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Catch The Wave.

November 3, 2012

You can see it on the horizon. It’s swelling, rising, as we speak… its speed deceptive, disguised by its magnitude, threatening to sweep everything in its path.

Remember when the DeMarxists wrote us off after the last election? American patriots, under the nom de guerre of the Tea Party, had just finished handing the left (and a few RINOs) a sixty-year shellacking, and one of historical proportions at that. The insane predictability of the left never fails to amaze me. DeMarxist mouthpieces started bleating all around the country… “That was it, they (the Tea Party) shot their bolt, it’s over, it was a freak occurrence and it won’t happen again”. Then they wrote us off. As far as the LSM was concerned, we never happened. I guess they thought we’d simply dissolved and returned to our plebian enclaves.

‘Tea Party’ became a term they’d use to demonize anyone who disagreed with the regime’s horse doo doo. Funny thing happened on the way to the election. We matured as a movement. We did anything but disappear. We didn’t have to import bus-loads of union thugs into the communities. We are the communities. We went from organizing huge anti-Marxist rallies to grass roots organizing in the towns and cities across America.

We sang the song of freedom, and America listened. We brought forth solid constitutional conservative candidates in local and state races and, wonder of wonders, we began to make inroads into heretofore solidly liberal bastions. Not so wondrous really. Harken back to the elections of 2010 again. That self same groundswell that swept so many enemies of freedom from office is out there again… and it’s much larger now.

Dick Morris, in his column this week, predicts a Romney/Ryan landslide. I’ve been hesitant to make such a prediction given Barry Hussein’s predilection for illegal and criminal subversion of the laws of our land. The signs have been out there for all to see, but I’ve had the impression that we had to pinch ourselves to be convinced that what we were seeing and sensing was true. Much of this goes back to the obfuscation and constant political smokescreens being sent out to cover for the LSM’s Messiah.

Meanwhile, sensing doom ahead, the Anointed One is sending out his legions of ‘red diaper doper baby’ shyster lawyers (thank you Michael Savage) to find any way they possibly can to bollox vote counting, especially in key districts in swing states. They will be met with Patriots, lawyers and poll watchers.

We have the power, the numbers and the momentum. If we sweep this election like I think we can, it won’t matter how many union thugs and progressive shysters they have. I just finished talking to three people who thought their vote couldn’t matter. I convinced them it did… that they would never in their lives cast a more important ballot and that this is indeed an election where their vote would count. There’s three days left out there for you to do the same thing. If every one of you just talked to two people, that would mean tens of thousands of votes for freedom.

Don’t forget the Senate races, either. We have an excellent chance of taking the Senate away from Harry Reid and his DeMarxists. This has evolved into a ‘turnout’ race.

Let’s make sure everyone we know turns out!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


… And While We’re At It…

June 3, 2012

Governor Scott Walker. Former Texas Solicitor-General Ted Cruz. More fodder for the DeMarxists waking nightmares. Two more examples of the swelling tide of Constitutional Conservatism which is beginning to sweep across the nation, as more and more of the so-called silent majority are awakening to the real and present danger of the nascent tyranny represented by Barry Hussein Obama and his communist-light DeMarxists.

Ted Cruz

Nothing is working for the Democrat machine that once seemed so invincible. If the polls hold true, both Scott Walker and Texas favorite Ted Cruz will enjoy substantial victories in their respective races.

What is striking is that the two forces that are attempting to shape the outcome of these races are diametrically opposed to each other, while at the same time despising the very ground each other occupies. The Wisconsin state employees’ union, backed by other public service union goons, has spent millions of dollars of its membership money to crush Scott Walker and his state government reforms which, by the way, have shown spectacular improvements in the state’s financial picture. The union’s effort has been a spectacular failure. So much so that the Democratic National Committee has pulled its funding in Wisconsin entirely. This is a Tea Party effort for a Tea Party candidate.

The very DeMarxists who were braying loudest about the impending destruction of Walker, pundits and politicians alike, are now backtracking, saying that Wisconsin doesn’t really matter. That it’s a stand-alone state and not the indispensable bulwark against conservative fiscal responsibility that they had claimed only a few short weeks ago. This is backpedaling on a grand scale.

Then there’s Ted Cruz, who despite being savaged by the unions and the DeMarxists alike and being outspent by millions of dollars by the establishment darling David Dewhurst, has been victorious. This is definitely a harbinger of races we’re going to be seeing all over the country, with solid conservative candidates being offered up.

