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… And While We’re At It…

June 3, 2012

Governor Scott Walker. Former Texas Solicitor-General Ted Cruz. More fodder for the DeMarxists waking nightmares. Two more examples of the swelling tide of Constitutional Conservatism which is beginning to sweep across the nation, as more and more of the so-called silent majority are awakening to the real and present danger of the nascent tyranny represented by Barry Hussein Obama and his communist-light DeMarxists.

Ted Cruz

Nothing is working for the Democrat machine that once seemed so invincible. If the polls hold true, both Scott Walker and Texas favorite Ted Cruz will enjoy substantial victories in their respective races.

What is striking is that the two forces that are attempting to shape the outcome of these races are diametrically opposed to each other, while at the same time despising the very ground each other occupies. The Wisconsin state employees’ union, backed by other public service union goons, has spent millions of dollars of its membership money to crush Scott Walker and his state government reforms which, by the way, have shown spectacular improvements in the state’s financial picture. The union’s effort has been a spectacular failure. So much so that the Democratic National Committee has pulled its funding in Wisconsin entirely. This is a Tea Party effort for a Tea Party candidate.

The very DeMarxists who were braying loudest about the impending destruction of Walker, pundits and politicians alike, are now backtracking, saying that Wisconsin doesn’t really matter. That it’s a stand-alone state and not the indispensable bulwark against conservative fiscal responsibility that they had claimed only a few short weeks ago. This is backpedaling on a grand scale.

Then there’s Ted Cruz, who despite being savaged by the unions and the DeMarxists alike and being outspent by millions of dollars by the establishment darling David Dewhurst, has been victorious. This is definitely a harbinger of races we’re going to be seeing all over the country, with solid conservative candidates being offered up.

Conservatives have been fighting an uphill battle on two fronts. We’re battling the communist government of Barack Hussein Obama and his tyrannical plans for the enslavement of America… the ‘evil’ triumvirate of his DeMarxists, the Lame Stream Press and the corruptive influences of the bought-and-paid-for unions on one hand and the absolutely reprehensible actions of the establishment of the Republican Party on the other.

What’s more remarkable is that it’s beginning to become apparent that Conservatives and the Tea Party Patriots have raised the bar and that Americans are making their voices heard loud and clear throughout this land.

Liberty, Faith, Freedom!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012



Our Government Has A Fever.

February 26, 2011

I can just hear the slimy, smarmy voice of the greatest environut fraud of all time, Al Gore, saying that about Washville and the state of affairs there. Not that Al baby would have been a better bargain.

Though I don’t think he could have been any more destructive than this commie cabal, comprising much of our government, after watching the absolutely disgusting goings-on in Wisconsin, and other states and cities, who are financially over-a-barrel and enslaved to the entitlements granted to the public sector unions over a long period of time by weak-kneed governments… federal, state and local.

Successions of governments afraid of ‘public backlash’ (read: paranoiac fear of standing up to the goons and their willing allies, the communist (whoops, did I say that?) statist press… wholly owned by the Party. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which party.

I think we’re all agreed that this cannot stand. This didn’t start overnight. This mess is the result of sixty years or more of absolute irresponsibility by politicians of all stripes… continuously kicking the can down the road, buying a little time here and there, and then leaving office and making the taxpaying public pay the tab for the total unfunded liability of these claims. None of us out here in the private sector can claim such outrageous ‘benefits’.

So we come to this. There is a revolt in this country against the Marxist statists of the Obama regime, all of his tsars and political appointees, and the leftist statist press, who will go to any length to cover for their Anointed One… even treason. Yes, I said it and I’m not taking it back. Speaking of treason, this whole cabal just reeks of it.

I guess we are going to have to fight this battle on those terms. If they really seek to take it out to the streets… to paraphrase Rush Limbaugh… “Bring it on, there’s a whole bunch more of us than there are of you”. That’s the crux of the whole deal. There aren’t nearly enough of them to stop us when we are united as we are now. The united Patriot Movement scares the crap out of them because they fully well know that they and their radicals will never comprise more than 30% of the population.

