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The Recovery Myth… And Other Fanciful Tales.

May 6, 2012

Yes, boys and girls, it’s story time again… and have we got a whopper for you. This is a story about what may be one of the largest information conspiracies in recent memory. You won’t find it in any history books, you won’t find it in any of the revisionist propaganda they’re pumping into our kids’ heads, you sure won’t find it in any publication of the Lame Stream Media… that’s because they are a huge part of the story.

President Eisenhower once said, “Beware of the military-industrial complex”. Today, that caution could as easily read, “beware the Government / ‘Main Stream Press’ complex.” It’s not just that Washington is pandering to the press… the pols in Washville have long been media whores, vying with one another for as much ‘face’ time as they can get.

The American media has shown a distinct leftward bias since long before the war in southeast Asia. Vietnam just more or less flushed them out into the open. I’ll never forget America’s “most trusted” journalist, Walter Cronkite, bleating out that war in Vietnam was lost. This, after tens of thousands of American lives had been lost to an enemy that was all but on the ropes by its own admission. Cronkite, and other agit-prop journalists like Dan Rather, contributed materially to the defeat of the US and the Republic of South Vietnam… leaving chaos throughout the region with our shameful withdrawal, which led directly to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and millions of Cambodians. It is, and will remain, a shameful chapter in our history.

We are now in the penultimate political battle to save our Republic from the advances of totalitarianism. It’s a lot more than a political fight this time. It’s the classic confrontation between good and evil. Between those who would see us a vibrant nation of free people and those whose ideology is one of penury and destitution, enslaved to a totally discredited philosophy, one that history has proven does not work.

The incestuous relationship between the DeMarxists and, to be fair and balanced, some RINO republicrats and the Lame Stream Media, is far from new. What’s passing for much of the LSM upchuck these days is pure fantasy, driven I’d guess from desperation. What they have done is to create the new media which is like a dagger, pointed at the heart of the evil empire.

Barack Hussein Obama, his government, and his willing accomplices of the Lame Stream Media, have been touting a recovering ‘economy’ since practically the day he was elected. We have breathless media info-babes touting really fractional shifts of economic data as ‘proof of recovery’, while companies continue to close and others to lay off or not hire at all. I’ve been saying all along that this is no recovery… that there was nothing to back up the government’s claims.

As we’ve come to expect, their methods of calculation are high on fanciful math creativity and low on objectivity and hard fact. As the Lame Stream has discovered  it isn’t that easy a sell, and neither are Obama’s ideologically-based rantings.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012


California Dreaming.

July 2, 2011

For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in a state wherein sanity yet abides, count your blessings. The downward spiral of California predates this and several other recessionary periods. It goes all the way back to our present Governor Moonbeam’s father, the late Governor Edmund G.’Pat’ Brown… liberal Democrat, of course.

The state’s sob sisters managed to virtually empty the state’s mental hospitals, utilizing Assembly Bill 691. This bill was signed into effect by Governor Brown, though Governor Ronald Reagan was to take the rap for it. The bill’s original purpose was, as all liberally conceived schemes are, written and signed with all of the greatest of good intentions.

Initially, AB 691 was to remove the some 13,500 patients suffering from ‘mental retardation’ and place them in group home settings. Unfortunately, some people who probably would have best functioned in an institutional setting were also released. As time went on, many other patients suffering from various mental disorders were released as well. It proved impossible to control these folks in the communities and many can be found in homeless encampments… or on the streets.

The liberal march to the sixties and the communist-inspired revolutions in our colleges turned the society on its ear, as Vietnam played out to its tragic conclusion, with cowardly US politicians literally snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

It was that dizzy psychedelic atmosphere that brought Jerry Brown to the people of California in 1975. He proceeded to cultivate the public employees’ unions to consolidate his power base, and one of the state’s great political sell-outs was begun. The story since then has been one of virtually complete DeMarxist control over the state. Republican Conservatives were isolated and powerless to stop the radical agenda.

Fast forward to 2010… The public service unions, including the CTA, see Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown as their best bet to continue the death-grip of unfunded liability and oppressive contracts. In spite of having everything his way, Governor Brown has had to admit he couldn’t turn one Republican to his tax increases. I’ve been as harsh about California’s lackluster Republican Party and our Republican State Representatives as anyone could be. After all, they had sold us out for petty political advantage time after time.

