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Go, Scott! Go!!

February 22, 2011

It was inevitable, this clash between those who seek and feel as though a sinecured, privileged entitlement is a birthright of some sort, and those who have to pay for it. It’s a pretty up and down argument. At least, you would think so. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may turn out to be the left’s greatest nightmare.

Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s governor and state legislature has stood strong in the face of the worst onslaught against a states governance in living memory. This ‘invasion’, for invasion it has been, by union goons and teachers who had literally walked off of the job, crippled some schools districts and closed others. The teachers were liberally sprinkled with SEIU thugs.

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama put the Marxist stamp of approval on it by calling out his own personal corps of mini-goons to organize the public union disruption of state business. I’m tired of the whole union-entitlement business. No one protects my job. No one guarantees my wages or my benefits. I keep my job through performance… something to which the service unions, and unfortunately far too many teachers, are foreign. I obtain my raises and benefits through excellence in my chosen profession. Stated bluntly, my company keeps me and treats me pretty well because I make them a lot of money.

Without going into the financial specifics of the Wisconsin affair, suffice to say that the governor’s first offer is the best the lowlifes are going to get. What’s shaking the leftists to their cowardly little bones is that Wisconsin, with the great Governor Scott Walker, is going to become the template for other states who are, even as this is written, facing up to their service unions saying that the status quo will not stand.

One sad exception, of course, being the estate of Jerry Brown. He wrecked California once as Governor, selling the state and everything else to the unions in return for their support. He then went on to do the same to Oakland, Ca. as mayor there, and after a brief but totally politically-inspired and decidedly inglorious stint as California attorney-general, is now back and prepared to finish what he started those long years ago. Keeping in mind that at least half of the voters in California must be brain dead, it was the service unions that got him elected.

News flash: The voters of California are not in the mood for J-boy’s idea of debt reduction, a la tax and fee increases galore. Once he comes back from his June special election, he may have to face those self same unions to explain why he’s slashing their entitlements and cutting their pensions. There should be no unions in the public service sector at all. That’s why we had a civil service to start with.

The days of unions holding governments and private industry hostage over impossible to meet or unsustainable entitlements have to end.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011



The Stimulus That Stimulates The Stimulus Before That One.

August 12, 2010

BOHICA!! I won’t go into a description of the nomenclature on that one just now. Suffice that it means you’ve been had again and again and again. With magnificent disregard for reality the evil empire has struck again and voted itself fifty billion dollars worth of non-existent money.

Obama signs a twenty six billion dollar spending bill, watched by teachers and government workers.

But wait… those presses have to work overtime to print all that money. Government printers with government unions. That’s Obama’s idea of jobs growth. Fifty billion dollars to prop up teachers’ unions and other public sector unions. Doubtless, much of this illicit largesse will work its way into DeMarxist war chests before long.

This is where I tell you that now it’s no longer yours and my money they’re stealing… uh-uh. Your kids‘. That’s whose money and prosperity they’re stealing now. If something isn’t done to stop them, they’ll be into the lives of our grandchildren. So this latest tour de force by the triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi and Reid has most Americans really boiling.

To most of us, this latest government payoff to the unions just points out the abject failure of Obama’s entire policy, starting with the 800+ billion dollar extravaganza that brought us Government Motors and “green jobs”, at the rate of 350,000 dollars cost to the taxpayer per job. What we can say unequivocally is that it has been, and is, a colossal failure.

We now have eighty two days until the election.
Tell us about what you’re doing to get yourself and your friends fired up and ready for the election… But then, most of us have been pretty disgusted for some time.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010