Conservatives have been fighting an uphill battle on two fronts. We’re battling the communist government of Barack Hussein Obama and his tyrannical plans for the enslavement of America… the ‘evil’ triumvirate of his DeMarxists, the Lame Stream Press and the corruptive influences of the bought-and-paid-for unions on one hand and the absolutely reprehensible actions of the establishment of the Republican Party on the other.

What’s more remarkable is that it’s beginning to become apparent that Conservatives and the Tea Party Patriots have raised the bar and that Americans are making their voices heard loud and clear throughout this land.

Liberty, Faith, Freedom!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Obama In The Backblast.

April 15, 2012

It’s ironic how quickly events can turn. MaoBama and the DNC goon squad were preparing what they thought to be a devastating attack against our presumptive presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, by attacking his wife and attempting to discredit and marginalize her. In order to accomplish this end, they trotted out the usual assortment of worn-out hacks to demean a lady who has more class in her little fingernail than the entire DeMarxist establishment combined.

The assault was headed by a long-term DeMarxist lesbian activist, whose own ‘marriage’ and subsequent divorce left their adopted twins with a broken home. This ‘expert’ on domesticity and the lives and perils of the American working mother is just another in a long line of DeMarxist over-reach, which has blown up in Obama’s lying face.

Nothing happens in the Obama circus by accident, and this latest most vicious scheme is no exception. Both MaoBama and his co-president Mooch-elle have their fingers very tightly around the strings that control the party apparatchiks. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for either of them to distance themselves from the disgusting depredations of their minions.

The American people have been brutalized by this bunch for over three years now, and our tolerance level for Obama’s brand of acrimony is very thin. In a previous article, I explained that “walking into the backblast” is a term we used in the Marine Corps for doing something really stupid and careless. We had several weapons that used the back blast of the weapon to reduce recoil. Standing in the ‘blast cone’ could be a very dicey experience… and one you’d not be likely to repeat.

Barack Obama doesn’t profit from experience, and neither does his government. Blinded by an ideology that 80% of Americans reject entirely, Obama’s regime could not exist without the slavish support of the Lame Stream Media and the backing of the unions that have purchased the DeMarxists outright.

Mitt Romney is going to be our guy. I said from the beginning that Romney was not my first choice. I also said that I would support the choice of the party, no matter who that person would be. The end game is, and must be, the total defeat of Barack Obama and his communist cohorts.

Mitt Romney has a great asset in his wife, Ann. It was foolish in the extreme to attack her… not only a dedicated housewife and mother of five children, but a cancer survivor and a victim of MS, as well. Her husband is a self-made man whose personal accomplishments absolutely eclipse anything done by our president, whose greatest claim to fame is being a ‘guest lecturer’ and community rabble-rouser.

Today, 4/15, is ‘Taxed Enough Already Day‘. Yesterday, Tea Party Patriots all over the country came together to make our voices heard. You won’t find much of this covered by Obama’s media stable. It was, however, the ‘shot heard around the world’ by the American people, who are thoroughly disgusted with the destruction of our American way of life and the economy that drives it.

It’s time for all conservatives to step up and support our nominee. It’s your country and it’s up to every single one of you to fight for her survival as a free republic.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


Where Oh Where Has The GOP Gone? – And Other Tales.

October 18, 2011

I’ve been quite proud of the way our Republican House has behaved, for the most part… and disappointed in our leadership in equal proportion. In this political environment, here and now is the time… there is no tomorrow if we don’t deal with the reality of today. We simply do not have the luxury of fostering a weak leadership, whose first instinct on any issue is to compromise. We must have solid conservative leadership grounded in the fundamentals of the Constitution.

The truth in pictures. Would you rather be here.....?

The establishment Republicans have all but allied themselves with the DeMarxists in their efforts to delegitimize the Patriot Movement. The attacks in the statist Lame Stream Press have been incessant, with the usual spiels starting with charges of racism and then running the full gamut of leftist bleatings… ‘We’re (the Tea Party) going to stuff granny in the dumpster, wheelchair and all’. ‘We’re against women and children, because we oppose the Department of Education and the teachers’ unions’.

.... or here? (I know where the police would rather be).

