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This Will Either Be Boehner’s Finest Moment Or His Last Stand.

June 25, 2011

Here’s what it’s going to come down to. Our esteemed Speaker came on board sounding like a Conservative patriot. We were promised hundreds of billions in spending cuts ‘right out of the gate’. Like so much else the establishment Republicans have been doing, it didn’t materialize… because they refused to stand up to their Marxist adversaries, more than anything.

In an interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC, Jim DeMint warns Republicans that they may be 'gone' if they support the debt ceiling increase.

John Boehner started last January, trumpeting hundreds of billions of dollars of spending cuts… let’s see… at last count he was down to about three billion. Hell of a negotiator. He ‘negotiated’ it all away in compromise scheme after scheme, playing footsie with people whose stated purpose would forever destroy the United States of America as we know it.

Now we have the weak-kneed Ivy League Republicrats whimpering that we ‘can’t possibly’ be serious about not raising the debt limit… buying into, and repeating, the left’s wailing apocalyptic visions of economic collapse if the US debt limit was not raised immediately forthwith.

Do you know what would happen if we didn’t raise the debt limit? Absolutely nothing. The reason is that we have a 2.5 trillion dollar a year income stream…. but both the DeMarxists and their unholy allies in the Republican establishment would just as soon you not know that.

So if the sky is not falling, there is only one reason to want to raise that debt limit… it would simply be another DeMarxist slush fund. Money to pay for their outrageous drunken spending orgies. Which brings up another question. With the country literally on the edge of an economic abyss, why would any Republican even contemplate such an action?

America is in a ‘fish or cut bait’ frame of mind. What that means to Mr Boehner, and all other politicians for that matter, is that America is totally fed up. Republicans should remain cognizant of one thing. It was not through your efforts that you reached the majority… it was the American Patriot movement that swung the country for you. And just in case you think that you have a lock on this thing and that you are the only game in town… remember what happened in 2008 when the disgusted Conservative and Independent voters either left the party or just stayed home in disgust.

My prediction is that if Boehner agrees to lift the debt limit, his tenure will be sharply attenuated. I know there’s a move to leverage a debt ceiling increase against a balanced budget amendment. That will be a very necessary tool for putting the brakes on Congress’s addiction to our money. But, the debt limit remains. Until we face up to the debt issue like adults, the country will remain in recession… or worse.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Republicans Fail In Budget Wars… No Leadership, No Courage.

February 20, 2011

If that sounds harsh then perhaps the Republican leadership should look really closely at themselves and ask themselves just exactly who they’re working for, because right now, quite frankly, they’re not looking all that hot.

Sixty billion is the figure being cast about as the spending reductions for this budget. Another thirty billion was proposed but was not taken up by Republicans, for some unknown reason. I’ve really been concerned about what I perceive to be a demarcation in the party between the ‘old’ party members and the new conservatives.

As a quick for instance… look at good old reliable John McCain… now that he’s won re-election for another six years, we the American people, and especially his constituents, can collectively go to hell as he reverts to type. He nearly got whiplash running to kiss Barack Obama’s butt. Then he has the nerve to tell us that he ‘thinks he can work’ with Obama.

We seem to remember John working with ‘others’. They called it the gang of fourteen… they called it the McCain-Feingold assault on the First Amendment… they called it the Illegal Amnesty Act. Remember? I sure do. John hasn’t wasted any time either. He’s got his pet amnesty act out again and he’s dusting it off.

John’s just one guy, but he’s not alone. I’ve said this before… the times are past where Conservatives can afford to be burdened with wishy-washy moderate ‘Republicans’ who run into accommodation mode at the very first sign of a fight.

Sixty billion? A hundred billion? That’s a joke, right? We’re upside down 1.7 trillion dollars this year alone, and we’re dabbling with a hundred billion in ‘proposed’ cuts! We’re sick of the timidity and the outright cowardice shown by the Repubic leadership. If we get any more disappointed, that whole mess may be out of a job. So far, the only ones who have remained faithful to the mandate of the voters are the Patriot Tea Party freshmen. That says worlds about the party leadership.