Why else are they so desperate to keep the border undefended and our immigration laws in abeyance, while hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have turned our border into a one way freeway north. That’s why they desperately need an immigration amnesty… to flood their ranks with undesirables who will be their obedient servants as long as the goodies keep flowing. Uh… that’s goodies paid for by you and I.
We have only this year to prepare… make it count!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


The Public Sector Unions Will Lose.

February 24, 2011

You can see the build-up of the massive Marxist machinery that shepherded Barack Hussein Obama’s unlikely rise to the presidency. There’s a new urgency… almost a desperation in the left’s tone these last few days.

Mike Capuano

A Democrat representative yells to a crowd of bussed-in union goofballs… “Ya’ gotta hit the streets and get a little bloody!” Aside from being an asinine statement from an equally asinine individual, Representative Mike Capuano (D, Ma.) is a prime example of why these idiots on the left have to go. In any sane world or time (and not so very long ago either), Capuano’s bleatings would be construed as inciting to violence… a local DA could prosecute.

There was a time which must come again, if this country is to survive, where we hold responsible those who betray this country and seek to destroy her, and are tried by the citizens of this country for their crimes.

Those on the left know no constraint in speech or action, therefore we have to teach them their manners by whatever means necessary. Maybe we could arrange for their passage to the tyranny of their heart’s desire… one way.

I’m not taking credit for something as obvious as what I wrote about on February 22, when I said that Scott Walker’s magnificent stand in Wisconsin against the unions and the NEA was going to become the template for other states, many other states faced with the same problem, and that this message is igniting resistance to the goons and goonlets all over America.

Well, it has ignited that resistance and, like the Tea Party Patriot movement, will spread like wildfire. That’s why the unions are massing the ‘useful idiots’ at the orders of their Democrat handlers.
The union grip on the jugular of this country has got to be broken once and for all.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Go, Scott! Go!!

February 22, 2011

It was inevitable, this clash between those who seek and feel as though a sinecured, privileged entitlement is a birthright of some sort, and those who have to pay for it. It’s a pretty up and down argument. At least, you would think so. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may turn out to be the left’s greatest nightmare.

Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s governor and state legislature has stood strong in the face of the worst onslaught against a states governance in living memory. This ‘invasion’, for invasion it has been, by union goons and teachers who had literally walked off of the job, crippled some schools districts and closed others. The teachers were liberally sprinkled with SEIU thugs.

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama put the Marxist stamp of approval on it by calling out his own personal corps of mini-goons to organize the public union disruption of state business. I’m tired of the whole union-entitlement business. No one protects my job. No one guarantees my wages or my benefits. I keep my job through performance… something to which the service unions, and unfortunately far too many teachers, are foreign. I obtain my raises and benefits through excellence in my chosen profession. Stated bluntly, my company keeps me and treats me pretty well because I make them a lot of money.

Without going into the financial specifics of the Wisconsin affair, suffice to say that the governor’s first offer is the best the lowlifes are going to get. What’s shaking the leftists to their cowardly little bones is that Wisconsin, with the great Governor Scott Walker, is going to become the template for other states who are, even as this is written, facing up to their service unions saying that the status quo will not stand.

One sad exception, of course, being the estate of Jerry Brown. He wrecked California once as Governor, selling the state and everything else to the unions in return for their support. He then went on to do the same to Oakland, Ca. as mayor there, and after a brief but totally politically-inspired and decidedly inglorious stint as California attorney-general, is now back and prepared to finish what he started those long years ago. Keeping in mind that at least half of the voters in California must be brain dead, it was the service unions that got him elected.

News flash: The voters of California are not in the mood for J-boy’s idea of debt reduction, a la tax and fee increases galore. Once he comes back from his June special election, he may have to face those self same unions to explain why he’s slashing their entitlements and cutting their pensions. There should be no unions in the public service sector at all. That’s why we had a civil service to start with.

The days of unions holding governments and private industry hostage over impossible to meet or unsustainable entitlements have to end.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


It’s Obama And The Unions Vs. The Rest Of America – Game On!