Some of the things I hear coming out of supposed Republican mouths bring swift and sharp reaction from Tea Party ranks. These same Republicans are the first to run in a fight and, time after time, grovel at the feet of the opposition like dogs seeking the approval of their masters… or turn coat at the last minute on a crucial vote. Or, like some, just sell out altogether. Of the two, I think I prefer the complete sell-out… they’re the more honest of the two.

We cannot abide weak leadership any longer. We need principled fighters in there, and not RINOs. The Lame Stream statist press is doing everything in its power to affect the Republican nominating system in Mitt Romney’s favor, while at the same time the north-eastern establishment Republicans once again find themselves leagued with the enemy… to defeat the American people.

The GOP has to change and we don’t have the time to fool with the idiots, so we’ll just have to drag them along behind us. Until election time, that is. With the mood of the country the way it is, it’s going to be ‘Katie, bar the door’ time for a lot of Democrats, and not a few Republicans whose perfidy will finally have come home to roost.

I’m not in favor of Mitt Romney, but that’s not what this article is about. It is about the American Patriot movement and winning the Senate and the presidency in 2012. No more John McCains or Trent Lotts, please.

This thing can be won. The whole shebang… the entire shooting match. But it must be won by embracing conservative principles, and not the purposeless quagmire of compromise and capitulation.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


One More Unmemorable Speech.

September 10, 2011

I was astounded. I didn’t think he’d really do it… well, yes I did, but I didn’t think it would be as blatant as it was. I’m referring to Barack Hussein Obama’s national address before the joint chambers of Congress, of course. It should have been billed as what it was, a campaign speech, and not a very good one at that.

It was vintage Obama. It was 2009 all over again. It was virtually identical to every other speech he has given since his election. Let’s just say that the speech itself had nothing new. It did run the entire gamut of the ever-present leftist shopping list.

Mr Obama wants another half trillion in ‘stimulus’ dollars to grease his campaign coffers and appease the unions. He’s planning on enlisting ‘the unemployed’, along with his AFL/CIO and SEIU goons, in their ‘war’ against the Tea Party.

Um, that would be their war on American citizens. We’ve seen all of the government’s tactics, time and time again. First, gin up unreasoning fear, then inject all of the DeMarxist straw ponies into the mix… use all of the oft-repeated talking points, the blatant lies which have served the left so well in the past. Scare the bejesus out of the elderly and the infirm. Ratchet up government giveaways. More shovel ready jobs that don’t and won’t exist outside of union and government welfare programs. Barack Obama’s ‘American Jobs Act’ is a fraud, through and through.

Why anyone would still think that this man was some sort of great orator is beyond comprehension. As I predicted, the ‘Anointed One’ spouted lie after falsehood after complete fabrication. The left, ever ready to prop up their historical experiment, wasted no time in covering a major gaffe in Obama’s boring and repetitive rant when he said in his speech that Abraham Lincoln had started the Republican Party, when in fact it had been started several years before. Enter that paragon of leftist diatribe, PBS, who actually changed the text of the speech to haul Hussein’s ashes.

The left is becoming more and more desperate, which means that you and I, and the millions and millions of patriots just like us all over this nation, have the sacred responsibility to see that Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure is short.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2011


Harry Reid – Fertile Imagination.

August 19, 2011

Not that our Harry has a penchant for fanciful tales, you understand… but poor Harry hasn’t had much to crow about recently. Not to worry, though… he has assured his Marxist cohorts that it’s all over for the Tea Party. That’s it, we shot our bolt and now we’re all going to go home and sing campfire songs, while gazing rapturously at pictures of the Anointed One.

Good for you, Harry! The Tea Party Patriots are properly chastised and we’ll be sure to disband forthwith. The problem, Mr. Reid, is that The American Patriot movement is not, nor will it ever be, a political party. The Tea Party, Harry, is Earth, Wind, Fire and Water… we are the distilled essence of the traditions of the Founders. We carry before us the banners of the two greatest documents ever written, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

That’s why the DeMarxists are working so very hard to portray the Patriot Movement as being spent and politically irrelevant. Terror… We, my friends, are the terrorists, because that’s what we do… we scare them right to the core of their shriveled beings. We’re like their worst nightmare.

They can attack us, okay. They can tell lies about us and they can have the statist press dutifully vomit the regime’s published bull bleep points… all to naught. Let’s just say that we’re a moving target that they just can’t seem to focus on.