It’s a little like what just occurred on the House floor. We thought we were sending tiger sharks in there to shred the unbelievably irresponsible spending of this government. Instead, we get these timid little mice nibbling away at the fringes of that megalithic monstrosity, the house that Obama built.

I’m afraid there are going to need to be more serious changes in the Republican Party if we are to succeed in saving the country. 2012 is going to be another watershed… but what will be shed will be the timid, the weak, the lame and the lazy.
We warned them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


The ‘New Tone’ Is The Same Tired Tune.

January 20, 2011

In the first place, I don’t want my representatives cozying up to the Marxists who have done, and are doing, everything in their power to destroy this country. So I urge you, as Patriots, to contact your representatives and tell them we won’t appreciate their little tete a tete with the Democrats at the State of the Union speech.

Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin announced that they will sit together for the State of the Union address. “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”- Shakespeare.

As for the ‘new tone’… it’s newspeak for idiots. The DeMarxists have reverted to their passive-aggressive role with guilt, vituperation and outrageous falsehoods towards all. This is their new tone. What it means is surrender for Conservatives, in order to gain some semblance of cooperation from the left side of the aisle.

It’s the same sort of political scam they’ve pulled for almost forever. What’s even more remarkable is that Republicans have fallen for it time after time. All the leftists have had to do, up to the present time, is yank out the guilt card and we’d all cower down and go into our sickening accommodation mode.

Being sold out and sold down the creek by generations of our own party has left most conservatives a skeptical bunch… much more prone to asking pointed questions in their pursuit of the truth. Our response to the assault of the leftists has got to be as pragmatic as it is simple.

Say ‘no!’… Just say ‘no’ and keep saying ‘no’. The DeMarxists back down virtually each and every time they are confronted with principled truths. If they can’t change the story line they’re out of luck.
That’s our job, folks… to sink the liberals and keep them sunk.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Getting It Right.

December 11, 2010

Ok, Republicans, we’ve handed you command of the Congress and bolstered our numbers in the Senate as well. You cloaked yourselves in the language and the trappings of our patriotic movement. By doing so, Republicans knew full well that we, the ‘Tea-Party’ Patriots, the Constitutional Conservative movement was, and is, sweeping the nation even as this is written. The price of our support was not conditional, it was adherence to conservative principles, and unfortunately we are already witnessing some disturbing symptoms of weakness in the leadership.

John Boehner speaks at a December 2 press conference

So, you’re going to come to us and convince us that spending another 250 billion dollars is somehow going to translate to lowering a deficit that, were it a reactor, would be bleeding lethal radiation? The end result will be the same if we, you and I, don’t stop it.

Boehner announced on Friday that he and his new Congress would sacrifice for the sake of the people and cut their budgets 5%. Are you ready for a what?!! Moment? John, do you have a clue? Do you realize that the only way out of this mess is to push for permanent tax cuts, to start hacking and slashing non-essential, government multiple redundant bureaucracies. Other than defense and security, there’s absolutely no bureau, or bureaux, that couldn’t be slashed by 50% or more.

You need to push for an up or down vote on the tax issue. What’s going to be readily apparent to you ‘Conservative’ Republicans is that we trust you more than we trust the DeMarxists, which is to say, not at all. We have the conservative cavalry coming into the battle as a New Year gift to the progressives (let’s see how many different words we can find for communist).

John, we really want you to be successful… but any more appointments like your last two and we may have to reevaluate your commitment to the conservative cause, and perhaps your leadership of the House, at that.
Let’s get this right. We’re going to have this one shot at it. If you Republicans can’t hack it, move aside, because we the people can.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


We’re Right Back In The Trenches.

December 3, 2010

Pelosi and Reid are right in character and wasting no time in driving last gasp attempts to forward their statist agenda before the New Conservatives take over. Harry Reid made lots of friends by launching four ‘Amnesty Act’ bills at the same time… good ol’ Harry. I guess Harry figured if he threw enough bull bleep, some of it would stick.