I really hope that this is a harbinger of the future. They stood up and stood on principle. That’s what we’re looking for.
Stand tall.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Once Again, History Teaches A Lesson To The Unwary.

June 23, 2011

What we are witnessing is the inevitable and entirely predictable result of our intemperance in choosing the leadership of our country. We chose a man who had no discernible management training or experience whatsoever. We chose a man who had no track record for us to check. One who has spent (and is still spending) millions of dollars to keep hidden any record of his life, schooling or, for that matter, the very sparse resume he brings to the presidency with him.

There is little or nothing in the way of legislative accomplishment to point to for his attenuated Illinois State Senate stint… except setting a record for the most ‘present’ votes. A ‘present’ vote, folks, is a lot like nothing… which is precisely what we’ve gotten from him. It’s more indicative of the inner character of the man… if that’s what you care to call him.

We’re all far too well versed on the Obama phenomenon and the unlikely sequence of events that put the Marxist / Islamophile in office. It’s only fair to say that, between his determined sprint to national socialism (does that have a familiar ring to it?) and his equally determined championing of all things pertaining to radical Islam, there’s not a lot of room for America… or Americans.

Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama celebrated his Vietnam. This will, along with his many other stellar accomplishments, be hung around his neck like an anvil. By telegraphing withdrawals, and the number of combat forces to be removed, he has signed the death warrants of more US service members. This man is disgustingly weak and a traitor to this country… in fact if not in deed.

Conservatives cannot withhold direct criticism of Obama. Hammer this clown! He’s the most target rich environment in US political history.
Obama is no longer Teflon, and neither he nor his DeMarxists can run or hide from the oncoming Conservative tide.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Power To The People.

September 22, 2010

It seems that I heard this so much during the 60s that it became like white noise… the rise of the counter-revolutionary left, backed and controlled by well-funded, disciplined communist party members.

This was not so much the American people seeking power, as it was a variegated group of disparate splinter leftists and anarchists, orchestrated by people whose goal is the destruction of the United States of America. Sound familiar? Well, it should. Those same 60s radicals and anarchists, for the most part, ended up in academia… the only place where Marxist / Leninist theorems work.

The truth of that is the estimated 100 million souls that have been killed by communism worldwide. The entire mechanism for the takeover of the US government was in place shortly after Vietnam. The same leftist academics that were shouting communist slogans during the war are now teaching them in our colleges and universities.

The so-called lame stream press is a classic example of the applied teaching of our leftist schools. It’s spooky how quickly the tame lap dog press of the left picks up the DNC line, every talking head and wind-up doll from coast to coast all bleating the same message at the same time.

There’s an uprising out there. No, it’s nothing like the fabulous sixties. It’s ordinary people standing up and doing extraordinary things. As this movement, this push back against the socialists who would take our freedoms, has grown and matured it has evolved into the most potent political entity in the nation. The people are calling upon their American heritage and have drawn a line in the sand.
There’s a yellow flag at that line in the sand… It says ‘Don’t Tread On Me’.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


More John McCain? Remember McCain-Feingold… Shamnesty.

January 27, 2010

Does anyone out there seriously think we need six more years of John McCain’s RINO deal-making with the very people who are trying to steal our freedoms? McCain, coming off of his failed Presidential bid, has garnered the support of some fellow RINOs in the party such as Florida Governor Charlie Crist, in payment of political favors received, and Sarah Palin, I imagine for much the same reason.

I wish she’d reconsider. I’m beginning to think that she may need to go back and re-tool her political science and history credentials, given her glaring inability to field Bill O’Reilly’s questions on their recent interview. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sarah Palin and see her as a potential superstar in the Conservative political movement. But if she can’t get past O’Reilly, who after all was simply reiterating criticisms and questions that had already been posited, she’d have one hell of a time on the national political stage and in particular a 2012 presidential bid.

John McCain - CBS 'Face The Nation' Jan24, 2010

Her support for McCain may prove a liability in the eyes of Conservatives, and not a few Independents, who view John McCain as being far too liberal on critical issues facing this country. There are far too many people like myself who remember one of McCain’s more enduring political liabilities, the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act, thankfully largely overturned by a recent Supreme Court decision.
All leftist media bleating and ‘soft money’ blather aside, this bill was nothing more than a direct assault on the FIRST AMENDMENT of our Constitution.