The problem is that we don’t have a head or a tail they can chop off. We have no beginning and no ending… we are the American people. And you are experiencing the opening moves of the new American revolution… a revolution which is taking place as we speak. Americans of all ages are rising up and coming forth to be counted.

Go ahead, Harry Reid… by all means convince yourself of our demise. In the meantime, the millions and millions of us out here who believe in American exceptionalism will just keep organizing your retirement. You and every one of your Marxist cabal.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2011


The Obama White House Scrambles To Overcome Disastrous Predictions.

May 17, 2011

Submit your narrative… they’ll take all the help they can get up there in the rarefied atmosphere of Socialist/Marxist academia, with whom our wannabe dictator has surrounded himself.

They’re witnessing a ‘dimple‘. That’s a bump in reverse for Obama, folks, despite the disgustingly pandering, slobbering headlines lauding Osama… whoops, Obama… for his ‘boldness’, ‘fearless leadership’ and ‘decisiveness’. It was really disgusting. Stated somewhat indelicately… it was enough to gag any self respecting maggot.

You’ve gotta feel for them though. It’s a real rough sell. The drive bys were calling for Obama to gain anywhere from 5% to a wildly prayerful 15%, by one cable lefty with no viewership. Then, after all the Lame Stream types had exhausted all their superlatives on Barack Hussein and each other, in the light of a more sober morning that 15% approbation for the glorious leader had become a -2, as his ratings again began to free-fall.

What this should tell us is that the American people were not fooled by all the hoopla, smoke, mirrors and utter disorganization placed on display for the American people to see… and judge. All credit went to the magnificent special operations warriors who pulled off this very dicey, very dangerous raid in the middle of what has to be considered as hostile territory, nominal ally or not.

Very little of the adulation lavished upon these nameless, faceless heroes rubbed off on poor Obama. Can’t get no respect, no how. And that is the narrative. He doesn’t have anything to run on. His every move, his every act has been a significant failure. It’s harder and harder to believe that it hasn’t been purposeful.

America has had it with being lied to and being attacked from within. Tea Party?!… They haven’t seen a Tea Party until they see what’s coming between now and 2012. You can feel the energy out there. They’re going to feel it too.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


The Same Old Jokes (And That’s Just The Presenters).

April 26, 2011

A regular reader of Skip’s articles, Bill Hallbert, commented that the use of the term ‘Lame Stream Media’ is too polite… that ‘Pravda West’ would be more appropriate. A good point, Bill… one that, along with some events the last couple of days, has inspired me to write this article while sitting in for Skip.

It was my misfortune to catch Bill Maher in conversation with Letterman last night. Naturally, it descended to the depths of old, worn-out attacks on anything right-of-center in a feeble attempt at humor. Donald Trump’s hair, Sarah Palin’s mind, George W. Bush’s presidency and the Tea Party were all precursors to the stage-prompted bouts of applause and laughter.

Letterman was in his element… he could let his guest gush with spiel that reflected his own views and not even have to think about asking any questions… probably a good thing, given the question put to Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) later in the show… “Is there a real NCIS?” Yes, Dave, there’s a real FBI too. And a real US government… or what’s left of it!

After mocking The Donald and Sarah Palin’s brief tenure in a state where “no one lives” (I’m sure that endeared them to the folks in Alaska!), blaming Bush (what’s new?) for the debt crisis (while conveniently omitting the fact that Obama is racking up more debt than all of his 43 predecessors combined), they turned their attention to the Tea Party.

It may have been my imagination, but I got the feeling that a large portion of the audience were not so keen to commit to the prompts for applause and laughter… to the point where discernible groans and grunts of disapproval could be heard. Maher said that he would refrain from using the word ‘Teabagger’ if the Tea Party stopped calling it ‘Obamacare’. Why, Bill? Wasn’t it Obama that pushed so hard to get it passed, to the detriment of all else? You wouldn’t be distancing yourself from it, knowing that it, along with the federal debt, will finish both Obama and the Democrats in 2012? If you were really smart, you’d put the blame for the health care disaster at the feet of Bush, just as you did with federal debt… call it ‘Bushcare’!

One thing that Maher said resonated with me, amongst all the stereotypical trash that he regurgitated. It was something about the Tea Party actually doing something, and the fact that we spend our time on internet forums complaining about deficit levels. Could that partly be because the alphabet networks are vehicles for the likes of Maher and Letterman? “Corporate America’s useful idiots”? I think I’d rather be a useful idiot than a useless know-it-all.

Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at some other aspects of the left’s control of the media.

(Due to IT problems, Editor Dee is in for Skip today)


Trump… The Patriot Favorite?

April 13, 2011

There’s one thing for sure… the Tea Party patriots are responding to what Donald Trump is saying in a big way. Trump is feisty, decisive, not a bit afraid of a fight, and extremely knowledgeable about money. And that’s what it’s all about. A total political outsider who tells it like it is and is well aware of the nature of the crisis we’re in.

So what’s the appeal Donald has for the Patriot Movement? It’s not difficult to figure out. All you have to do is look at the prevaricating hogwash we’re getting out of our leadership, as they twist figures and play with numbers in order to convince us they’ve actually done something great. I’ve looked at the numbers again and again… they don’t add up for me any more than they do for any of you. The only place in the world this kind of mathematics make sense is in Washville.

The Patriots are looking at the gentle machinations of our timid leadership… and the rotten sellout deal that they acceded to. Now, as has been pointed out by numerous conservative pundits, Boehner has given up his only real bargaining issue, government shutdown. And by caving in, bleating to his restive conservative membership that we have to compromise because we can’t get it all, he has just turned the high ground on the issue over to Barack Hussein Obama.

The membership doesn’t like it very much either… at least, the membership that knows why they were sent to Congress. Apparently, Boehner has had a memory lapse. I’m not the only one who noticed.

US Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Florida) said that he was going to force deeper cuts and ‘hold Boehner accountable for the promises he made to the American people’. Outstanding! That’s what the American People are looking for. Strong no-nonsense leadership that doesn’t doesn’t cave at the first threat of some liberal going hysterical about not having enough money to kill more babies.

That’s what the appeal is regarding Mr Donald Trump. Americans know he’s not afraid of a fight and won’t back down.
So, as we go into the the most critical fight of all, forcing the leadership not to increase the debt ceiling, we need to pull out all the stops.
Call, write, fax, email as many of your Republican Congress members as you can, and keep calling.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


To Primary Or Not To Primary.

March 13, 2011

It should be apparent to even the mildest-mannered, laid-back conservative that things just aren’t working the way they should if we had Congressional leadership.

John Boehner at CPAC, February 10th, 2011.

What do I mean? We have outstanding leadership, don’t we? Well, we thought we did anyway. I’ve been wary of John Boehner since he was on the campaign trail. He made all the right conservative noises, but he’s turning out to be a cap pistol instead of a cannon.

The cowardly bunch is literally afraid of its own shadow. If the Republican leadership can’t hack it, let the new young conservatives take over. They’ve already shown a willingness to buck the establishment leadership, a surprising but welcome indication that we, at least, had chosen well.

It’s our own fault. We’re being victimized by our own success. We swept our candidates into office wholesale… and re-established the power of the old guard leadership.

It’s no secret that the Tea Party conservatives we worked so hard to put in place are also frustrated and disappointed with the party leadership’s timidity on just about any matter you can think of… the latest and most egregious being the issue of the continuing resolutions. While we’re playing around with two and three week extensions, part of the monies being authorized are going to fund Obamacare.

The bill has an unknown number of hidden triggers and preset spending authorizations for a plethora of as yet unnamed, unelected and untouchable boards and commissions. While we’re playing at reducing the deficit, this monstrosity is embedding itself and spreading like gangrene, like a slow poison… that’s why it needs to be stopped now.

Watching our Republican leadership reverting to their old ways is disappointing, for sure. I had that sinking feeling that I got when I realized that George Bush was not going to rein in his government or his Congress… that what we had was, in fact, a big government Republican who had made distinctly conservative noises during the election campaign, only to revert to type later.

Mark Levin has called for one of his really effective ‘surges’, where he has his audience call House and Senate members… and keep calling, letting them know how very disappointed we are in the timid, tentative approach of the so-called ‘old-bulls’ of the party. We’re faced with a 14 trillion dollar debt. Several trillion upside down this last year alone, and we’re farting around with a sixty or hundred billion dollar proposed reduction? Excuse me for saying, “What!?!”

We’ve got a lot of eager, bright conservative people in Congress and there will be more soon. I think we need to tell the Republican leadership that this is the last chance. Stick with your usual weak, deal-making, accommodating ways and we’re going to primary you.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011