Nancy Pelosi is mourning the loss of her pet committee chairmanships, all the while bemoaning the Republican intractability and insensitivity to the needs of the “people”. Ever the people, with the DeMarxists. It’s their #1 modus operandi… along with, “for the children”. Not nearly as catchy as they used to be, these shopworn terms of the Marxist elites. The proletariat isn’t listening to them… we just revolted, remember?

By the way, Nancy, while you’re moaning about Republicans not being willing to compromise… Does anyone remember Nancy of the most ethical Congress in history having conference room door locks changed, to keep Republicans out of the DeMarxists’ nefarious scheming for Obamacare? Tough luck Nancy. We went from having no attention span out here to news and information micro-management and a very long memory.

It’s not Nancy’s brave new world. Not Obama’s either. He’s as determined as ever, but the reality is that the Republicans will be controlling the purse strings from now on, unless or until they prove themselves again unworthy.

The president just ‘can’t get traction’, bemoan the most ardent of his remaining fans. No more popular support from the masses, no more adulation from bought-and-paid-for rock concert crowds. Nothing but failure and condemnation.

The left has been purged of the only moderating influences in that benighted party. You’ll remember them, the ‘blue dogs’? Their leaving means only the most ideologically pure Marxists will remain. This brings the whole thing down to a fundamental battle between us… you and I… the American Patriot who has stood firm through the centuries and who stand firm now… and the forces espousing an evil, dictatorial, government monster machine having neither mind, heart and, most especially, having no soul.

The enemy is the is the party of the left and it must be expunged from American politics. Purely and simply, it has no place in a free America populated by free citizens.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Don’t Let It Get To You, Sarah.

November 24, 2010

It reminds me of the well-meaning, well-spoken, genteel elderly lady that you see in so many movies. “Oh, what a lovely young man” she says, while sipping afternoon tea. It is usually a humorous moment in the production, with her description of an escaped criminal to an investigating police officer.

I’m not comparing any of Barbara Bush’s likable people to a convict, but her comments to Larry King were certainly filled with the same sort of naïvety, especially from a political perspective.

I like George and Barbara, as I do Mitt Romney. I can’t say that I dislike Bill Clinton, regardless of his political leanings. Maybe it’s the ‘naughty-boy’ charm that he exudes. I don’t think, for one minute, that Skip will be in agreement on that point!

Back in 2008, I was disappointed that Romney was not on the ticket. Out of a pretty weak field, he seemed to me to be the best hope. Other than the blemish on his record that was Massachusetts health care (no one’s perfect), his financial track record appeared to be what was needed as the country descended into recession.

A lot has changed in two years. The GOP is now a vibrant, re-invigorated party, thanks largely to the Tea Party. My personal favorite/s for the presidency no longer includes Mitt Romney. I still like the guy, but from a practical viewpoint he is not the best the Party has to offer.

It’s blatantly obvious that these changes are either not apparent to Mrs Bush, or she feels more comfortable with the previous incarnation of the Republican Party… “Let’s all get along nicely and not rock the boat”. We witnessed what that attitude did to the party and the country. It gave us Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s ironic, then, that the one person for whom she showed utter contempt is the one that, along with others, has redirected the party and brought it back from the abyss. This aspect of the Tea Party movement is “confusing” to George H.W. Bush. This re-found preference for values over establishment seems to baffle more than just the Bush family. Recent comments by Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, both of whom have done much for the party in its former incarnation, don’t seem to ‘get it’ either.

It would be more appropriate for the old-school types to keep their disdainful (or perhaps jealous?) comments to their mutual appreciation society meetings. Sarah Palin should not worry about those that are stuck in a lackluster past. However, it is unfair and unwarranted for some self-opinionated people that did not cut the mustard to hinder the success of the new, determined breed of politician.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Patriot Pushback Sends Establishment And Moderates Reeling.