ANY act that bridles or abridges the right of free speech, whether for an individual, a group of individuals, a club, company, corporation or union, is a direct violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution. That McCain was willing to sell the Constitution he SWORE to defend down the river for short term political gain says worlds about him.

Another McCain super liability, one which arguably may have tipped the balance in costing him the support of Conservatives and Independents, was his support for the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Amnesty Bill. McCain was always at the forefront of those who stated that ‘WE HAD TO’ have illegal aliens in this country to do the work that AMERICANS wouldn’t do. Voters remembered an ill-conceived statement in front of a blue-collar audience that Americans couldn’t work in the lettuce fields. He foolishly challenged, “You can’t do it my friend”.

The entire illegal alien question is the silent ‘third rail’ of American politics. The left wants illegals for a super welfare-class of guaranteed Democrat voters. Conversely, business sees them as a continuing source of low cost labor. AMERICAN CITIZENS, including most HISPANICS, see them as a drag on the economy, on social services, on the criminal justice system, on education and on the sovereignty of the nation. That’s what McCain is remembered for.

Then there was the ‘GANG OF FOURTEEN’ in which McCain supported the Democrats in sustaining judicial filibusters. Thumbing his nose and then sticking it in the eye of Conservatives to boot. His oft-touted ‘maverick’ status which brought him the attention and plaudits of the liberal press did little to endear him to us.
With a record like this one wonders why the citizens of Arizona continued to return him to the Senate term after term?

There is the propensity of all voters to return incumbents to office however illogical that may seem. In John McCain’s case there is his status as a genuine VietNam war hero. His jet fighter was shot down over North VietNam, he was captured and was severely brutalized and tortured while a POW. No one, least of all me, a Marine Veteran, would dishonor that. His politics however are a different matter.

J.D. Hayworth

McCain may be challenged by a solid conservative, former Representative J.D. Hayworth, who has not actually declared at this time. McCain’s people are in a positive sweat at this and are pulling out all the stops to try and discredit Hayworth. This alone would have a tendency to make me want to support him. With a rock-solid Conservative philosophy on all of the issues that are dear to
Americans and Arizonians, Hayworth stands a good chance of defeating McCain.
As a Conservative, if Hayworth declares I’m going to throw my support behind him. I urge you all to investigate his record and background as I have and support him as well.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Kerry Shafts The Military And The Country Again…Cowardice Or Treason??

October 27, 2009

John Kerry, the oh so pompous…who is seeking some legacy other than the betrayal of his comrades in arms in Viet Nam, has decided to extend his treasonous activities to brand new generations of our servicemen and women.
Kerry is despicable. Thank the Lord above that the honorable men of the Swift Boat Veterans had the courage of their convictions and stopped Kerry’s White House aspirations. As it turned out it only deferred us the disaster which is Barack Hussein Obama. Barry and Kerry deserve each other. They share the same yellow streak.
Obama’s inability to make a decision to send the resources to Afghanistan that the field commanders in charge have determined are required to accomplish the mission, despite the advice of the finest military minds in the country, is irresponsible and well… it’s cowardly. Every two bit tinhorn  bad guy in the world sees Obama for what he is…weak, ineffectual, indecisive and therefore not to be feared.
John Kerry has already proven his yellow creds…his shameless self promotion and the outright prevarication of his service record were and are an embarrassment to the entire officer corps of the US military. Except perhaps a Jack Murtha who gave his honor away long ago.
Kerry’s appearance before Congress as a member of the Viet Nam Veterans against the war was a LITANY of untruths created of whole cloth…and an insult to hundreds of thousands of men and women who served during the Viet Nam era faithfully upholding the oaths they swore.
Now John Kerry seeks to falsify another  LEGACY on the bodies of our honored dead. Every day that Obama stalls in his decision and every day that the BOMBASTIC Mr Kerry goes in front of the cameras to play out his seditious game at our military’s expense is a day there is American blood on his and  Obama’s hands.
Clearly there is gross malfeasance at work in the administration and in the halls of Congress. How long will we allow these truly evil people to play with the lives of those for who they are not fit to carry water?
The day of reckoning cannot come soon enough. The ballot box is our recourse…The nearest opportunity is 2010.
Let them hear us loudly and clearly.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009