February 18, 2011

He’s drawn the lines himself. Yesterday’s events in Wisconsin put his union-busting remarks on behalf of demonstrating public teachers unions, well-salted with the usual Obama union thugs.

Targets on an electoral map are not enough for the left!

It’s a tactic we’ve seen used time and again in socialist countries. The Communist Party organizing and orchestrating demonstrations and riots, importing agitprop agents to destabilize and weaken the legal government. Lies, deceit and deception are their stock in trade.

The Governor of Wisconsin had the courage to stand up to the Union mob trying to hold the state hostage. The citizens of Wisconsin, like other states, is in desperate financial straights. Many, if not most, of these states are coming to the realization that only drastic reductions in government spending can save them from complete financial meltdown.

The giant gorilla that has been waiting out in the hallway, doing push-ups all these years. The issue that big governments and small have kicked on down the road like the proverbial kid kicking the can. Unfunded liabilities of all stripes have the federal government on the ropes, as well as many states and municipalities.

Displays such as we witnessed in Wisconsin yesterday are vividly reminiscent of Wayne Radke, rabble rousing his SEIU members when they were supplying thugs for the ACORN rallies during the 2008 election campaigns. As an aside, does anyone want to know where Mr Radke is? Well, it seems he’s been helping Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers organize the Egyptians. Maybe the Brotherhood can teach Bill and Bernadine some bomb-building tricks that weren’t in the Anarchist’s Cookbook. Just wondering…

I’ve been ragging away on this theme for a long time in this column. What it’s going to come to, here at home as well as internationally, is that it’s going to become this black-and-white issue… it’s us, and the survival of the Republic, against them and all of the evil they represent.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011


Obama, A Man For All Audiences.

September 10, 2010

With a Presidential Approval Index of -21, Democrat Congressmen running for the hills, or at least, somewhere that he can’t perform his grim reaper act on their re-election chances, and a pathetic, although quite amusing, attempt to appear more centrist, Obama is losing the little credibility that remained.

I used to get quite agitated by his speeches, to put it mildly. Shock, horror, disbelief, annoyance, downright anger… I experienced quite a range of emotions when he filled the gap between teleprompters to announce his ideological, and totally impractical, agenda.

Lately, his speeches have given me some light relief, in much the same way as a recording of ‘sporting bloopers’ or ‘newsreader gaffes’. His carefully choreographed performances only serve to highlight the inconsistencies, untruths and construed electioneering banter that falls upon the ears of his small assembled band of supporters, strategically placed close together in camera shot to give the appearance of a packed house.

Obama’s Labor Day speech in Wisconsin was a classic example. In open-necked shirt, with rolled-up sleeves (that should appeal to the working man, he thought), he proceeded to champion the cause of small business (time to move to the center, he thought) and American industry (that’ll appeal to patriots, he thought).

All well and good, but when has Obama ever done anything that benefits small business, or any size private enterprise for that matter? His latest offering amounts to no more than a feeble attempt to lower the unemployment statistics. If the work isn’t there, due to a combination of lack of disposable income and caution on the part of those that do have a few dollars to spend, companies are not going to recruit, tax breaks or not.

This has been borne out by an increase in productivity figures, where businesses are using a smaller workforce to meet demand. It’s safer, and cheaper, to pay overtime when the work is there, than to support more permanent staff. Increased health care costs, that the employer has to meet, is something they can do without while trying to ride the recession.

Who, given the choice, would not buy American? I actually thought for a while (well, it lasted a few seconds) that the President was on to something… until he came to the punchline. “I don’t want to see solar panels and wind turbines and electric cars made in China,” he said. “I want them made right here in the United States of America.” I nearly fell off my seat laughing. He’ll be attempting sales of solar panels in Wales next, where it is nearly always raining.

When Obama stuck to his core beliefs, as despised as they were by the majority of Americans, he at least had the loyal following of his Marxist cronies and perhaps more than a few moderate Democrats that could be swayed. This ‘pick and mix’ approach to his public persona, a last-ditch attempt at self-preservation, only serves to make him appear foolish and desperate. Perhaps we should book our tickets now for the final act!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)