September 17, 2010

…. And it didn’t take more than a couple of shakes of a lamb’s tail either. For loosely organized, totally independent entities the Patriot groups are far faster and far more efficient than the US government under Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Cirque Du Marximus.

Some would argue that it wouldn’t take all that much, and while I’m willing to grant some truth to that, I think all of us would acknowledge that our own party has a lot to do and not much time in which to do it, without taking any resources away from the drive towards November.

They’re talking about as many as 100 seats which could fall to Conservative candidates in the House of Representatives. Our Republican leadership has got to learn something it never did figure out when it had power before… how to lead. Instead, it forgot who and what we are supposed to be… and stand for.

These ‘moderate’ establishment types may be arrogant and devious, but even they recognize that the much joked about and maligned Tea Party Movement has become a political juggernaut. It was surprising that some of those guys didn’t suffer whiplash, with the speed that they changed direction on the Christine O’Donnell issue.

The Republicans are going get their chance to lead, but they will be the most scrutinized Congress in history. This is what they don’t get… after what we’re experiencing with the Marxist regime of Barack Hussein Obama, after more than liberal doses of our own Republicans’ perfidy, we’re not taking our eyes off of you people for a split second. We will be constantly vigilant and remain that way for as many election cycles as it takes to purge the Republican ranks of those who have sold out the Conservative movement.
Register and vote… register others and help them to vote… tell the story of freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Eighteen Million Unemployed: Obama Blames Republicans.

July 18, 2010

Well, we saw this one coming. I, and other writers, have been warning the Republicrats in the Senate that their foot dragging on authorizing the sorely needed unemployment extension funds was going to come back around to bite them and, gee, what a surprise! Barack Obama made it the thrust of his entire radio broadcast to the nation today.

I warned that Republican stonewalling on this would position the DeMarxists to be able to control the message, portraying Republicans once again as heartless and uncaring about the plight of millions of their fellow Americans. Indeed, that is exactly what has occurred. Hey! Guys! We’re on your side, but you’re not making it any easier for us out here.

Instead of taking stands against things that would resonate with the American people, such as filibustering the nomination of the extreme leftist Elena Kagan, or, wonder of wonders, strongly opposing the ‘financial regulatory’ bill, which not one member of the House or the Senate has read or understands. Another thousand plus pages of job and business killing legislation, and the best the Republicrats can do is to oppose the only lifeline millions of Americans have, during the worst recessionary period in our history since the great depression. In fact, they would have a bunch of trouble convincing many Americans that it isn’t a depression.

A company here in the Bay Area has just been forced to go through a second wave of layoffs. This time they are laying off senior journeymen and production supervisors. These are the guys that produce the money. Another company has been forced to lay off some of their best and most experienced managers. Both of these companies are in areas that before 2008 were considered to be largely recession proof.

No one wants to see a European/UK system of a permanent ‘dole’ for the unemployed. We’ve seen the effects of the welfare plantation system fostered by the DeMarxists. It’s also equally true, as I’ve written here before, that with rare exception unemployment does not make for luxury living… in fact it doesn’t even cover the basics in most instances. Few people look on unemployment as a vacation, unless they are living at Mom’s.

Spare us the pontification of telling us how extended unemployment benefits are an excuse for not looking for work. Tell it to one acquaintance of mine, with an excellent resume, who has sent out 400 plus resumes. Or another professional who has sent out over a thousand resumes, to generate a bare handful of interviews. There are over six point two people for every job opening out there.

The Republican leadership had best do some severe soul-searching. No one wants more deficit spending. But these are not normal times. The unemployment extensions have to be considered a lifeline in a time of great need. The Republican leadership could have picked many issues to stand on that the people of America would have backed them up on.

This is Barack Obama’s economy… it’s his insanely suicidal policies that are preventing job growth. His administration has not ‘saved’ (what the hell does that mean?) or generated 3.6 million jobs! The 300 ‘green’ jobs at a lithium battery factory were paid for lock, stock and barrel by your taxes. At last count, these miraculous ‘green’ recovery jobs cost Americans like you and me a bare 500,000 dollars per job.

