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Break The Public Sector Unions And You’ve Broken The DeMarxist Party’s Hold.

February 27, 2011

The trough that feeds all public sector unions is in dire straights. That trough, friends, is us… you and me. Let’s forget for the moment that these self-same unions, and their bought and paid for Marxist political hacks, are at the bottom of much of the economic chaos we find ourselves in. Let’s just deal with the situation as it exists now.

All across the nation municipal, county, state and federal service sector unions are doing their share of sucking the air out of the economy. It would be unfair to claim that the country’s woes are the sole province of the unions either… but the unholy reach of these unions into the highest offices of our government first became apparent during the 2008 run-up to the Presidential elections, particularly the goon-like tactics of SEIU in their unholy alliance with ACORN.

There were plenty of Patriots at these events surprising, I think, even the goons themselves as the Patriots stood up to them. We had pictures of goons caught in the act of being goons that went viral almost immediately. It was sort of funny though. In some of the clips I reviewed it was plainly not on the goons itinerary to pick on anyone that looked like they might fight back. Instead, they picked on women, old men and cripples.

Kenneth Gladney - victim of attack by SEIU thugs.

Their unbelievably filthy, sexist, racist statements recorded on the spot and sent to computers around the world, including mine, have shaped the argument far more graphically than anything I, or any writer, can equal. The image of SEIU goons kicking a disabled black man on the ground generated a not-so-slowly boiling anger in Americans who were already in a citizens’ uprising headed by the emerging Tea Party Patriot groups.

The unions are now taking their goons on the road all over the country to try and intimidate your legislators. As Patriots we are going to have to supply the spine they may not have to withstand the onslaught. You and I are going to have to become even more active.

I’m not necessarily opposed to private sector unions per se. One of my sons is in a union. This particular union understands that the company must make a profit or there will be layoffs, no contract, no company and no union.

Therein lays the great difference. We saw what President Obama did to reward his union cronies from the first day he took the oath… between his grifting massive amounts of stimulus dollars to the banks most responsible for the mortgage crisis and his blatant payoffs to the unions, I don’t think we’ve seen a more totally morally bankrupt and corrupted government in the history of our Republic. This government has to go.

America can’t afford Barack Hussein Obama and the public sector unions’ price tag. And don’t think for a second we can’t break the backs of these unions… don’t listen to to the blather.

By the way, just in case one of your brain-challenged friends uses the time-worn ‘collective bargaining is a right’ argument that the unions have been spouting… there is no such thing… it’s a lie, it doesn’t exist.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011



The Cost Of A Bus Ticket.

January 6, 2011

A local news item caught my attention yesterday, on San Francisco’s CBS5 television station. It concerned the city’s municipal transport system, or ‘Muni’.

While the transport organization rumbles on with a $21 million deficit, new ticket kiosks are being built at two locations. Looks  like possibly a good idea at first glance. Sell more tickets, more passengers, more fares, more income to cut the deficit.

These are not the common or garden type kiosks though. The sort that look like either a burger trailer or Uncle Henry’s shed. They are state-of-the-art contraptions, constructed of stainless steel with bullet proof glass. The cost for the pair… $829,000!

Has the Muni gone loony? Well, perhaps not. You see, it’s not their money that they used to purchase these hi-tech boutique des billets. Neither is it funded from the city coffers… if there are any left, that is. It’s another wonderful investment, courtesy of the federal stimulus program. In other words, you bought them.

The terms of the grant insisted that Muni build new structures (with all the expensive bureaucratic procedures associated with anything ‘new’ in San Francisco), rather than perhaps ‘stimulating’ an existing empty office or retail unit, of which there are plenty.

This is just one of the ludicrous earmarks that are hitting every American in the pocket. The ‘use it or lose it’ excuse doesn’t vindicate the recipients of these giveaways, either.

While businesses and individuals are trying to make ends meet, don’t they feel any shame at using taxpayers’ money for projects that would still be highly questionable if it was their own money during an economic boom? Perhaps not.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Stimulating Stuff!

October 8, 2010

Some years ago, there was a television ad for a well-known brand of Dutch beer that claimed it “reached parts other beers cannot reach”. It could be a good election slogan for the Democrats.

Historically, the party has appealed to the dead voter, with great numbers of the deceased temporarily slipping out of the sarcophagus to visit the polling place. One would think that they would have had enough of politics while in the mortal world. Perhaps they can see a kindred spirit in the Democrats, the difference being that they refuse to lie down despite being dead in the water.

In gratitude for this electoral service, the government has given them $18 million of stimulus money, with 72,000 deceased each receiving $250. A further $4.3 million went to 17,000 prison inmates.

Mistakes happen. As someone I know is likely to say, “That’s why a pencil has an eraser on the other end”. Two things are worrying about this issue, though. The first is the apparent lack of checks carried out before parting with large amounts of taxpayers’ money. A recent CBS ’60 Minutes’ featured an article on a Medicare scam which has cost the taxpayer $60 billion… non-existent pharmacies billing Medicare for prescription drugs.

We all know that a vast percentage of stimulus money has been going to the wrong places when, if it had to be implemented at all, it should have been used in the form of tax breaks to support new and existing businesses and industries which are the mainstay of the American economy.

