to the bone and having the remaining workforce pick up the slack by working harder and longer. Otherwise, Wall Street would look more like our unemployment figures. Large segments of Wall Street have been feeding at the government trough to the detriment of the US taxpayer, who is having to cough up more and more to keep this whole sick operation going.

Obama’s loudly and repeatedly touted solutions for our economic situation are a will-o’-the-wisp of Keynesian redistribution, which have absolutely zero chance of success. Every single program that has been put forth by this administration, from cash-for-clunkers to the foreclosure relief scheme, has not only failed but failed miserably, costing American taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars on top of the already outrageously insane PORK-LADEN TRILLIONS thrown to the winds by this dysfunctional and out of control government.

2010 is going to be a watershed year for Conservatives and Independents. If the Republican leadership thinks that they can piggy-back themselves back to power and then return to business as usual, they can pack up and leave now because we will sweep them from office as swiftly as we will get rid of the treasonous Marxists in our midst. We want America back for Americans. The list of wrongs to be righted grows daily, as does the list of those who we would be rid of. Listen now while you can, ignore us at your peril!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Gluttony, Thy Name Is Government – Take A Stand Against Tyranny!

December 13, 2009

Some very startling, very telling statistics have come out about the nascent TYRANNY into which our present government would bind us. This is very spooky stuff folks. As if we hadn’t enough to be spooked about recently. Mind, this information is coming from the people who would DICTATE our health care. MANDATE what we should buy in terms of that care OR ELSE! Regulate the very WATER we drink and every stream, river and watershed it comes from. Mandate the carbon emissions from our vehicles, homes, farms, industry and bodies. Tell us how many children to have and how we will raise them, while simultaneously indoctrinating them to a cult-like religious belief in a non-science and sexually predating their young minds, starting as early as age five and teaching them nothing at the same time.

They continuously rant that WE should make do with less…USE less! Be satisfied with less. That we should be grateful at having more of what we earn and what we own taken for the use of this gigantic sewer drain into which everything pours. GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING. Yet it wants to take everything. We have a CONSTITUTION, the laws of which this government is supposed to operate by. It has been bypassed time and again by these power-hungry and self-serving politicians and is simply a term they use when they wish to justify breaking those laws further.

Sounds a lot like the old Soviet Union, does it not? As a matter of fact it sounds EXACTLY like the old Soviet Union. Anyone from the old Soviet bloc countries can and will give you an earful, they came here by the tens of thousands to escape those Marxist Utopian workers paradises. And with RARE exception these people have become some of our strongest and most loyal citizens.

During this, the worst recession since the dark days of the great depression, the one growth industry in this country has been government. With ONE OUT OF FIVE Americans either unemployed or underemployed, the Federal government has been gorging itself on the largesse it has produced for itself by the wanton destruction of our economy and granting itself huge amounts of non-existent funding through tax increases, cooked book accounting and sleazy legislative trickery. In a recession that has cost American homes SEVEN POINT SIX MILLION jobs, the federal government has NINETEEN PERCENT of civil servants making more than $150,000.00 per year.
The Federal Transportation Department had ONE EMPLOYEE MAKING $170,000.00 at the start of the recession. Eighteen months later, at the height of the recession, they have 1690 employees making more than ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS APIECE!! Yet the same government would dictate how much executives in the private sector should make. Can anyone tell me what any one of these bloated sand crabs does that makes him worth as much as the CEO of many corporations?

The count down to 2010 is on. Keep those emails, faxes, letters and phone calls pouring in. These people need to be stopped dead in their tracks… and God help anyone who gets in the way of the American people!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

The New Keystone Cops…The Reid-Pelosi Flea Circus.

October 28, 2009

In Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s hallucinatory world, their head long rush to have everything in Marxist heaven in its place…especially the American people, annoying creatures that we are, ISN’T WORKING.
Nancy and Harry ideologues, that they are by the nature of what they are, aren’t real deep thinkers. They had this one chance to push this country into Leninist Nirvana, behind wave after wave of Democrat-manufactured crises and engineered  panic, while surfing the historically mesmerizing Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. After the euphoria cleared many of the moon-eyed came back to earth and realized the whole game was rigged and Camelot was in fact a massive shell game. Then something changed…something happened along the way. A few conservative Republicans found their testicular fortitude and said, ‘hey wait, let’s  just slow down and read this thing’. Of course, they had just finished having a 700 billion dollar enema rammed up them by George Bush, who was putting aside his ‘conservative principles’ to save (Wall Street) “the economy” from a disaster which Ralph Nader for one had predicted eight years before…and I’m no fan of Nader.
In fairness to former President Bush, he too had tried repeatedly, along with other Republican leaders, to have Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac scrutinized and their freewheeling practices regulated. They were stonewalled in these attempts time after time by such fiscal stalwarts as  Chris Dodd, John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama, Spencer Bachus, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and the in-all-ways-deviant Barney Frank. When the predictable result occurred, which some may be led to believe was carefully planned and engineered for precisely this purpose, it became Bush’s issue.
Fast forward to Barack Hussein’s love fest Democrat wish-list budget pork feast and the debt had just been tripled.
The nation was staggering from the shock of the recession with job losses in the hundreds of thousands. A rate not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
Still…voices began to be heard…the PEOPLE…those insignificant gnats that are always such an annoyance to the Democratic elites and (shame on us) no too few Republicans began to stir…and stir and stir… The resultant Conservative revival began to drag even some of the weak-at-heart Republican ‘centrists’ and moderate Democrats with them when they began to hear the message loud and clear. We’ll see you at the ballot box…
What should have been a slam dunk agenda for Obama’s Demarxists has become a quagmire in which nothing gets done and even Democrats can’t agree.
Enter the Conservative Patriot Movement… Pelosi-Reed and associates are floundering, changing terms, coming up with fanciful interpretations of what is, or is not, in the UNHEALTHY FOR AMERICA bill. Changing the count and the amount as though it was a 1960’s television game show, which is where they probably belong.
But it’s too damn late…the proverbial kittycat is out of the bag. The grassroots movement of Conservative Republicans, Independents and Conservative Democrats is sweeping the national landscape. It has not slowed and in fact just keeps gaining momentum. Hey Nancy…Hey Harry…
You can run but you can’t hide!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009