Guess what else? China now controls the world’s market on rare earth minerals. These are mineral elements used in strategic materials. We used to have one of the best sources of rare earth minerals in the world, until Senator Diane Feinstein and the late Alan Cranston locked them all away in another DeMarxist environmental hatchet job, so that her husband, Richard Blum, could make sweet business deals with the communist Chinese.

The ugly truth is that well over fourteen million jobs have been lost and Americans need Conservative leadership that’s going to work for us, not against us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Independents Favor Conservative Republicans – 66% To 13% For Obama.

April 19, 2010

Pretty astounding figure isn’t it? With only 13% of Independents supporting Obama it’s a figure that has veteran DeMarxists quivering in their statist sinecures. The magic wand in any election is usually the oft quoted but much maligned Independents. Their ability to swing elections is legendary in the halls of Washville.

In the Presidential race in 2008, 55% of Independents voted for Obama. There’s almost a 100 point difference between the 2008 Independents and the striking 66% favorability of today’s Independents towards Republicans. The message of the Tea Party Patriots has also resonated through the Independent community, with its message of freedom, limited government and defense of our laws and Constitution.

There’s a resurgence of history regarding the founders (sans pc). They were remarkable men for their, or any, time. There has been new interest in the history surrounding the formulation and creation of the founding documents highlighting the magnificent legacy they left behind from our founding, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The founding documents are the compass of our Republic and the reason we fight this bloodless war against socialism and those who would impose their will on others.

There is a palpable sense of energy out here, you can sense it, hell you can feel it. Hundreds of thousands attended tax day tea parties. The few attempts at ‘infiltration’ by the left were mostly just laughable. With a strength that has surprised everyone, the Patriot movement has thrown down the gauntlet to our Republican Senate and House members.

Be counted now! Do every single thing you can conceive of to hinder the implementation of any Obama legislation. So far you can be really proud of the way you’ve stood up, but in the words of the ‘Iron Lady’, Margaret Thatcher, “Don’t go getting all wobbly on us”.
Good advice.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Republicans Get It Right On Liu.

April 17, 2010

This is what it’s going to be like through November. It’s going to be one battle after another throughout the Capitol. Republicans have had to figure out that there is no percentage in trying to ‘get along’ or accommodate with their Congressional brethren… history has shown us that it’s not a Republican strong point.

Every time Republicans try to ‘work with’ the leftists they come up on the bottom side of the deal, more often than not with lousy legislation and more regulatory power grabbing. There’s really only one way to deal with the left politically and that’s straight up, in your face, take no prisoners resistance by our Republicans in the House and Senate. These people really have their work cut out for them.

Justice Breyer and Goodwin Liu.

Mr Goodwin Liu has a track record which he attempted to avoid having come to light. The fact is that he has made some pretty controversial comments. Senate Republicans wasted no time wading into Liu. Jeff Sessions, Alabama, was particularly upset that Mr Liu had ‘mislaid’ several of his most controversial written opinions. It was a pretty rocky outing for Goodwin Liu. It did serve to point out that Mr. Liu is about as far left as he could be and that challenging him on every point was exactly what we the people are demanding from our Representatives.

The bottom line is that Liu has been unmasked as a far left ideologue and he most certainly would soon revert to his liberal instincts and reveal another leftist judicial activist. There is no option. The left has to be stopped no matter what. There are no other choices. We have to be tone deaf to the constant complaint of the left that we are not ‘playing fair’ with Obama’s appointees. The left’s always talking about fair play even as they’re cutting the rug from beneath your feet… when they shake your hand you need to count your fingers. Assume that they’re lying even when they don’t have to and you’ll be prepared to deal with them.

We’re engaged in a low-level civil war in which the forces of Marxian-Socialism are attempting to suborn our Constitution, our freedoms and our way of life. The battles are nonetheless fierce for being bloodless. The stakes are very, very high.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010