The other point of concern is that the government does not seem to know who is alive and who is dead, who is free and who is incarcerated… or even who has genuine citizenship documents and who does not. If the news reports are correct, it took the Social Security Department at least three years to notice something a little ‘hinky’ in Nicky Diaz’s credentials.

The US should have the most sophisticated government computer systems in the world. It certainly has a huge, ever-growing percentage of its population working for government. These two factors combined should make serious errors more rare, rather than the regular occurrence they seem to be.

I hope the security agencies’ due diligence is a little more advanced. It’s bad enough having them mess with people’s tax money, even worse to risk the security of the country.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


The Stimulus That Stimulates The Stimulus Before That One.

August 12, 2010

BOHICA!! I won’t go into a description of the nomenclature on that one just now. Suffice that it means you’ve been had again and again and again. With magnificent disregard for reality the evil empire has struck again and voted itself fifty billion dollars worth of non-existent money.

Obama signs a twenty six billion dollar spending bill, watched by teachers and government workers.

But wait… those presses have to work overtime to print all that money. Government printers with government unions. That’s Obama’s idea of jobs growth. Fifty billion dollars to prop up teachers’ unions and other public sector unions. Doubtless, much of this illicit largesse will work its way into DeMarxist war chests before long.

This is where I tell you that now it’s no longer yours and my money they’re stealing… uh-uh. Your kids‘. That’s whose money and prosperity they’re stealing now. If something isn’t done to stop them, they’ll be into the lives of our grandchildren. So this latest tour de force by the triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi and Reid has most Americans really boiling.

To most of us, this latest government payoff to the unions just points out the abject failure of Obama’s entire policy, starting with the 800+ billion dollar extravaganza that brought us Government Motors and “green jobs”, at the rate of 350,000 dollars cost to the taxpayer per job. What we can say unequivocally is that it has been, and is, a colossal failure.

We now have eighty two days until the election.
Tell us about what you’re doing to get yourself and your friends fired up and ready for the election… But then, most of us have been pretty disgusted for some time.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Not A Whole Lot Of Love – Eighty Five Days And Counting.

August 10, 2010

I’ve never seen America act like this. The sense of purpose out there grows daily. I meet people on a daily basis where it’s seldom that the conversation doesn’t turn to the economy or where it might be headed. The consensus seems to be pessimistic about a recovery any time soon, and more people think that the recession may linger for two or more years than do not. But more than that. They are angry. They know what’s been done and by whom.

Business isn’t thinking about expansion… it’s scared to death and just trying to hold what it’s got. They are not hiring and they are not going to hire… they’re too busy trying to figure out how not to have to lay off the staff they have. We have public officials at virtually all levels of government who are scamming their way through the ongoing financial upheaval.

It’s a sad statement on our times that the people responsible for all, or most, of what the nation is going through will most likely never see a jury, although a Republican Congress should certainly look into the obvious monkey-business that’s been going on with all of these billions of TARP and stimulus dollars.

All the while the American people, American patriots, are becoming more informed and carrying the message of Conservatism to others. I think that we have a much more well-informed and politically aware country now, much more so than before. America knows it’s been lied to and deceived. They have watched our betrayal by a self-privileged group of self-proclaimed elitists, who foster racial discontent and bigotry as a matter of policy, whose stated goal is the complete control of every American man, woman, and child. It has welded our populace together with a fierce purpose like probably nothing else could have.

Americans, we have eighty-five days until November 2. Make the most of them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obama’s Dysfunctional Masterpiece.

July 27, 2010

Harry Reid: “We will have a public option”.
California: Green stimulus jobs go to goats… not workers.
ObaMao’s message to American taxpayers… It’s all Bush’s fault.
Unemployment is poised to go into double digits, with 14 to 18 million Americans either unemployed or underemployed.

Small private businesses, with 100 or less employees, account for 96 percent of all employers in this country. Now they, faced with more than 250 new punitive regulations which the DeMarxist Congress sponsored, fostered and passed, not having read any of the more than 2,300 pages of absolute bureaucratic bullbleep, are not going to hire under the threat of financial ruin. Welcome to Obama’s America.

Your TARP and ‘bailout’ money, much of which cannot be accounted for, is being used as a gigantic Democrat slush fund for DeMarxist political campaigns. Goldman Sachs took 4.3 billion dollars worth of your funds and distributed much of it to foreign banks.

Meanwhile, a harbinger of your future is playing out in Britain. The proverbially broke, horribly managed bureaucratic nightmare called the National Health Service is going to slash even basic services… which by any standards were already terribly sub-standard. So much for free health insurance.

Al Franken has announced, before an audience of 2,100(?) nutroots in Las Vegas, that a Republican victory in November “would bring a truly dangerous agenda”. Heck, Joe the plumber would draw five times that many people. The only thing I can see that might be dangerous is Franken’s mouth. Remember Freddie and Fannie, anyone?

Barack Hussein’s ‘leadership’ is so weak that he permits an organization responsible for treason, Wikileaks, to function as an open forum, while trying to stifle the first amendment rights of Patriotic American citizens. 91,000 documents classified as secret were permitted to be stolen and then leaked to news outlets. Every single person involved in this unspeakable crime should be cracking rocks at Portsmouth Naval Prison for 20 years.

We have a war about to break out in the middle east, fostered by our weak and cowardly president.
Obama’s message to you? “Things could be worse”.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010